Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches are long, multi-user seating elements with design features that can accommodate outdoor placement. Many outdoor benches have protective finish or coating to prevent damage from exposure to the elements and regular use.


Aluminum Bench: Aluminum bench units are made with lighter-weight aluminum components, usually finished with protective coating or paint for lasting appearance and durability. These benches are designed for use outdoors with weather-resistant and wear-resistant qualities, and a recyclable design for a greener product.

Arch-Back Bench
Arch-Back Bench

Arch-Back Bench: An arch-back bench is a standard-style bench for multiple users, with a backrest featuring a curved arch-like shape that is higher at the center-point and lower at the left and right sides.

Backless Bench: Backless bench units are seating elements with room for multiple users. The ends may have armrests or similar extensions above the seat level, but the back is left open for sitting from either long side.

Backless Bench
Backless Bench

In-Ground Bench: In-ground bench units are designed for mounting within the ground, providing sturdy seating arrangements with fixed positions. The in-ground mounting option is typical of sporting event and team benches, as well as an option for select park benches or other outdoor bench designs.

Park Bench: Park bench units are available in traditional wood or metal styles, with color and finish options to customize. These benches typically have a four-leg frame, side armrests, and a backrest.

Picnic Bench: Picnic benches can be separate seating units or attached to a picnic table. The picnic bench design usually has a flat, relatively open seat, with or without a backrest component.

Park Bench
Park Bench

Portable Bench: Portable benches are non-mounting bench seats, with or without a backrest, set on a sturdy frame that accommodates placement in changing locations. The portable bench may be carried or transported to other locations, or rearranged at will for ideal seating depending on needs.

Recycled Plastic Plank Bench: Recycled plastic-plank benches are made with plank-style plastic components made from 100% recycled plastics for a green design. These plank components come in a variety of colors to customize the finished look, and each bench is constructed with steel bars to reinforce the plastic planks for added strength.

Steel Bench: Steel bench units are made with steel components, often welded but not always. The steel is finished with a protective coating or paint to seal and protect from everyday use and exposure to the elements.

Portable Bench
Portable Bench

Straight-Back Bench: Straight-back bench units have a straight backrest, as opposed to a curved or contoured backrest, usually with a flat top edge that stays level from left to right. These straight-back benches often feature slat-back designs with evenly spaced wood or metal vertically aligned pieces enhancing the straight appearance.

Team Bench: Team benches are available with backless and backrest designs, in a variety of sizes to accommodate outdoor sporting events, game day seating, gymnasium seating, or locker room use. Team benches may be on-ground or portable, or with the option to mount in the ground for fixed placement.

Wood Bench: Wood bench units are designed from solid hardwood, often teak or Shorea hardwood. These woods must be maintained with specialty wood care products to keep the light natural colors, or they can be left to weather for a gray tone instead.


Contoured Seat: Contoured seats refer to the bench seats with curvy shapes designed to support sitting with more natural fit, feel, and comfort. These seats typically droop in the middle and slightly to the back, supporting the more rounded shape associated with the derriere.

Bench with Contoured Seat
Contoured Seat

One-Piece Seat and Back: Bench designs with one-piece seat and back have an angled one-piece bench design with attached seat and backrest, often curved and contoured for better comfort.

Bench with One-Piece Seat and Back
One-Piece Seat and Back

Construction Materials

Corner Block Supports: Corner block supports are typically used in wood furniture design, with an angled wood piece attached at the joint that connects two wood panels. The corner block supports are added to reinforce the connection and add stability.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a “green” finish accomplished with dry powder-coat paint, often used to seal and protect steel components from scratches and use.

Extruded Aluminum: Extruded aluminum is aluminum metal that has been forced through a pre-cut die to form tubes, pipes, or other aluminum components with a unique shape.

Galvanized Steel: Galvanized steel is steel metal or tubing that has been treated, processed, or dipped in a zinc finish to protect from wear, exposure, and use.

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Aluminum: Hot-dipped galvanized aluminum is aluminum metal that has been dipped into molten zinc, a process known as galvanization, that increases the durability of the metal and protects from exposure and use.

Impact-Resistant Finish: Impact-resistant finish is a durable protective finish that stands up to regular use and contact. Thermoplastic coating is considered impact-resistant, while eco-friendly powder-coat paint finish is typically scratch-resistant.

MIG-Welded Frame: Select bench frames are MIG welded, which stands for Metal Inert Gas. The process involves the use of an electrode that forms an electric arc with the work surface of the metal components, melting and joining the metal surfaces for a welded bond.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery: Mortise and tenon joinery refers to a key-like connection formed between two joined components of a bench or other furniture product. A hole or opening is cut on one piece with a matching shape cut out of the corresponding piece, allowing the two to fit together and form a secure joint. These pieces are usually reinforced with wood glue and/or nails or screws.

Powder-Coat Anchor Brackets: Powder-coat anchor brackets are L-shaped metal brackets finished with dry powder-coat paint to protect from exposure to the elements and from use. The brackets are used to mount select bench and furniture styles to the ground for security and stability.

Radius Seat Edge/Radius Back Edge: Radius seat and/or back edge refers the to long edge of the seat or backrest component that is curved or rounded to enhance comfort and safety.

Recyclable Aluminum: Recyclable aluminum is aluminum metal that can be recycled easily when discarding the bench after use.

Round Corners: Round corners are a safety feature on many benches, with the corners rounded to form a curved shape and enhance safety.

Rugged Design: Rugged design refers to bench units with impact-resistant properties, such as those with UltraCoat finish. Welded and reinforced benches are also typically rugged in design.

Rust-Resistant Hardware: Rust-resistant hardware may be coated metal components, such as galvanized steel, or stainless steel components, used to assemble benches for safe outdoor use with reduced risk of rust or other damage from exposure.

Solid Shorea Hardwood: Wood benches made from solid Shorea hardwood are designed to provide the look of Teak wood furniture but with a denser composition and economical price. Like Teak, Shorea wood will weather if not maintained with oil or specialty wood care products, transitioning to a warm gray tone over time from exposure to the elements.

Solid Wood Dowels: Solid wood dowels are wooden rods, sometimes cut to only a couple inches long and used to reinforce the connection between two wooden components. Matching sized holes are drilled into the surfaces of conjoining wood panels and the wood dowel is placed in the hole on one panel. The other panel is lined up with the hole matching the dowel, and the two are forced together, sometimes with a mallet depending on the design and assembly instructions.

Teak Wood Care Products: Teak wood care products typically refer to teak oils used to maintain the light natural wood tones of teak wood and similar wood products. When not used, these woods can weather to a warm gray tone.

Tekwood Seat: Tekwood seating are seats designed from a unique wood alternative made from polystyrene and resembling the look of natural wood with a hassle-free upkeep and care design. Tekwood seats do not require wood care products to maintain.

Thermoplastic-Coated Steel Frame: Thermoplastic-coated steel frames are steel frames of benches that have been finished with UltraCoat thermoplastic coating, without using PVC plastics.

UltraCoat Finish: UltraCoat finish is a thermoplastic coating used on select bench models, offering a strong, sealed bond to the metal surfaces with a shiny finish, smooth look and feel, and exceptional durability with impact-resistant performance. UltraCoat finish achieves this effect without the use of PVC plastics.

Zinc-Plated Hardware: Zinc-plated hardware is metal hardware, usually screws, bolts, and other connectors, that have been galvanized to coat with a zinc finish for lasting protection from weather exposure and the elements.


Backrest Pattern Options: Backrest pattern options refer to select benches with decorative patterns in the backrest panel. The options may include arched or straight backrest layout, with slat or decorative pattern across the backrest component.

Bench Width Options: Many of the benches come in a choice of sizes, referring to the width of the seat and backrest and measuring between the left and right sides. Longer widths can accommodate more users at a given moment, and the sizes are typically offered in feet or inches and interchangeably referred to as the bench length since the measurement will be the largest of the bench dimensions.

Green Features: Green features refer to any features of the production or design of benches that offer an environmentally friendly element. The use of eco-friendly powder-coat paint, thermoplastic coating, recycled materials, or the creation of a recyclable design are all green features.

Independent Color Selection: Independent color selection refers to the ability to choose different colors for the seat and backrest, or other components of a bench for a coordinating, contrasting, or custom look.

Matching Planters: Matching planters are planter containers with design, pattern, and finish that match the bench of a given series or collection.

Matching Trash Receptacles: Matching trash receptacles are trash cans or trash receptacles designed with matching finish, pattern, and materials to coordinate perfectly with the bench and matching planter units.

Mounting Options: Many benches offer a choice for mounting options including portable non-mounted frame. In-ground mounting refers to benches that can be installed within the ground, while on-ground or surface mounting is benches mounting to the ground, deck, or patio for security.

Reinforced Design: Reinforced design refers to benches with added support features such as corner blocks, steel bars for reinforcing seat and backrest planks, galvanization of metal or protective finishing of metal, and UV protection to reduce fading.

Surface Pattern Options: Surface pattern options refer to a choice of patterns made in the steel or metal bench seat and/or backrest. The most simple patterns are diamond shapes, with almost a mesh-like appearance, or perforated design with round holes throughout. Wave and slat patterns are also available.

Wear-Resistant: Wear-resistant refers to design features of benches that endure regular use, bumps, impact, and weather exposure. Durable finishes, welded frames, and other rugged long-lasting design features help reduce signs of wear.

Weather-Resistant: Weather-resistant refers to design features and finish that protect the metal frames of benches from exposure to the weather and elements. These are typically fade-resistant and water-resistant features that protect the product for safe outdoor use.