Makerspace & STEM

Encourage Invention in a Well Designed Makerspace or Fab Lab

Maker Spaces, also known as DIY Spaces, Fab Labs, HackerSpaces, Tech Shops or Information Commons, have become the new trend in re-imagining traditional libraries. The goal is to enable people to realize their ideas with the hands-on creation of items and projects. These spaces come to look more like workshops and less like formal classrooms or libraries. By offering the space, technology, supplies, tools and collaborative interaction of others, these spaces feed the imagination of “makers” and inspire creation.

Nothing sparks the imagination like the ability to create physical objects designed on a computer using a 3D printer. Keep all your supplies in one place with a well-designed 3D printer cart! Storage bins and mobile carts keep supplies and materials organized and easily accessible. Lockable cabinets can store a project’s parts and plans in a centralized location for easy access. Stools use less floor space, which allows for more room in work areas. A well-designed work space encourages collaboration and creativity, so shop K-Log’s Makerspace and STEM collections today!