Server Racks

Server racks are designed for mounting full computer servers in an open layout for sufficient airflow to keep equipment cool. The industrial designs are made to last, with consistent quality and strength to support the server mounting and storage.


Corner Station: Corner stations provide computer and server support in an angular configuration for positioning in the corner of a computer room, office, IT workspace or server room. Some corner stations connect to additional matching workstations for larger storage and support.

LAN Corner Computer Station
Corner Station

LAN Modular Computer Station: The modular LAN computer stations accommodate virtually any computer arrangement for business, school, or other LAN local area network) operations. The strong frames support heavy computer systems with ample workspace and customizable layouts.


PVC Edge: PVC edging is made from PVC plastic, in coordinating colors to match the work surface finish. PVC edging adds durable impact-resistant protection around the perimeter of work surfaces, sealing the edges where the laminate or melamine meets the core, and the PVC edging conceals the core for attractive style and comfortable use.

Self-Edge: Self-edge is usually accomplished with laminate or melamine, extending down the sides of a work surface to seal the edges. A separate matching piece of laminate or melamine may be used to seal the edges for a matching edge in self-edge style.

LAN Modular Computer Station
LAN Modular Computer Station


Adjustable Shelves: Adjustable shelves enhance the majority of storage and furniture units, allowing customized shelf-height and spacing to suit different needs.

Casters: Casters raise computer workstations and storage units, and transform stationary units for mobile support.

CPU Storage: CPU storage is custom designed to hold a CPU or computer tower neatly. The storage may be a cabinet or platform, and some CPU storage adjusts to fit CPU case snuggly for secure placement.

Power Bar: The power bar is an optional addition to select computer units, with eight electrical outlets and a 6-foot power cord. The convenient design provides nearby electrical supply to equipment while extending reach to wall or floor outlet, and the power bar protects electronics with circuit breaker and on/off switch.

Construction Materials

Anti-Knockout Tabs: Anti-knockout tabs help retain shelves and work surfaces within a structure, so they are unlikely to fall or collapse in busy environments.

Eco-Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Most steel components are finished with paint that is cured to a powder-coat finish. The powder-coat finish is durable and smooth with a non-glossy surface.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: Work surfaces are often finished with high-pressure laminate, applied with heat and pressure in several layers with a scratch-resistant surface. The laminate finish is impact-resistant, easy to clean, and comes in virtually any color or pattern.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is similar to laminate but with fewer layers. The melamine surface has comparable damage-resistance to laminate and comes in just as many colors and styles.


Additional Shelf: Additional shelves are offered for many storage items. The shelves are sold separately with matching styles and sizes for an instant fit.

Horizontal and Vertical Wire Management: Horizontal and vertical wire management include channels and similar pathways built into a storage or work unit for running electrical and internet wires, as well as other networking and connectivity wires, in all directions for neater setup and use.

Monitor Clearance: Monitor clearance refers to the amount of room above a work surface with a storage shelf or other element positioned above. The clearance determines the maximum size possible for computer monitor use with that particular configuration.

Overall Weight Capacity: Overall weight capacity is the amount of weight a structure can support, with the weight evenly distributed between shelves and across the frame supports.

Weight Capacity Per Shelf: Weight capacity per shelf details the maximum safe weight a given shelf is able to support at one time, with the weight distributed across the length of the shelf for balance.