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As your Computer Network Grows, So Should Your Computer Shelving!

As computer networks grow, efficient shelving solutions must be found to allow access for daily maintenance, cable management and future growth. If your shelving isn’t capable of growing right along with you, you’re in for a huge hassle. After all, when you’re busy running a thriving venture, you don’t have time (or money!) to waste on shopping for new shelving products every few months.

Fortunately, K-Log offers a variety of cost effective modular solutions for equipment shelving. We want to make it possible for you to address your LAN management needs without going beyond your budget allowances. We offer you cost effective ways to house and organize your computer assets with economical and highly configurable equipment shelving solutions. From versatile open wire shelving to heavy-duty racking-systems, K-Log is the LAN management authority.

A Cleaner Environment

Our open-wire shelving units are an economical solution and provide many advantages including maximum air circulation and reduced dust buildup extends the life of your equipment. This can also make for a cleaner, more pristine environment, one that your users will enjoy being in, and it can even eliminate runny noses and sneezing for those with dust allergies.

Customizable for your Unique Needs

These affordable units are highly customizable and can be equipped with matching accessories such as cantilevered keyboard shelves and utility baskets. Wire drop shelves can be added to store peripherals, etc. These units are also available with optional casters and are finished in a durable, eco-friendly powder coat finish. The options that you choose will determine the cost of your computer shelving units, so it’s easy to stay well within your budget. If you’re working with a limited budget, stick with the basics, adding on only the most necessary features. And, if you’ve got a little extra to spend, you can fully customize your computer shelving without spending a fortune.

Shelves are constructed of durable 10-gauge steel while legs are fabricated from 16-gauge steel, with one 1 inch incremental adjustment grooves. With durable, high-quality shelving from K-log, you not only keep your equipment safe, you also keep your area organized. With improved organization, you’ll enjoy higher productivity thanks to an efficient work environment. 

Maximize your Space

We also offer heavy-duty LAN computer racking-systems in a variety of sizes including corner units, to maximize space in your server area. These units feature spacious work surfaces and overhead shelves that adjust in two inch increments and feature 250 pounds per shelf weight capacity. If your computer lab is looking a little overcrowded, and you want to open up the space and reduce clutter, this is the option for you! Oversized CPU’s such as network servers can be housed under the main work surface to create a LAN storage tour de force. Optional keyboard supports, caster kits and extra shelves are available to accommodate a variety of monitors and peripherals.

We encourage you to call us at 1-800-872-6611 and speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable customer service professionals to assist you in planning your layout. Our equipment shelving has been designed to become an asset to your computer lab. We can help you build the right set up for your unique needs using our high quality, durable shelving. Maximize your space while protecting your investment with shelving you can count on from K-log.