Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is a collection of chairs, benches, and seating rows designed to support indoor or outdoor use. Many styles have coordinating tables for matching sets.


Aluminum Stack Chair: Aluminum stack chairs are lightweight stackable outdoor seating elements comprised of aluminum and finished for safe outdoor use. The four-leg frame with integrated armrests accommodates stacking for space-saving storage and easy transport.

Bar Chair: Bar chairs are designed with seat and backrest, with or without armrests depending on the design, with a frame made taller to accommodate the height or bar countertops or taller bar tables.

Beach Chair: Beach chairs are made lower to the ground, with a seat-height set at about 11”-high, typical of beach and lawn chairs to accommodate lounging postures with legs extended.

Beam Seating: Beam seating features a metal beam-style frame supporting two or more individual seats and/or tabletops in a row. The beam provides fixed row grouping, with interchangeable seat and table positions on units with table and chair components.

Chaise Lounge: Chaise lounge (or chaise longue) is a long chair typically designed for sun bathing, beach, pool, or lawn use. The seat and backrest usually support angled postures for more relaxed sitting, and the front of the seat extends to support legs.

Circular Base Chair: Circular base chair units have a tube-style frame with angled support post that extends to form a circular ring for stabilized base with unique contemporary design.

Food Court Chair: Food court chairs have traditional food court or dining facility designs with four-leg frames, integrated armrests, and comfortable sizing for relatively universal seating comfort. The designs are durable for quality outdoor use.

Four-Leg Chair: Four-leg chairs designed for outdoor seating may have classic straight legs or angled legs for stability support. A four-leg frame supports the individual seat, and the seat may be one-piece or two-piece in design, with or without armrests.

Indoor/Outdoor Seating: Indoor/outdoor seating typically refers to seating elements made suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The finishes will resist damage from the weather and exposure to the elements, and the styles will coordinate with indoor or outdoor décor.

Outdoor Armchair: Outdoor armchairs are specifically made for outdoor use, with durable rot-resistant wood construction and the option to maintain natural wood color with specialty wood care products or allow the wood to weather to a warm gray tone.

Portable Café Furniture: Portable café furniture is designed for café, bistro, food court, or other dining facilities, with designs that accommodate outdoor use. These furniture products typically include standard-height chairs and taller chairs for use with standard and tall dining-style tables.

Side Chair: Side chairs are designed for decorative effect and guest seating in a variety of locations, with contoured seat and backrest are available with or without armrests. Many side chairs have four-leg frames for a classic-style appearance.

Sling Seat/Back Chair: Sling seat/back chairs feature fabric seat and backrest components, pulled taut for lasting support.

Stacking Chair: Stacking chairs are designed with frames that stack vertically for space-saving storage and easier transport or rearranging. The frames usually have four-leg designs and a maximum quantity of stacked chairs is listed for each style to ensure safe use.

Swivel Chair: Swivel chair describes the outdoor seating element with one individual seat set on a pedestal-style frame with a stabilized base. The seat rotates on the frame for 360° swivel motion.

Wicker Seat Design: Wicker seat design refers to a resin and laminate furniture design made with a textured surface to resemble traditional wicker furniture but with a durable, washable, recyclable finished product.

Wood Seat/Back Chair: Wood seat/back chairs feature durable frames with wood slats forming the seat and backrest components. The seat and backrest are usually curved or contoured for improved comfortable use.


Arms/Arm Rests: Outdoor seating with arms or armrests have arm support elements at the sides of the seat for enhanced comfort. The armrests may be separate components designed to match, or they may extend from the legs or frame for a fluid appearance.

Contoured Seat: Contoured seat describes outdoor chairs and seating elements with a seat shaped for natural fit and comfort. The contoured seats generally have curved subtle dips through the middle and rounded front edges to enhance personal comfort.

Curved Seat and Back: Outdoor chairs with a curved seat and backrest have shaping applied to the seat and back for enhanced natural fit and comfort. The backrest typically curved inward at the lower-back lumbar region to provide increased spine contact and support, and the seat typically curves or dips gently from the edges to the middle for a more natural feel.

Foot Pads: Foot pads provide stability for seating elements, reducing slips and sliding, as well as protection for flooring and the frame by cushioning movement during typical use.

Gas Lift: Gas lift refers to the adjustable height mechanism in select outdoor chairs. The gas lift is integrated with the base and activated by an under-seat lever to adjust seat-height for comfort.

Integrated Arms: Integrated arms are armrests built into the chair frame, often extending from the legs or base for a more fluid or flowing appearance.

Nylon Floor Glides: Nylon floor glides provide support for the legs of outdoor chairs with protection from wear or warping caused by use on uneven outdoor surfaces. The nylon glides also protect patio and floor surfaces from movement and use of the chairs and products, reducing scratches and noise caused by typical use.

Wrapped Armrest Grips: Wrapped armrest grips are grip-style sections of the armrests on some outdoor chair models, with wrapped-style covering around the metal frame, designed to match the seat and backrest design.

Construction Materials

Aluminum Legs: Select models of outdoor chairs feature aluminum legs for a lighter-weight design. The legs are finished with eco-friendly paint, typically powder-coat paint, and enhanced with protective footpads or caps for better use.

Angled Legs: Angled legs help stabilize the seating element by enhancing contact with the floor or ground for improved support on outdoor surfaces. The angled legs reduce tipping for better seating comfort and safety in larger or longer seating products such as beam seating.

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is aluminum metal that has been processed using electrolytic passivation to form a thicker oxide layer on the surfaces of the aluminum metal, increasing strength, durability, resistance to corrosion, and allowing better finishing for paints.

Corner Block Supports: Corner block supports are triangular wood components used to reinforce the connections within wood seating. The 90° angle of the block supports is fitted at the corner-angle made by two conjoining wood pieces, and the block is joined to the two pieces reinforcing the assembly.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Paint Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat paint finish is a finishing process often used with steel and metal components of outdoor seating. The powder-coat paint finishing process is considered eco-friendly due to the paint format, and the cured paint finish is durable, scratch-resistant, and provides lasting protection for the metal components.

Frosted Tempered Glass: Frosted tempered glass is used to create tabletops on select beam seating and matching table elements. Tempered glass is treated to enhance durability and safety, ensuring that the glass breaks into tiny granules instead of large, dangerous shards in the event of breakage. The frosted design provides a translucent appearance.

Gray Poly Trim: Gray poly trim is used to frame, support, and shape the seats in select outdoor collections. The plastic trim is molded to form the desired contoured shaping for comfortable support and natural sitting postures, with waterproof mesh used to form the seat and back within the gray poly trim frame.

Impact-Resistant Ultra-Coat Finish: Impact-resistant UltraCoat finish is a thermoplastic coating applied to select outdoor seating products without using PVC plastics, providing lasting appearance with fade-resistant UV protection. The environmentally friendly finish is smooth and durable, easy to clean, and resists the growth of mold or mildew.

Interchangeable Seat and Table: Interchangeable seat and table describes the ability to switch locations of seats and tabletops in a single beam-seating element. The designs accommodate any position on the beam for convenient customizing.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery: Mortise and tenon joinery indicates the use of classic woodworking techniques to form connections between conjoining wood pieces in outdoor furniture. Shapes are cut into the edges of one piece, with cutouts made in the corresponding piece to match the shapes. When fitted together, the two pieces do not easily pull apart, similar to the connections formed with puzzle pieces.

Polyethylene Wicker Design: Polyethylene wicker design is a plastic polyethylene alternative to traditional wicker furniture, with the same wicker look and feel, but easy-clean style and lasting durability. These outdoor seating elements often feature wrapped armrest grips to match.

Powder-Coated Anchor Brackets: Anchor brackets are available for many outdoor seating to mount the chairs, stools, or other structures to patio, deck, or ground. The anchor brackets are finished with powder-coat paint for lasting durable protection from the elements and use.

Resin and Laminate Design: Resin and laminate design describes select outdoor seating that has been produced using textured resin for a natural wicker-style or wooden appearance that offers enhanced durability with an easy-clean dirt-resistant and germ-resistant quality.

Rust-Resistant Hardware: Rust-resistant hardware typically refers to hardware components of outdoor seating such as bolts, screws, brackets, and connectors that have been galvanized or finished with protective paint coating to prevent rust and corrosion.

Sling Fabric Design: Sling fabric design is used in select outdoor seating, including chairs and lounges. The seat and backrest are made with durable fabric, installed for lasting taut support to ensure quality seating use. The sling fabric is available in black and natural colors.

Solid Shorea Hardwood: Solid Shorea hardwood is an alternative to Teak wood outdoor furniture and seating products, with a similar appearance but economical price. The Shorea hardwood, like Teak, will weather to a warm gray tone over time if not treated regularly with specialty wood care products.

Solid Wood Dowels: Solid wood dowels are wood rod-like pieces used to connect two conjoining wood panels or parts of outdoor seating. Predrilled holes are placed in matching pieces to hold the dowels and form a reinforced connection. Wood glue may be added to enhance the hold on the dowels depending on assembly instructions and design.

Steel Base: Steel base refers to the base and/or frame of outdoor seating elements. The base may have a four-leg design, single pedestal-style post, round base, or angled legs for stability, and there may be integrated armrests that extend from the base for added support. Most steel base designs are finished with paint, usually powder-coat or thermoplastic coating depending on the collection.

Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care products, such as Teak oil, help maintain the light, natural wood tones of Teak and Shorea wood outdoor furniture. Without the use of these specialty wood care products, the Teak or Shorea wood seating will weather to warm gray tones from exposure to the elements.

Tekwood Armcaps, Seat and Back: Select outdoor chairs and seating are composed with Tekwood armcaps, seat, and back. Tekwood is a polystyrene alternative to traditional wood, offering outstanding performance with outdoor seating without the need to maintain wood to prevent color weathering, as with traditional Teak or Shorea wood products.

Waterproof Mesh Seat: Waterproof mesh seat describes the breathable mesh seat design in select outdoor collections, offered in ma range of colors and framed with durable gray poly trim. The mesh provides comfortable sitting use and a waterproof design for consistent quality with outdoor placement.

Welded Frame: Welded frames describe aluminum or steel outdoor seating products whose frames have been preassembled and welded for permanent support and strength. The welded frame may be fully assembled or parts are welded and the product requires some assembly upon receipt.


ANSI/BIFMA: ANSI is the American National Standards Institute. BIFMA is the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association. The two organizations qualify products as being up to quality standards for professional use.

Easy-Clean Design: Easy-clean design describes outdoor seating elements that resist the build-up of dirt, germs, and bacteria and provide an easily washable surface for low-maintenance upkeep and care.

Fade Resistant: Fade resistant describes finish and design qualities that endure outdoor use and exposure to the sun and elements without fading or signs or wear.

Green Features: Green features typically indicate design, manufacturing, and/or finish properties that meet specifications for environmentally friendly labeling. The uses of powder-coat paint finishing and thermoplastic finish, and the use of recycled and recyclable materials, are considered green features.

Ladder Back Design: Ladder back design describes typically wooden outdoor chairs with horizontal slats forming the backrest, resembling the horizontal rungs of a ladder.

Lightweight Design: Lightweight designs typically include the use of aluminum for the frame and chair or seating elements, allowing a sturdy, durable design with lighter overall weight.

Matching Tables: Matching tables are available for most outdoor seating collections, in sizes and heights to accommodate the chairs in that collection.

Rustproof Design: Rustproof design describes metal components of outdoor seating products that have been protected to reduce risk of damage, corrosion, and rust from exposure to the elements. Galvanized aluminum or steel parts, for example, are considered rustproof, as are those finished with thermoplastic coating and eco-friendly powder-coat paint.

Stacking Capacity: The stacking capacity is the maximum number of outdoor chairs that can be stacked safely without risk of damage. This number may be limited to a few chairs, or as many as 12 chairs depending on the design.

Standard Height: Standard height refers to chair sizes that are suitable for use with standard tables. These chairs usually have a seat-height of about 18”-high.

Surface Pattern Options: Outdoor seating with surface pattern options have metal, usually steel, composition and thermoplastic coating for lasting protective appearance. The seat and backrest feature cutout patterns in a choice of diamond or perforated design to allow airflow and distinctive style.

Tall Height: Tall height refers to tall or bar-style seating, often with a seat-height of about 30”-high for use with taller bar tables or bistro tables.

Textured Natural-Look: Textured natural-look describes outdoor furniture with durable resin designs made to resemble the look and feel of wicker-style outdoor furniture but with a low-maintenance design for easy cleaning. The textured resin design resists dirt and germ build-up for lasting quality.

100% Recyclable: Outdoor seating listed as 100% recyclable offers the added green benefit of a recyclable design for environmentally friendly shopping, furnishing, use, and disposal when done with the products.

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