Trash Cans

Trash cans are trash receptacles designed for durable outdoor use, with varying capacities to accommodate outdoor settings and trash collection.


Aggregate Panel Design: Aggregate panel designs are made with tiny stones bonded to the central side panel region to form a decorative look with added style for business and professional settings.

Flat-Top Receptacle: Flat-top receptacles have a predominantly flat top, enclosing the base, with a round cutout or opening for dropping in trash.

Open Side Design: Trash receptacles with open-side designs have a covered top with openings on all sides to allow drop-in trash collection from passersby. The open sides allow access from all directions.

Rain-Bottom Receptacle: Trash cans with rain-bottom receptacle designs have a predominantly flat top with cutout opening, shielded by a raised cover or bonnet that allows drop-in trash collection but reduces collection of water and precipitation during inclement weather.

Recessed Panel Design: Trash receptacles with a recessed panel design have molded sides that feature a frame-like appearance with recessed central region, often sporting a vertical ribbed pattern.

Round Top Design: Outdoor garbage cans with round top design feature a black plastic lid with dome-like appearance and a front push-access door to drop in trash.

Square Top Design: Outdoor garbage cans with square top design have a black plastic lid with flattened top and backside and a rectangular push-door on the front for drop-in trash collection. The lid is enhanced by side handles for lift-off access to change the trash bag and empty waste.

Top Open Design: Trash receptacles with a top-open design have a partially covered top with a centered opening, usually in the shape of a circle for drop-in trash collecting.


Ash Urn: An ash urn is a cigarette ashtray-type accessory built into the tops of select outdoor garbage cans and trash receptacles. Ash urns are typically composed of stainless steel to accommodate extended outdoor exposure and use.

Black Lid: Several models of outdoor garbage cans feature black lids, usually composed of a durable plastic for impact-resistant performance, and often featuring a push-door for enclosed trash receptacle design with easy drop-in access.

Lid Cable: Optional lid cables are available for select outdoor garbage can models, allowing the base and lid to connect by a durable cable for securing the lid to prevent theft or tampering, or to prevent blowing away in windy or inclement weather.

Plastic Liner: Outdoor trash receptacles often feature a plastic liner, custom-made to support the trash bags within the trash receptacle frame. The liner can usually be removed and cleaned to reduce waste buildup from use, and prevents spills and leaks through open-style trash receptacle frames for a cleaner setting.

Push-Door Trash Receptacle Lid: Push-door trash receptacle lids are designed with a rectangular door, attached by hinge-style connection along the top of the door, allowing users to simply push in and drop trash as needed. The hinged push-door stays closed when not accessed to help contain trash within.

Rain Bonnet: A rain bonnet is a raised cover that shields an open-top trash receptacle against precipitation during inclement weather conditions. These are sometimes referred to as rain-bottom receptacles.

Removable Liner: Removable liner refers to the interior plastic lining component of many outdoor trash receptacles. The plastic liner supports the trash bag and reduces damage and messes from spills, containing the trash bag on the sides and base. The liner can be removed for cleaning to maintain quality appearance and sanitation.

Telescoping Base-Top Connection: Many outdoor trash receptacles have a telescoping base-top connection that allows the two components to fit securely together, trapping the trash bag in place. The base rim is designed to extend into the top portion of the trash receptacle, and the top rim is designed slightly larger to cover and secure the extended base edges.

Trash Can with Aggregate Panel Design
Aggregate Panel Design

Trash Can with Flat-Top Receptacle
Flat-Top Receptacle

Trash Can with Rain-Bottom Receptacle
Rain-Bottom Receptacle

Ash Urn
Ash Urn

Push-Door Trash Receptacle Lid
Push-Door Trash Receptacle Lid

Construction Materials

Clear Polymer Finish: Clear polymer finish is a durable, clear topcoat used to protect and finish various outdoor garbage can products. Clear polymer coating is often glossy, protecting the appearance of underlying finishes from exposure to the environment and use.

Corner Block Supports: Corner block supports are wood pieces, often shaped with a 90° angle, used to reinforce connections between two conjoined wood panels. The angled piece mounts to the underside of both surfaces, with the corner of the 90° angle meeting the corner joint formed by the two pieces.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a dry powdered paint, applied and cured to form a secure bond to steel or other metal surfaces that endures regular use in lasting style. The powder-coat paint is cured for a smooth, unless specified as textured, finish, and usually has a non-glossy appearance as opposed to other finishing methods.

Galvanized Tubing: Galvanized tubing typically refers to metal, such as steel or aluminum, tubing that has been dipped in molten zinc for galvanized finish. Galvanized tubing is reinforced for a more durable appearance and performance, protected from exposure to the elements for a corrosion-free design.

Impact-Resistant UltraCoat Finish: Impact-resistant UltraCoat finish is an innovative finish, made without PVC plastic, that offers excellent bonding to metal surfaces and a lasting smooth appearance, protecting from everyday bumps and impact caused by regular use. The durable UltraCoat finish prevents scratches and cutting, endures UV light exposure, and resists mold or mildew growth and buildup. Many UltraCoat finishes are environmentally friendly, and easily repaired in the rare event of damage.

MIG-Welded Frame: MIG-welded frames are composed of steel or metal frame components that have been bonded together using Metal Inert Gas (MIG) welding processes. Electrodes are used to heat up, melt, and combine the metals on two components forming a permanent connection.

Molded High-Density Polyethylene: Molded high-density polyethylene is a durable plastic made from petroleum, favored for its strength and density. The molded shapes are customized for specific products and uses, popular for plastic lumber, and typically recyclable in design.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery: Mortise and tenon joinery refers to the use of customized cutouts at the edges of conjoining wood pieces, reinforcing their connection. Cutouts are made in one piece with matching shapes cut at the edge of the corresponding piece, allowing a key and lock style connection, often reinforced with wood glue.

Powder-Coated Anchor Brackets: Powder-coated anchor brackets are metal L-shaped or angled bracket pieces used to mount the base of trash receptacles or similar outdoor products to the ground, patio, or similar surface. The brackets are finished with powder-coat paint for a lasting appearance and protection from the elements.

Rust-Resistant Hardware: Rust-resistant hardware includes screws, bolts, washers, and other connections and components made of metal, often steel, and finished with a protective coating to prevent damage from outdoor use and exposure.

Solid Shorea Hardwood: Shorea hardwood is similar in appearance to Teak but more economical. Like Teak, Shorea wood must be maintained with specialty care products such as oils. Without the added care, the wood weathers to a warm gray tone over time when used outdoors.

Solid Wood Dowels: Solid wood dowels are wood rods in varying thicknesses or diameters. These rods are often used in smaller lengths to reinforce connections between two wooden panels. Custom-sized holes are placed in matching spots on conjoining panels, and the dowels are inserted into one panel with the other panel attached to match with the dowels.

Steel Bar Reinforcement: Steel bar reinforcement refers to steel bars used to reinforce the plastic planks in some outdoor trash receptacle models. The steel bars help prevent damage to the plastic planks by enhancing support throughout the structure.

Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care products are oils or similar treatments used to maintain the natural wood tone colors of Teak and similar woods. When not used, the wood will weather to a warm gray wood tone when used outdoors.

Thermoplastic Finish: Thermoplastic finish is a protective coating used to finish many metal trash receptacles and outdoor products, offering resistance to corrosion, rust, wear, and exposure to the elements, as well as protection from hot and cold weather conditions. Most thermoplastic coating finishes are powder coating, offering the added green benefits of an eco-friendly design.

UV Inhibitors: UV inhibitors are protective features that reduce fading and damage from exposure to UV light, or sunlight. Most outdoor trash receptacles and products feature UV inhibitors or other UV protection.

100% Recycled Plastic Planks: Select outdoor trash receptacles are made with plastic planks, designed from 100% recycled plastic and made to resemble classic-style wood planks but in a variety of contemporary colors. Steel bars reinforce the plastic planks for lasting strength and support.


Adaptable Design for Anchor or Weight: Select outdoor trashcans are adaptable for use with anchor or weight to deter theft, tampering, or tipping during windy weather. The anchor option is often a metal mounting hardware element attached to the base and the ground or flooring. Weight options often consist of a container filled with sand to add weight to the overall structure.

Matching Benches: Many outdoor garbage cans have coordinating outdoor benches for a matching set.

Matching Planters: Many outdoor garbage cans coordinate with matching planters for a complete landscape design.

Surface Pattern Options: Surface pattern options refer to the decorative appearance of metal or steel trash receptacle units. Mesh-like diamond patterns and perforated dot patterns are the simplest options, with vertical slats or decorative wave patterns also available.

Trash Receptacle Capacity: Listed capacities for trash receptacles indicate the maximum amount of waste the trash receptacle or trashcan liner can hold when filled.

Wear-Resistant: Wear-resistant refers to the durable finishes of our outdoor garbage cans, designed to provide lasting quality support in outdoor settings with impact-resistance, lasting color finish, and consistent quality performance.

Weather-Resistant: Outdoor garbage cans are designed to be weather-resistant, for safe quality performance in outdoor environments. These products feature finishes that protect from UV light or sunlight, rain and precipitation, impact and regular use.