Printer Stands

A printer stand is a customized storage unit that offers a spacious platform shelf, strong enough to support a typical office printer, with additional storage shelves or spaces for paper and supplies.


Desk-Side Printer Stand: A desk-side printer stand has a compact size but likely too tall to fit underneath standard-sized desks while supporting a printer. The convenient desk-side positioning keeps printed documents within quick reach, supporting fast-paced work environments and business settings.

Dual-Printer Stand: A dual printer stand offers space for storing two printer devices in a neat arrangement. Most printer stands include additional storage space for paper or other supplies and most are set on casters for mobility.

Laser Printer Stand: Laser printers are generally larger than other typical printer models and a laser printer stand will offer the space to support its larger size. Laser printer stands may be used with non-laser printers as well, and offer storage space for supplies.

Meeting Cart: A meeting cart offers support for business gatherings, such as refreshments, office supplies, writing utensils, or other items.

Mobile Beverage Cart: A mobile beverage cart is set on casters and provides storage space for refreshments, beverages, and other conference or office needs.

Mobile Sorter: A mobile sorter provides paper-sized compartments for sorting printer and copier paper, or for organizing documents, forms, and other office essentials. The mobile sorter usually contains storage space for additional supplies and the top can function as a shelf for many office machines, such as fax machine or printer.

Mobile Utility Cart: Mobile utility cabinets offer flexible storage for a wide range of office or business items, and the two-door layout is set on casters. Two casters lock to stabilize the cart for safe loading and access, and the two-door enclosure locks for security.

Multipurpose Office Stand: Multipurpose office stands feature versatile designs and sizes, ready to support fax machine or telephone, printer, or other equipment and supplies.

Single-Machine Stand: A single machine stand is designed to support one technology device such as a printer, fax machine, scanner or other device. The stand may have open shelves or an enclosed compartment for storing office supplies, or other essentials to enhance use of the machine.

Under-Desk Printer Stand: Under-desk printer stands have a convenient height that fits underneath most work surfaces while supporting a printer and maintaining mobility atop its casters.

Desk-Side Printer Stand
Desk-Side Printer Stand

Single-Machine Printer Stand
Single-Machine Stand

Under-Desk Printer Stand
Under-Desk Printer Stand

Printer Stand Finishes

Heat Resistant Top Surface: Heat-resistant surface refers to a laminate or melamine surface, offering durable support that withstands regular use.

Laminate Finish: Laminate finish is usually applied under pressure and with heat to secure the laminate bond. The laminate finish is scratch and stain-resistant.

Laminate Top: Carts and stands with laminate tops have a top work surface or shelf finished in high-pressure laminate. The laminate finish offers lasting protection from regular use, including impact-resistance, scratch-resistance, and stain-resistance.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is applied like laminate, using pressure and heat, but with fewer layers forming the completed finish. Melamine offers durability and damage-resistance comparable to laminate and provides long-lasting color or pattern with easy to clean surface.

Scratch Resistant Finish: Scratch-resistant finish is almost always laminate or melamine, but also powder-coat paint finish and other finishing styles. The surfaces of these finishes resist the development of scratches caused by regular use for lasting appearance with less wear.

Stain Resistant Finish: Stain-resistant finish includes high-pressure laminate and thermofused melamine, both of which resist the appearance of stains.

Water-Repelling Top Surface: Water-repelling top surfaces are finished with laminate or similar surface finish that offers a non-porous, easy to clean, damage-resistant worktop.

Printer Stand Components

Adjustable Interior Shelf: An adjustable interior shelf is contained within a cabinet and offers a range of positions or the option to remove the shelf completely.

Casters: Printer stands are set on casters allowing them to easily be moved when needed.

European Hinges: European hinges have a concealed position, supporting cabinet doors from top to bottom but with the hinge remaining inside the cabinet when the doors are closed.

Fixed Shelf, Fixed Interior Shelf: A fixed shelf is not adjustable, but instead offers reinforcing support for the overall structure and frame. Most interior cabinets contain a fixed bottom shelf that doubles as the base of the cabinet. A fixed interior shelf may refer to the fixed bottom shelf or to a middle shelf that is fixed in place.

Full-Extension Drawer Slides: Full-extension drawer slides allow storage drawers to be pulled from within their compartment, providing full view and access to the interior of the drawer.

Interior Door Pocket: An interior door pocket is a folder-sized compartment attached to the inside surface of one or more cabinet doors.

Interior Wire Basket: In our printer stand collections, the interior wire basket refers to a paper-sized pocket composed of metal wire and installed to the inner surface of one cabinet door.

Lock-Open Shelf: A lock-open shelf has a safety mechanism that engages when the shelf is pulled open.

Pull-Out Accessory Shelf: A pull-out accessory shelf has a standard flat shelf-style design and is installed on runners or drawer slides that allow the shelf to be pulled out from within the storage compartment.

Side Pocket: Side pockets can refer to folder-sized pockets attached to the sides of printer stands or similar storage units. The pocket holds standard letter-sized (8½” by 11”) file folders for quick access.

2/3-Extension Drawer Slides: Drawers set on 2/3 extension slides do not fully extend from within their compartments. Each drawer extends roughly two-thirds of the way from within the compartment, with one-third of the drawer remaining inside the compartment whenever the drawer is accessed.

Printer Stand with Side Pocket
Side Pocket


Cam Lock: A cam lock is designed with a key-activated latch that moves when the key is turned.

Full-Height Recessed Door Pull: A recessed door pull is set into the door panel, providing a surface that remains level or flat. The recessed door pull is often a full-height door pull, extending from top to bottom along the opening edge of the door panel.

Matching Edge: Printer stands with matching edge have edges finished with laminate or melamine to match the top surfaces.

Letter-Sized Slots: Letter-sized slots are mail slots or paper shelves that are large enough to hold standard 8½” by 11” letter-sized papers and folders.

Magnetic Door Latch: A magnetic door latch secures cabinet doors when closed to prevent unwanted opening.

Protective Edge: Protective edging includes vinyl and other bumper edging added to the sides of printer stand and other furniture panels. The protective edging absorbs shock from bumps and impact, protects the surface finishes to prevent lifting, peeling or other damage.

PVC Edge: PVC edges are composed of PVC plastics and surround the edges of the panels, concealing rough edges, protecting the surface finishes, and enhancing the overall design.

Removable Shelves: Removable shelves allow users to customize the storage space, increasing available space for larger items when needed.

Retainer Lip, Retaining Edges: Retainer lip or retaining edges refer to raised sides surrounding a shelf or work surface.

Shared Lock: A shared lock is a single lock mechanism that secures multiple doors or drawers.

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors are set in door runners, with an overlapped position allowing one door to slide fully open behind or in front of the other door, depending on which side is accessed.

Construction Materials

Cam and Post Assembly: Printer stands with cam and post assembly are easy to assemble with predrilled holes for cams and posts in adjoining panels. Cams are inserted into larger round holes while the posts are usually screwed into smaller predrilled holes, by hand.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: The powder-coat finishing process is considered “greener” than traditional liquid paints.

Furniture Grade Wood: Furniture grade wood is wood that offers quality shape and support, generally containing fewer defects or potential weak points.

Steel Base: Printer stands and storage units with steel base designs have steel components joined to form the base cabinet or frame structure. Steel components are usually finished with a durable paint, and often feature a lasting powder-coat for attractive design.


Adjustable Shelf Increments: Adjustable shelf increments are the measurements of the spacing between the predrilled holes that are spaced evenly, at 1”-increments.

Green Features: Green features include the use of environmentally friendly paint, and the powder-coat finishing process, use of recycled materials in the production and shipping. Other green features include efforts taken by the manufacturers to cut their environmental impact of their given designs and production.

Open Storage: Open storage includes open-front shelves such as those on a bookcase, or cubbyholes. The design is less secure than closed storage, without the benefit of a door, lock, or other enclosure.

Recessed Top: Recessed tops are usually surrounded on one or more sides by raised edges to prevent spills.