Shower & Eye Wash Stations


ADA-Compliant Eye Wash Station: An ADA-compliant eye wash station is an eyewash sink unit that allows access from a wheelchair or other mobility aid, providing safety support for all users in a science lab or classroom.

Built-In Shower: Built-in shower is a showerhead built into a safety station to provide emergency washing and drenching in science classroom and lab settings for protection from pills and contact with potentially hazardous substances.

Emergency Drench Shower: An emergency drench shower is a showerhead assembly positioned to face straight down and activated with a pull handle to provide emergency washing in the event of a spill or other science lab emergency.

Eye Wash Station: An eye wash station is a lab safety product that offers a specialized eyewash bowl for protecting eyes in the event of contact with science lab chemicals or other substances.

Hands-Free Eyewash: Hands-free eyewash indicates the eyewash bowl can flush eyes in emergencies with a removable component that can be extended up to 12-feet from the eyewash station.

Safety Station: Safety station refers to an eyewash unit or shower unit, or combination of safety features, designed to support science classroom and lab settings in the event of a spill, contact with chemicals or substances, or other emergency.

Stainless Steel Eye Wash Bowl: A stainless steel eyewash bowl is a small, customized sink-like bowl made of durable stainless steel and designed to rinse or flush eyes with water in the event of a splash, spill, or other potentially hazardous contact.


Adjustable Shelf: Adjustable shelf is a shelf that fits on shelf pegs or pins that can be positioned in a series of pre-drilled holes on the insides of a storage unit frame or cabinet. The pre-drilled holes allow the shelf to rest at a variety of positions for customizable use.

Built-In Storage: Built-in storage refers to storage shelves, cabinets, and/or compartments in safety eyewash and shower units that provide storage and organizing support for fire extinguisher, first aid kits, safety blankets, or other essential supplies.

Locking Base Cabinet: A locking base cabinet is found on select eye wash and safety shower stations with a two-door cabinet and keyed lock to contain safety equipment and first aid kits.

Construction Materials

High-Impact ABS Plastic: High-impact ABS plastic is a durable plastic used to construct the emergency safety showerhead of the safety station units. The plastic resists damage from moisture and exposure to the elements for a lasting reliable design.

Laminate Top: Laminate top describes the laminate-finished work surface built into most science lab eyewash or shower stations.

Oak Construction: Oak construction typically refers to solid oak wood panels used to design and support a science lab storage or safety unit.

Oak Veneers: Oak veneers are a wood finishing option featuring thin sheets of real solid oak wood that are laminated to the oak or other core panel design of a safety station or other science lab station. The oak veneers are finished in wood stain, often with a natural oak wood-tone color.


ADA: ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act and indicates the safety station or science lab unit meets requirements for comfortable, safe access from a wheelchair or other assistive mobility aids.

High-Volume Continuous Water Flow: High-volume continuous water flow describes the ability of the safety shower or eyewash station to provide continuous water as needed, in large volumes to thoroughly flush chemicals or substances that may be on the body.

Service Piping Not Included: Service piping not included refers to the required pipes and connections to hookup the safety shower or eyewash station. The pipes and connections will be required to make the safety unit operational.

Eye Wash Station
Eye Wash Station

Safety Station
Safety Station

Locking Base Cabinet
Locking Base Cabinet