A Guide to Swatches and Samples

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Simplify your decision making.


Many of the products we offer are available in a variety of upholstery and finish options. These choices include various upholstery colors, sheens or textures, as well as different surface materials like laminates and wood finishes. The choices can be overwhelming. Colors like “Royal Blue” can differ substantially from one manufacturer to another. This is why K-Log offers FREE SAMPLE SWATCHES whenever available!

Atlantic Blue Swatch
Blue Odyssey Swatch
Dove Blue Swatch
Mesh Blue Swatch
Euro Blue Swatch

Colors and textures that seem similar in print or online can actually vary significantly.

Bannister Light Oak Swatch
Medium Oak Swatch
Laminate Natural Oak Swatch
Bannister Oak Swatch
Castle Oak Swatch

Laminate colors and wood finishes are also easier to match with a physical sample or color swatch.

Celery Green Swatch
Textured Leaf Green Swatch
Tuscan Olive Pear Swatch
Olive Green Swatch
Crocodile Lime Swatch

Judging color and texture can be difficult from a computer screen or print catalog, especially when trying to match existing furniture.

Coral Swatch
Julep Red Swatch
Lipstick Red Swatch
Grow Red Swatch
Cinnabar Red Swatch

So, contact us to request a color or material sample and we will mail it out to you. It will make your decision process so much easier!