Music Stands

Music stand refers to a variety of support products, usually with adjustable height and X-style base for stability, featuring an angled top platform with bottom bookstop edge for holding sheet music or other information within view. The top platform typically adjusts to a comfortable angle for individual users and the stands are easily transported and stored with their lightweight designs.


Dolly for Music Stands: Dolly for music stands describes a wheeled storage product that is custom-designed to hold music stands for storage and transport. The dolly for music stands comes in different sizes to hold different numbers of stands for convenient school, band practice, or music room use.

Laptop Stand: Laptop stand describes a freestanding support product made to hold a laptop computer, netbook computer, or tablet PC, usually with adjustable height and adjustable platform angles for comfortable viewing and use.

Tech Stand: Tech stand refers to a technology-friendly stand that offers adjustable height, angle, and top platform positioning for use with laptop or other technology device.


Large 8” Wheels: Large 8” wheels are the larger wheels on the base of music stand dolly products, designed for strong support of the stored music stands and better maneuvering when transporting the music stands for setup or storage.

Low-Profile Legs: Low-profile legs typically refer to the base components of a music or laptop tech stand, with a stable X or V design and a low height to the feet components, allowing the feet of the stand to slide close or under a chair or other seating element.

Pencil Ledge: Pencil ledge is a raised lip-style edge found along the bottom of most angle-top stands, such as a music stand or tech stand, providing a space for writing utensils while the top is angled.

Plastic-Covered Holding Arm: Plastic-covered holding arm refers to the support component of music stand dollies, covered in plastic to protect the music stands from marring or damage when stored and transported.

Soft Rubber Handles: Soft rubber handles refer to the rubber grips over the music stand dolly handles, providing comfortable gripping for moving the dolly when empty or full.

Tension-Tilt Reading Surface: Tension-tilt reading surface refers to the top platform of music stands that adjusts tilt-angle through applied pressure for manual settings. The tension assembly secures the platform in place when not moved.

360° Rotating Top Surface: The tech stand offers 360° rotating top surface design for customized setup and use with laptop, netbook, or other devices. The support arm can be adjusted around the central frame post for comfortable access to the laptop or device without having to frequently move the entire stand.

Construction Materials

Aluminum Construction: Aluminum construction indicates the frame is made of durable, lightweight aluminum for lasting support. The aluminum metal is typically coated or finished to prevent corrosion and other damage from exposure to the elements.

Lightweight Construction: Lightweight construction often indicates the use of aluminum metal for durability and stability without the weight of solid or tubular steel. Most items listed as having lightweight construction can be easily lifted and moved by an individual user.

Powder-Coat Finish: Powder-coat finish refers to the use of environmentally friendly powder-coat paint to finish the steel, aluminum, or other metal components of a music or tech stand. The powdered paint is applied to the metal then cured for a hard, durable, protective finish.

Rolled Steel Edges: Rolled steel edges refer to the use of steel that is rolled for a smooth, rounded feel, along the edges of a frame or stand, designed to prevent damage to musical instruments and other items in the event of contact.

Zinc-Plated Steel: Zinc-plated steel is steel metal that has been specially coated with zinc to reduce risk of damage or corrosion from moisture, exposure, and use.


Adjustable Angle: The music stands offer adjustable angles or tilt of the platform surface for comfortable viewing. The tech stand has an adjustable angle with an adjustment range up to 32° for optimal viewing and reach of the work surface and device.

Adjustable Height: Adjustable height indicates the music or tech stand frame can be adjusted within a preset height-range for customized height positioning to maximize personal comfort.

ANSI/BIFMA: Music stands listed as ANSI/BIFMA have been verified for quality and safe design and production within standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA).

Dolly Capacity: Music stand dolly capacity is the listed maximum number of music stands a given dolly can hold at any one moment. Exceeding the listed capacity can result in damage to the dolly and/or music stands, as well as increase risk of injury to user or those nearby.

Green Features: Green features generally refer to construction or finish methods that meet standards of environmentally friendly design. The uses of eco-friendly powder-coat paint finish or recycled materials, as well as the creation of a recyclable product are considered green features.

Sitting or Standing Positions: Sitting or standing positions refer to the ability to adjust the music stand height for sitting or standing use. The adjustable height-range provides sufficient options to accommodate most users comfortably from seated and standing positions.

Tilt-and-Roll Transport: Tilt-and-roll transport describes the 10-stand music stand dolly that support sup to 10 nested music stands on the plastic-covered support arm, and accommodates transport with a tilt-back and roll motion. The rear large wheels support the weight of the stored music stands and provide smooth maneuverability for easy transport to setup or store the music stands.