Multi-Media Storage


CPU Trolley: A CPU trolley is a computer tower holder that suits modern CPU sizes and may adjust to fit securely. The base is set on casters for mobility, providing the trolley function, and the overall design is not secure. The open trolley design is ideal for office or home use where the CPU is secured within a locked room when not in use.

Fireproof Media Vault: A fireproof media vault offers custom-sized storage for multimedia, with insulated, protected design that has been tested and verified safe up to a set temperature for a predetermined length of time.

Mobile CPU Locker
Mobile CPU Locker

Laptop Tower: A laptop tower provides custom-sized compartments for storing laptops, tablet computers, netbooks, or similarly sized devices. The tower comes with a locking door for security and a choice of right-hand or left-hand access.

Mobile CPU Locker: Mobile CPU lockers have casters for mobility, with custom-sized storage compartments ready to fit standard computer towers. The Locker has a secure lock, with multi-point lock system and a smart ventilation pattern throughout the design for airflow. The locker design is meant to protect CPUs from tampering and other unwanted access.

Mountable Safe: A mountable safe adds security to the design, with mounting hardware for installing the safe to a wall or floor. The mounting hardware is included for convenience and designed to support the safe in a mounted position.

Multimedia Carousel: A multimedia carousel is usually set on casters to make the storage unit mobile for easy repositioning. The carousel has round shelves that revolve around the central support system, and the shelves revolve independently for easy single-tier access.

Personal Safe: A personal safe provides small individual storage with secure lock and the option to mount the safe to a wall or floor for added security.

Technology Storage Cabinet: Technology storage cabinets are custom-designed to hold computer and modern technology elements, with ventilation built into the design for airflow and heat dissipation. The cabinets secure with locks and include rear panels that also lock for securely accessing certain components on stored items.

Technology Storage Cabinet
Technology Storage Cabinet


Cable Grommets: Cable grommets provide convenient wire pass-through for power cords, internet cables, and other connectivity. The grommets are discreetly placed, often in back panels of storage compartments, and assist in wire management for neater organization of tech and computer devices.

Locking Rear Panel: Rear panels in technology storage units usually have a strategic position for accessing the rear of a computer and other components while the main cabinet remains secured. The rear panels lock for added security to prevent theft, tampering, and damage.

Perforated Steel Doors: Steel doors with perforated pattern have cutout or hole-punch design for airflow to support safe storage of electronics and other equipment.

Shared Central Lock: A shared or central lock secures multiple doors, drawers or compartments with a single lock mechanism.

Tambour Door: Tambour doors have a flexible appearance and open up or to the side, often tucking inside the frame of the overall cabinet. The design is good for small spaces and busy work environments where opening hinged doors can lead to bumps, damage, or injury during a bustling work day.

Ventilation Pattern: Ventilation patterns include cutouts and perforated patterns in steel and metal components, or other openings in storage compartments that allow heat dissipation and air circulation to help cool electronic devices and reduce heat build-up for safety.

3-Point Lock System: A three-point lock system has a key activated lock that engages two rods at the top and bottom of the door, inserting the rods into the frame to secure doors at weak points and prevent prying or other tampering.


Eco-Friendly Finish: Many paint finishes are environmentally friendly, offering a "green" design protected from everyday use and exposure to the elements.

Laminate Finish: Laminate finish provides durable surfaces that endure frequent use with scratch-resistance and lasting color or pattern. The laminate is applied under pressure and heat, with multiple layers comprising the under portion of the finish.

Powder-Coat Finish: Powder-coat finish refers to paint finish that has been treated or cured and provides scratch-resistant protection with a smooth feel and matte or non-glossy appearance.

Steel Construction: Steel construction indicates steel panels, tubing, or other steel elements are used in the design.


Adjustable CPU Storage: Adjustable CPU storage generally has a width and/or height adjustment feature that meets the sizes of standard, contemporary CPUs for a custom-style fit.

Adjustable Dividers: Dividers along shelves or other storage systems may adjust for customizing the storage space. The dividers can also adjust to serve as supports for non-full shelves, holding up stored items while the shelf remains only partially full, similar to the way bookends and library shelf dividers function.

CPU: CPU stands for Central Processing Unit and usually refers to the case or tower that contains the computer’s motherboard, processing chip, video/graphics card, fans, internal hard drives, and other components.

Emergency Backup: Electronic locks on safes usually include a backup system for emergencies, such as a backup battery or manual override key that enables access during a power outage or other emergency.

Left-Hinge or Right-Hinge Storage: Storage units with left-hand or right-hand hinge option come in layouts to suit different hand dominance.

Manual Override Keys: Manual override keys allow access to electronic locking safes and other locks in the event of an emergency, power outage, or other obstacles.