TexBuy Purchasing Co-Op

What is TexBuy?

A statewide Purchasing Co-Op: TexBuy is a statewide purchasing cooperative hosted by Region 16 Education Service Center in Amarillo, Texas. TexBuy is the Texas representative of the national purchasing organization AEPA (Association of Educational Purchasing Agencies). Many of the awarded contracts offered through TexBuy were solicited nationally by AEPA, providing the most competitive pricing available.

As a TexBuy Awarded Vendor, K-Log offers a 5% discount to all TexBuy Members, which is in addition to K-Log’s already discounted prices of up to 60% Off.

Additionally, TexBuy offers a Member’s Rebate Program, once a TexBuy member reaches $50,000 in cumulative (all TexBuy vendors combined) purchaes annually, with varying rebates based on the annual amount spent by the member.

Who Can Join TexBuy?

Check with your Purchasing Manager: TexBuy’s national purchasing power means that any non-profit agencies, including public schools, cities, counties, colleges or universities can save actual budget dollars on TexBuy contracts utilizing best business practices.
Membership is free.

Can We Be A Member Of More Than One Co-Op?

Yes, membership is allowed in TexBuy and other Co-Ops: Many organizations are members of TexBuy, as well as other Co-ops and purchasing contracts. This offers the benefits of a wide product selection from multiple approved vendors.
Membership Registration is FREE and TexBuy gives members the advantages of

  • (1) leveraging discounts, through the national buying power of AEPA,
  • (2) providing contracting expertise and well-written contracts,
  • (3) saving time by providing the procurement process (and due diligence documentation),
  • (4) working directly with TexBuy Awarded Vendors.

Can Membership Be Done Online?

Yes, register online in a few simple steps: Membership is free and registration can be done online at the TexBuy website: www.texbuy.net. Click on the “Membership” tab at the top. Because membership requirements can vary, it’s always best to check with your purchasing manager to confirm what statutes apply in your particular jurisdiction. On the TexBuy website you will find State Compliance Information as well as EDGAR General Procurement Standards.

How Do We Place Our Purchase Orders?

TexBuy members issue purchase orders (PO) directly to the Vendor: Contact K-Log for a formal quote that includes shipping, before placing your PO. Specify TexBuy Contract #017-020 when requesting a quote. Then prepare your PO referencing “Per TexBuy Contract #017-020”, showing the TexBuy 5% discount. K-Log will send copies of your POs to TexBuy with their monthly reporting. TexBuy will tabulate your annual purchases from January 1st to December 31st (Calendar year) and remit any qualifying member rebates.

Use Promo Code:
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TexBuy Members
Contract # 017-020
Contract term:
Through 10/31/2021

K-Log, Inc.
PO Box 5
Zion, IL 60099

Fed ID # 36-3435253
DUNS # 12-232-2316

For Sales & Customer Service:
Fax: 847.872.3728

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Which K-Log item categories are available through TexBuy?

TexBuy Members have the opportunity to purchase items from all K-Log product categories, including:

  • School Desks, Chairs & Furniture
  • Office Chairs, Desks & Furniture
  • Movable Walls & Partitions
  • Lockers & Locker Products
  • Church & Religious Furniture
  • Classroom Furniture
  • Cabinets & Storage Units
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Science Lab Furniture
  • Meeting & Conference Room Furniture
  • Cafeteria Furniture
  • Library Shelving & Furniture
  • Lounge & Reception Furniture
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Desk Accessories (Stands & Organizers)
  • Carts & Bookcases

To find out if a particular product is available from K-Log, to get a quote or to request a catalog, call us at 800-872-6611 or visit our website at www.k-log.com.