Safety Cabinets


Eye Safety Cabinet: The eye safety cabinet is ideal for a classroom, science lab, and professional settings. The cabinet holds and cares for protective eyewear, glasses and goggles, which are sold separately.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet: Fire extinguisher cabinets are custom-sized to hold standard fire extinguishers in specified sizes; usually 5-pound and 10-pound fire extinguishers. The cabinets have solid construction and come in styles with solid doors or acrylic window doors. Wall mounting hardware is included for easy setup.

Flammable Storage Cabinets: Flammable storage cabinets are designed for safe, obvious storage of flammable substances. The base has a leak-proof design and the cabinets lock for security.

Industrial First Aid Cabinets: Industrial first aid cabinets have industrial-grade construction for reliable quality and consistency. First aid cabinets are designed specifically for first aid use, with shelf and cabinet design to hold first aid kits and other safety gear.

Medicine Cabinet: Medicine cabinets provide concealed storage for medications and first aid supplies, with welded construction for lasting support. The doors lock to secure contents.

Respirator Cabinet: Respirator cabinets offer durable design with shelves for holding respirator, supplies, cleaning products and other items for safety and emergencies.

Spill Control Station: Spill control stations and cabinets provide durable storage for all necessary supplies to handle accidents in an office, classroom, lab, and other settings. These cabinets come in different sizes to support different storage capacities for ideal support.

Wall Cabinet: A wall cabinet includes mounting hardware or keyholes in the back for installing on office or workspace walls. The cabinets are designed specifically for hanging or mounting and the mounting hardware are selected to safely support the full weight of the cabinet with specified storage capacity.

Flammable Storage Cabinets
Flammable Storage Cabinets

Respirator Cabinet
Respirator Cabinet

Spill Control Station
Spill Control Station


Air Vents: Air vents provide airflow and circulation. In flammable storage cabinets, the sides have air vents with built-in flame arrestors to prevent fires.

Anti-Tip Device: An anti-tip device helps secure a cabinet in place for reduced wobble and movement to prevent tipping. The anti-tip device is usually included with tall cabinets for safety.

Electronic Lock with Backup: Cabinets with electronic locks come with backup methods of accessing the cabinet in the event of a power outage or emergency. Backup access to electronic locks incudes a battery backup as well as a key for manual override.

Floor Levelers: Safety cabinets with floor levelers have devices added to the base of the cabinets to help increase contact with the floor for stable setup and use. Adjustable levelers can be adjusted manually for wobble-free cabinet setup on uneven flooring.

Keyholes for Mounting: Cabinets with keyholes for mounting feature keyhole-shaped cutouts in the back panel that fit over mounting screw heads in walls and securely stay in place.

Metal Door: Many safety and medicine cabinets offer a choice of door styles. The metal door is solid for fully concealed storage and all-steel design.

Multi-Point Lock System: A multi-point locking system has a keyed lock that extends rods into the frame at the top and base to reinforce locked doors. The design resists prying and tampering at vulnerable points for improved security.

Plexiglass Door: Door options for medicine and safety cabinets include a plexiglass door for shatter-resistant window view of the secured contents.

Recessed Paddle Latch with Lock: Recessed paddle handles are installed in cabinet doors with a set-in position to keep the front surface relatively flush with the doors. A lock usually enhances the paddle latch handles for security.

Wall Mounting Hardware: Wall mounting hardware is included with wall cabinets and fire extinguisher cabinets for immediate setup.

Construction Materials

Cold Rolled Steel: Cold rolled steel is steel that has been rolled, pressed and shaped to form the desired products. The result is a strong, durable, and accurate product.

Eco-Friendly Finish: Safety cabinets with eco-friendly finish are painted using "green" or environmentally friendly paint.

Powder-Coat Finish: Powder-coat finish refers to paint that has been cured or treated to leave a non-glossy finished surface with lasting color. The finish is smooth and durable, with relatively scratch-resistant covering of the metal or steel components.

Welded Steel: Welded steel components have been factory welded for permanent connections that enhance strength. Steel cabinets that are welded will ship fully assembled.


Leak-Proof Base: The leak-proof base design of select safety cabinets is 2"-high to reduce risk of leaks in the event of a spill or broken container. The door is set higher in the cabinet frame to accommodate the raised base edge.

Storage Capacity: Specified storage capacities are for safety purposes. A cabinet designed to support a maximum capacity of 45 gallons should not be filled beyond that capacity to ensure the safety features are sufficient for the environment.