Partitions & Room Dividers

Room Dividers & Partitions Stylishly Separate Areas For Specific Tasks

Make your business, church or school space more efficient by purchasing office panel systems, movable wall partitions, or classroom dividers here at K-Log. Wall partitions are designed to quickly and temporarily create a division between rooms which can create a temporary meeting place or provide your students with a private study area free of outside noise and distractions.

Customize your office space with cubicle walls and office partitions in a large variety of sizes and colors that will compliment your décor while giving your employees a sense of privacy and the enjoyment of personal space. Promote collaboration in your business environment by adding workstations with partial view office divider panels that allow employees their own work area but also the freedom to communicate more freely and deliberate together on projects instead of being completely walled off.

Simply pull a handle and easily roll out movable wall partitions to divide school gymnasiums or large open areas into instant classrooms or private meeting places. Create an enjoyable learning environment for daycares or schools with portable room dividers that have a marker board surface on one side and a tack board on the other. Be sure to shop K-Log for all your partition, office cubicle and mobile divider needs.