Outdoor Planters: Outdoor planters are decorative elements for outdoor and landscape design, often including a plastic liner to contain potting soil, roots, and water. Many outdoor planters are designed to coordinate with outdoor seating and tables.

Outdoor Planter
Outdoor Planters

Round Planter: Round planters have flat base designs with cylindrical-style shaping to form a circular decorative planter. The planter is measured by diameter, across the widest part of the circular shape, and a plastic interior liner is included to contain the potting soil, roots, and water.

Square Planter: Square planters are box-style decorative planting containers with plastic liner, featuring four equal sides and a base. The square planters are offered in 19” and 24” and the base may be flat or raised depending on design.


Raised Base: Raised base outdoor planters have bottom components that stand above the ground or flooring with four-leg support frame.

Construction Materials

Corner Block Supports: Corner block supports help strengthen assembled connections in wood outdoor planters. Triangular blocks are added at the corner joints formed by two or more wood components, and the blocks are joined to the connected wood components to reinforce the assembly.

Round Planter
Round Planter

Impact-Resistant UltraCoat: Impact-resistant UltraCoat is a finishing process that uses thermoplastic coating without PVC plastic to coat and protect metal, usually steel, components of the outdoor planters. The finish is resistant to cutting, bumps, impact, and other occurrences with regular use. The finish is also protected from UV exposure.

MIG-Welded Frame: Steel or metal outdoor planters that are MIG welded have been manufactured and assembled using a metal inert gas (MIG) welding process. Wire electrodes are used to melt, combine, and secure two or more metal parts for a lasting connection.

Mortise and Tenon Joints: Mortise and tenon joints are woodworking connections similar to the design of classic puzzle pieces. Angled shapes are cut into the edges of one wood piece and matching shapes are cut out from the corresponding piece. When combined, the two pieces cannot easily be pulled apart.

Plastic Liner: Plastic liners enhance the designs of most outdoor planters. The plastic liner protects the planter from use, providing a means of containing the potting soil, water, and plant roots for neater appearance, setup, and presentation.

Square Planter
Square Planter

Powder-Coated Anchor Brackets: Powder-coated anchor brackets are metal L-shaped brackets sued to mount wood outdoor planters to the ground, deck, patio or other flooring. The metal brackets are finished with powder-coat paint for lasting durable protection from the elements.

Solid Shorea Wood Design: Solid Shorea hardwood is a Teak wood alternative, with economical price and similar appearance. The Shorea hardwood has a natural woodtone that can be maintained with Teak or specialty wood care products, or allowed to weather to a warm gray tone.

Solid Wood Dowels: Solid wood dowels are wooden rods cut and shaped to fit predrilled holes in two conjoining wood pieces of outdoor planters. The use of wood dowels helps reinforce connections and assembly.

Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care products such as Teak oils are used to maintain the natural wood tones of Teak and Shorea wood products including outdoor planters. The Teak wood care products reduce weathering or fading of the wood tone appearance.


Green Features: Green features refer to environmentally friendly design and manufacturer features of outdoor planters. The use of eco-friendly powder-coating or thermoplastic finish, recycled materials, or the resultant recyclable product are all examples of green features found in outdoor product collections.

Matching Benches: Matching benches are available for select outdoor planters for coordinating seating elements with matching finish and design.

Matching Indoor/Outdoor Seating: Outdoor planters are designed to coordinate with indoor/outdoor seating products from corresponding collections and brands. This simplifies the shopping process and provides a means of matching designs and finishes.

Matching Tables: Outdoor tables with matching designs and finish options are available for most outdoor planters to allow easier coordinating for a complete configuration.

Matching Trash Receptacles: Many outdoor planters have coordinating trash receptacles for a matching set to decorate and enhance any park, playground, business, or landscape. Coordinating tables, seating, and benches are also available for most outdoor collections.