Table Cloths & Skirts


Long Box Pleat Table Skirt: Long box pleat table skirt refers to a table skirt design featuring classic-style flattened box-like pleats, resembling the traditional pleating in skirt- or dress-making design. The smooth, pressed pleating adds a uniform appearance to the table skirting and the long box-pleat table skirts come in a choice of colors to customize the look.

Rectangular Table Throw Cover: Rectangular table throw covers are customized tablecloths that fit rectangular tables in a variety of sizes, with three-sided or four-sided designs to suit different needs. The rectangular table throws can be imprinted with a custom logo, name, or other emblem to enhance use for a given event, school, or business.

Round Table Throw Cover: A round table throw cover describes tablecloths made specifically for round tables, with a choice of diameter measurements including 48”, 60”, 66” and 72”. The table covers can be customized with a selection of color options, and custom imprinting is available upon request. Round table throw covers offer 360° coverage of tables from top to floor.

Shirred Pleat Table SkirtShirred pleat table skirt describes table skirting made with a bunched or shirred pleat design. The shirred pleating appears fluffier and less smooth compared to the box-style pleated table skirts, and offers a distinct style with choice of colors to customize.

Table Cloth: Table cloths are customizable table covers available in different styles, sizes, and a wide selection of colors to suit virtually any table cover needs. Tablecloths can be custom-imprinted with logo, name, or other emblem for school, business, and event use.

Table Skirting: Table skirting is an alternative to traditional tablecloths, designed to attach with Velcro or clips to the perimeter or edges of a tabletop and conceal the table frame while leaving the work surface uncovered. Table skirting comes in two pleat styles, a wide selection of colors, and a choice of customized lengths from 120” up to 258”, depending on needs. The table skirts are made to fit standard 30”-high tables.

Table Throw: A table throw is a non-fitted tablecloth, available in a variety of colors and sizes, designed to cover round or rectangular tables, depending on the design. Table throws can be imprinted with a company, school, or event logo, emblem, name, or other printing for customizing to suit different needs.

3-Sided Rectangular Table Throw: The 3-sided rectangular table throw is a tablecloth designed for top-to-floor coverage on the front facing and sides of rectangular tables, with a choice of measurements ranging from 48” to 96” in width. The backside of the table throw is shorter, accommodating chair-use with ease.

4-Sided Rectangular Table Throw: The 4-sided rectangular table throw is a tablecloth with equal side-lengths on all four sides, designed to cover all sides of a rectangular table from tabletop to floor. The table throw is available for rectangular tables measuring from 48” to 96” wide in varying tabletop depths to suit different location needs.


Optional OmniClip II with Valance Tab: The optional OmniClip II with Valance Tab is an optional accessory available for table skirts, offered in sets of 20 or 100 clips and designed to attach to tabletops measuring between ½” and ¾” thick. The reinforced clip design has two connection options for supporting table skirts and an optional valance.

Optional Velcro Table Clips: Optional Velcro table clips are additional table clips, offered in ½” and ¾” sizes, and sold in sets of 100 clips for larger table skirting needs. The clips match the ½” or ¾” clips included with table skirt purchases and provide Velcro backs for holding table skirts during use.

Velcro Clip System Included: Table skirts include a Velcro clip system for immediate setup and use of the table skirt product. Clips attach to the edges of tabletops, available in a choice of ½” or ¾” clip size, and Velcro on the back of the clips connects with the corresponding Velcro on the table skirting for fast setup.

Construction Materials

Fabric Color Options: Tablecloths, table skirts, and table throw covers are made of 100% polyester fabric and come in a choice of over 40 different colors, allowing shoppers to completely customize their table cover orders for specific location and decorative needs. Custom imprinting is also available upon request.

Flame-Retardant Fabric: Tablecloths, table skirts, and table throw covers are made using 100% polyester fabric that is designed to resist flame and burning for enhanced safety and durability.

100% Polyester Twill Fabric: All tablecloths, table skirts, and table throw covers are made using 100% polyester twill fabric. The fabric is extremely durable, machine washable and machine dryable, easy to care for and clean, and they all come in a large selection of resilient colors for lasting, quality use.


Clip Size Options: Table skirts come with a choice of ½” or ¾” Velcro clips, designed to attach to the intended tabletops. The clip measurements refer to the tabletop thickness, as the clips connect with the tabletop along the edges and have Velcro backs for supporting the table skirts during use.

Custom-Made Item: All tablecloths, table skirts, and table throw covers are custom-made for each order. The color selection and sizing is specified at the time the order is placed, and if custom imprinting is desired, such as a logo or name, that is also specified. Custom orders are non-returnable.

Machine Washable / Dryable: All table skirts, table throw covers, and tablecloths in our collections are made of 100% polyester twill fabric and completely machine washable and dryable for easy upkeep, care, cleaning, and long-lasting appearance. If laundered in a timely fashion, the fabric will usually require very little, if any, ironing.

Non-Returnable Item: All tablecloths, table throw covers, and table skirts are custom-made for each individual order and as such they are non-returnable items. Measurements, color selection, and imprinting, if desired, should all be reviewed before submitting the order for production.

Optional Imprinting: Optional imprinting is available for tablecloths, skirts, and throw covers. Custom printing of logos, names, teams, or other imprinting can be added to most orders upon request.

Round Table Sizes: Round table sizes are specified at the time of purchase for round tablecloths and throw covers. Round table measurements refer to the diameter of the tabletop, measuring straight across the widest point, from one side to the other and through the center of the tabletop surface. Round table measurements typically range from 48”-diameter to 72”-diameter, but can vary depending on availability of a given product. Round tablecloth measurements are for standard 30”-high tables.

Shirred-Pleat: Shirred-pleat refers to a bunched-style pleat pattern made by stitching the fabric along the top hem and pulling the stitches to bunch the fabric along the top edge. The puffy pleated pattern is less organized than the long-box pleat pattern and presents a distinct style to suit different preferences.

Skirt Size Options: Table skirting products are available in sizes designed to fit standard 30”-height tables, with a choice of customizable table skirt lengths ranging from 120”-wide to 258”-wide. Table skirts attach to the edges of tabletops using clips or Velcro, depending on needs and preferences.

Table Sizes: Table sizes for rectangular tablecloths and related products indicate a standard 30”-height with choice of 30” or 36” tabletop depth and a tabletop length between 48”-long and 96”-long.

3-Sided Design: A 3-sided design is a table cover or tablecloth that covers the left, right, and front-facing sides of a rectangular table, with full coverage of the base from the tabletop to the floor. The backside is left shorter to accommodate easier sitting and chair use. The 3-sided table covers are ideal for audience facing tables, such as at a wedding or banquet where one table (e.g. the bride and groom table) faces the rest of the room with the backside facing a wall.

4-Sided Design: A 4-sided design is a tablecloth of table cover that conceals the base of a rectangular table, from the tabletop to the floor, on all four sides. The 4-sided table covers are ideal for mid-room table placement, where all sides of a table may be visible to the crowd or guests.

360° Coverage for Round Tables: Round table cloths specify 360° coverage for round tables, indicating the tablecloth fits the specified table size and provides full coverage on all sides of the round table, from the tabletop to the floor. The tablecloth conceals the base or frame of the round table, and comes in sizes that fit table measurements. Measurements refer to the diameter of the round tabletops and come in sizes between 48” and 72”, with a standard 30”-height.