Storage Bins

Storage bins are often made of shatterproof, impact-resistant plastics with a choice of colors and sizes to meet different classroom storage needs. The bins are equipped with a labeling system or can support optional label system to help categorize stored items, and the different bin collections fit into coordinating storage units with drawer-slides or railed that hold the bins in place. Bins may also be listed as tote trays, tray system, or similar names depending on the collection. Optional lids are offered for most styles of the storage bins.


ABS Plastic Bins: ABS plastic bins are made with a polymer composed of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene forming a shatterproof, impact-resistant plastic in a variety of styles.

Clear bins: Clear bins are designed with durable polystyrene plastic for visible storage with an impact-resistant shatterproof property. The clear bins may have a tint to the plastic, and some translucent bins are more clear with a subtle milky or frosted appearance depending on the bin design.

High-Impact Polystyrene Bins: Polystyrene bins are constructed from a polymer that forms rigid, durable plastic and is clear in its natural uncolored form but can be colored during the production process for solid plastics. The polystyrene bins are relatively impact-resistant and shatterproof, making them ideal for bustling classrooms.

Opaque Totes: Opaque totes are available in standard or optional colors with solid color that conceals stored contents. These opaque bins are designed with durable impact-resistant plastics and the colors penetrate throughout the design for lasting appearance and color solidity.

Rolling Bins: Rolling bins have a large bottom bin with casters designed to provide mobility and support the set of stacked bins. The upper bins do not have casters but instead rest in a nesting-style stackable fashion atop the bottom bin. Lids protect stored contents from upper bins while stacked.

Rolling Bins
Rolling Bins

Stacking Bins: Storage bins with stackable designs have fitted lids that support the upper, stacked bins and protect the contents stored within the lower bins.

Tote Trays: Tote trays are storage bins resembling drawers that fit into custom-designed tote tray carts or storage units, usually set on casters for mobile use.

Translucent Totes: Translucent totes are bins designed with semi-clear plastics, offering a frosted-like or somewhat milky appearance, depending on the design. The translucent totes are available in different sizes and with different storage and organizing options.


Adjustable Shelves: Adjustable shelves provide repositionable platforms for customizing storage capacity. The shelves rest on shelf clips or pegs, usually four per shelf that fit into pre-drilled holes on the inner surface of the side cabinet panels.

Bin Lids: Bin lids are designed to fit the bins in a series, with a uniform size for interchangeable use. The bins and bin lids have set length and width, with variable depth or height for the storage bins to serve different storage uses. Bin lids can accommodate stacking in select bin systems.

Concealed Casters: Casters are often visible beneath mobile storage cabinets, but are concealed on select styles. Concealed casters are installed behind base components, creating the look of a stationary unit. Kick plates, toe aprons, and similar devices are used to hide casters on some storage cabinets.

Locking Casters: Storage cabinets set on casters almost always contain two lockable casters to secure the cabinet in place. The locking casters provide stable positioning for safe loading, unloading, and storage of the cabinet.

MDF Board Seat: The seat in bin seats is reinforced with a core support made of MDF Board. MDF or medium-density fiberboard is created from wood fibers taken from hard and soft woods. The wood fibers are mixed with a resin adhesive or wax to form a pliable mixture that is then heated and pressed into board panels. The result is a strong, durable, and consistent quality core support panel suitable for bin seats or other furniture design.

Riser Shelf: A riser shelf is positioned above a main work surface and usually set on four post-style legs to provide full access to the main work surface. Riser shelves on carts may be equal in size or smaller than the surface below it, depending on the design goals.

Storage Bin with Riser Shelf
Riser Shelf

Sloped Shelves: Sloped shelves are installed with an angled position, sloping or slanting down at the front edge to allow greater visibility and access to stored contents. The sloped shelves feature a slightly raised front retainer edge or lip edge that supports storage bins or other items, keeping bins and contents from falling off shelves.

Storage Bin Seat: Bin seats are designed with cushioned lids and classic impact-resistant plastic bin bases. The bins are offered in different sizes, with the size referring to the bin depth or height, and the lids are designed to serve as a seat for classroom, library, or other setting. The seats are reinforced with medium-density fiberboard (MDF Fiberboard), atop which is a foam cushion layer and then treated fabric upholstery. The upholstery fabric is treated with NanoSphere technology that creates a self-cleaning surface for stain-resistance, abrasion-resistance, and water-resistance.

Three-Point Lock System: A three-point lock system features a keyed lock, usually located in a central position on one or both cabinet doors. The lock, when activated, extends rods that secure the closed doors to the top and bottom of the base, preventing tampering, prying, and other unwanted access.

Tilt and Glide Tote Tray Runners: Many storage tray units have specially designed tray holders or runners, built into the interior cabinet and designed to hold the tote trays like classic drawer slides. The runners allow easy push and pull gliding access to the individual tote trays and the tray and runner design accommodates tilting for visibility without completely removing the tray from the runner.

Tray Inserts: Some storage bins and tote trays accept customized tray inserts to aid organizing efforts. The tray inserts may have a single bin-style configuration or contain dividers for two or more compartments within the single tray insert.

Construction Materials

Eco-Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Eco-friendly powder-coat finish consists of an environmentally friendly "green" style paint applied to steel or other metal components and cured to yield a smooth, non-glossy powder-coat appearance. The finish is often scratch-resistant and provides lasting coverage to protect metal and steel components from exposure, corrosion, erosion, and other damage.

Enamel Finish: Enamel finish protects steel and metal components of many storage bin units. The enamel or paint is cured, usually for a powder-coat finish that offers lasting non-glossy color and often scratch-resistance for lasting appearance.

Foam Seat Layer: The bin seats feature a foam seat layer providing cushioned support and seat height to enhance comfortable use. The cushion is positioned on top of an MDF board seat support and comprised the lid enclosure for the base bin. Fabric upholstery with easy-clean NanoSphere treatment covers the foam seat cushion to complete the seat.

Full-Access Door Hinges: Hinged doors with full-access hinges imply the doors open to 180-degrees or greater, allowing complete access to the interior storage compartments and elements for easy loading, unloading, and use.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: High-pressure laminate finish consists of several under layers with a durable surface finish layer, applied to core panels of wood, plywood, particleboard, or similar compound. The application process utilizes heat and pressure to ensure a strong, consistent bond and the surface is damage-resistant against scratches, stains, and similar evidence of everyday use.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is often applied to plywood, particleboard, fiberboard, or other wood product core. The finish is adhered to the panels under heat and pressure, with fewer layers than laminate finish but applied in a similar fashion. The surface is durable with resistance to scratches, stains, and other damage.

NanoSphere Treated Fabric: Fabric treated with NanoSphere technology is resistant to water, dirt, and abrasions. The NanoSphere treatment is modeled after plant leaves with a self-cleaning surface, making the fabric easy to wipe clean and more durable for longer lasting quality appearance.

Clear View Shelving Storage
Clear View Shelving

PVC Edge: PVC edging is commonly used to cover the potentially rough or bare edges of melamine and laminate finished wood produces. The PVC strips are custom sized to fit the edges of the panels that comprise the overall structure or storage unit. Once applied, the PVC edges cover the seam where melamine or laminate meets the core panels, protecting the seam from contact to reduce lifting or separating.


Clear View Shelving: Clear view shelving offers heavy-duty support with steel and wire shelf and frame construction, and the shelves support durable storage bins with full view and access. The shelving is open, without and exterior cabinet, and the different clear view shelving units come with bins for immediate use.

Closed Bin Storage: Closed bin storage offers the same support and accessibility as open bin storage but with doors to enclose the entire storage unit.

Mobile Bin Storage: Storage bins are available with a variety of mobile units, primarily featuring a sturdy encasement or frame, similar to a bookcase or book cart but with built-in rails or runners to hold and support the individual tote trays or bins. These mobile bin units are available with open-front designs as well as with doors for concealing or securing the contents.

Tray and Shelf Combo Storage: Tray and shelf combo storage units offer a mixture of storage support, with open-front shelves, integrated tote tray compartments, and a durable frame that often includes doors for enclosing the storage unit. Shelves may adjust in preconfigured intervals for customizing to accomplish storage needs, and the entire storage unit is usually set on casters for mobile support.

Mobile Bin Storage
Mobile Bin Storage

Open Bin Storage: Open bin storage refers to storage units without doors, featuring integrated bin support system such as runners, rails, or drawer-style slides that hold individual tote trays or storage bins.

Open Wardrobe Storage with Bins: Wardrobe storage typically includes a hanger rod for use with clothing hangers to support jacket, coat, or other clothing storage. Shelves are usually provided for hat and/or shoe storage with the wardrobe design. An open wardrobe will be one that does not have doors, and an open wardrobe with bins will provide a built-in bin storage system to hold colorful, clear, or translucent plastic bins, depending on the model or series.

Steel Bin Storage Unit: Bin storage units designed from steel come in stationary and mobile styles, with open storage and closed storage units made to support a variety of standard and heavy-duty locations. The main storage unit, frame, doors, and shelves may be steel while the storage bins are generally made of plastics.


Interlocking Drawers: Select storage units feature a unique interlocking drawer design with a spacious storage cabinet and shelves that accept a set number of interlocking drawer units. The drawer units connect with specially designed interlocking treads to enhance support and use. The interlocking treads are on the four external sides of the drawer units allowing side-by-side interlocking as well as top-to-bottom interlocking.