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K-Log Offers Custom-Imprinted Folding Chairs You can Count on!

For your next sporting event, graduation ceremony, assembly or any other occasion where folding seats are needed, make use of logo chairs and your event will never be forgotten. At K-Log, Inc., we find it important to supply our customers with quality furniture that will make an impression, and our personalized folding chairs are sure to do just that. We will be happy to have your chair customized with an imprint. Have your organization, school or college name on the back of the chair with our personalized series in standard-duty or heavy-duty version.

Customize your Chairs with a Personalized Imprint

We will be happy to have your chair customized with an imprint. Have your organization, school or college name on the back of the chair with our personalized series in standard-duty or heavy-duty version. This is a wonderful way to boost school spirit and morale, especially before a big game or other major event on the school calendar. Get students, parents, guests and more excited about your school, what you’re doing, and where you’re going!

Our custom series of chairs lets you print your logo on the chair seat and/or back. K-Log offers you many frame paint colors and vinyl upholstery colors to best coordinate your guest chairs with your school colors or other office seating. 

With your logo and colors proudly proclaimed, it will be impossible for anyone to forget who is sponsoring the event or what it’s all about. This can come in handy for a wide range of different events, but it’s especially good for fundraisers since it adds to the excitement and sense of community, leading to giving.

Durability for Peace of Mind

Our custom logo chairs have been well constructed of quality materials, allowing you to get maximum use out of your custom folding chairs. The steel tube framing enhances the durability, flexibility and lifetime of these foldable chairs. The heavy-duty version has tube-within-a-tube steel framing for extra durability.   We have kept safety in mind by making sure the construction includes extra-strong leg bracing, frames that are reinforced at pivot points with strengtheners, reinforced steel seat pans and rubber foot caps which help prevent slippage and absorb bumps against walls. After all, the last thing you need to be worrying about during a major event is whether or not your guests are safe and secure in their seats.  In addition for their durability, our folding chairs are also comfortable. For the comfort of your athletes and guests, we offer you chairs with one inch, two inch or three inch padded seats. Our personalized series has a backrest that is pitched for great posture support and has replaceable seats and backs. This is a great feature to have all the time, but it’s particularly good for long events when guests are expected to remain seated for an extended period of time.

Easier Set Up and Tear Down

You can choose a version of this heavy-duty chair with built-in ganging brackets to help you keep rows in a straight line for organization and setup that’s easier than ever before. Our custom logo print chairs have a self-leveling frame, which assures level seating even on uneven surfaces and a self-contained nesting design allowing the seat to fold within the chair frame for optimal storage capacity. Setting your chairs up when you need them and then putting them away when you’re done has never been easier or quicker!

Of course all of our imprint chairs are also available with custom logo imprinting to display your school, team or organization's mascot. Call K-Log's sales team at 1-800-872-6611 if you have questions regarding these great custom-print chairs. A friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative will be happy to answer any questions and address any concerns you may have or help you find the perfect product to meet your needs.  For other seating solutions, K-Log offers outdoor seating available in a variety of colors, a rainbow of library chairs and an impressive selection of classroom seating.