Wire Shelving

Industrial wire shelving is built with consistent quality to eliminate potential for defective components and provide reliable support for heavy-duty shelving storage. Most industrial shelving is composed of steel or steel wire with durable finish such as chrome to retain quality appearance and protect metal from exposure and use.


Heavy-Duty Shelving System: A heavy-duty shelving system provides outstanding strength, often supporting up to 800-pounds or more per shelf depending on the shelving system design. The frame and shelves endure frequent contact with stored items and workers, protected by durable finish for lasting appearance.

Preconfigured Shelving Units: Preconfigured shelving units include moving shelves and combination shelf sets. These kits simplify the shopping process and many styles accept additional shelving units as needed.

Preconfigured Shelving Units with Tracks
Preconfigured Shelving Units with Tracks


Adjustable Leveling Feet: Adjustable leveling feet manually adjust to support the storage structure, increasing or decreasing leg-height as needed to meet uneven floor surfaces for wobble-free setup.

Anti-Slide Bar: An optional enhancement for large moving shelf systems, the anti-slide bar installs to the sides of a shelf to prevent items from sliding off.

Plastic Foot Caps: Plastic foot caps protect floors from damage caused by bumps and accidental movement of shelving units. The plastic caps are custom-made to fit the legs or shelving supports perfectly.

Roller Tracks: Roller tracks are used to create moving shelves in a large shelving system. The tracks may be mounted to the floor or not, depending on location needs, and allow shelves to slide for full access to all sides.

Shelf Divider: Optional shelf dividers allow separation and organizing support with the larger moving shelf units and similar shelving systems. The divider is used as needed for flexible shelf support.

U-Shaped Handle: The U-shaped handle combines with the large moving shelf systems for easy movement and accessibility.


Chrome Finish: Chrome finish plates the steel components and provides a long-lasting mirror shine that protects the steel from exposure and use.

Eco-Friendly Powder-Coat Paint: Steel components are often finished with paint, using environmentally friendly paint as often as possible for "green" design benefits. The paint is finished or cured for a powder-coat surface with non-glossy finish that endures frequent use, resisting scratches and damage for lasting protection.

Heavy Duty Steel: Heavy-duty steel offers reliable strength and thickness for support of heavy loads. Most industrial shelving systems have steel construction.

Welded Construction: Welded construction implies the unit ships fully assembled and provides strong support for lasting use. The welded components are generally found at the primary connection points for structural support.


Add-On Units: Add-on units provide customizable storage and organizing expansion as needed. The add-on units connect to starter units for unlimited shelving support.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is the tested and verified safe maximum amount of weight a shelf and/or structure can hold.

Expandable Shelf Options: Expandable shelving can usually accommodate unlimited add-on units in straight rows, and select styles accept add-on units positioned at 90-degree angles for perpendicular rows.

Expandable Shelving System: Expandable shelving systems include starter units and add-on units that provide the option to increase shelving as needed for greater storage capacity. The add-on units connect to each other and to the original starter unit for stable setup.

Extra Shelf: Extra shelves are available for most industrial and wire shelving systems. The optional extra shelves increase storage capacity and reduce occurrence of stacking on shelves.