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Make a statement in style with K-Log's diverse collection of Boards and Signs, including freestanding sign holders for restaurants, events, schools, and office use. Easels feature a complete line of stationary and mobile styles, with dry-erase board, corkboard, and combination board designs for office meetings and conference use. Classic-style tripod easels support notepads or sketchbooks, and kid-friendly easels have shorter height, fun colors, and smart features to support use in classrooms, activity centers, or home. Music room easels have mobile frames with dry erase whiteboard featuring music staffs ready for treble clef, bass clef, or tenor clef and music notes for band, music instruction, or rehearsal. Penmanship easels have solid and dashed lines on dry erase white boards for practicing penmanship in classrooms and learning environments.

Technology friendly styles include the Dual Duty Teaching Easel Collection, with integrated storage that accommodates up to 32 devices, headphones racks, storage tubs, and integrated cable management including power outlet and charging time. Unique modular easel styles, such as the Nexus Easel Collection, features an adjustable frame layout that has a mobile base with storage compartment, fixed whiteboard and the capacity to store up to eight tablet whiteboards and accessories, perfect for accommodating busy workspaces, interactive conference settings, and for dynamic teaching and classroom environments.

Whiteboards may be laminate or porcelain over steel, with magnetic or non-magnetic surfaces. The frames of the easels are available in wood or aluminum, for a lightweight but durable style. Dry-erase markers, erasers, and board cleaners are available, as well as wall-mounted whiteboards, corkboards, and chalkboards in single and combination layouts ready for any location and need. Letterboards and bulletin boards come in open-frame and enclosed cases, with options for letters and special characters, as well as options for the letterboard and bulletin board surface finish and colors. K-Log's Boards and Signs Collection is designed for all professional, educational, and recreational settings with budget-savvy prices that make it easy to shop for high-quality without sacrificing!