Outdoor Tables

Outdoor tables are collections of standard-height and tall tables designed for indoor or outdoor use, with protective finishes and care options to maintain the appearance and quality with regular use and exposure to outdoor elements. Many outdoor tables are part of larger collections with matching outdoor seating, benches, planters, and garbage cans.


Bar Tables: Bar tables are often designed taller than standard-height tables to accommodate use with bar stools. Outdoor bar tables will have durable finishes that endure exposure to the environment.

Bar Table
Bar Tables

Bistro Tables: Bistro tables for outdoor use come in square and round shapes, with varying sizes, in standard-height 29”-tall designs. The protective finishes provide durable performance in outdoor settings.

Folding Table: Outdoor folding tables collapse for space-saving storage or to accommodate easier transport. Some tables have tabletops that fold down against the base, with the X-style base collapsing for a flatter folded profile.

Folding X-Base Table: Folding X-base tables have divided X-base elements, with four connecting legs forming an X-like shape. The legs flatten against each other for a folded frame to accommodate space-saving storage and transport, with tabletops that typically fold down against the base.

Food Court Table: Food court tables provide durable finish for safe outdoor use, with choice of decorative of solid tabletop designs and shapes for different needs.

Outdoor Coffee Table: Outdoor coffee table units are designed long, with predominantly rectangular shapes, in a low-frame design for traditional coffee table use. The coffee tables are finished with protective finishes for use outdoors.

Outdoor Dining Table: Outdoor dining tables are designed with comfortable eating surfaces, stabilized on a sturdy frame and base for wobble-free use. Dining tables come in a variety of sizes and styles, to suit different needs.

Outdoor End Table: Outdoor end tables are finished in protective finishing styles to support safe, quality performance in outdoor settings, with a small frame and size to serve as an end table between or beside seating elements. End tables are often square or nearly square in shape, and matching coffee tables are usually available in the collection.

Outdoor Glass Tables: Outdoor glass tables are made with durable tempered glass tabletops and supportive pedestal bases, finished to endure outdoor use in lasting style.

Folding X-Base Table
Folding X-Base Table

Picnic Table: Picnic tables typically have attached bench-style seating on two or more sides depending on the table shape, size, and design. Picnic tables come in square, round, and classic rectangle shapes, as well as ADA-compliant designs with excluded bench or benches for wheelchair access.

Portable Café Furniture: Portable café furniture consists of tables and other indoor/outdoor products that can easily be rearranged, moved, or repositioned for different needs and locations.

Stainless Steel Table: Stainless steel tables are made with a thick stainless steel tabletop in square or round designs, with a smooth finish but decorative look. The single pedestal support frame is aluminum, finished for lasting appearance, and the X-base is stainless steel for stabilizing support. The stainless steel tables are made for indoor and outdoor use.

Synthetic Wood Tables: Synthetic wood tables are made of patented resin, created to resemble the textured look and feel of natural wood but in a 100% recyclable, easily maintained washable design. The synthetic wood tabletops resist buildup of germs, bacteria, and dirt.

Teak Tables: Teak tables are made with Teak wood tabletops, featuring a natural teak wood tone finish that can be maintained with Teak oil or specialty care products. Without the use of the specialty care products, the Teak wood will weather from exposure to the elements, transitioning to a warm gray tone.

Tilting Table: Tilting tables have tabletops that release with a lever to stand vertically with the frame or base for space-saving storage and transport.

Wicker-Look Table: The wicker-look tables are made with a patented resin tabletop featuring textured natural-look wicker appearance in a durable, washable, low-maintenance design. The resin tabletop is resistant to dirt, germs, and bacteria build-up for lasting quality.


Aluminum Base: Aluminum base can refer to the pedestal post, the very bottom of the base and frame, or the entire frame assembly. Aluminum metal frame and base components may be galvanized or otherwise finished for protection from the elements, outdoor exposure, and use.

Arch Base: Arch base describes decorative-style base designs with curved, arch-like shaping. The arch base may have additional decorative detailing added for an attractive design.

Food Court Table
Food Court Table

Four-Leg Umbrella Base: Four-leg umbrella base tables have an X-style frame layout with four legs comprising a pseudo-pedestal frame. The legs angle outward to form the four points of the X-style base, and an opening remains at the very center of the frame to accommodate the post or pole of a patio umbrella.

Matching Resin Pedestal Base: Matching resin pedestal base describes the wood-look resin table designs with matching tabletop and frame. These tables are durable, washable, and resist building up dirt, germs, and bacteria.

Removable Umbrella-Ready Wood Plug: Removable umbrella-ready plug indicates the addition of a cap or plug used to close a hole in the center of the tabletop made for an optional patio umbrella. The plug creates a smooth, solid tabletop look and the plug can be instantly removed for adding an umbrella as needed.

Stainless Steel Fasteners: Stainless steel fasteners are connectors and other metal components made of steel with a stainless steel finish for durable performance in outdoor environments. Stainless steel resists staining, rust, and corrosion for lasting quality use.

X-Style Base: X-style base designs range from classic X-base with single pedestal post, to decorative X-like shaped bases and artistically detailed pedestals. X-style base designs with folding options have multiple parts that connect to form the X-base then separate and/or fold to accommodate storage and transport.

Outdoor End Table
Outdoor End Table

Construction Materials

Adjustable Leveling Glides: Adjustable leveling glides are fitted to the base components of many outdoor tables, allowing users to adjust one or more glides for taller or shorter table height at that corner or leg, stabilizing the table on uneven surfaces.

Antiskid Glides: Antiskid glides are enhancements added to the base or legs of outdoor tables to prevent slipping and sliding on various surfaces for safer, more comfortable use. The antiskid glides may be fixed or adjustable, or self-adjusting to also accommodate uneven flooring and surfaces depending on the table design.

Clear Polymer Finish: A clear polymer finish is a durable, lasting, clear topcoat used to protect the metal and finish of select outdoor table frames.

Corner Block Supports: Corner block supports are triangular blocks added at the 90° angle joints of some wooden outdoor tables. The blocks reinforce the conjoined pieces of the table and add strength to the overall structure and design.

Picnic Table
Picnic Table

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a dry paint finish applied using a powder coating technique considered to be more eco-friendly than traditional liquid paints. The cured pain finish resists damage from scratches and use, and provides lasting protection from exposure to the elements.

Frosted Tempered Glass: Frosted tempered glass is glass that has been treated to create a stronger quality tabletop that, if broken, breaks into safer tiny granules as opposed to sharp pieces. The frosted appearance allows light to pass through but presents a translucent tabletop that hinders see-through visibility.

Galvanized Frame: Galvanized frames are steel, aluminum, or other metal frames that are dipped or galvanized, usually with Zinc, to thicken enhance durability and resistance to corrosion, rust, and damage.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Aluminum: Hot-dipped galvanized aluminum is aluminum metal that has been dipped into molten zinc to galvanize the surfaces for lasting protection against corrosion, rust, and other damage associated with outdoor exposure and use.

Impact-Resistant UltraCoat Finish: Impact-resistant UltraCoat finish is a high-quality thermoplastic coating designed without PVC plastics, offering a durable bond to metal frames with smooth finish, lasting color, and protected design. The UltraCoat finish is cut-resistant, enduring contact with landscape tools, and UV resistant for lasting appearance with outdoor use.

J-Style Frame: J-style frames are used with select picnic table models, with the lower half of the J-shape supporting the attached benches. The frame design allows easier sitting and exiting of the picnic table.

Tilting Table
Tilting Table

Leg Levelers: Leg levelers can be self-adjusting or adjustable glides that enhance the ability to stabilize tables on uneven surfaces. Typically, one leg leveler is positioned per leg, or four evenly spaced under an X-base or round base to help prevent wobbling on uneven flooring or ground.

MIG-Welded Steel Frame: MIG-welded steel frames are steel outdoor table frames welded using metal inert gas (MIG) welding techniques. Electrodes are used to melt the steel on conjoining pieces, combine them, and the steel solidifies forming a permanent bond.

Molded Melamine and Resin Tabletop: Molded melamine and resin tabletops feature wood-like textured finishes and natural colors for a decorative effect with enhanced durability. The finished tabletop is washable for hassle-free upkeep, with germ-resistant, dirt-resistant, and bacteria-resistant qualities.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery: Mortise and tenon joinery is a woodworking technique used to combine two pieces of wood with a secure joint. Shapes are cut out from one edge of one piece, and matching shapes are cut into the corresponding edge, allowing the two wood pieces to combine like traditional puzzle pieces and not easily pull apart.

Powder-Coated Anchor Brackets: Powder-coated anchor brackets are mounting brackets, usually composed of steel or metal, finished with durable powder-coat paint, and used to mount outdoor tables to patio, deck, ground, or other surface.

Radius Edges: Radius edges are the edges of tabletops that have been smoothed and rounded to remove angles and enhance safe use and appearance.

Round Base: Round base indicates the bottom element of the frame or pedestal is round. The round base design offers stable support for outdoor tables in a variety of sizes and styles.

Round Corners: Round corners refer to the removal of sharp angles on square and rectangular tabletops, with the corners then smoothed for a rounded shape.

Recycled Plastic: Recycled plastic refers to plastic outdoor table components made from recycled plastic material for added green features and Earth-friendly design.

Shorea Hardwood Design: Shorea hardwood design refers to the Teak-like appearance of economical tables made from Shorea wood. The Shorea wood provides similar appearance and quality to Teak, maintainable with Teak wood care products, or allowing the appearance to weather from outdoor use.

Smooth Molded Melamine: Smooth molded melamine is melamine plastic that has been molded to form a smooth work surface for outdoor tables and other furniture elements. The melamine is easily maintained and resists damage for long-lasting quality use.

Steel Pedestal Base: Steel pedestal base refers to the single-post frame of many outdoor tables, usually supported and stabilized with a round or X-base at the bottom. The steel is finished with protective paint or coating, often using powder-coat finish for a lasting appearance.

Steel Reinforcement: Steel reinforcement refers to the steel bars in 100% recycled plastic plank outdoor tables, with bars adding strength and support to the structure and frame.

Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care products refer to specialty wood care products, such as Teak oil, used to maintain the natural wood tones of Teak, Shorea, and similar wood outdoor tables. Without the use of the Teak wood care products, these wooden tables weather over time, from exposure to sun and environment, creating a warm gray wood tone finish.

Textured Tabletop: Textured tabletops feature decorative textured surfaces creating the appearance and feel of wood, wicker, or other natural material but usually composed of melamine, resin, or plastic.

Table with X-Style Base
X-Style Base

Textured Wood-Look Resin: Textured wood-look resin features a textured appearance and feel with the decorative style of natural wood or wicker furniture for artistic effect. The resin tabletops are washable and resist the buildup of dirt, bacteria, and germs for lasting quality use in outdoor settings.

Thermoplastic-Coated Steel: Thermoplastic-coated steel indicates the use of a thermoplastic paint-style finish that securely bonds to the steel surfaces, providing a long-lasting smooth, rich color finish that withstands outdoor use, regular contact, and UV exposure.

Tekwood: Tekwood creates the appearance of a Teak wood design but Tekwood is a polystyrene product used as a wood alternative. Unlike Teak or Shorea wood tables, Tekwood maintains the natural wood tone appearance without the need for specialty care products to prevent weathering.

Welded Aluminum Frame: Welded aluminum frames are composed of aluminum metal, finished and/or galvanized for lasting protected support in outdoor environments, and the manufacturer welded the components for a permanent assembled setup. Alternatively, parts of the aluminum frame may be welded, still requiring some assembly upon receipt.

Zinc-Plated Hardware: Zinc-plated hardware describes metal screws, bolts, and other hardware connections that are treated with zinc to form protective finishes that resist corrosion and rust for lasting outdoor use.

J-Style Frame Table
J-Style Frame

100% Recycled Plastic Planks: Outdoor tables made with 100% recycled plastic planks are composed of plank-style elements made form 100% recycled plastics, and designed to resemble traditional wood planks with a choice of colors to customize.


ADA-Accessible Design: ADA-accessible design indicates the outdoor table is designed to accommodate wheelchair access in accordance with ADA standards. These tables typically have attached benches on several sides, with one or more benches missing for convenient wheelchair approach and access to the table surface.

ANSI/BIFMA: The American national Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) evaluate and certify furniture products as high-quality, up to standard, and well-designed for use in business and industrial settings.

Attached Seating: Attached seating is typically seen with picnic tables, featuring bench-style seats on two or more sides of the rectangular, square or round tabletops.

Color Throughout: Color throughout indicates the tabletop finish has color added throughout the manufacturing process for a durable, lasting, fade-resistant appearance.

Green Features: Green features range from finishes to 100% recyclable product designs, offering an eco-friendly shopping feature. Many green feature products are finished with environmentally friendly powder-coat paint.

Mounting Options: Mounting options are given for select outdoor tables such as portable table frames without mounting, or in-ground and on-ground mounting options depending on needs.

Recyclable Aluminum Design: Recyclable aluminum design refers to outdoor tables designed with aluminum components and fully, 100% recyclable upon completion of use, making disposal easier.

Separate Color Selection (Frame & Top): Separate color selection for the outdoor table frame and top indicate buyers can select matching or coordinating colors for the tabletop finish and base finish for a customized look.

Surface Design Options: Surface design options are available for select outdoor tables, such as diamond patterns, perforated dot-like patterns, or solid tabletop to suit different needs and preferences.

Tabletop Options: Tabletop options are individual options that allow customization of a tabletop in a given collection. For example, select tables include options for Teak wood in untouched, natural or vintage wood tone shades, or an alternative graphite finish to accommodate different location and decorative needs.

Table with Attached Seating
Attached Seating

Umbrella-Ready Table Design: Umbrella-ready table design indicates the presence of a central hole, often with a cover or cap to close the opening when not in use. The holes are designed to support standard patio umbrellas for shade from sun, rain, and elements.

Wear-Resistant Design: Wear-resistant design indicates the use of high quality, durable finishes to prevent scratches and signs of wear and tear with regular use.

Weather-Resistant Design: Weather-resistant design indicates the outdoor table has been manufactured and finished to endure outdoor use.

100% Recyclable: Outdoor tables that are 100% recyclable are listed as having Green Features, offering an easily disposable design in an Earth-friendly manner when finished with that product line or style.