Stack Chairs


Adult 4-Leg Stack Chair: Adult 4-leg stack chairs are stackable chairs with four-leg frames designed in taller and larger sizes to accommodate adult users, as opposed to stack chairs designed for children and classroom use. Adult chair sizes are typically made with a seat-height of 18” or higher.

Antibacterial / Antimicrobial Seat and Back Stack Chair: Antibacterial / antimicrobial seat and back stack chair refers to a vinyl-upholstered stackable chair with a sled-base or four-leg frame, usually comprised of a polypropylene or plastic seat and backrest shell enhanced by a padded upholstered surface. The vinyl upholstery resists the growth of germs and bacteria while providing an easy-clean surface for simplified care and upkeep.

Antimicrobial Vinyl Stack Chair: Antimicrobial vinyl stack chairs are cushioned stacking four-leg chairs with vinyl upholstery covering the seat and backrest. The vinyl resists germs and bacteria, while providing an easy to clean surface for low-maintenance seating design.

Armless Guest Reception Chair: Armless guest reception chairs are made for furnishing lobbies, waiting rooms, and reception areas with attractive seating for clients, visitors, and other guests. These chairs are often made with four-leg frames, cushioned seats and backrests, and a choice of upholstery styles to customize the finished look. Seats are typically made with a sloped, rounded front edge for reduced leg pressure and the backrests are curved for better support and comfort.

Armless Polypropylene Stack Chair: Armless polypropylene stack chairs are stackable chairs, usually with four-leg frame, featuring a polypropylene plastic seat and backrest for a durable, easy-clean design. Colors will vary between collections and styles.

Armless Stack Chair: An armless stack chair is a chair with a four-leg or sled-base frame, designed to stack for space-saving storage and easier transportability. The seat may be a one-piece chair shell or two separate but connected seat and backrest components, and the frame is made without armrests at the sides for a more open design.

Banquet Chair: A banquet chair is a decorative four-leg chair with a cushioned, upholstered seat and backrest, made for use in dining facilities, banquet halls, restaurants and other venues. The backrest may be taller than other stacking chairs, and the backrest frame may be decorative to enhance the overall style. The four-leg base accommodates stacked configurations with most banquet chair collections to provide space-saving storage and easier multi-chair transport.

Black Caressoft Banquet Chair: Black Caressoft banquet chairs are decorative seating elements with four-leg frames, open sides, and a cushioned seat and backrest with upholstery to enhance the appearance and feel. The black Caressoft upholstery is a faux leather designed to look and feel like natural leather for an affordable, more environmentally-friendly design.

Black Crepe Banquet Chair: Black crepe banquet chairs are decorative dining facility, restaurant, or banquet hall seating elements with a cushioned seat and backrest upholstered in black polyester crepe fabric for a sleek appearance. Crepe fabric is typically used in the manufacturing of suits and gowns, as well as furniture upholstery.

Big & Tall Task Chair with Arms: Big & Tall tack chair with arms refers to a cushioned and upholstered oversized chair with integrated armrests. The oversized chair provides comfortable seating for all users, with an increased weight capacity to easily provide for Big & Tall seating needs. The integrated armrests feature matching upholstered armrest pads and the extra-thick cushions in the seat and backrest provide lasting support.

Bistro Chair: Bistro chairs are often designed taller than standard chairs, with a seat-height positioned around 30” above the floor. Bistro chairs may have armrests, though many do not, and they may be cushioned and upholstered on the seat, backrest, or both depending on the chair collection and individual design features.

Children’s 4-Leg Stack Chair: Children’s 4-leg stack chairs are stackable chairs designed in styles and sizes for classroom and activity use. The frame is made in classic four-leg style and the chairs are often available in a choice of sizes ranging from 10”H to 16”H seats.

Classic Classroom Stack Chair: Classic classroom stack chairs are one-piece polypropylene chair shells with a chrome-finished four-leg frame, available in a choice of classroom-friendly sizes ranging from 10”H to 18”H and in a choice of colors to customize the look. The chair shell features cutouts in the mid- or lower-back for ventilation and to enhance comfortable use. The shell is designed with anti-static additive and injection-molded for a customized design that suits the intended users.

Classroom Chair: Classroom chair refers to a wide selection of student-friendly seating products designed with four-leg or sled-style frames and with one-piece chair shell or two-piece seat and back configuration. Most classroom chairs are all poly or all plastic for durability, color options, and easier maintenance or cleaning. Classroom chairs usually accommodate stacking or nesting for space-saving storage when not in use, and select styles can easily rest or nest on tabletops and desktops for easier classroom cleanup.

Compact Plastic Stack Chair: Compact plastic stack chairs are designed with a durable narrow steel tube frame and conservative full-sized seat and backrest components for a space-conscious seating option that stacks for easier storage and transport.

Crescent Back Contemporary Stack Chair: A crescent back contemporary stack chair is a stackable four-leg chair with a cushioned and upholstered seat and backrest featuring a crescent-shaped opening between the seat and back components to reduce pressure applied to the lower back and spine while providing cooling airflow for improved comfortable seating. The backrest is also rounded for an overall crescent-shaped design and the chair stacks for space-saving storage or easier transportability.

Dome Back Stack Chair: Dome back stack chairs are cushioned, upholstered, four-leg chairs that accommodate stacking for space-saving storage and transport, designed with a rounded dome-like backrest. The backrest typically features an integrated handle at the top, between the frame and the backrest cushion, for easy lifting and moving as needed.

Economical Stack Chair: Economical stack chairs are stack chairs designed for affordability, usually composed of a poly or plastic seat and backrest for low-maintenance and durability, set on a steel frame and finished for a lasting appearance. The frame may feature chrome plating for a attractive shine that lasts, and the chairs may come in cartons of two or more, depending on the collection.

Fabric Seat and Back Stacker: Fabric seat and back stacker describes a stacking chair with a four-leg or sled-style frame, featuring a poly-shell seat and backrest with padded, fabric-covered surfaces for enhanced comfort. The fabric covering is available in a choice of colors, and the poly shell is a standard black for flexible style. The fabric seat and back stacker comes with or without armrests.

Fabric Stack Chair: Fabric stack chair generally refers to a four-leg stackable chair with cushioned seat and back components, upholstered in a durable fabric. The fabric may be a standard color or come with a choice of colors to customize the chair design, and many fabrics are treated or coated to reduce staining and enhance durability.

Four-Leg Base, 4-Leg Frame: A four-leg base or 4-leg frame refers to the classic-style design of many stack chairs with four legs positioned under the four corners of the seat for balanced support as well as stable setup and use. Four-leg frames are typically completed with floor-safe glides or casters under each leg.

Four Leg Stacking Chair, 4-Leg Stack Chair: A four leg stacking chair, or 4-leg stack chair, is a chair designed with a four-leg base and a one-piece or connected two-piece seat and backrest shell. The frame accommodates stacking for space-saving storage and easy transport.

Four-Leg Stacking Chair with Casters: Four-leg stacking chair with casters refers to a chair comprised of a seat and backrest or one-piece chair shell set on a four-leg frame that accommodates stacking for storage and transport. The base of each of the four legs is fitted with a caster for mobility to enhance use.

Ganging Stack Chair: Ganging stack chairs are stackable chairs designed to accommodate ganging or grouping for fixed rows, clusters, groups, and other seating arrangements. The grouping may be accomplished by an attached or optional ganging device that joins the chairs near the seats, backrests, or at the base of the frame as in the case of select sled-base ganging stack chairs.

Guest Chair with Casters: Guest chair with casters refers to a four-leg office seating element with a seat and backrest, designed to provide comfortable use in office, waiting room, or reception areas for guests and other seating needs. The four legs are fitted with casters to provide support and mobility. The guest chair with casters may include armrests or offer optional arms to enhance the design.

Guest Chair with Glides: A guest chair with glides is a versatile office-style chair with four-leg frame featuring floor glides on each of the legs to provide stable seating on floor surfaces without risk of scuffs or marring associated with typical chair use and movement. The frame may contain built-in armrests, or offer an option for armrests depending on the design.

Guest Reception Stack Chair with Wood Back: A guest reception stack chair with wood back is a versatile chair designed with a wood backrest component and usually with a four-leg frame that accommodates stacking for storage and transport. The design is suitable for guest seating in office or lobby settings, as well as waiting rooms and reception areas.

Guest Reception Stack Chair with Wood Back and Arms: A guest reception stack chair with wood back and arms is a versatile stacking four-leg chair with a wood backrest and upholstered seat, enhanced with integrated armrests. The design is suitable for use in office, building lobby, waiting room, and reception area furnishing.

Guest Reception Stack Chair with Wood Back and Casters: The guest reception stack chair with wood back and casters is a one-person chair with upholstered seat and wood backrest, available with and without built-in armrests. The four-leg frame is enhanced by casters for mobility. Casters slightly increase the chair height and maintain the stackable design.

Guest Reception 4-Leg Chair with Arms: Guest reception 4-leg chairs with arms are four-legged upholstered one-person chairs with a cushioned seat and backrest, featuring integrated armrests that flow with the frame for a durable assembled design. The cushioned seat and backrest are contoured for natural support and the upholstery comes in a range of business-friendly colors suitable for office, waiting room, lobby, or reception area use.

Guest Stack Chair: Guest stack chairs are stacking chairs suitable for use in lobbies, waiting, rooms, offices, schools, and other settings. The design is typically lightweight with a four-leg or sled-base frame and a plastic or upholstered seat and backrest, designed for lasting use.

Heavy Duty Stack Chair: Heavy duty stack chairs are rugged, four-leg stacking chairs designed with a one-piece molded polypropylene shell that is reinforced with internal ribs to enhance the strength and durability of the seat. Concealed rivets join the chair shell and frame for a lasting assembly that resists the occurrence of loose rivets or rivet-pullout from normal use. The heavy-duty steel frame is plated in nickel-chrome for exceptional durability and lasting style.

Heavy Duty Stack Chair with Casters: Heavy duty stack chairs with casters are ruggedly designed four-leg stackable chairs with reinforced one-piece molded polypropylene shell and nickel-chrome finish over the durable steel frame, with casters on each leg for mobility. The frame and chair shell are combined with long-lasting concealed rivets that resist loosening or pullout from typical use.

Heavy Duty Stack Chair with Padded Seat: A heavy duty stack chair with padded seat describes a stackable four-leg steel framed chair with a one-piece molded polypropylene shell enhanced by padded and upholstered seat and back sections for improved comfort. The padded sections are upholstered in a light gray fabric and the polypropylene shell comes in a choice of colors to customize the design. The steel frame has a durable chrome finish and the frame and chair shell are joined by concealed, long lasting rivets that resist pullout or loosening from normal use.

Mesh Guest Chair: A mesh guest chair typically refers to a four-leg chair suitable for use in office and waiting room settings, with a cushioned and fabric-upholstered seat, and a framed backrest with mesh panel for support and breathability. The backrest is curved for comfort and improved posture. The mesh guest chair may be available with or without armrests, depending on the seating collection.

Mesh Stackable Visitor Chair: A mesh stackable visitor chair is a contemporary, flexible chair design with a stackable four-leg frame, offered with or without armrests to suit different preferences. The seat is cushioned and upholstered. The backrest is designed as a framed mesh panel for spine and posture support, allowing ample airflow for cooler seating comfort. The mesh stackable visitor chair design is suitable for modern office and waiting room or reception area furnishing use, as well as suitable for use in lobby and other guest seating locations.

Multipurpose Stacking Chair, Multi Purpose Stack Chair: A multipurpose stack chair is a stackable, versatile seating element with a four-leg or sled-style frame design, made to accommodate seating in office, professional, recreational, and educational settings. The stacking frame design is easy to move, transport, and store, and the seat may be composed of a one-piece shell or separate seat and backrest in all plastic, upholstered, or mixed styles.

Multi-Use Stack Chair: A multi-use stack chair is a stackable single-user chair with a contoured seat and backrest, set within a four-leg frame and designed for flexible use in any location or setting. The chairs come in a choice of colors and can stack for space-saving storage and easier transport.

Music Stack Chair: Music stack chairs are designed to enhance musical performances and rehearsals by providing a sturdy, angled seat and backrest configuration that optimizes the musician’s breathing capacity and posture. The seat and backrest components are typically made of polypropylene or other durable plastic, and the overall design is often finished in black for a subdued appearance suitable for use on stage, in a music room, and other locations. The four-leg music stack chairs provide large capacity stacking for space-saving storage.

Nester Chairs on Wheels: Nester chairs on wheels are space-saving chairs that typically feature a lifting seat for front to back nesting. The base is designed with four legs and each leg is set on a dual-wheel caster for support and mobility.

Nesting Stacking Chair: Nesting stacking chairs are four-leg chairs, usually with casters on the legs for mobility, and a flip-up or lifting seat to accommodate front to back nesting for space-saving storage. The chairs also accommodate stacked configurations as an alternative for storage and transport.

One Piece Stack Chair: A one piece stack chair describes four-leg stack chairs with a one-piece chair shell, usually comprised of a polypropylene or other durable plastic for plastic strength and support. The plastic or poly chair shell is often reinforced with internal structural ribs, and may feature a textured surface, anti-static additive, and a choice of colors depending on the chair design.

Padded Stack Chair: Padded stack chairs are stacking chairs with upholstered padded sections on the seat and/or backrest for enhanced comfort. The padding is typically thinner than on fully upholstered stack chairs, and the frame may be a sled-style base or four-leg base. Details vary with the padded stack chair design or chair collection.

Pivot Back Stacking Side Chair: A pivot back stacking side chair is an office-friendly chair design with a four-leg frame, cushioned and upholstered seat and backrest with a choice of upholstery colors to customize the look. The backrest is assembled within the frame to accommodate a slight pivot-motion for better support with natural spine and body contact. The pivot back stacking side chairs are available with and without armrests.

Plastic Seat and Back Stacker: Plastic seat & back stacker describes a one-piece or two-piece seat and back chair shell composed of plastic, usually with a molded, shaped, and/or contoured design for ergonomic support and set on a frame that accommodates stacking. The frame may be a four-leg or sled-style base design and typically contains floor glides to enhance safe use.

Poly Back Nesting Chair with Arms and Casters: Poly back nesting chairs with arms and casters are four-leg single-user chairs with caster wheels on each of the legs to provide a slight increase in height and convenient mobility. The seat may be poly plastic or upholstered, depending on the design, and usually lifts up to accommodate nesting chairs in a front-to-back manner for space-saving storage. The poly backrest is plastic, curved for comfort, and designed to provide lasting support.

Poly Back Nesting Chair with Arms and Glides: Poly back nesting chairs with arms and glides refer to space-saving one-person chairs, usually designed with a four-leg base with floor glides on each of the four legs. Armrests are integrated or attached to the frame and the seat may be plastic or upholstered depending on the design. The seat typically lifts up to accommodate nesting chairs front to back, and the backrest is solid poly plastic for a durable, supportive design.

Polyshell Stack Chair: A polyshell stack chair is a stacking four-leg chair featuring a one-piece plastic shell with a combined seat and backrest in a curved design for comfortable use. The polyshell may have anti-static additive to the plastic for improved quality design, and a textured surface for enhanced seating comfort.

Resin Chair: A resin chair is a lightweight, durable, four-leg chair made using an innovative techno-polymer resin that produces an alternative to traditional plastic chairs. The resin chair has a metallic insert and is finished in a protective, smooth fiberglass coating. The resin chair is weatherproof, for safe outdoor use, and they are protected from UV rays and sunlight.

Restaurant Stack Chair: A restaurant stack chair is a four-legged stackable one-person chair with a cushioned and upholstered seat and back, designed for versatile use in dining facility, restaurant, or banquet settings. The lower back of restaurant stack chairs is typically open for comfortable sitting and to allow airflow, and the backrest may feature a built-in handle for lifting and moving chairs as needed. Restaurant stack chairs stack vertically for space-saving storage and easy transport.

Roll Seat Stack Chair: A roll seat stack chair is a stackable four-leg chair with a durable steel frame, cushioned and upholstered seat and backrest, and a choice of seat thicknesses to suit different needs. The seat is designed with rounded ends, resembling a flattened oval when viewed from the side, for an enhanced waterfall edge to reduce pressure on the backs of legs and improve circulation with extended sitting.

Silhouette Stack Chair: Silhouette stack chairs are stacking four-leg upholstered chairs with cushioned seat and backrest, featuring a decorative framed backrest design with a integrated handle at the top for lifting or moving as needed.

Sled-Base Armless Stacking Chair: Sled-base armless stacking chair is a stackable seat designed with a sled-style base supporting a two-piece or one-piece chair shell assembly and made without armrests for a more open style.

Sled-Base Stack Chair with Arms: Sled-base stack chairs with arms are stacking chairs with a sled-style base, usually consisting of two triangular-shaped legs with a sled-style component that connects the front and back leg on each side and maintains contact with the floor. The chair will have permanent, optional, or removable arms at the sides of the seat and will stack for space-saving storage. Stack chairs with arms often accommodate a lower maximum stacking capacity due to the armrests.

Sled Stacking Chair: Sled stacking chairs are stackable chairs with two base components forming sled-style legs, usually positioned under the left and right sides of the seat or chair shell. The sled-style legs are typically made with a triangular design, rounded bottom corners, and a flat sled-base element that maintains contact with the floor.

Solid Plastic Stack Chair: A solid plastic stack chair typically refers to a four-leg stackable chair with a solid plastic seat and backrest pieces, available in a choice of brilliant long-lasting colors. The backrest is set high for spine support and open lower-back region. The seat is curved and enhanced by a waterfall front-edge to reduce pressure on legs for better circulation. The four chair legs are set slightly wider at the corners than the seat for greater stability and the solid plastic stack chair comes in a range of child-friendly sizes for classroom use. Stack the chairs for space-saving storage or easier transport and rearranging.

Stack Chair with Arms: Stack chair with arms describes a stackable chair with a four-leg or sled-style base design and attached, permanent, or removable armrests for side support. Permanent armrests are typically integrated with the frame, often connecting to the backrest frame and/or the legs of the chair for a fluid-like appearance.

Stack Chair with Chrome Frame: Stack chair with chrome frame refers to stackable one-person chairs with a sled-base or four-leg frame usually designed with steel and finished in durable, shiny chrome plating. The chrome finish protects from exposure to the elements and regular use, as well as providing an easy to clean finish for a lasting appearance.

Stack Chair with Writing Tablet: Stack chair with writing tablet refers to a stackable four-leg or sled-base chair with a seat and backrest featuring an attached left-hand or right-hand writing tablet for added functional support. The tablet often has a flip-up hinged assembly for easier sitting and standing, and generally has a P-style shape to provide resting space for the forearm and elbow.

Stacking Chair, Stack Chair: Stacking chair or stack chair refers to a single-person chair designed with a four-leg or sled-base frame that accommodates stacking, one chair atop another, for space-saving storage when not in use. The stacking capacity of a chair collection varies with the design, with a maximum number of chairs specified for safe use. Stacked chairs are easily transported usually with the aid of a custom-designed chair dolly.

Stars Stack Chair: Stars stack chairs are stacking individual-user chairs with a cushioned and upholstered seat available in a choice of contemporary colors. The extra-thick black poly backrest features a starfield-style cutout pattern for decoration and airflow. The backrest is curved for ergonomic back support and lasting comfort.

Student Chair: Student chairs refer to any number of classroom-ready seating elements, typically featuring solid plastic or poly seat and backrest components for easy upkeep and lasting design. The chairs are typically made with four-leg frames and usually stack for space-saving storage as needed. Armrests may be an available option for student chairs, depending on the chair collection, and the chair-height is offered in student-friendly sizes, generally ranging from 10-12”H to 16-18”H.

Tall Wing Back Stack Chair: The tall wing back stack chair is designed with a slightly taller backrest height and extended left and right sides to the backrest for a subtle winged appearance. The backrest and seat are cushioned and upholstered, with a choice of upholstery styles to customize the design.

Tapered Back Guest Chair: A tapered back guest chair generally describes an upholstered armless chair with a cushioned seat and backrest, featuring a tapered or narrowing backrest shape. The backrest is usually widest near the seat and gradually narrows toward the upper portion of the backrest frame, and may include a tapering in the backrest surface to create a curved shape for spine and posture support.

Teak & Aluminum Stackable Arm Chair: A teak & aluminum stack chair is a four-leg stackable one-person chair with integrated armrests. The frame is composed of aluminum for a durable but lighter chair design, and finished in a charcoal color to protect the metal from exposure and regular use. The armrests are capped with teak wood and the seat and backrest are formed with teak wood slats, all of which can be maintained with teak wood care products or allowed to weather to a warm gray wood-tone.

Tall Wing Back Oversized Padded Chair: A tall wing back oversized padded chair is a stackable four-leg chair with thick seat and back cushions and a choice of upholstery colors to customize the look. The chair has a taller backrest and an enhanced weight capacity strength to accommodate Big & Tall needs.

Teardrop Back Stack Chair: Teardrop back stack chairs are stacking four-leg chairs with cushioned and upholstered seat and backrest components, and a rounded or oval backrest design. The backrest is framed with an integrated lifting handle at the top for easy maneuvering.

Upholstered Stack Chair with Casters: Upholstered stack chairs with casters are four-leg chairs that accommodate stacking for transportability or space-saving storage, with padded and upholstered seat and backrest components, and the base is set on casters or wheels for mobility. The casters are usually dual-wheel casters for better support and durability, and the chair frame may be armless or have built-in or optional armrests depending on the seating collection.

Upholstered Stacking Chair: Upholstered stacking chairs are stacking chairs, typically made with four-leg frames, featuring an upholstered seat and backrest. The entire seat and backrest components may be upholstered, or there may be a poly or plastic shell with ergonomic upholstered regions for a framed appearance. The upholstered sections of the stacking chair are also padded or cushioned for enhanced comfort and support.

V-Back Chair: V-back chair generally refers to one-piece poly or other plastic chair shells set on four-leg frames and featuring a V-shaped or triangular cutout positioned at the lower back of the shell. The V-back design provides cooling airflow and pressure relief for the lower back to enhance comfort.

Vinyl Stack Chair: Vinyl stack chair typically describes four-leg stackable chairs with upholstered seat and backrest, cushioned for comfortable support. The upholstery is vinyl, in a standard or choice of colors, and the vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and maintain. Select vinyl stack chairs are upholstered with antibacterial antimicrobial vinyl for enhanced design.

Visitor Chair with Aluminum Base: Visitor chair with aluminum base describes a four-leg one-person guest-seating element with a frame composed of durable, lighter weight aluminum as opposed to steel. The frame is finished for lasting appearance and durability, with the option to add armrests if desired. The visitor chair with an aluminum base typically offers a padded upholstered seat and mesh or other backrest design, and the chairs stack for space-saving storage when not in use.

Visitor Chair with Black Base: A visitor chair with black base can refer to an aluminum-framed four-leg guest chair with upholstered and cushioned seat, ergonomic backrest design, and the option for added armrests. The aluminum frame is finished in black to provide a sleek modern appearance and protect the metal from exposure and regular use.

Wicker Seat and Back Stack Chair: Wicker seat and back stack chair refer to stackable one-person chair units with four-leg frames enhanced with integrated armrests. The seat and back components are made to resemble classic wicker furniture using an alternative polyethylene wicker composition that is wrapped around the frame forming the chair shell. Matching wicker-style polyethylene wrapped handgrips enhance the armrests and the overall chair design is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Wicker Stackable Arm Chair: Wicker stackable arm chairs are four-leg aluminum stacking chairs with built-in armrests featuring a polyethylene plastic wicker-weave seat and backrest for the look of classic wicker furniture with an updated, easy-clean and durable composition. The armrests are typically capped with wood, such as teak.

Wing Back Stack Chair: Wing back stack chair describes a stackable four-leg chair with an upholstered seat and backrest, featuring an extension on the left and right sides of the backrest to create a subtle wing-like design. Wing back stack chairs are available in standard and tall-back designs, with a variety of upholstery options to customize for different location needs and preferences.

Wood Stack Chair: Wood stack chair often refers to all-wood stackable chairs, made with four-leg frames and a curved or contoured seat and backrest. The wood is typically bent and shaped naturally for the desired ergonomic effects and the finish may be any of a number of natural wood tone colors, usually protected with a topcoat, lacquer, or varnish.

Z-Stool with Backrest: The Z-Stool with Backrest is a portable, functional stool-style seat with integrated backrest and contoured seat design. The unique frame provides stability and can be nested on tabletops for easier cleanup in classrooms, workshops, and other environments.

18”H Sled Base Chair: An 18”H sled base chair is a two-legged chair with wider feet attached to the left and right support legs for stability. The seat is set 18”-high, above the floor or base, for comfortable use by older students or adults, depending on the setting. The one-piece chair shell comes in a choice of colors and features a contemporary design.


Adjustable Leveling Glides: Adjustable leveling glides generally refer to manually adjustable glides at the base of each leg on a stack chair frame. The glides are adjustable, allowing height to increase or decrease at each leg independently in order to reduce wobbling and movement on uneven flooring. By adjusting a leveling glide, the chair has increased contact with the floor for better stability and more comfortable use.

Angled Feet: Angled feet typically refer to four-leg frames with the base of each leg forming an angled foot to increase contact with the floor for greater stability. The legs are also usually angled to ensure the bottoms of the angled feet are able to touch the floor surface.

Angled Legs: Angled legs usually refer to four-leg stack chair frames with the legs positioned to angle outward so the base of each leg is set further out that the top of each leg for a wider footprint to enhance stability.

Anti-Tip Non-Marring Floor Glides: Anti-tip non-marring floor glides are a specially designed floor glide often used on sled-base chairs. The glides have a semi-triangular shape and are placed at the rounded corners of a sled-style base to reduce rocking and thereby reduce tipping during chair use. The non-marring design is safe for use on hard floor surfaces, usually composed of nylon, plastic, rubber, or other durable, floor-safe material.

Black Nylon Floor Glides: Black nylon floor glides are protective frame enhancements added to the base of each chair leg, composed of black, durable nylon to prevent scratches and marks on floors from movement and use of the chair.

Black Urethane-Molded Arm Caps: Black urethane-molded arm caps are custom-made armrest caps, comprised of urethane for a smooth feel and long-lasting durability. The arm caps are integrated with the chair frame, covering the tops of the armrests for a more comfortable design.

Breathable Plastic Backrest: Breathable plastic backrest typically describes a stack chair backrest made of plastic, in black or choice of colors depending on the chair collection, and featuring a cutout pattern or perforated design to allow cooling airflow for a breathable seating element.

Built-In Arms: Built-in arms refer to armrests that are permanently part of the stack chair frame. The armrests may be an extension or continuation of the base and frame, or have a unique permanent assembly that enhances the style and comfort of the chair.

Built-In Ganging Device, Built-In Ganging Bracket: A built-in ganging device or built-in ganging bracket is an attachment found on the stack chair frames of a given collection, usually as an integrated attached device or as a frame extension. The ganging device or ganging bracket allows chairs to be joined in fixed rows, groups, pairs, or clusters for organized seating arrangements. The built-in ganging component may be at the side of the seats, along the side of backrests, or as an extension to a sled-base frame depending on the design.

Built-In Handle: A built-in handle typically refers to a handle or handgrip region found at the top of the backrest on many stacking chairs. The handgrip region may be formed between the backrest frame and the upholstered padded backrest insert, or it may be a cutout or customized shaping in a plastic or poly backrest that enables easier lifting and moving.

Carpet Casters: Carpet casters are dual-wheel, often hooded, attachments found at the base of chair legs, designed to stabilize and support the chair during use on carpeted floors while providing mobility on the caster wheels. The hooded design is meant to reduce carpet snags and caught clothing in the wheels as the chair moves, and the dual-wheel design balances and distributes weight for better support.

Clear Snap-Fit Glides: Clear snap-fit glides are floor-safe components made of nylon, plastic, or other protective material, that snap onto the base portion of sled-base stack chair frames to support the chairs on hard surfaces while protecting floor surfaces from scuffs, scratches, and marring associated with typical chair use.

Contoured Chair Shell: Contoured chair shell refers to the customized shaping in one-piece chair shells, usually created using a specially designed mold to form consistent quality throughout the product line. The contoured shaping is found in the seat and back portions of the shell, providing a natural fit to the user’s body for ergonomic support.

Curved Wood Backrest: A curved wood backrest is a natural wood backrest component that has been curved for ergonomic chair support. The curved shape accommodates natural postures and provides lasting quality chair use.

Dome Back: Dome back refers to the rounded backrest of select banquet or dining chairs, usually made with a finished rounded or dome-shaped steel frame and a cushioned, upholstered backrest insert that leaves an opening at the top of the backrest frame for handgrip support.

Double-Contour Seat: Double-contour seat describes the seat of select stack chairs, typically composed of a durable plastic or poly material featuring a contoured shape that dips in the rear center for a natural feel and curves toward the front for a waterfall edge that enhances leg comfort and circulation.

Dual-Wheel Hooded Casters: Dual-wheel hooded casters are mobile support elements used to enhance select four-leg stack chairs. The dual-wheel design provides better weight distribution and balanced support when the chair is in use. The hooded caster assembly covers and protects the wheels to prevent damage, and the design also reduces risk of clothing snags when the casters are in motion.

Elbow Supports: Elbow supports indicate the presence of short armrests, usually extending from the mid-back of the chair frame, positioned for elbow contact but typically not extending as far forward as regular armrests.

Extra-Thick Poly Back: Extra-thick poly back indicates the backrest component of a select stack chair is composed of durable poly plastic and made extra thick to provide increased strength, support, and durability.

Extra-Wide Seat & Back Design: Extra-wide seat and back design indicates the seat and backrest components of the stack chair are made slightly wider for a roomier feel that accommodates comfortable sitting for all users and supports Big & Tall use as needed. Many extra-wide seat and back designs are reinforced for increased strength and weight capacity.

Felt-Base Glides: Felt-base glides are supportive floor glides attached to the base of select four-leg stack chair frames, with a fixed or swivel-style mount and a felt bottom component for soft contact with floor surfaces. The felt reduces risk of scuffs and scratches to hard floor surfaces caused by normal movement and use of the chairs, while cushioning the base of the chair for more stable, comfortable chair use.

Flexible Lumbar Support Panel: Flexible lumbar support panel refers to an enhanced backrest design on select stack chairs that features an extended middle and lower backrest region that flexes to form a better support alignment with the user’s body and spine.

Flexible Mesh Back Design: A flexible mesh back design is a backrest with framed shape to provide curved support and a mesh insert that offers conforming spine contact for custom-style seating. The flexible mesh backrest naturally fits users’ unique and changing needs.

Front & Rear Structural Stretcher Bars: Front & rear structural stretcher bars refer to integrated and/or welded crossbars that connect the left and right legs at the front and at the back of a stack chair frame. One crossbar or stretcher bar joins the front left and front right legs, while another joins the left and right legs at the back. Stretcher bars may be set low, resembling classic chair rungs or footrings, or set higher near the seat for lasting support without the ability to rest feet on the bars.

Front Stretcher Bar: A front stretcher bar is a reinforcing element found on select stacking chair frames, in a straight or curved design. The bar is attached, welded, or otherwise integrated with the frame at the front and joins the left and right front legs for added strength and stability.

Handgrip on Chair Back: “Handgrip on chair back” indicates the backrest of the stack chair has an integrated opening, handle, or handgrip region that enables easy lifting and moving of the stackable chair. The handgrip may be centered along the top of the backrest or positioned off-center for a unique design.

Hard-Floor Casters: Hard-floor casters are durable, dual-wheel supports at the base of a four-leg mobile chair frame. The double-wheel design distributes weight for better balance and stability, and the casters are usually hooded to reduce risk of clothing snags during motion. Hard-floor casters are safely operated on hard floor surfaces with reduced scuffs, scratches, and other marring associated with normal use of the mobile chair.

H-Brace: An H-brace is an under-seat or between-leg brace that resembles the letter H. An under-seat H-brace has brace components that join the front and rear legs on the left and right sides of the chair frame and crossbars that connect those frame components forming an H-like design under the seat but hardly visible when the chair is setup properly or in use. An H-brace can also refer to a crossbar joining the front and back leg on the side of a four-leg chair frame, or joining the left and right front or rear legs forming an H-like design.

High-Impact Floor Glides: High-impact floor glides are durable, impact-resistant, protective attachments at the base of chair legs or other frame design. The glides may have a fixed or self-adjusting mount assembly joining with the chair legs, depending on the stack chair design. The bottom of the floor glides is often made of plastic, nylon, rubber, or other impact-resistant material and cushions the user while seated on hard floor surfaces.

Hinge-Free Flexing Backrest: A hinge-free flexing backrest generally refers to select stack chair collections with integrated spring mechanism and unique backrest assembly that allows up to a 28° flexion of the upper backrest for enhanced sitting comfort. The hinge-free assembly is low-maintenance and built to last.

Included Ganging Device, Included Ganging Bracket: Included ganging device or included ganging bracket refers to a separate component included with a chair purchase that accommodates joining of two or more chairs in a fixed row, group, cluster, or other configuration. The ganging device usually joins two chairs side-by-side, connecting to the sides of the seat or backrest frame, legs, or other chair frame section.

Lacquered Wood Seat & Back: Stack chairs designed with lacquered wood seat and back have wood seat and backrest components that are finished in a natural wood tone or choice of wood stain colors and are protected by a lacquer topcoat for lasting appearance and use.

Left-Hand Tablet Arm: A left-hand tablet arm is a flat panel, often P-shaped and finished with laminate, that is assembled to the left-hand side of a stack chair frame for use as a writing or work surface. The tablet arm is usually assembled with a hinge-like connector to allow the tablet to flip up for easier sitting down or standing.

Leg Caps: Leg caps are plastic or other impact-resistant component customized to fit the ends or feet of four-leg chair frames to conceal floor glides and/or protect floors from scratches and scuffs caused by normal chair use and movement. Leg caps may be a standard color, such as black or gray, or come in a choice of colors to customize the finished stack chair style.

Lift-Up Seat, Folding Seat: Lift-up or folding seats are found on nesting or nesting and stacking chair styles. The seat may be solid plastic or upholstered with cushioning and has a hinge-like connection to the frame that permits lifting up to accommodate front to back nesting of the chairs when not in use.

Lumbar Relief Vent: A lumbar relief vent is a centered cutout found in the lower-back regions of one-piece chair shells or an opening at the lower-back between the seat and backrest components of a stacking chair. The opening or cutout allows cooling airflow and reduces pressure on the spine for better sitting posture and comfort.

Matching Plastic Arm Caps: Matching plastic arm caps are plastic, molded armrests that attach to the arms of the chair frame and come in a color that matches the seat and backrest color selection.

Mesh Back: Mesh back describes a chair backrest made with a breathable mesh panel, usually framed with a curved backrest frame for better spine and posture support. The mesh is pulled taut to create a comfortable chair-back design that lasts.

Molded Arm Caps: Molded arm caps are custom-made from polypropylene or other material, designed to fit the armrests of the stack chair frame for a comfortable handgrip-feel to enhance armrest use. Molded arm caps may run flush with the frame or have a three-dimensional presence, depending on the design.

Nylon-Base Glides: Nylon-base glides refer to stack chair floor glides, usually designed with a swivel-mount to accommodate self-adjusting on uneven floors. The glides are made with a nylon base component to cushion the chair legs during use and protect floors from scuffs and scratches.

Nylon Swivel Glides: Nylon swivel glides are self-adjusting or pivoting floor glides enhanced by a nylon base to reduce risk of scuffs, marks, scratches, and other damage typically caused to flooring from normal movement and use of the chairs. The nylon base of the floor glides protects floor surfaces and enhances the use of the stack chairs by allowing them to move with greater ease but only when desired. The pivoting swivel-motion of the glide assembly adjusts on uneven floor surfaces for improved balance.

Optional Armrests: Optional armrests are an accessory available for many stack chairs. Unlike built-in arms, the optional armrests can be attached to the stack chair as desired, or removed for grouped arrangements or the use of ganging brackets to form fixed rows of chairs.

Optional Chair Cap Shoes: Optional chair cap shoes are a custom-made accessory for select indoor/outdoor chairs. The optional chair cap shoes widen the feet of the chair legs to stabilize and support the chair on sand, gravel, and similar surfaces. The wider footprint works like snowshoes to distribute weight and stabilize the chair.

Optional Ganging Device, Optional Ganging Bracket: Optional ganging device or ganging bracket is an accessory available for a given chair collection that can be added to the chair purchase for immediate use upon delivery. The ganging device or bracket will accommodate fixed rows or groups of chairs by joining the frames at the sides of the seat, backrest, arms, or base, depending on the chair collection.

Optional Nylon Arm Set: Optional nylon arm set describes a pair of armrests available as an optional accessory to add to a select stack chair. The arms are composed of nylon for a durable, comfortable design, and can be added to the chair frame as desired. An optional armrest set will contain two armrests, one for each side of the chair.

Optional Rear Book Rack: An optional rear book rack is available for select chairs in the stack chair collection. The book rack assembles to the back of the chair, enhancing the backrest and providing easy access to the storage space and an alternative to under-seat bookrack options.

Optional Rear Book Pocket: Optional rear book pockets are fabric pockets that can be factory-installed to the backs of the chairs on the upholstered backrest for convenient storage space to keep classrooms neat and tidy.

Optional Removable Bookrack: An optional removable bookrack usually refers to an under-seat wire-style bookrack or basket that can be added to or removed from chairs as desired. Under-seat bookracks help keep classroom floors neat and desktops clear for better organization and lesson focus.

Optional T-Arm Set: Optional T-arm set is a pair of T-shaped armrests that can be added to a given stack chair when needed. The optional T-arm set is available as an additional purchase or add-on purchase for the coordinating chairs.

Optional Under-Seat Bookbasket: Optional under-seat bookbasket refers to a spacious, wire-style basket accessory that can be added to select chairs for convenient under-seat organizing in classrooms or other locations. The basket is usually finished to match the frame, often with shiny chrome plating for a classic style.

Optional Vinyl Seat Pad: Optional vinyl seat pad is a customized pad with vinyl cover, designed to enhance specific chairs. The base of the vinyl seat pad has a durable resin composition and the seat pad combines with the chair via hook-and-loop bullets that allow for easy removal.

Padded Arm Caps: Padded arm caps refer to armrests with padded tops, usually covered by matching fabric or vinyl upholstery.

Plastic Stack Bumpers: Plastic stack bumpers are frame enhancements found on many stacking chairs, designed to cushion the chair frames and prevent direct contact between chairs when stacked. The stack bumpers reduce impact, scratches, scuffs, and other potential damage to the frame finish, upholstery, or other stack chair components.

P-Shaped Writing Tablet/Desk: A P-shaped writing tablet/desk is an accessory found on some chair models, with a flat surface usually finished in laminate and an overall P-shaped design. The tablet is attached to either the left-hand or right-hand side of the chair frame and usually lifts or flips up to allow the user easier access to the chair.

Removable Armrests: Removable armrests are optional chair enhancers that can be removed as desired, or to accommodate ganging brackets to form fixed rows or groups of chairs.

Right-Hand Tablet Arm: A right-hand tablet arm is a flat panel designed to serve as a work surface and usually shaped like a P, assembled with a hinge-style connector to the right-hand side of a given chair frame. The tablet arm provides convenient built-in work surface support and can usually flip up for easier sitting or standing.

Round Back: Round back describes stacking chairs with a framed backrest featuring a rounded top design. The frame typically contains a cushioned and upholstered panel to create the backrest, and an opening is often left at the top to allow easier lifting or moving.

Rubber-Base Glides: Rubber-base glides are protective enhancements attached to the base of each leg on a four-leg stack chair, often designed with a swivel or self-adjusting mount and featuring a rubber bottom to protect floors from chair movement and use, as well as provide cushioned support for users.

Self-Leveling Glides: Self-leveling glides are adjusting floor glides, often in a pivot-style or swiveling joint assembly, that adjust automatically on uneven floors when the user sits down to reduce unwanted movement and wobbling. Self-leveling glides typically have a nylon, rubber, or plastic base components to prevent scuffs and scratches to floors.

Side & Rear Braces: Side and rear braces refer to the addition of connecting rungs that join the front and rear legs on both sides of the chair frame, as well as joining the left and right sides at the rear of the chair frame with a third connecting rung. When viewed, the three connecting rungs resemble a U-like configuration running around the sides and back of the four-leg frame.

Silhouette Back: A silhouette back is a shaped, decorative and comfortable backrest design found in select dining chair or banquet chair styles. The steel frame is curved and shaped to create a unique design, and a customized padded and upholstered insert forms the backrest for comfortable chair use. The backrest insert leaves an opening at the top, just inside the backrest frame, for a handgrip region to accommodate lifting and moving of the chair as needed.

Sled-Style Base: A sled-style base refers to stackable chair frames designed with left and right legs in a single-leg or double-leg design with a wide foot or base component extending from the legs or used to join front and back leg elements creating a sled-like appearance. Sled-style bases have increased contact with the floor surface for stability, but generally do not include leveling glides to compensate for uneven surfaces.

Tapered Legs: Tapered legs generally describe chair legs in a stackable four-leg frame that feature a subtle or dramatic narrowing of the girth or diameter of each leg from top to base. Dramatically tapered chair legs are often referred to as “stiletto legs” or a “stiletto-style frame”.

Stacking Bars: Stacking bars are frame-reinforcing elements that accommodate stacked chair configurations with greater support to protect the frames while stacked. Stacking bars are often combined with stacking bumpers to reduce contact between metal parts of the chair frames.

Starfield Backrest Pattern: Starfield backrest pattern describes the cutout or perforated design found on specific stack chair styles, made with a black extra-thick poly plastic backrest that features a scattered starfield-style cutout pattern across the backrest for airflow, cooling comfort, and attractive decoration.

Steel-Base Glides: Steel-base glides describe floor glides, often designed with a swivel-style mount, featuring a smooth steel bottom to reduce scratches and other damage to floor surfaces from normal movement and use of the stack chair. Steel-base glides will be protected from corrosion, rust, and other damage typical of exposure to the elements, moisture, cleaning products, and regular use.

Stiletto Legs: Stiletto legs refer to the dramatically tapered legs of a four-leg stackable chair frame, narrowing from the top of the leg to the base near the floor, almost to a pointed end resembling stiletto-style high-heeled shoes.

Square Back: Square back generally refers to a more-rectangular backrest design, often with a subtle tapering near the top of the backrest. The frame is composed of steel or aluminum, depending on the overall chair frame composition, and supports an insert panel that creates the padded and upholstered backrest design. A built-in handle region is typically found at the top of the square backrest for lifting and moving the chair as desired.

Teak Armrest Caps: Teak armrest caps are wood pieces that have been custom-made to fit the armrests of the coordinating metal chair frame. The armrest caps can be maintained with teak wood care products or allowed to weather from exposure, turning a natural gray wood tone.

Teardrop Back: A teardrop back is a rounded, oval-shaped backrest found on select banquet chair styles. The backrest is framed with a steel frame, finished to match the overall chair frame and connecting to the chair base for a stable, durable design. The middle of the backrest frame supports a padded and upholstered backrest insert that forms a handgrip opening at the top of the backrest, just inside the steel frame, for easier lifting and moving the chair.

Under-Seat Brace: Under-seat brace refers to a frame enhancement on select stack chair products, assembled or welded to the frame underneath the seat for added frame stability and reinforced seat strength. The under-seat brace may be one or two crossbars extending from corner to corner or across the center of the frame joining the left and right sides.

Upholstered Armrests: Upholstered armrests describe armrests of stack chairs that have a padded top for cushioned armrest support. The padded armrest top is upholstered to match the chair seat and backrest, with vinyl or fabric on most stack chair styles offering the upholstered armrest design.

V-Back Shell: V-back shell generally describes a one-piece polypropylene chair shell with V-shaped or triangular lower-back cutout, designed to reduce pressure on the lower back and spine while allowing airflow to the user for cooler sitting comfort.

Ventilation Holes: Ventilation holes typically describe cutouts found at the back of a one-piece chair shell, or in the backrest of a given chair collection. Ventilation holes allow airflow and heat dissipation for enhanced comfort and cooler sitting.

Waterfall Seat Design, Waterfall Front Edge: A waterfall seat design or waterfall front edge is a curved, somewhat sloping front edge of a seat designed to rest lower than the back of the seat to reduce pressure on legs and improve leg circulation during extended sitting.

Wood Arm Caps: Wood arm caps are customized wood pieces that come with a select stack chair product for assembling to the frame. The wood pieces are made of real solid wood, finished and protected for lasting appearance, and fit the arms of the chair frame for comfortable design and use.

Wrapped Armrest Grips: Wrapped armrest grips indicate the armrest portions of the chair frame have a wrapped covering to enable easier gripping for assistance in sitting or standing up. The wrapped material is generally coordinated with the seat and backrest design.

Construction Materials

All-Poly Shell: An all-poly shell is a one-piece stack chair shell comprised of polypropylene, or similar durable plastic, with or without a back ventilation cutout. The shell is typically contoured for comfort and ergonomic feel, and set on a four-leg or sled-base frame.

Antimicrobial Vinyl Upholstery: Antimicrobial vinyl upholstery is vinyl upholstery that wipes clean and resists the development of germs and bacteria for a healthier, long-lasting seat design.

Anti-Static Additive: Anti-static additive is an enhanced design feature found in many one-piece polypropylene or plastic chair shell products. The anti-static additive is combined with the molten plastic polymer before molding to form the chair components to yield a static-resistant chair for improved comfortable use.

Arc-Welded Connections: Arc-welded connections refer to metal, usually steel, frame components that are permanently bonded together. The manufacturer assembles the frame and uses an Arc-welding technique to heat up and melt the metal on two connecting parts of the frame that combine and form a permanent connection upon cooling. Arc welding uses an electrode to form an electric arc with the target metal locations, providing sufficient heat to melt the steel and create the desired effect.

Black Polyethylene Weave Seat & Back Design: Black polyethylene weave seat and back design refers to a seat and backrest, designed with a wicker-style or woven appearance, but made of polyethylene plastic for a durable, low-maintenance seating product. The finished weave-style seat and back can be wiped clean and accommodate quality use indoors or outdoors, as desired.

Blow-Molded Polyurethane Seat & Back: Blow-molded polyurethane seat and back indicates the seat and backrest of a given stack chair collection is created by forcing molted polyurethane plastic into a customized chair mold to form consistent high-quality seat and back components with balanced design, thickness, strength, and durability throughout.

Caressoft Upholstery: Caressoft upholstery is faux leather upholstery enhanced to create the traditional high-quality look and feel of genuine leather in an earth-friendly style.

Chrome Frame: A chrome frame refers to stack chairs usually made with a steel or steel tube frame that has been finished with chrome plating. The chrome plating is made from a thin layer of chromium metal and the polished surface creates a mirror-like shine that adds classic style to stack chair products.

Chrome-Plated Steel Frame: Chrome-plated steel frame describes a steel stacking chair frame that has been coated in chromium metal and polished for a bright, mirror-like surface appearance. Chrome plating is a durable, protective finish that reduces signs of wear, corrosion, and other damage from exposure and regular use.

Classroom-Friendly Colors: Classroom-friendly colors range from primary and secondary colors to more contemporary bright and pastel color options.

Color-Permeated Design: Color-permeated design generally refers to plastic chair components that have the color pigments mixed into the molten plastic before molding for a finished style that resists fading and signs of wear.

Concealed Rivets: Concealed rivets refer to the connecting rivets, bolts, screws, and other components that are used to join the seat and backrest or chair shell to the supporting frame. The connecting components are placed under the seat or shell, in positions that conceal their presence for a smooth chair design. Concealed rivets reduce the occurrence of clothing and hair snags.

Copper Vein Frame: Copper vein frame refers to a paint finish technique offered on select banquet stack chairs, designed with black, copper, and mixed paint colors for a textured appearance that adds to the overall style of the contemporary chairs while protecting the steel frame from exposure and use.

Crescent Back Design: Crescent back design is a stylish stack chair configuration with a upside-down crescent-shaped backrest forming a curved lower-back opening for ventilation and cooling airflow, and a rounded top backrest with overall curved design for support. The crescent back is padded and upholstered, with matching upholstered and cushioned seat, in an armless or armchair style.

Double-Stitched Cushions: Double-stitched cushions typically describes upholstered seat and backrest cushions that have double-stitched upholstery to reinforce seams and reduce seam ripping with normal use.

Easy-to-Clean Upholstery: Easy-to-clean upholstery almost always indicates the upholstery can be wiped clean without the need for special equipment, cleaners, or tools. Vinyl upholstery is often considered “easy-clean” for this reason.

Eco-Leather: Is leather made using up to 20% of recycled leather. The recycled leather is made when a blend of scrap leather materials are bound together with resin and catalyzers. The finished product has a polished appearance and has no need for further finishing.

Ergonomic Flexing Chair Shell: Ergonomic flexing chair shell describes one-piece chair shells composed of plastic, poly or other durable material, designed to allow some flexion for ergonomic support of active users.

Ergonomic 1-Piece Shell Design: Ergonomic 1-piece shell design indicates the stack chair is constructed with a one-piece poly or plastic shell featuring an integrated backrest and seat with customized contoured shaping to enhance support. The backrest typically offers an enhanced lower-spine or lumbar region, and the seat is contoured for a natural fit. The front of the seat is almost always rounded and curved for a waterfall-effect that reduces pressure on the backs of thighs for better leg circulation, improved sitting posture, and all-day comfortable chair use.

Fiberglass Coating: Fiberglass coating is a smooth finish applied to resin chairs to protect from exposure to the elements, moisture, and regular use. The durable fiberglass coating ensures lasting appearance through indoor and outdoor use of the chair.

Fire-Retardant Foam Cushion: Fire-retardant foam cushions are durable seat and backrest cushions comprised of foam that has been tested and verified to resist flame and fire for a safer chair design.

Glossy Black Finish: Glossy black finish is a black paint finish applied to steel or other metal chair frames and cured to yield a brilliant glossy appearance.

High-Density Foam Seat: High-density foam seat refers to a foam cushion with dense, usually molded design, used to support the upholstered seat of a stack chair or other coordinating seating elements in the collection. High-density foam is made for lasting support and consistent quality and shape throughout continued use.

High-Density Polypropylene Construction: High-density polypropylene constructions indicates the stack chair shell, or seat and backrest, is created from a durable polypropylene plastic that can endure greater weight, heat, and frequent use with lasting appearance. The high-density plastic is opaque, usually with a fully integrated color to ensure lasting quality style.

Injection-Molded Textured Polypropylene: Injection-molded textured polypropylene describes a durable polypropylene plastic that is heated and forced into a custom-made chair shell or chair component mold, with an integrated textured surface pattern. The finished result is a smooth, textured surface to the seat, backrest, and/or chair shell components with uniform thickness, durability, and strength throughout.

Injection-Molded Thermoplastic Shell: Injection-molded thermoplastic shell is a chair shell made from a custom-designed mold into which molten plastic is forced to create uniform thickness, strength, and quality in the finished shell component. The use of an injection mold allows for consistency throughout a product line.

Laminated Beechwood Frame: Laminated beechwood frames are made with thin layers of quality beechwood veneers that have been infused with synthetic resin under heat and pressure to form dense, durable furniture components that offer lasting stable support.

Lightweight Aluminum Design: Lightweight aluminum design is the use of aluminum metal to create the frame of a stack chair. Aluminum is typically lighter in weight than steel or other heavier metals and offers lasting support for quality use.

Matching Shell & Upholstered Padding: Matching shell and upholstered padding indicates the plastic or poly chair shell components and the padded upholstered chair components are available in matching colors.

Matte Paint Finish: Matte paint finish is a steel or other metal chair frame finishing technique that uses non-glossy, smooth, matte-style paint to protect and decorate the frame.

Mid-Back Ribs: Mid-back ribs are a vertical ribbed enhancement found on select stack chairs, improving back support and providing some flexibility to the backrest or chair shell to accommodate user movement for more ergonomic sitting comfort.

MIG-Welded Steel Frame: MIG-welded steel frame describes a stack chair frame composed of steel and preassembled by the manufacturer. The assembled chair frame is welded using a metal-inert-gas welding technique also known as MIG-welding. Wire electrodes are used to heat up targeted locations on the steel frame, melting the metal and forming a permanent joint or bond between two parts of the frame for a lasting structure.

Molded Polypropylene Backrest Shell: Molded polypropylene backrest shell often refers to a rear-side backrest shell, custom-made to fit the intended chair design, and attached to the backside of the upholstered backrest to protect from impact and normal use. The polypropylene backrest shell is generally impact-resistant and usually not visible from the front of the chair.

Molded Shell: Molded shell describes a chair shell, usually a one-piece shell with seat and backrest, that has been custom-designed with a plastic mold to form a uniform product across the product line, with ergonomic features built into the design. The molded shell typically has a contoured seat and backrest, with a waterfall front seat edge.

Non-Fading Color-Infused Seat & Back Shells: Non-fading color-infused seat and back shells are seat and backrest components made of polypropylene or other durable plastic, with the color pigments thoroughly infused throughout the plastic for fade-resistant styles.

Office-Friendly Colors: Office-friendly colors are typically less bright than classroom-style chair colors, with black, navy, and maroon or deep red options, among other business-style colors suitable for professional office environments.

One-Piece Poly Shell: A one-piece poly shell is a combined seat and backrest chair component, with a subtle L-like shape, contoured for natural comfortable support, and composed of polypropylene or other plastic for durability. The shell is combined with a chair frame, usually with a four-leg base or sled-style base that accommodates stacking.

Optional Matching Frame: Optional matching frame is a chair design option, usually for classroom stack chairs, where the frame is finished in paint to match the seat and backrest or chair shell color. The frame may have a standard finish such as chrome.

Optional Seat Cushion: Optional seat cushions are custom-designed upholstered cushions that can be added to a given chair for improved comfort. The chair typically has a solid plastic, resin, or wood seat and the optional seat cushion will join with the chair via straps or ties that loop around the backrest frame.

Perforated Back: Perforated back describes poly or plastic backrests of stack chairs featuring a perforated cutout pattern, usually throughout the backrest for cooling airflow and enhanced seating use.

Perforated Seat & Back Design: Stack chairs made with a perforated seat and back design feature a circular perforated surface across the seat and backrest components, both of which are typically comprised of polypropylene or other durable, long-lasting plastic. The perforated surfaces allow airflow throughout for cooler sitting comfort and an attractive contemporary chair style.

Plastic Design with Fortified Recycled Wood: Plastic design with fortified recycled wood refers to stack chairs composed of a specially designed plastic made for durable seat and backrest chair components. Fortified recycled wood (FRW) is a constructed mix of post-industrial recycled materials that combine to form a hard plastic after custom-molding to create the ergonomically shaped chair parts. Fortified recycled wood is highly sustainable and delivers long-lasting quality support.

Plywood Core Seat: Plywood core seat is a seat design used in some stacking chair styles, with the base of the seat composed of durable plywood, then cushioned and upholstered for lasting comfortable use. Plywood is made by alternating thin slices of real wood and bonding the layers to a firm, durable panel that is then cut and shaped to create the stack chair seat core.

Poly Back: Poly back refers to a polypropylene or similar durable plastic backrest found on select stack chair frames. The seat may be matching poly plastic in design, or a coordinating style with cushioned seat and an upholstered surface.

Polyurethane Wicker-Style Design: Polyurethane wicker-style design refers to a durable polyurethane plastic seat and backrest, fashioned with a wicker-like textured appearance. The plastic composition is easy to clean and maintain, and accommodates indoor and outdoor use.

Reinforced Polypropylene Shell: Reinforced polypropylene shell indicates the one-piece polypropylene plastic chair shell is designed with internal structural ribs to reinforce the overall strength and durability of the design.

Resin Construction: Resin construction refers to the design of select stack chairs using a multi-layered techno-polymer resin to form a lightweight, incredibly strong chair. The completed chair is finished with a smooth fiberglass coating to protect the appearance and design for long-lasting quality appearance and use.

Scotchgard Protected Upholstery: Scotchgard protected upholstery is fabric upholstery that has been treated to repel water, dirt, and other staining substances, simplifying cleanup and preserving the appearance and durability of the fabric.

Scratch-Resistant Martest 21® Hard Plastic Design: Scratch-resistant Martest 21® hard plastic design describes stack chairs composed with hard plastic seat and backrest using high-quality Martest 21®, a warp-resistant and chip-resistant durable hard plastic. The colors of the chair components are throughout the plastic thickness to reduce fading and discoloration from exposure and regular use.

Scratch-Resistant Polypropylene Shell: Scratch-resistant polypropylene shell generally indicates the poly plastic one-piece chair shell has the color added throughout the entire shell thickness and a durable, often textured surface pattern to reduce risk of scratches and conceal any possible scratches for lasting appearance.

Silver Vein Frame: Silver vein frame refers to a paint finish technique offered on select banquet stack chairs, featuring a mottled black, silver, and mixed paint colors for a textured look designed to protect the steel frame from everyday use and exposure.

Stain-Resistant Fabric Upholstery: Stain-resistant fabric upholstery is fabric seat and/or backrest upholstery that has been treated or coated to resist moisture and staining while enhancing the ability to clean and maintain the fabric for lasting quality and appearance.

Standard Chrome Frame: Standard chrome frame indicates a particular stack chair model comes with a chrome-plated frame as the standard design. These chairs may offer a choice of alternative frame styles, such as painted frames in a range of colors.

Static-Free Shell: A static-free shell refers to a one-piece chair shell composed of polypropylene or similar durable plastic with an added anti-static ingredient to reduce build-up and conduction of static electricity.

Structural Ribs: Structural ribs are integrated support elements built within the molded plastic chair components of the seat, backrest, and/or shell. The structural ribs reinforce strength throughout the chair components, reducing distortion of shape over time from regular use.

Teak Wood Care Oils, Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care oils and teak wood care products are specially made wood products used to maintain the natural wood tone colors of teak and similar wood. When not used, the wood will weather to a warm gray tone. This is not harmful to the wood and does not affect the quality; it is merely a cosmetic appearance factor.

Teak Wood-Slat Design: Teak wood-slat design describes the use of teak wood, in equally sized pieces, to form a slat-style seat and backrest within a metal frame. The teak wood will have a natural wood tone that can be maintained with specialized teak wood care products, or allowed to weather to a warm gray color.

Teflon-Coated Fabric: Teflon-coated fabric is fabric upholstery that has been treated with durable Teflon fluorochemical finish to invisibly shield fabric from stains and moisture. In order to be listed as Teflon-coated, the fabrics must meet a set of strict criteria after being treated with the associated fluorochemical products.

Textured Shell Design: Textured shell design is a one-piece poly or plastic chair shell feature found on many styles, where the surface of the chair shell is textured but smooth to reduce slipping for added comfort.

Tubular Steel Legs: Tubular steel legs describe steel frames of many stacking chairs that are comprised of steel tubing, which has been shaped to form the legs or sled-base of the stack chair frame. Tubular steel legs offer the strength of steel with a lower overall weight compared to solid steel, but without compromising durability. Steel legs are often finished in chrome or paint to protect from use and exposure.

Under-Seat Steel Rivets: Under-seat steel rivets refer to the use of steel connecting rivets, bolts, screws, and other connectors, used underneath the seat or chair shell to join the seat and frame for durable chair use. Using under-seat rivets prevents clothing and hair snags typical of traditional stack chair styles, and leave the seat and backrest or chair shell smooth for a neater, contemporary look.

Upholstered Back: Upholstered back describes a backrest that has been padded or cushioned for comfort and upholstered, usually with fabric or vinyl to complement the overall stack chair design. Upholstered-back chairs are typically designed with matching upholstered seats.

Upholstered Poly Shell: Upholstered poly shell is a chair design that incorporates a polypropylene shell for the seat, backrest, or one-piece shell design, that is enhanced with padded and upholstered surfaces on the main seat and upper-back regions for improved sitting comfort and support.

Welded Reinforcement Bars: Welded reinforcement bars generally refer to rungs connecting two or more chair legs, or frame reinforcement bars assembled under the seat of a stackable chair. The manufacturer completes the welded assembly and the welded steel components offer lasting, permanent configurations for reliable use.

Welded Steel Legs: Welded steel legs are steel legs supporting a stackable chair that have been welded to the mounting brackets that support the chair shell or seat, or welded to the overall frame. Alternatively, welded steel legs may refer to steel chair legs that are welded to connecting rungs or footring components for reinforced assembly. Welded steel components are assembled by the manufacturer and arrive already permanently joined.

Wing Back Design: Wing back design indicates the backrest of the chair has a slightly extended width on the left and right sides, above the lower backrest region. The design increases the backrest surface for more comfortable sitting and posture support.

“Wipe-Down” Maintenance: “Wipe-down” maintenance refers to the easy-clean surface of vinyl upholstery or solid plastic chair components that can be cleaned easily by wiping with a cloth or sponge.

½” Solid Steel Continuous Rod Frame: Stacking chairs listed as containing a ½” solid steel continuous rod frame are supported by a steel frame composed of a single ½”-thick (diameter) round steel rod that is shaped to form the frame components. The metal is usually finished in protective paint or other finish options, and may include a choice of colors to customize the design.

1” Aluminum Welded Frame: A 1” aluminum welded frame is a stack chair frame, usually designed in a classic four-leg style, composed of aluminum metal. The metal frame is often made of aluminum tubing for an even lighter-weight design, and the diameter of the frame components measure 1”-wide. The frame is assembled and welded by the manufacturer.

1” Square Tubing: Stack chairs built with 1” square tubing have steel or other metal frame designed in a 1” by 1” square tube and used to form the legs, base, and other frame components. The legs are finished at the base with protective foot caps, floor glides, or casters, depending on the chair design, and the metal 1” square tube frame is finished in chrome or paint for durable protection from standard use and exposure to the elements.


Adult Chair Sizes: Stack chairs listed as having adult sizes are typically designed with 18”-high seat, or higher in the case of bistro chairs and stools.

ANSI/BIFMA: ANSI/BIFMA indicates the stack chair meets standards and requirements of the American National Standards Institute and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association for quality design, construction, and safety.

Big & Tall Designs: Big & Tall designs describe stack chairs that feature generously sized seat, backrest, chair shell, and/or cushioning, wide armrests, and increased weight capacity to accommodate larger users as needed.

Bistro Height: Bistro height refers to taller chairs, with four-leg frames, and poly plastic or upholstered seat and backrest components, set with a taller seat position around 30” above the floor for comfortable seating at bistro tables, bar counter, or other taller surface.

Braced on All Sides: “Braced on all sides” typically indicates the four-legged stacking chair frame has reinforcing rungs that brace the four legs in a square-like pattern surrounding the frame to prevent unwanted movement that can weaken or loosen frame and/or seat connections over time.

Broken Carton Fee: A broken carton fee is an added charge applied to orders of certain stack chairs that are typically sold in a multi-chair package. A 2-pack, 4-pack, or 5-pack of matching stack chairs may allow broken cartons for smaller chair orders but with the broken carton fee applied.

Carton of 2: Carton of 2 indicates that a particular stack chair is shipped in a box or case of two identical chairs, and the pricing will detail whether prices are per chair or per carton.

Carton of 4: Carton of 4 indicates the specified stack chair is shipped as a 4-pack. Pricing may be listed per chair or per carton, detailed in the product description, depending on the product line.

Carton of 5: Carton of 5 indicates the chairs are shipped in a 5-pack carton or box, and pricing will specify the listed price is either by carton or by individual chair.

Chair Dolly: A chair dolly is a customized or universal storage unit with casters or wheels, designed to hold a given number of stack chairs for storage and transport.

Chairs 2-Pack: A chairs 2-pack is a two-chair bundle sold with two-pack or individual chair pricing, depending on the specific collection.

Children’s Chair Sizes: Children’s chair sizes typically range from 10”-high to 16”-high, and many classroom chair collections offer a choice of children’s chair sizes to customize the order for a specific classroom, grade-level, or age group.

Custom-Made, Non-Returnable: Custom-made and non-returnable refers to products that are made for each individual order and made to the order specifications. Custom-made chair products will have a minimum order quantity and are non-returnable due to their customized design.

Dolly Capacity: Dolly capacity refers to the maximum number of stacked chairs that a dolly can support at any one moment. Exceeding the listed dolly capacity can result in damage to the furniture and dolly products, void the warranty, and increase risk of injury to users.

Environmentally-Friendly Powder-Coat Paint Finish: Environmentally-friendly powder-coat paint finish is a powdered paint applied to steel or other metal components of stack chairs, then cured to form a durable, often scratch-resistant, smooth finish that protects the metal from exposure, corrosion, rust, and other damage or signs of wear. The use of environmentally-friendly powder-coat paint finish adds to the Green Features of a specific product or product line.

Floor Glide Options: Floor glide options are a variety of choices available to customize the stack chairs at the time of purchase. Floor glide options can include a choice of materials, such as nylon, rubber, steel, felt, or other design. The options can also be a choice of swivel or self-adjusting floor glides or mobile casters, depending on the chair collection.

Green Features: Green Features indicate the use of environmentally friendly design and production methods such as the use of recycled materials, eco-friendly paint finishes, or the production of a recyclable chair product.

ISO: ISO indicates the stack chair meets necessary requirements set by the International Organization of Standardization, usually regarding quality design, production, and safety features.

Matching Sofa Collection: Matching sofa collections refer to a series of matching sofa and seating furniture products available to coordinate with the stack chair or other products in the collection.

Matching Table Collection: Matching table collection refers to coordinating table products that can be combined with the matching chairs and other products for a full set. Tables often include end tables, corner tables, coffee tables, and some connecting table options, depending on the collection.

Minimum Order Quantity: A minimum order quantity is the smallest number of chairs in a given collection that can be purchased at one time. Minimum order quantities are typically applied to chairs sold in multiple-chair packages, such as a carton of four or five chairs. Broken carton fees will be added to purchases of fewer than the specified minimum order quantity.

Nesting Design: Nesting design refers to chairs that have a lifting seat and allow the chairs to be stacked front-to-back in a row, similar to shopping carts. Some nesting chair designs accommodate nesting or stacking, for alternative storage methods.

Nest on Tabletops: Stack chairs that specify they can nest on tabletops usually feature a seat and frame that allow the seat to rest on a tabletop surface with the base suspended underneath the tabletop. This style usually has a two-leg base with sled-style feet to provide the balance and open-base style needed for tabletop nesting.

Open-Arm Style: Open-arm style generally refers to a type of armrest assembly with the armrest connected near the back of the chair frame and the front ends of the arms left unattached for a more open style.

Optional Connecting Center Table: An optional connecting center table is a non-freestanding laminate-finished tabletop used to connect two matching chairs in a given collection, for a fixed group or row. The center table joins the two coordinating chairs in a linear, 180° row. The connecting table cannot be used without the chairs.

Optional Connecting Corner Table: An optional connecting corner table is a laminate-finished flat tabletop surface without a base, used to join two coordinating chairs in a fixed configuration. The table is a non-freestanding product and requires two chairs for operation. The chairs and table are assembled in an L-shaped or corner-style arrangement.

Patented Seat Suspension: Select stack chairs feature a unique patented seat suspension assembly that allows the one-piece chair shell to give or react with the user’s movement for a more ergonomic fit, natural support, and long-lasting quality use. The patented seat suspension is combined with a distinct chair shell design that reduces pressure on the legs and lower back for better focus, energy, and comfort.

Posture-Correcting Design: Posture-correcting design can refer to a number of stack chairs, but often indicates the design features of music chairs with an angled seat and extended backrest for better sitting postures during music rehearsals and performances. The design accommodates better posture for efficient breathing and lower-back support to reduce stress and pressure during extended sitting.

Pricing Per Carton: Pricing per carton indicates the listed price is for the carton of chairs, which will specify the included quantity; usually a carton of two or four.

Pricing Per Chair: Pricing per chair indicates the listed price is for one chair, usually specified on products sold in cartons of two or more at a time.

Set of 4 Stack Chairs: “Set of 4 stack chairs” indicates the particular stack chair product is sold with a minimum quantity of four chairs due to the packaging. A broken carton fee may apply to orders of fewer than four chairs, if smaller orders are available. Pricing is typically for the set when the product is listed as a “set of 4” chairs.

Stacking Capacity: The stacking capacity is a specified number of chairs that can be stacked safely at a given time. Exceeding the specified stacking capacity can result in injury to users as well as cause damage to the chairs and void the warranty.

UL Certified: Stack chairs that are UL certified have been tested and verified within the standards set by Underwriters Laboratories, typically regarding safety and quality design factors.

UL Greenguard: UL Greenguard indicates the stack chair has been tested and verified within the standards set by Underwriters Laboratories regarding health and environmental safety. These chairs are typically finished with eco-friendly paints or finishes, and/or designed to produce low or no emissions, depending on the chair design features and components.

Wall-Saver Design: Wall-saver design generally indicates the frame of the stack chair has angled legs, whether four-leg or sled-style design, with the lower portion of the frame reaching beyond the perimeter of the seat and backrest. The legs come into contact with the wall first and prevent the backrest or other chair components from scuffing or scratching walls.

Weight Capacity: A specified weight capacity is the maximum amount of weight a given chair can support at one time. If the weight capacity is exceeded, this can lead to injury to users, damage to the chair or surrounding furniture, and void the warranty.

Wider Base Design: Wider base design describes stack chairs with angled legs that create a wider footprint compared to the leg positions just underneath the seat component. Wider base designed are used to increase stability, balance, and support in some stack chair collections. The wider base can also serve decorative purposes, depending on the chair design.

3-Year Outdoor-Use UV Rating: A 3-year outdoor-use UV rating indicates the chair has been tested and verified to withstand three years of outdoor UV exposure without diminished quality or appearance.

30-40% Recycled Steel Composition: Stack chairs listed as having 30-40% recycled steel composition feature steel frames made using up to 40% recycled steel for an Earth-friendly seating element. The steel is often finished with environmentally friendly powder-coat paint for a lasting appearance and protection from exposure and use.

35% Recycled Plastic Composition: Stack chairs listed as having 35% recycled plastic composition are designed using 35% recycled plastics to create the seat, backrest, chair shell, armrest caps or other plastic components of the chair with a more eco-friendly finished design.