Sofas & Loveseats

Reception area loveseats and sofas are durable sofa-style guest seating products with two-seat or multi-user lengths and sizes available in a variety of matching styles. These furniture products combine for customized guest seating arrangements and offer options to support virtually any guest seating needs. Coordinating tables and other furniture products are often available, depending on the collection.


Armless Loveseat: Armless loveseat describes a two-person loveseat sofa unit without armrests. The seat and backrest are cushioned and upholstered, but the ends of the loveseat are open without arms.

Armless Sofa: Armless sofa refers to a sofa designed for two or more users with no armrests at all. The concept is similar to a bench seat, with cushioned seat and backrest but open ends and no dividing armrests between seat sections.

Convertible Sofa: The convertible sofa units offer the option to use as a sofa for upright sitting, or for reclining or resting in an office, lounge, or other location.

Curved Style: Curved style refers to sofas and loveseats with rounded shapes to the seat and back cushions, armrests, and overall design.

Curvilinear Styling: Curvilinear styling generally indicates the use of both rounded shapes and straight lines to create a decorative and comfortable sofa or loveseat design.

Double Tablet Sofa: A double tablet sofa refers to a sofa unit for two or more users with a tablet armrest enhancement on each of the end-arms. The tablet usually swivels or folds up and away for easier sitting and standing.

Guest Seating: Guest seating refers to chairs, sofas, loveseats, and coordinating tables and products used to provide a welcoming, comfortable seating arrangement for guests, clients, visitors, or staff in a waiting room, lobby, lounge, or reception area. These furniture products are designed for durability and longevity to endure frequent use in high-traffic settings.

Linear Style: Linear style typically refers to sofa and loveseat units with primarily straight lines throughout the design, such as a straight backrest, flattened and smooth seat cushions, and more linear-style armrests.

Loveseat Sofa with Center Arms: Loveseat units have a single cushion for two users and typically do not contain center arms. A two-person sofa can have end-arms and a centered dividing arm.

Loveseat with End-Arms: Loveseat with end-arms refers to a two-person seating unit with one large two-person cushion, usually without the dividing seam at the center, and with an armrest enclosing the left and right sides of the frame.

Modular Sofa Seating: Modular sofa seating refers to sofa sectional units and coordinating tables or other furniture that combine to form customized seating arrangements for lobby, lounge, waiting room, or reception area seating.

Open-Arm Sofa: Open-arm sofa seating units have armrests with open space underneath, usually designed in a frame-like style.

Panel-Arm Sofa: Panel-arm sofa seating units have armrests with an upholstered panel underneath, with the armrest resembling a frame-like design.

Queen Anne-Style Loveseat: Queen Anne-style loveseat refers to a two-person sofa-style loveseat with decorative wood detailing, button tufting along the upholstered seat and/or backrest, elegant style and a design that resembles the furniture of the early 1700s.

Queen Anne-Style Sofa: Queen Anne-style sofa describes a sofa unit for three or more people, designed to resemble the European decorative styles of the early 1700s with carved wood detailing, button-tufting, and elegant flair.

Reception Loveseat: Reception loveseats are sofa-like seating units with a two-person size and typically designed with a single cushion without the center seam or divide seen in two-seat sofas. A reception loveseat can complement a sofa and other coordinating furniture in a reception area, lobby, waiting room, or lounge.

Reception Sofa: A reception sofa is a seating element that contains two or more connected seats, usually with a distinguishable margin, seam, or stitching to denote the individual seats. Reception sofas can be used in lobby, waiting room, reception area, or office space for guest seating, and many combine with coordinating seating, table, and furniture elements for a complete set.

Sofa with Center Arms: Sofa with center arms refers to a seating unit with armrests built into the length of the seating unit, separating each seat for individual user support, and enclosing the left and right ends of the sofa for a completed look.

Sofa with End-Arms: Sofa with end-arms describes sofa seating units with armrests at the left and right ends of the frame. The end-arms are differentiated from the center arms, which are found between seats along the length of the sofa.

Two-Seat Sofa: A two-seat sofa resembles a loveseat but usually contains a dividing seam, split cushion, or centered armrest separating the two seats in the unit.

60° Inside-Facing Loveseat: A 60° inside-facing loveseat is a two-person seating element that curves inward like a C for more interactive sitting and collaboration.

60° Outside-Facing Loveseat: A 60° outside-facing loveseat is a two-person seating element that curves back, resembling a backwards C-shape, for more open sitting comfort or to provide seating around a column, fountain, or other structure.


Attached Cushions: Sofas with attached cushions refer to seating cushions that are attached together as a single unit, rather than removable, and the cushions may be attached to the overall frame for a permanent supportive seating design.

Bio-Flex Hybrid Cushions: Bio-Flex hybrid cushions are CVC-free, soy-based high-density foam cushions that offer eco-friendly support and green benefits in many sofa and loveseat collections.

Detachable Cushions: Detachable cushions are cushions that can be removed from the sofa or loveseat frame.

Die-Cut Foam Cushions: Die-cut foam cushions are foam cushions, typically made of high-density foam, cut into customized cushion shapes and sizes using a precision die to ensure consistency in quality, shape, size, and production.

High-Density Foam Cushions: High-density foam cushions resist breakdown from regular use, providing durable support and comfort for lasting seat and backrest cushioning in loveseat and sofa products.

Leveling Glides: Leveling glides are self-adjusting or adjustable attachments to the legs or base of a sofa or loveseat. The self-adjusting or adjustable leveling glides help reduce wobbling and unwanted movement on uneven floors for more comfortable use.

Locking Casters: Locking casters are caster wheels with lever-style locks or parking brakes that prevent the caster from rolling when engaged.

Matching Bench Seating: Some sofa and loveseat products belong to collections with a matching bench seating available. Bench seating will include a cushioned, upholstered seat, with or without a backrest and arms.

Matching Tables: Most sofa and loveseat products belong to collections with matching tables available for a complete furniture arrangement. The tables may include, among others, a coffee table, end table, corner table, wedge tables, and/or sofa table depending on the collection.

Polished Stainless Steel Accents: Polished stainless steel accents are steel alloy metal frames or stylish additions to a sofa or loveseat, designed to resist corrosion, staining, rust, and other damage while providing a decorative effect.

Rear Handle: Rear handles are built into select sofa and seating product frames to accommodate easier moving. The rear handle is usually combined with rear wheels or casters for tilt and roll mobility.

Swivel Writing Tablet-Arm: A swivel writing tablet arm is a small work surface that connects to the armrest of a sofa or loveseat and folds up and out of the away for convenient sitting, standing, and access as needed.

Writing Tablet: Writing tablets are small platform surfaces attached to a seat, sofa, or other furniture element for support when note taking, reading, or lounging. Many writing tablets are assembled with a swivel or hinge-like connection to the seating element, allowing the tablet to move out of the way for easier sitting and standing.

Construction Materials

All Metal-to-Metal Connections: Sofas and loveseats with all metal-to-metal connections have threaded metal inserts in wood components to catch the metal screws, bolts, or pins. The use of all metal-to-metal connections helps reinforce assembly for lasting support.

Antibacterial, Antimicrobial Upholstery: Many vinyl upholstery options are designed to resist the build-up of germs and bacteria for an easier to clean, antimicrobial, antibacterial seating design.

Catalyzed Lacquer Finish: Catalyzed lacquer finish is a multi-step topcoat finishing process that uses a catalyst applied to the lacquer to form a hard protective clear finish.

Double-Dowel Joining System: A double-dowel joining system uses two wood dowels to reinforce the connection or joint between two wood panels or components.

Earth-Friendly Cushions: Earth-friendly cushions include high-density foam made of Bio-Flex hybrid soy-based foam with CVC-free design for environmentally conscious design.

Eco-Leather: Eco-leather is an environmentally friendly leather upholstery comprised of recycled leather, used for durability and style, combined with fabric and polyurethane for a softer, high-quality feel.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a paint finish applied in a powdered-style form then cured to create a durable, protective finish over steel, metal, or other components.

Fabric Upholstery: Fabric upholstery typically refers to all fabric upholstery styles including genuine natural and synthetic fabrics. Sofa and loveseat products listed as having fabric upholstery are often listed as such to differentiate from those with leather or vinyl upholstery.

Faux Leather Upholstery: Faux leather upholstery is non-leather fabric upholstery, typically lighter in weight than genuine leather but providing a look and feel similar to real leather. The use of faux leather upholstery can reduce costs of production, improve durability and simplify maintenance or upkeep of the furniture, as well as provide a greener design.

Fire-Retardant Foam: Fire-retardant foam describes foam cushions in select sofa and loveseat products that resist burning when exposed to heat and flame for enhanced safety.

Fire-Retardant Upholstery: Fire-retardant upholstery is durable upholstery that resists burning when exposed to heat and flame. The upholstery may be naturally resistant to burning or be treated to specifically resist burning, depending on the design.

Ganging or Grouping Options: Many sofa and loveseat collections accommodate grouping or ganging options, with included or optional ganging brackets that combine two seating units into fixed rows or groups.

Genuine Top Grain Leather Upholstery: Genuine top grain leather upholstery is high-quality real leather upholstery offering strength and durability.

Hand-Rubbed Finish: Hand-rubbed finish refers to wood stain applied by hand usually in a multi-step application process that ensures rich, wood stain colors.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: High-pressure laminate finish is a multi-layer finish applied using pressure and heat to securely bond the finish to the surface of core panels. The resulting finish is durable, easy to clean, and available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Interlocking Steel Components: Interlocking steel components indicate the use of steel-to-steel connections for reinforced support and assembly.

Leather-Look Vinyl Upholstery: Leather-look vinyl upholstery is synthetic fabric upholstery made to resemble the look, and often feel, of leather without the added financial and ecological costs of using genuine leather.

Low-Profile Legs: Low-profile legs are short, usually wood or steel, legs supporting a sofa, loveseat, or seating element. The base of the seating element extends low, almost to the floor, leaving the legs only slightly visible underneath.

Matching Vinyl on Sides and Back: Some sofa and loveseat products have leather upholstery on the front surfaces of the seat and backrest cushions, but matching vinyl on the sides and backs of the cushions to reduce the overall cost of production without compromising the finished product. The matching vinyl is designed to provide the look and feel of leather.

Matrex Seat Support System: Matrex seat support system describes an innovative interior seat design using elastic webbing to ensure lasting quality support with continued use.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is similar to laminate finish, also applied using pressure and heat, but using fewer layers under the visible surface finish. Melamine, like laminate, is durable and easy to clean, and comes in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Multi-Step Finishing Process: A multi-step finish process typically refers to wood stain finishes that are applied in layers for penetrating colors that last. The multi-step finishing process is almost always done by hand for meticulous attention to detail.

No-Sag Spring Construction: No-sag spring construction indicates the internal seat support structure contains springs with enhanced sag-resistant assembly for long-lasting quality support and comfort.

Open Four-Leg Style: Open four-leg style refers to sofas and loveseats with tall, four-leg frames resembling traditional chairs. The open four-leg frame style is easy to clean under and around, and provides a more spacious appearance to smaller waiting rooms and reception areas.

Optional Ganging Bracket Kit: Optional ganging bracket kits are available for select seating collections. The ganging bracket kits provide metal ganging brackets or devices that combine two seating elements for a fixed row, cluster, or group arrangement.

Oxblood Vinyl Upholstery: Oxblood vinyl upholstery is modeled after traditional glossy oxblood leather, with the economical and ecological benefits of a synthetic upholstery fabric instead of leather. The deep red color is typical of classic furniture design, and the durable upholstery is easy to clean and maintain.

Recessed Black Vinyl Kickplate: A recessed black vinyl kickplate is a strip of black vinyl placed at the base of a sofa or loveseat frame, set back or recessed from the profile edge of the frame. The impact-resistant vinyl kickplate absorbs impact from contact with feet and shoes for enhanced support and durability.

Recycled Wood Fiber Core: Recycled wood fiber core refers to fiberboard used to form the core panels of a sofa or loveseat structural frame, with the fiberboard composed of recycled wood fibers for a greener design. Fiberboard is made by mixing wood fibers with a wax, resin, or adhesive substance then pressing the mixture to form panels with even strength and thickness.

Reinforced Joints: Reinforced joints indicate the use of braces, blocks, or other reinforcing enhancement to ensure joints within the sofa or loveseat remain sturdy and safe.

Scotchgard Treated Fabric: Scotchgard treated fabric is fabric upholstery that has been treated with a stain-repelling substance created by 3M. The resulting fabric repels water and stains for greater durability. The Scotchgard treatment was modified in June 2003 to remove an ingredient considered to be an environmental pollutant (PFOS, perfluorooctane sulfonate).

Scuff-Resistant, Scratch-Resistant: Sofas and loveseats with scuff-resistant and/or scratch-resistant finish typically feature laminate, melamine, or powder-coat paint finish on the base and legs for enhanced durability.

Solid Hardwood Frame: Sofa and loveseat units with solid hardwood frame construction contain a solid wood frame within the padded, upholstered seating element for reliable support and strength.

Solid Oak Sled Base: Sofas and loveseats with a solid oak sled base have a sled-style base, usually with square-frame legs composed of solid oak wood.

Stainless Steel Legs: Stainless steel legs are composed of steel alloy and finished to prevent damage from exposure to the elements and regular use. Stainless steel will not easily rust, stain, or corrode.

Steel Legs: Steel legs refer to sofa and loveseat legs composed of steel. The steel legs may be finished with a brushed metal finish, stainless steel, or with paint finish depending on the design.

Sytex Seat System: The Sytex seat system contains an internal structure that utilizes synthetic elastomeric support for reduced material use, reduced labor costs, and improved quality results. The Sytex seating is made of durable polyester monofilament and it resists bacteria and fungal growth, mildew, and endures contact with typical cleaners in lasting style.

Teflon Treated Fabric: Teflon treated fabric is fabric treated by DuPont’s Teflon treatment for resulting high-quality durable fabrics that repel water, stains, spills, and dirt for an easier to clean and maintain design.

Top-Stitch Detailing: Top-stitch detailing refers to stitching used as a decorative enhancement to the cushions and upholstery of sofas and loveseats. The top-stitch detailing is usually done over a seam and/or where traditional seams would be.

Vinyl Upholstery: Vinyl upholstery is a synthetic fabric that offers durable upholstery finish in a wide selection of colors and styles, with smooth and textured surface options depending on the design. The upholstery is easy to clean and many vinyl upholstery options are antimicrobial and antibacterial for healthier use.

Wood Legs: Wood legs for sofa and loveseat products are comprised of solid wood that has been cut, shaped, and/or smoothed to form sturdy, high-quality frame support. The wood legs are finished in wood stains, usually with a choice of colors, and protective topcoat to prevent wear and damage from use.

100% Polyester Fabric: Upholstered sofas and loveseats with 100% polyester fabric upholstery offer the benefits of a durable, synthetic fabric, available in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors, designed to last. Some furniture products feature 100% recycled polyester upholstery for an even more Earth-friendly benefit.

100% Recycled Polyester Fabric: Fabric upholstery that is 100% recycled polyester is a green feature found in many sofa and loveseat products, offering the environmentally conscious use of recycled polyester fabric without sacrificing the high-quality or style of the finished product.


ANSI/BIFMA: Sofas and loveseats listed as being in compliance with ANSI/BIFMA meet the standards set by the American National Standards Institute and the Business and Industrial Manufacturers Association. This indicates consistent quality production and reliable, safe designs.

Button-Tufting: Button-tufting is a decorative style used in traditional furniture upholstery where buttons are sewn through the cushions, pulling on the cushion and upholstery for a firm feel and stylish presentation.

Commercial-Grade Strength: Commercial-grade strength indicates the use of high-quality materials and production processes that provide consistent strength and durability throughout the production process. Every furniture unit in a collection is designed and produced for consistent high-quality performance.

Contoured Arms: Contoured arms describe armrests of sofa and loveseat units that have a curved shape with the curve moving inward near the center of the armrest, toward the seated guests, and outward near the top of the armrests.

Corner Block Reinforcement: Corner block reinforcement indicates that the corners of the interior frame are reinforced with blocks that help ensure the connecting panels remain stable and secure.

Curved Back: Curved back refers to sofa and loveseat backrests designed with a curved shape, increasing contact with the spine and providing better, more natural ergonomic support.

Cylinder Legs: Cylinder legs are round metal or wood legs with a straight shape that does not taper near the base.

Double-Stitched Upholstery: Upholstery is often double-stitched to reinforce the seams in an effort to prevent tearing and splitting from regular use.

Easy Clean Design: Easy clean design typically indicates the sofa or loveseat can easily be wiped clean, such as those upholstered in vinyl. This is particularly noted with antimicrobial antibacterial vinyl-upholstered styles as these products resist the build-up or growth of germs and bacteria.

Ergonomic Support: Ergonomic support enhances many sofa and loveseat collections, providing natural fit and feel for more comfortable sitting and support.

Green Features: Green features generally refer to the use of eco-friendly finishes, recycled materials, and/or the creation of a recyclable product for an environmentally friendly design.

ISO: Sofa and loveseats marked as ISO meet requirements, standards, and/or guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization ensuring high-quality design and production.

Laminate Base: Laminate base refers to the enclosed base of select seating elements that has a high-pressure laminate finish on all four sides.

Nailhead Trim: Nailhead trim is typically designed with brass nailhead-style pins that are positioning along the armrest, seat, or other parts of a traditional-style seating element. The design was used for securing upholstery but in modern styles is primarily decorative in nature.

Not Intended for Freestanding Use: Sofa and loveseat components listed as “not intended for freestanding use” are usually designed to combine with matching or coordinating products. The single product may have an unsightly edge, end, or other part that is usually concealed once connected to the corresponding products.

Open Back Design: Seating units with open back design typically feature an opening at the lower back for ventilation, spine support, and comfortable style.

Optional Armrests: Optional armrests are available for select sofa and loveseat collections, usually for the modular designs to accommodate customized arrangements.