Utility Wagons


Double X-Side Frame Design: The light-duty folding wagon with polyester liner has a double X-frame with two X-shaped frame patterns on the long sides. This X-shape reinforces support for the fabric liner and enhances the wagons load-bearing capabilities. The X-shape also supports the folding design, enhancing the overall steel frame.

Utility Wagon with Double X-side Frame Design
Double X-side Frame Design

Folding Wagon: A folding wagon supports light-duty workloads such as groceries or other light-duty tasks, with a collapsing frame that allows for easier transport and small-space storing when not in use.

Steel Crate Wagon: Steel crate wagons have durable frames made from steel with four sides to contain carried items. The frames are finished to protect the steel from damage such as corrosion.

Steel Deck Flat Wagon: A steel deck wagon is constructed from steel, finished to protect the metal from exposure, use, and corrosion, and has a relatively flat layout for versatile use.

Construction Materials

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Many steel wagons and steel components of our premium-quality products are finished with environmentally friendly paint using an eco-friendly powder coating finish process.

600 Denier Polyester Fabric Cover: The light-duty utility wagon comes with a 600 Denier red polyester fabric liner. Deniers refer to the thread and fabric design, with 600-denier polyester having threads twisted 600 times per inch or per 2.5 centimeters. This process increases the strength and toughness of the polyester fabric, making it more suitable for bearing loads in a wagon frame.

Steel Crate Wagon
Steel Crate Wagon

Utility Wagon Components

Contained Tires: Contained tires refer to tires that remain underneath the wagon’s frame, ensuring the wagon has proper balance and support.

Easy Grip Handle: Easy grip handles are ergonomically shaped and often feature a cushioned covering or handgrip for improved comfortable use.

Fold-Down Sides: Heavy-duty steel wagons with fold-down sides offer the option to convert the crate-style wagon to a flat-deck style wagon for larger items.

Steel Deck Flat Utility Wagon
Steel Deck Flat Wagon

Pneumatic Tires: Pneumatic tires are rubber tires filled with compressed air that offer cushioned support for the weight carried by a given wagon.

Removable Sides: Removable sides are found on the heavy-duty crate-style wagons, which allow the sides forming the crate-shape to be removed in order to accommodate larger items for transport.

Swivel Handle: Swivel handles on wagons allow the wheel component to turn left and right, enhancing the user’s ability to maneuver the wagon while in motion.


Heavy-Duty Wagon: Heavy-duty wagons generally support loads of 1000-pounds or greater. These wagons are designed for rugged tasks and contain features that help reduce risk of injury from tipping or other hazards.

Light-Duty Wagon: Light-duty wagons are designed for significantly lighter, non-heavy duty tasks. Designed with a steel frame that collapses for easy storage and transport, the light-duty wagon has a fabric bag-style liner that attaches to the frame to contain carried items.

Load Capacity, Weight Capacity: The load capacity or weight capacity listed for utility wagons is the maximum safe load that the given wagon or cart can accommodate.