Room Dividers

Room dividers are stationary, mobile, and/or modular framed-panel units used to organize open office floor space for individual workstations, cubicles, or other needs. The panels are available in a range of styles and sizes, with connecting components that accommodate straight rows, angled and multiple panel configurations. Connecting options also include mounting a panel to a wall or adding casters for mobility.


Cableway Tackable Acoustical Panel: Cableway tackable acoustical panel is a contemporary room divider panel design that offers integrated wire management with a hinged base rail and vinyl protective base rail covering. The cableway allows wires to traverse through the panel frames for organized technology setup.

Double-Sided Mobile Magnetic Whiteboard: The double-sided mobile magnetic whiteboard is a framed, two-sided, dry-erase board composed in classic style with porcelain over steel for a magnetic surface. The frame has casters at the base for mobility and the white surfaces function with dry erase markers, erasers, and cleaner for business and educational use.

Freestanding Dry Erase Portable Wall: The freestanding dry erase portable wall is a versatile room dividing product with a choice of sizes and lengths, set on base elements with casters for mobility. The end panels have handle structures for added support and easier maneuvering when the unit is in motion, and the multi-panel room divider features a white dry-erase markerboard on one surface and a fabric covered tackboard on the reverse surface for enhanced support in business and educational settings.

Freestanding Panel: A freestanding panel refers to a room divider panel, available in a variety of frame and finish styles, with stationary or mobile base connectors that provide stand-alone setup for an individual room divider panel. Freestanding panels may combine with coordinating panels from a given collection, or function as single panel dividers for smaller office needs.

Freestanding Panel with Markerboard Insert: A freestanding panel with markerboard insert is a framed, room dividing panel unit with dry-erase markerboard inserts on one or both sides of the stand-alone panel unit. Markerboard inserts may be in both sections, top and bottom, of the freestanding panel unit, or combined with other panel inserts to suit different design preferences.

Freestanding Panel with Open Bottom: The freestanding panel with open bottom is a design that features a framed room divider panel with top panel insert, available in a variety of styles, and no panel insert at the bottom of the frame. The frame has a split design; usually with the dividing frame portion set off-center so the open bottom section is proportionally smaller than the framed insert section at the top. The panel is set on a stationary support base or feet components, or on mobile components for freestanding use.

Freestanding Portable Fabric Wall: A freestanding portable fabric wall is a two-sided fabric covered privacy wall unit, set on casters for mobility. The unit is designed with supportive ends for easier storage and maneuvering in motion, and the connected privacy panels fold out in a fan-style for straight or angled room dividing as desired.

Freestanding Portable Vinyl Wall: A freestanding portable vinyl wall is a vinyl-covered panel assembly with two-sided panels connected in a fan-style layout and set on casters for mobility. Supportive end structures aid steering when moving the portable wall unit, and the fan-style layout opens for straight or angled room dividing use.

Full Plexiglas Panel with Fabric: Full Plexiglas panel with fabric is a room divider panel unit with a durable frame and choice of fabric covering, with a large Plexiglas window insert comprising the majority of the full-height panel unit. The fabric covering forms a frame around the Plexiglas window in the center, and the panel unit connects with coordinating panels to form customized office layouts or cubicles. The Plexiglas window insert is also offered in a half-panel style.

Half Plexiglas Panel with Fabric: The half Plexiglas panel with fabric is a room dividing panel unit with a durable frame and fabric covering in a choice of standard or premium fabrics. The 60”-high panels feature a Plexiglas window insert, framed with fabric around the top and sides, with fabric covering is just over 40” of the lower portion of the panel. The Plexiglas window insert is also available in full-height styles.

Hardboard Panel Design: Hardboard panel design typically indicates the use of hardboard or high-density fiberboard for the core panels. High-density fiberboard is made using natural wood fibers mixed with resin and pressed to form very dense, durable panels. The panels are often finished with laminate or other customizable finish to decorate the room dividers for enhanced use.

High-Impact Smoked Plexiglas: High-impact smoked Plexiglas is a Plexiglas window-style panel inserts offering durable, impact-resistant performance. Smoked Plexiglas generally refers to a tinted finish that enhances the overall style of the Plexiglas panels.

Instant Wall Panel: An instant wall panel is a multi-panel room dividing unit set on stabilizing feet and casters for easy mobility. The panels are joined by full-height piano hinges to accommodate folding for storage, and the collection offers optional position-control hinges for more precise setup and use. Each panel section features two upholstered surfaces with an internal honeycomb core structure that absorbs sound for improved quality use in professional settings.

Magnetic Markerboard Panel: A magnetic markerboard panel is a room divider panel insert with a white markerboard surface that accepts magnets for added convenience. The design is almost always made in traditional style using porcelain over steel for the magnetic aspect, and the finished surface functions with dry erase markers, erasers, and cleaner for versatile use.

Mobile Markerboard and Vinyl Tackboard Panel: A mobile markerboard and vinyl tackboard panel is a two-sided room divider panel, framed and set on casters for mobility. One side contains a vinyl-covered tackable board surface while the other side has a white dry-erase markerboard surface for flexible use.

Mobile Multipurpose Panel with Fabric: Mobile multipurpose panels with fabric are fabric-covered panels, framed and set on casters for mobility. The fabric may be in a standard color, such as gray, or offer a choice of colors to customize the panel design. The mobile multipurpose panels may be used to section or divide open floor space and cubicles, or provide privacy as needed.

Mobile Multipurpose Panel with Oak Laminate: A mobile multipurpose panel with oak laminate is a framed, room divider panel, finished with oak wood-grain laminate for a wood-look, and set on casters for easy mobility. The room dividing panel unit can be used to organize open floor space or for privacy as needed.

Mobile Partition: A mobile partition is a room dividing panel unit with a lightweight frame design, set on casters to accommodate mobility. The panel design is typically two-sided, with matching or different panel finishes on each side. Panels may be finished with laminate or covered with vinyl or fabric, depending on design. Alternative panel styles include magnetic and non-magnetic dry-erase markerboards and tackable corkboards.

Mobile Polycarbonate Screen Panel: The mobile polycarbonate screen panel is a framed wall unit set on casters for mobility with a translucent or frosted-style polycarbonate plastic panel insert for window-like presentation. The translucent design permits natural light to pass through the panel but obstructs clear view for privacy.

Mobile Room Divider: Mobile room dividers are framed panels set on casters for mobility, used to divide open office floor space for cubicles, workstations, and moderate privacy. The insert panels comprising a mobile room divider may be laminate, tackable corkboard, magnetic or non-magnetic dry-erase board, or combinations of different board and panel styles and many offer options to customize for individual needs.

Modular Corkboard Partition: A modular corkboard partition is a framed, natural cork surface, set on casters for mobile use to divide rooms or office space, or to serve different needs within an office or educational facility. The corkboard surface accepts staples, tacks, and pushpins for use, and the design can function as a room divider or mobile privacy wall, if desired.

Modular Panel Divider: Modular panel divider typically refers to customizable room divider panels with lightweight framed designs and a choice of panel inserts to suit different needs. The modular style utilizes customized panel connectors to form rows, clusters, and group arrangements for office layouts, cubicles, or other design configurations.

Multipurpose Wall-Mount Partition: A multipurpose wall-mount partition is a versatile panel unit comprised of three or more panels assembled to accommodate easy setup and use, or collapse against the wall for storage when not needed. The base is set on casters in two or more locations, and one end of the partition frame is fitted with mounting hardware to connect to an office wall.

Non-Magnetic Markerboard Panel: A non-magnetic markerboard panel is a room divider panel design featuring inserts that offer white dry-erase markerboard use with dry erase marker and eraser products, but without the magnetic design. Many non-magnetic markerboards are designed with a dry erase laminate or similar finish.

Perpendicular End Panels: Perpendicular end panels refer to room divider panels assembled in such a way that the end panel units form an L-shape or T-shape with the adjacent panel unit. The perpendicular assembly is often used to create cubicles or similar workstation sections within a larger open floor space.

Polypropylene Fabric Panel Design: Select room divider panels are made with a fabric covering composed of 100% polypropylene fabric for an easy-to-clean, durable design. The polypropylene fabric often resists staining and signs of wear.

Polypropylene Panel Design: Polypropylene panel design typically refers to the use of polypropylene plastic to create the insert panels used in a particular room divider frame. The Mobile Partition, for example, features a frosted-style polypropylene panel insert design within a sturdy aluminum frame, set on casters for mobility. The polypropylene panels are usually made with a textured surface or frosted appearance for natural light while maintaining privacy.

Sound-Absorbing Tackable Panels: Sound-absorbing tackable panels refer to the covered, tackboard-style panel inserts used in many room divider collections. The panels are tackable, for use with pushpins, staples, and tacks, and often feature a fabric or vinyl cover for customizable style. The panel insert design reduces noise in open floor settings by obstructing the sound waves to keep voices from carrying through the office space.

Split Panel Design: Split panel design refers to the divided frame style used to create many room divider panels. The metal frame is composed of aluminum or steel in most collections, and features a coordinating metal cross component to divide the overall panel. The dividing component is usually placed off-center for a taller or shorter lower half compared to the upper half of the panel frame. Different insert panels may be used in the two sections to customize the finished style.

Tackable Acoustical Panel: Tackable acoustical panels are a collection of customizable room divider panels with lightweight frames and a variety of connector options to assemble the panels as needed. The panels feature fabric covering on both sides to absorb sound in open floor spaces for enhanced professional performance. The acoustical design of the tackable panels reduces noise in office settings for greater privacy and professionalism.

Top-Tier Clear Glass Panel: Top-tier clear glass panel describes a window-style panel insert located at the top of select room divider panels, providing clear view for natural light and decorative effect above the solid or covered lower panel section. The top-tier clear glass panel is generally about 10”-high, while the lower solid panel section comprises the majority of the overall panel unit.

Translucent Polycarbonate Panel: Translucent polycarbonate panels are non-clear, frosted-style or textured window panels used in the construction of select room divider collections for the use of natural light with decorative flair. The frosted window appearance also helps retain the feel of open floor space while offering privacy for workstation or cubicle sections. The polycarbonate plastic panels are durable and easy to maintain.

Vinyl Tackboard Divider: The vinyl tackboard divider is a stationary or mobile room divider panel, framed for a neat look, with covered panels that accept pushpins, tacks, or staples for easy use. The vinyl tackboard panels are typically offered in a choice of vinyl colors to customize the look.

Wall-Mounted Room Divider: Wall-mounted room divider is a multi-panel unit designed to provide quick setup and use or out-of-the-way storage when collapsed flat against the wall. The frame mounts to a wall with the included mounting hardware and the base is set on multiple casters to enable easy guiding of the wall-mounted partition unit to the desired position for use.

Work Surface-Height Clear Glass Panel: Work surface-height clear glass panel is a room divider or cubicle panel that has a solid lower wall section and a clear window at the top. The panel stands 68”-high to keep the window section slightly above the average work surface or desktop height.

3-Panel Multipurpose Wall-Mount Partition: A 3-panel wall-mount partition is a privacy panel assembly with three panels connected in a fan-style folding layout. Wall-mounting hardware is found at one end of the three-panel unit, for connecting to an office or room wall, and the base is set on casters to aid privacy wall use. When not needed, the three panels can fold against the wall for out-of-the-way storage.

3-Panel Portable Display Tower: The 3-panel portable display tower is a three-panel unit, set on casters for mobility, with a collapsible frame that folds flat for storage. The three panels are covered in a choice of fabric and accommodate display use in the office, school, or other settings. The panels are assembled in a Y-style configuration that can be used to divide an open floor space into three sections.

6-Panel Portable Display Tower: The 6-panel portable display tower is a mobile, six-panel privacy wall or room divider product with a collapsible design for easy storage. The six panels are covered in fabric, with a choice of colors, and assembled to form two Y-shaped ends for versatile display use.

Freestanding Dry Erase Portable Wall
Freestanding Dry Erase Portable Wall

Freestanding Panel with Open Bottom
Freestanding Panel with Open Bottom

Instant Wall Panel
Instant Wall Panel

Mobile Markerboard and Vinyl Tackboard Panel
Mobile Markerboard and Vinyl Tackboard Panel

Mobile Room Divider
Mobile Room Divider

Modular Panel Divider
Modular Panel Divider

Optional Wall Starter Kit
Optional Wall Starter Kit

Tackable Acoustical Panel
Tackable Acoustical Panel

Wall Mount
Wall Mount


Adjustable Glides: Adjustable glides refer to a base support element found on many office products, including room divider panels and associated connecting devices. When placed on uneven floors, the adjustable glides can compensate for greater contact and stability during setup and reduced wobbling.

Adjustable-Height Casters: Adjustable-height casters are caster wheels that provide the option to increase or decrease height for leveling the room divider panel they support.

Angled Feet: Angled feet are found on the base of select mobile room divider products and offer a unique frame design with inward-facing angular feet. The wide feet stabilize the tall room divider panel and accommodate closer side-by-side grouping as desired.

Carpet Grips: Carpet grips are a set of 12 base enhancers that join with select modular panel collections to support setup and use on carpeted flooring. The carpet grips easily combine with the existing floor glides to stabilize and enhance panel setup in carpeted office space.

Crossbar with Storage Latch: A crossbar with storage latch is a frame component found on select wall units with multiple panels combined in a set. The panels fold flat and the crossbar with storage latch secures the folded panels for storage when not in use.

Die-Cast Aluminum Feet: Die-cast aluminum feet are base support feet for use with select room divider panel collections, composed of aluminum metal and made using a customized die to form a precise component that ensures consistent quality use.

Extra Wide Support Legs: Extra wide support legs generally refer to room divider panels with base legs that extend toward the front and back of the panel frames for enhanced stability to prevent tipping. Many room dividers with casters for mobility feature wide support legs for added balance.

Floor Mount Kit: The floor mount kit is an optional accessory kit for select room divider panel collections, designed to combine with the panels and provide a fixed mounting option for joining the panel to the office floor. Mounting screws are not included with the floor mount kit as the type of mounting screws needed depends on the flooring design.

Heavy-Duty Self-Leveling Casters: Heavy-duty self-leveling casters are caster wheels that provide lasting support of a mobile room divider panel unit and offer self-adjusting automatic leveling to compensate for use on uneven floors.

Hinged Base Rail: Hinged base rail refers to a select panel style with cable channel built into the frame, accessed through the base rail. The base rail is connected by a hinge joint to accommodate access and a vinyl protective cover enhances the base design.

Locking Casters: Locking casters are caster wheels that contain a parking break or lever-style lock that engages easily to stabilize the mobile room divider unit for safe use or storage.

Multi-Unit Connector for Instant Walls: The multi-unit connector for instant walls is an optional accessory that combines two or more 3-panel or 5-panel instant wall units for longer configurations and customized use in larger office spaces. Each multi-unit connector securely joins two instant wall units, as needed.

Optional Base Rail End Cover: Optional base rail end covers are a set of four cap-like enhancements that can be used to conceal the ends of room divider frames at the top and bottom for a completed look. To accommodate connections, room divider panels often have openings on the ends at the top and base rail; the optional base rail end cover set closes the openings to finish the frames on both ends of a room divider configuration.

Optional Portable Tablet: The optional portable tablet is a portable white dry-erase board that can be mounted to the Nexus Partition with customized mounting brackets or hangers.

Optional Tablet Mount Hanger: The optional tablet mount hanger is a custom-designed mounting bracket or hanger component that combines with the Nexus Partition to hold the optional portable tablet for convenient storage and use.

Optional Work Surfaces: Optional work surfaces are optional panel-style accessories designed to combine with select room divider panels for use as a work surface when assembled, reducing the need for separate desks and workstations. The optional work surface panels install within the assembled room divider panels using preset slots in the vertical frames.

Panel Clips: Panel clips are optional or included frame components that securely position two connected room divider panels with a choice of preset angles such as 90°, 135°, or 180°. The panel slips usually attach to the two panels at the top of the hinged connection.

Position-Control Hinge: The position-control hinge is an optional enhancement for instant walls, available in 3-panel and 5-panel types. The hinge design allows 3-panel or 5-panel instant walls to be positioned at any angle for customizing the setup and use of the instant wall unit.

Slotted Uprights: Slotted uprights are vertical frame components of select room divider panels that feature slots for holding and supporting optional work surface panels for a customized cubicle or workstation configuration.

Spread-End Mobile Feet: Spread-end mobile feet are base attachments or frame designs featuring wide feet that form an upside-down T-style shape with the lower frame of the room divider panel. The feet are set with casters to accommodate stabile use and mobility.

Steel Legs: Steel legs are leg-style support elements for room divider panels that are composed of steel and generally offer a matching finish or finish choices to coordinate with the overall room divider panel design.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters are caster wheels set in swivel-style mounting assemblies to allow 360° rotation for easier maneuvering and steering while the mobile room divider unit is in motion.

T-Base Locking Casters Set: T-base locking caster set is a pair of T-style base feet that attach to a room divider panel, with two locking casters on each. The T-style design adds balanced stability to the panel, and the locking casters enable movement and secure positioning as desired.

T-Base Foot Slide Set: The T-base foot slide set is a pair of attachments used to support a room divider panel. The two T-style feet attach to the base of the panel frame and offer standing setup and easy repositioning for adjustable privacy wall or room divider use. The smooth T-base design accommodates sliding motion on carpeted floor surfaces.\

2 Wall Connects with Adjustable Glides: The 2 wall connects with adjustable glides consist of two connecting devices used to support a room divider panel or the end of a panel configuration. The wall mount element secures to a wall and grips the frame of the panel, while an additional support element grips the lower frame and features an adjustable leveling glide to stabilize the panel on uneven floors. The set contains two of each component for support of the two panels independently or two ends of a larger configuration.

2-Way 90° Connector Kit: A 2-way 90° connector kit is an optional accessory kit for select room divider panel collections, with top and bottom connecting components used to join two panels at a 90° angle, forming the corner section of a cubicle or office layout.

2-Way 90° Connecting Post Set: The 2-way 90° connecting post set is a corner connecting element used to join two room divider panels at a 90° angle forming the corner of a cubicle or office configuration. The post has connecting components that join with two coordinating panels and stabilize the assembled arrangement for a finished professional look.

2-Way In-Line Connector Kit: A 2-way in-line connector kit is an optional accessory kit designed to join two panel units in a straight line or linear configuration for a longer privacy wall-type setup. The 2-way in-line connector kit typically includes connectors for the tops and bottoms of standing room divider panels to secure two panels side-by-side.

2-Way Right Connector with Leg: A 2-way right connector with leg is a connecting device used to join two room divider panels in a right-angle assembly with 90° corner formed by the connector components. The leg is a set of adjustable levelers that support the base connector piece and adjust to stabilize the assembled panels.

2-Way Straight Connector with Leg: A 2-way straight connector with leg is a customized room divider-connecting piece that joins two panel units in a straight, linear configuration. The connector has a floor glide-style leg that adjusts for leveling on uneven surfaces.

2-Way Straight Connector with T-Base Foot: The 2-way straight connector with T-base is a custom-designed connecting element used to join two coordinating room divider panels in a linear arrangement, with the added stability of a T-style foot on the base of the connected assembly.

3-Way 90° Connector Kit: A 3-way 90° connector kit is an optional accessory kit for room divider panels that contains a set of connecting devices that join three panel units in a 90° configuration with two panels forming a linear wall-type arrangement and the third panel joining at the center connection in a perpendicular layout. The layout can be used for a workstation, office, or cubicle division in an open office floor space, and combined with other panels and connector kits for a customized office layout.

3-Way Right Connector with Leg: The 3-way right connector with leg is a connecting device kit that joins three room divider panels and stabilizes with adjustable leveling legs on the base connector unit. The legs support the assembled panels and easily adjust to compensate for uneven flooring. The three panels are joined with two side-by-side in a linear configuration and the third intersecting them.

4-Way 90° Connector Kit: A 4-way 90° connector kit is an optional accessory kit that combines four individual room divider panels in a given collection for a cross-style configuration. The connector kit includes the necessary tools to join tops and bottoms of four panel units to a single connector set for use in a office or cubicle design. The cross-style layout can be used to form four conjoined workstations or cubicles alone or as part of a larger arrangement.

4-Way Right Connector with Leg: A 4-way right connector with leg is a customized connector kit for joining four room divider panels in a cross-style assembly forming 90° right angles around the center. The connectors have a square shape with connecting elements on each side for supporting a total of four panels, and the base connector piece has leg supports that adjust for leveling on uneven surfaces.

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is aluminum metal that has been treated with a special electrolytic passivation process that creates a thicker oxide layer on the surface of the metal to prevent damage from moisture and use. Anodized aluminum is often colored or finished with a decorative design.

Anodized Aluminum Hinges: Anodized aluminum hinges are hinge connectors composed of aluminum metal that have been anodized for protection from the elements and frequent use. The hinges join two coordinating room divider panels in given collections.

Anodized Satin Aluminum Finish: Anodized satin aluminum finish is a room divider design featuring aluminum metal that has been anodized for durability and finished for a smooth, non-shiny, satin look and feel.

Extendable Design: Extendable design typically describes room divider panels that are assembled with hinge connectors to allow the configuration to collapse for space-saving storage or extend to serve room divider needs.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is an Earth-friendly paint finishing process used on many steel metal components in room divider collections. The powdered paint is applied to the metal components and cured for a durable, hard, protective finish that lasts.

Extruded Aluminum Trim and Top Caps: Extruded aluminum trip and top caps refers to a typically lightweight room divider panel design featuring aluminum metal framing the panel with caps at the top of the frame to complete the design. Extruded aluminum is a manufacturing process that utilizes a custom-made die to form hollow aluminum tubes with a precise design, size, or pattern through the cross-section for enhanced support.

Fabric Panel Options: Fabric panel options refer to the choices for customizing fabric-covered room divider panels. Fabric panel options generally include a choice of fabrics including choice of color or pattern, or a choice from standard and premium or deluxe fabric options. Additional options include the overall size of the panels and the frame or trim finish, depending on the room divider panel design.

Flame-Resistant Panel Coverings: Flame-resistant panel coverings are fabric panel coverings that have fire-retardant or flame-resistant properties for a safer, durable appearance and lasting quality use.

Floor or Wall Connections: Floor or wall connections refer to the use of mounting connectors to fix a room divider panel to a wall or the floor for stationary placement. Floor-mount connectors and wall-mount connectors are available for many room divider panel collections.

Full-Length Aluminum Hinges: Full-length aluminum hinges are usually piano-style hinges that run from the top of a room divider frame to the bottom, providing balanced support for both connected components. The hinges are composed of aluminum metal for lightweight design and quality durability, and many aluminum hinges are anodized to protect from regular use.

Laminate Insert: Laminate insert refers to a laminate-finished panel insert found in many room divider panel collections. The insert is finished with durable laminate, in a variety of colors and styles, and inserted within the frame of the room divider panel to customize the finished look.

Laminate Panel Options: Laminate panel options refer to the available choices for customizing room divider panels finished with laminate. The typical laminate panel options include a choice of finish colors for the metal frame and a selection of laminate finishes in colors and/or patterns to suit different preferences.

Lightweight Aluminum Frame: A lightweight aluminum frame is a room divider panel frame composed of aluminum metal, often with a brushed aluminum or painted finish depending on the panel design. The aluminum frame provides stable support of the panel divider while maintaining a lightweight style for easy arranging and rearranging as needed.

Markerboard Tray Included: Room divider products with markerboard tray included typically feature a dry-erase markerboard insert within the panel design and include either a full-width tray or a magnetic tray accessory for storing dry-erase markers and eraser within easy reach.

Optional Accessory Tray: The optional accessory tray is a storage tray designed for use with magnetic markerboard panels, featuring a magnetic backside for mounting to the markerboard. The accessory tray accommodates convenient storage of dry-erase markers and erasers, keeping the essentials within reach for regular use.

Optional Connectors: Optional connectors refer to a variety of custom-designed connecting kits and components used to join room divider panels in a given collection for customized layouts to suit different needs. Connectors may accommodate straight, linear, 180° connections between two panels, or 90° connections, as well as a variety of three-panel and four-panel connectors for different arrangements.

Optional Dry Erase Marker and Eraser Set: An optional dry erase marker and eraser set is an optional accessory kit containing one of each dry erase marker color and a dry-erase markerboard eraser for convenience.

Optional Ganging Device: An optional ganging device is a convenient accessory used to join two or more room divider panels in a row for customized arrangements. The optional ganging device is available for select room divider collections with customized designs to fit the coordinating panel frames.

Optional Markerboard Cleaner: Optional markerboard cleaner is a liquid cleaning spray available for maintaining dry-erase markerboards. With continued use, dry-erase markers can leave ghosting on the boards, making it necessary to use a liquid dry-erase markerboard cleaner to refresh the surface and remove the signs of regular use.

Optional Wall Starter Kit: The optional wall starter kit is a set of room divider panel enhancers used to mount the end-unit of a panel configuration to a wall for stationary placement and overall room divider support. The wall starter kit typically includes a base attachment that stabilizes the lower part of the end-unit frame, and a mounting bracket that attaches to the wall and secures the upper part of the frame on the end-unit.

Paint Finish Options: Paint finish options typically refer to a choice of paint colors for finishing the frame of select room divider panels. Frame finish options are often provided for steel framed panels, while the aluminum framed panels are usually finished in a brushed metal design.

Panel-to-Panel Connections: Panel-to-panel connections refer to the joining of two individual room divider panels in a linear or angled configuration, usually with the aid of optional connector kits. Most room divider panels accommodate connections for customized layouts to divide and organize open floor space in an office or other professional setting.

Resin-Impregnated Closed-Cell Honeycomb Core: Screenflex room divider units are composed with a closed-cell honeycomb core panel design, with the honeycomb sells filled with resin for a lightweight design that lasts.

Resin-Impregnated Reinforced Honeycomb Core: The resin-impregnated, enclosed honeycomb cells of Screenflex panel units have a reinforced panel design featuring 10-lb. compressed fiberglass that is bonded to both sides of the room divider panels. The panels are finished with vinyl covering in a choice of colors to customize the look.

Scratch-Resistant Finish: Scratch-resistant finish refers to room divider finishes that resist scratches and signs of normal wear. Laminate and melamine finish, as well as eco-friendly powder-coat paint finish, are often described scratch-resistant.

Steel Frame: Steel frames refer to room divider panels of varying styles with steel metal comprising the frame. Steel frames are often finished with paint to protect the metal from exposure and use, and typically have a heavier design compared to panels framed with aluminum. The durable steel frame design provides lasting support for room dividers.

Tackable Natural Core Fiberboard: Tackable natural core fiberboard is a fiberboard panel design used to create the insert panels on select room divider models. The fiberboard is composed of natural wood fibers and covered with fabric or vinyl on most panel styles. The tackable design accepts pushpins, staples, and tacks for bulletin board use.

Translucent Acrylic Top Insert: Room divider panels with a translucent acrylic top insert feature a framed panel design with a acrylic plastic panel in the top portion of the frame, designed with a frosted look to allow natural light to shine through while maintaining privacy.

Vinyl Base Rail Cover: Vinyl base rail cover refers to a protective base component that covers and reinforces the hinged base rail designed to protect and conceal cables and wires for professional room divider panel setup and use. The vinyl base rail cover adds impact-resistant support for lasting quality performance.

Wall Mount Kit: A wall mount kit is a preconfigured set of mounting hardware used to attach select room divider panels to an office wall. The wall mount kit includes at least two mounting brackets that grip and secure the frame of a room divider panel to support the individual panel and any connected panels extending from the opposite side.

1” Aluminum Frame: A 1” aluminum frame refers to the lightweight aluminum metal frames on select room divider panels, designed to frame the panel inserts on both sides for a 1”-thick visible frame style. The 1” frame measurement typically refers to the visible frame, when viewing the panel from the front or back, and not necessarily to the overall width or depth of the frames. For example, the Snap Panel frames measure 1” on the panel sides but the overall depth of the panel is slightly less than 1½”-thick.

100% Polyester Fabrics: Tackable room divider panels finished with fabric are often made with 100% polyester fabric for lasting color or pattern and durable design. Polyester fabrics offer economical design solutions for many room divider collections.


Acoustical Shield Function: Acoustical shield function refers to the ability of select room divider panels to absorb or reduce sound in open floor settings for a more professional environment in which voices do not carry far.

ANSI/BIFMA: Room divider products listed as ANSI/BIFMA have been verified the quality design standards of the American National Standards Institute and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association.

Built-In Wire Management: Built-in wire management describes a variety of technology-friendly features designed to provide neater setup and use of wired devices. Cable channels built into room divider frames, grommet holes and wire pass-through features, as well as removable panel inserts, enable organized setup of computers and other equipment for a more professional presentation.

Easy-Clean Design: Easy-clean design generally refers to acrylic, plastic, laminate-finished, or vinyl-covered room divider panels that wipe clean easily for simplified upkeep.

Folds Against Wall for Storage: Room divider panel sets that indicate they fold against the wall for storage feature a frame design that accommodates expanding use as needed and folds for a nearly flat storage-friendly size to stay against the wall when not in use. The end panel unit is usually mounted to the wall.

Folds Flat: Room divider panel units that specify they fold flat are typically multi-panel units with hinge-like connections that accommodate fan-style folding and condense to a nearly flat configuration for out-of-the-way storage when not needed.

Green Features: Green features indicate the room divider product is constructed or finished with environmentally friendly materials and/or produced to be completely recyclable for an Earth-friendly product. The use of recycled materials or eco-friendly paint finish contributes to a product’s green features.

Hardware Included: Room divider products that are listed with hardware included arrive with all necessary hardware for setup and use.

Heavy-Duty Mounting Hardware Included: Heavy-duty mounting hardware is included with select room divider panel units to accommodate immediate use with the option to mount the end unit to a wall for stationary placement and added support.

Interchangeable Width and Height: Interchangeable width and height refers to the ability to rotate room divider panels for a portrait or landscape orientation. This is typically accomplished with removable and repositionable base components for standing support and stability.

Spring Suspension System: A spring suspension system is an integrated design feature on select room divider panel products that automatically adjust to level the panels, dry-erase boards, or bulletin boards when positioned on uneven floor surfaces.

TAA Compliant: Room dividers that are listed as being TAA compliant have design and/or production features that meet the requirements set by the 1979 Trade Agreements Act.

This Unit is Not Freestanding: Room divider products list with the description “this unit is not freestanding” indicate the panel requires additional components to function. The additional components needed may be a base kit, such as T-base or caster attachments, or a mounting kit for mounting to a wall or the floor.

UL Greenguard: UL Greenguard indicates the room divider product is made within standards set and verified by Underwriter Laboratories regarding a environmentally friendly and health-conscious design.