A workbench is a durable, supportive table-like structure suitable for crafts, word working, and other projects in learning, recreational, and professional environments. Many workbenches are designed with solid, hardwood tops, and wood or steel frames, and select models offer the option to include integrated electrical support.


Bench with Full-Width Drawer: A bench with full-width drawer refers to a quality workbench unit with a storage drawer positioned underneath the work surface and measuring the full width of the frame. At the base of the reinforced workbench frame is a lower shelf for additional storage support, and the lower shelf also measures the full width of the frame.

Bench with Half-Width Drawer: A bench with half-width drawer describes a quality workbench unit with a reinforced frame and a lower shelf measuring half the overall frame width. Beneath the workbench surface is a storage drawer measuring the width of the lower shelf, half the width of the overall frame.

Butcher Block Top Workbench: A butcher block top workbench is a solid wood or steel-framed workstation with a thick, hardwood, butcherblock-style work surface suitable for use in classrooms, workshops, art rooms, and or other learning environments, as well as professional or recreational use. The base and frame are often designed for stability, with reinforcing elements to enhance strength.

Butcher Block Workbench with Electric: A butcher block workbench with electric describes a sturdy workstation, usually with steel panel-leg frame, reinforced for strength and finished with a solid wood butcherblock top. The frame includes integrated power outlets, with extension cord for electrical supply, a master switch, circuit breaker, and a reset button for optimal performance. The outlets are installed in pairs along the front panel of the frame, underneath the work surface for easy access when needed.

Four Station Workpod Bench with Wood Storage Base: A four station workpod bench with wood storage base is an all-wood, durable workstation unit with 12 integrated locking storage compartments in the base and a spacious worktop for up to four individual users. The base is designed in pedestal-style, with six locker compartments on two sides, and protective kickplates to prevent damage from contact with shoes during use.

Four Station Workpod Bench with Steel Storage Base: The four station workpod bench with steel storage base features a thick solid wood worktop and a steel pedestal-style base with 12 integrated storage lockers equipped to secure with padlocks or optional cylinder locks, if desired. The lockers are composed of steel, with steel doors enhanced by ventilation louvers.

Four Station Workpod Bench with Storage Base and Vises: The four station workpod bench with storage base and vises comes with a choice of solid wood base and worktop or solid wood top with steel base, and a set of four industrial-strength vises for up to four students or users. The base features 12 built-in lockers, with integrated locks on the all-wood design, and padlock hasps on the steel lockers with the option to add cylinder locks if desired.

Four Student Butcherblock Table: A four student butcherblock table is a wood workbench-style table, usually designed with a strong four-leg frame, and sized to provide comfortable workspace for up to four individual students or users. The solid hardwood tabletop resembles a classic butcher or cutting block, and the natural wood-tone is protected by chemical-resistant finish.

Four Student Open Style Workstation: The four student open style workstation typically includes a four-leg base with integrated lower-frame shelf for added storage support, and a solid wood butcherblock-style tabletop ready for crafts, activities, and projects of all sorts. The open-style base provides four-sided access to the bottom shelf and the tabletop, accommodating four students with comfortable, individual working room.

Modular Cabinet with Drawer and Shelves: Modular cabinet with drawer and shelves refers to a mobile storage and workbench unit, set on casters, with a hardboard worktop surrounded on three sides by raised edges for added support. The base includes a locking one-door cabinet with two interior shelves, two open-shelves for additional storage, and a locking storage drawer.

Modular Cabinet with Drawers: A modular cabinet with drawers describes a workstation set on casters, with a series of four, vertically stacked storage drawers in the base. The base includes a one-door storage cabinet with a lock, and a shared lock that secures the four drawers simultaneously. The hardboard worktop is surrounded on three sides by raised edges for improved use.

Plastic Laminate Electronic Workbench: Plastic laminate electronic workbenches are workstations with durable laminate-finished worktops, steel frames designed with panel legs and a reinforcing channel-shaped stringer component, finished in durable paint. The front of the frame has four integrated duplex outlets, powered by an extension cord for easier use of electronic tools and equipment. The integrated electricity includes a master switch, circuit breaker, and a reset button for convenience and safety.

Shop Bench with Steel Top: Shop bench with steel top describes a steel-framed workbench with a steel work surface, featuring a reinforced base and a durable paint finish for a lasting appearance. Optional electrical support may be available on select models.

Solid Steel Electronic Workbench: Solid steel electronic workbench refers to an all-steel workstation designed with a steel worktop, panel-leg frame, and built-in power support supplied by an extension cord. The power support includes four duplex outlets, installed along the front of the frame just under the work surface for easy access. Safety features include a master switch, reset button, and circuit breaker.

Solid Steel Workbench: A solid steel workbench is a workbench with a panel-leg frame and a steel work surface, for an extremely durable design. The frame is reinforced at the back with steel support elements, and the steel is finished with protective paint to prevent damage from normal use and exposure.

Student Workstation: Student workstations are individual or multi-student tables, with open-style or storage-style base designs, and solid, durable tabletops ready to support activities for class, crafts, woodshop, or other needs.

Student Workstation – No Vises: “Student workstation – no vises” indicates the durable multi-student worktable ships alone, without the optional industrial-strength vises. The vises are often available as optional accessories or separate purchases, depending on the table design and product line options.

Workbench with Laminate Top: Workbench with laminate top describes steel-framed panel-leg workbench units with durable work surface finished in high-pressure laminate for a lasting appearance that resists scratches, stains, and heat damage. The frame is reinforced along the back to reduce wobbling and movement.

Workbench with Panel Legs: A workbench with panel legs is a sturdy, steel-framed workstation with panel-style steel legs supporting the frame at the left and right sides. A steel stringer component links the two sides along the back of the frame for reinforced strength and support. The workbench top may be steel, solid wood, or laminate, depending on the options selected.

Workbench with Plastic Laminate Top: A workbench with plastic laminate top is a durable, steel-framed workstation with reinforced legs and a durable work surface finished in damage-resistant laminate. The workbench may offer optional electrical support, depending on the model and available options.

Workbench with Solid Hard Wood Top: A workbench with a solid hard wood top generally refers to workbenches with steel frames and sturdy legs, reinforced at the back, and supporting a solid hardwood, usually maple, work surface. The workbench may offer optional electrical support on select models.

Workpod: A workpod is a square or rectangular workbench unit, typically designed with a sturdy pedestal solid-style base, and made to support multiple students or users from all sides. The base may include built-in storage compartments, with or without locks.

TechWorks Workstation: TechWorks Workstation describes a distinctive workbench product with integrated technology support for use with a full computer system. The frame is durable, with shelves for organizing, a retracting keyboard platform, and built-in wire management support. A dry-erase whiteboard and a coordinating pegboard are included for a more functional back panel design.


Adjustable Floor Glides: Adjustable floor glides are protective support elements found at the base of many workbench legs, designed to adjust in height. The adjustable floor glides can increase or decrease height at each corner of the workstation or workbench, reducing movement and wobbling on uneven floors. They usually prevent scuffs and scratches on floor surfaces, typically associated with normal use of the workbench.

Adjustable Shelf: An adjustable shelf is a shelf that can be removed or moved to other positions within a preset position range in a workbench frame or storage compartment. In a cabinet or open-shelf layout with two or more shelves, the base shelf is usually fixed, while the middle shelf and/or upper shelves are adjustable.\

Base Shelf: A base shelf is a storage platform, usually connected to two or four legs of the overall workbench frame and positioned above the floor but below the work surface for space-saving use.

Bin Panels for Parts and Storage: “Bin panels for parts and storage” refers to a storage and organizing system on select workbench units, comprised of a mounted panel arrangement along the back of the frame. The panels support impact-resistant storage bins for organizing small parts and accessories, above the work surface and within easy reach.

Black Impact-Resistant Kickplate: Black impact-resistant kickplate refers to a base element on select workbenches, usually those composed of wood. The kickplate is typically made of rubber or vinyl and it protects the base from impact with feet, shoes, books, and other items.

Black Protective Leg Boots: Black protective leg boots are rubber or vinyl impact-resistant covers, custom-made to fit the base of wooden workbench legs to protect from impact and regular use.

Cam Lock: A cam lock is a keyed lock mechanism often used on mailboxes and small personal storage locker compartments, featuring a latch-like interior component at secures the storage door when turned with the coordinating key.

Circuit Breaker: A circuit breaker is a currency-detecting element in select power strips that cuts power when it detects uneven surges in an effort to prevent damage to equipment and protect uses from shock.

Extension Power Cord: Extension power cord is a power cord attached to a power module or power strip, designed to reach nearby electrical outlets and supply electricity to a series of multiple outlets attached to a workbench. The extension power cord may be 6-feet, 9-feet, 15-feet, or other lengths, depending on the design and options.

Fixed Shelf: A fixed shelf is a storage or base shelf that cannot be adjusted. The height and position of the fixed shelf is permanent once the frame or workbench is assembled.

Full-Suspension Storage Drawer: A full-suspension storage drawer generally refers to storage drawers installed beneath a work surface, such as in a workbench frame, and suspended from under the work surface, with nothing directly beneath the drawer. Safety features typically include a drawer-stop to prevent the drawer from unintentionally coming free of the frame when accessed.

Full-Width Drawer and Base Shelf: A full-width drawer and matching full-width base shelf are lower workbench frame components that increase storage and organizing capacity. The drawer is installed beneath the work surface and measures the width of the frame from left to right. The base shelf also measures the width of the frame and is installed beneath the drawer and worktop, closer to the floor.

Half-Width Drawer and Base Shelf: A half-width drawer and corresponding half-width base shelf refer to a lower storage shelf, with an open design, and an under-desk storage drawer, positioned on the left or right half of a workbench frame extending to the midline of the frame only. The other half of the frame is typically left open and usually includes a reinforced base element supporting the half-width shelf.

Includes 4 Duplex Outlets: “Includes 4 duplex outlets” indicates the power module or power strip has four pairs of electrical outlets, for a total of eight outlets ready to supply equipment and tools with power as needed.

Levelers: Levelers are adjustable or self-adjusting frame components that reduce wobbling and unwanted movement of workbenches and related products when placed on uneven floors.

Lockable Storage Bin: A lockable storage bin describes any of a number of different storage compartments in our workbench collection. Many lockable storage bins contain a single door enclosure and secure with a keyed lock for keeping stored items safe.

Locking Cabinet: A locking cabinet is a one-door or two-door storage compartment, with a fixed bottom shelf. Most workbench units with cabinet storage include a single-door cabinet, with hinged door assembly, and a fixed base shelf with adjustable middle shelf for customizing the storage capacity. Locking cabinets are generally secured by a keyed and/or cam-style lock.

Locking Drawer: Locking drawers are storage compartments installed within the frames select workbenches on a set of drawer-slides for accessibility, and secured by a keyed lock for safekeeping of the stored contents.

Master Switch: A master switch is a shut-off switch on many power strips or power modules, designed to quickly cut the electrical supply in the event of an emergency or other need.

Open-Front Shelves: Open-front shelves refer to storage shelves with fixed and/or adjustable positions that are not enclosed by a cabinet or door. The shelves are typically enclosed at the back, top, and sides, while the front provides an opening for placing and access to stored items.

Optional Casters: Optional casters are wheels that can be added to select workbench units. The casters slightly increase the height of the work surface. Optional casters come in a set of four, in single or partially assembled style, and usually include at least two casters with locks for stabilizing the workbench during storage or use.

Optional Cylinder Locks for Workpod Storage Lockers: Optional cylinder locks for workpod storage lockers are lock mechanisms in cylinder-lock design, engaged by the included keys, custom-made to fit the steel locker doors of the steel-base workpod unit.

Optional Industrial-Strength Vise: Optional industrial-strength vise indicates the workbench can support a vise clamp for enhanced use during projects and other activities.

Optional Locking Drawers: Optional locking drawers are available for select workbenches, fitted with individual keyed and/or cam-style locks for securing tools, parts, and other items. The drawers typically accommodate installation underneath the work surface in suspended positions, but assembly options may vary between workbench models.

Optional Lower Shelf: An optional lower shelf is a workbench accessory that can be installed within the lower portion of the frame, typically beneath the main workbench surface, for added storage support.

Optional Riser Shelf: An optional riser shelf is an accessory offered with select workbench products, installed on support posts for a raised position that allows full access to the primary workbench surface.

Optional Riser with Electric: Optional riser with electric is a riser shelf option, added to select workbench units, with integrated electrical outlets and an attached power cord for supplying electricity to equipment and tools as needed.

Optional Side & Back Rails Kit: Optional side & back rails kit is a workbench enhancement kit that includes a full-width guardrail or panel and two side-width panels or guardrails, custom-designed to attach to the back and sides of select workbench surfaces or riser shelves to contain stored items for safety.

Optional 1 Vise, Optional 2 Vises, Optional 4 Vises: Optional vises are offered as single-vise purchases or additions to a workbench, or in sets of two or four vises, depending on the workbench options.

Reset Button: A reset button allows users to reset the power supply in the event of a circuit breaker trip or other disruption.

Retractable Keyboard Platform: A retractable keyboard platform is a computer-friendly keyboard support element on select workbenches, positioned under the work surface and within easy reach for computer use.

Reversible Riser Shelf: A reversible riser shelf refers to an upper shelf found on select workbench products, with a raised lip edge surrounding the shelf. The reversible design can be assembled to the workbench frame with the raised lip edges facing up, for guardrail-style layout, or the raised lip edges facing down, for a flattop shelf if preferred.

Riser Shelf with 2” Lip: Riser shelf with 2” lip describes a shelf positioned above a work surface, with 2”-high raised edges surrounded on three or four sides of the storage shelf surface serving as guardrails to help contain stored items for safety.

Shared Lock for Drawers: A shared lock for drawers refers to a single lock mechanism that can be engaged, usually with a key, to secure more than one drawer for safekeeping. The drawers are typically stacked in a vertically assembled layout when secured by a shared lock.

Steel Locker Storage: Steel locker storage indicates the frame, base, or other part of the workbench product contains a cabinet or storage locker with hinged door, composed of steel and possessing the capacity to support padlock or keyed lock security. Steel locker storage doors often feature louvers or other ventilation cutouts.

Wood Locker Storage: Wood locker storage refers to a wood storage compartment, typically enclosed by a hinged door and secured by a keyed lock for safekeeping of stored contents.

Pegboard: A pegboard is a durable, wooden panel, often composed of smooth, tempered hardboard, featuring a series of evenly spaced pre-drilled holes designed for use with metal hooks. The metal hooks are usually not included with the workbench and pegboard products, unless otherwise specified, but standard pegboard hooks accommodate a variety of storage and organizing needs.

Whiteboard: Whiteboard refers to a white dry-erase markerboard. Select workbench units come with an integrated whiteboard for versatile use in learning, recreational, and professional settings.

Wire Cable Management Basket: A wire cable management basket is a metal storage unit, with a wire-basket style design, positioning within a frame for select technology-friendly workbenches, and are used for organizing and storing power cords, cables, and other wires for neatness.

Task Light: Task lights are small, integrated light fixtures that illuminate work surfaces for more comfortable and productive work environments, particularly with workbenches and workstations.

72”W Magnetic 4-Bulb Ballast Fixed-Height Overhead Light Assembly: Select workbenches come with 72”-Wide 4-bulb fixed-height light assembly units, designed in ballast style and attached in a fixed, overhead position with magnets. The one-piece light fixture has four integrated bulbs and provides overhead lighting for a more comfortable workspace.

72”W Cable Management Basket: A 72”-Wide cable management basket is a metal wire basket-style storage component built into select workbench frames. The storage basket holds and supports technology cables, wires, and power cords for neater setup and use.

Construction Materials

Adjustable-Height Frame: An adjustable-height frame is a workbench frame that can be adjusted between a minimum and a maximum height along a height-range with evenly spaced intervals. The height transitions are at 1”-intervals, or other specified adjustment intervals, to customize for different needs and preferences.

Channel-Shaped Stringer: A channel-shaped stringer is a frame-reinforcing component used on many steel-framed workbenches, with a narrow rectangular shape that runs between the left and right legs, usually along the back of the frame. The stringer reduces wobbling and independent movement of the legs to strengthen and stabilize the overall workbench for safer, more comfortable use.

Chemical-Resistant UV Finish: Chemical-resistant UV finish is a durable protective layer applied to wood or other workbench components and cured by UV light to form a lasting finish. Alternatively, the chemical-resistant UV finish may resist damage from contact with chemical substances as well as UV rays. The finish is usually designed to endure contact with standard classroom and science lab chemicals, woodshop and art chemicals, and cleaning substances.

Cold Rolled Steel Construction: Cold rolled steel is a steel working process that forces steel through two rollers to form a customized thickness and design for use in select workbench products. The cold rolling process is done below the steel recrystallization temperature, increasing strength and producing a durable surface finish that enhances the finishing processes.

Environmentally Friendly Non-Emitting Chemical-Resistant Finish: Environmentally friendly non-emitting chemical-resistant finish is a clear or paint finish that is eco-friendly and healthier, helping keep interior settings cleaner and healthier for extended use during educational and work activities.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Paint: Environmentally friendly powder-coat paint is a powdered paint applied to steel or other metal components, then cured or finished for a hard, durable, protective colored finish that resists wear and scratches associated with typical use.

Fixed-Height Frame: A fixed-height frame is a workbench frame with one standard or selected height. Most workbench fixed-height sizes are 30”-tall or taller, unless designed for grade school use.

Fixed-Height Options: Workbenches with a choice of fixed-height sizes may offer a shorter height for grade school furnishing, such as 26”-high and 30”-high, as seen in select workbench models.

Hardboard Laminate Bench Top: Hardboard laminate bench top describes a work surface on select workbench units, laminated to the frame for a lasting bond, and composed of durable fiberboard.

High-Pressure Laminate Surface: A high-pressure laminate surface is a workbench top that has been finished in multiple layers of laminate, with a standard color or choice of colors available. The surface finish is damage-resistant and easy to clean, for a long-lasting quality worktop.

Particleboard Bench Top: Particleboard bench tops are wooden workbench surfaces composed of wood particles, fibers, and other wood materials, mixed with a resin, wax, or other substance and pressed into even panels for use in furniture design.

Rectangular Workbench Top: Rectangular workbench tops are the most common, with a longer width compared to the worktop depth. Most workbenches measure 64”-wide or 72”-wide, with 24”-depth or larger for ample workspace.

Solid Butcherblock Top: A solid butcherblock top refers to a solid hardwood, usually maple wood, worktop used on many workbench products. The butcherblock design resembles traditional butcher blocks or cutting blocks, and offers lasting support for woodworking, crafts, and other projects in educational, recreational, or business settings.

Solid Maple Legs and Apron: Solid maple legs and apron indicate the base and/or frame of the wood workbench product is composed of solid maple wood, with four thick, durable solid maple wood legs and a coordinating solid maple wood apron.

Steel Back and Side Guards: Steel back and side guards refer to raised panels that attach to the back and side edges of a work surface, shelf, or other platform to prevent items from sliding off the sides or back during use and storage.

Steel Bench Top: A steel bench top is a steel panel comprising the work surface of a select workbench model. Steel parts are often finished with durable paint for lasting protection against exposure and use.

Steel Corner Braces: Steel corner braces are custom-made enhancements used to reinforce the corners of solid wood and other workbench styles. The steel corner braces may be placed in concealed positions, within the tabletop or workbench apron and underneath the work surface.

Steel Frame: Steel frame indicates the supporting frame of the workbench product are composed of steel, usually the legs or leg panels and reinforcing elements including a steel apron, where applicable. Steel frames may be welded by the manufacturer, depending on the workbench model and options.

Steel Panel Legs: Steel panel legs refer to square or rectangular panels, composed of steel, and used to support the workbench at the left and right sides, for a slab-style base design. The panel legs are typically reinforced by a stringer or other support element to prevent wobbling and enhance the overall frame strength.

Square Bench Top: Square bench top indicates the workbench surface is designed with equal-length sides, such as a 48” by 48” square work surface.

Maple Plywood Storage Shelf: Maple plywood storage shelf is a lower shelf connecting the four legs of select four-student workbenches, comprised of maple wood in a plywood design. Thin slices of maple wood are layered with alternating grain, bonded together and pressed to form a durable shelf panel.

Vinyl-Dipped Molded Corner Caps: Vinyl-dipped molded corner caps are custom-made covers that conceal the sharp corner angles on select workbenches, providing a safer, smoother workstation.

Welded Steel Support Feet: Welded steel support feet are reinforced base elements of select workbenches, composed of steel and welded to the steel frame of the bench for permanent placement. The steel feet support and stabilize the workbench for improved use and safety.


Green Features: Green Features are a number of design and production aspects that enhance the environment friendliness of a product or product line. Typical green features among our workbench collections include the use of environmentally friendly powder-coat paint finish.

Hooks Not Included: Pegboard products do not include the pegboard hooks, unless otherwise stated in the product description. Pegboards are designed with a universal style, however, making it easy to add hooks as needed.

Mounting Hardware Included: “Mounting hardware included” indicates the necessary parts are included with the purchase for mounting a given product or accessory to the workbench.

No Sharp Edges: “No sharp edges” indicates the corners and raw edges of a workbench and frame are smoothed, rounded, and/or covered for protection against bumps, scrapes, and injuries.

Optional Electric Support: Optional electric support typically indicates the workbench or related product accepts an optional power module or power strip, depending on the workbench model. Optional electric support is designed to combine naturally with the intended product or workbench for easy setup and use.

Power Strip Included: “Power strip included” indicates the given workbench comes with a power strip for extended reach to electrical outlets and integrated power supply for equipment and tools. Mounting hardware is typically included, to mount the power strip to the workbench frame, and a long power cord connects with nearby floor or wall outlets to supply the power strip.

Pre-Punched Duplex Holes: Pre-punched duplex holes refer to dual-outlet spaces made along the front or other portion of a workbench frame, ready to accept the optional electric support elements. The pre-punched holes may remain closed with the original frame pieces and simply offer perforated holes that can be opened as desired. Alternatively, the pre-punched holes may be open with the punched-out centers already removed.

SEFA: SEFA is the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association. Workbench products with SEFA approval meet or exceed standards set by SEFA in design, production, quality and safety.

UL Certified: UL certified indicates the workbench meets and/or exceeds standards set by Underwriters Laboratories. UL certification is generally found on workbench products with integrated electrical supply, and indicates high-quality design, production, and reliability in the product line.

Weight Capacity: Specified weight capacity for the overall workbench or a specific workbench shelf indicates the maximum weight that particular component or product can support, with weight evenly distributed, at a given time. If the weight capacity is exceeded, or weight is not dispersed evenly, the workbench and other products may be damaged, and the warranty is typically void. Injury can result from improper use of the workbench and related components, included exceeding the safe weight capacity.