Mail Sorters & Tables


Adjustable-Height Mailroom Table: Adjustable-height mailroom tables are four-leg tables with durable laminate or melamine tabletops, featuring adjustable legs that shift between sitting and standing height-positions for comfortable, customizable setup and use.

Adjustable Literature Organizer: An adjustable literature organizer is a paper sorting and organizing product with adjustable paper slots, allowing users to customize the size of the compartments for different needs. The vertical dividers forming the columns in the literature organizer are usually fixed in place while the shelves forming the individual slots or compartments adjust within the column.

Adjustable-Slot Corner Mailroom Sorter with Cabinet: An adjustable-slot corner mailroom sorter with cabinet is an L-shaped mailroom configuration designed to fit in the corner of a room, office, or other workspace. The base is composed of four-leg tables with built-in cabinets, usually concealed by double sliding doors for neater storage use. The sorter units provide 120 mail slots with adjustable steel shelves to customize the number of mailbox slots and their sizes. A corner table and corner sorter unit forms the bend in the L-shaped layout for maximum storage capacity.

Adjustable Sorter Unit: Adjustable sorter units are mail sorters and literature organizers, divided into evenly sized and spaced slots that are arranged in rows and columns within the durable frame, with shelves that adjust in height to customize the layout.

Adjustable Storage Organizer with Literature Compartments and Drawers: An adjustable storage organizer with literature compartments and drawers is a paper sorting and organizing unit with adjustable shelves to accommodate different storage needs. The base of the organizer has two drawers for supply storage and the unit can be stacked up to three-high.

Corner Literature Organizer: A corner literature organizer is a paper-sorting unit designed to fit in the corner of a mailroom, office, or other workspace. The corner unit often requires straight table units for support on both sides, forming an L-shaped or larger U-shaped arrangement.

Cubby Hole Storage Unit: Cubby hole storage units are multi-compartment storage products with box-like open-front cubbyholes arranged in rows and columns within the frame for individual storage use. Cubby hole storage units may be used in a classroom, library, or office, for products, supplies, books, and other needs. Most cubby hole storage units are available in a choice of sizes, such as having none, 15 or 18 cubbyhole slots.

Drawer-Style Organizer: A drawer-style organizer is similar to mail sorters and literature organizers, but with drawers placed in each of the slots. A drawer organizer is ideal for storing and organizing small items and office supplies.

Elevated Closed-Back Sorter: An elevated closed-back sorter is a mailroom sorting and organizing unit with a riser platform built into the frame, providing full use of the tabletop surface when combined with a coordinating 60”-wide mailroom table. The sorter unit includes 50 mail slots that support mail, envelopes, periodicals, and paperwork up to 10” by 13” in size and the shelves adjust to resize the mail slots for customizing, as needed. The back is closed for front access only.

E-Z Sort Mailroom System: The E-Z Sort Mailroom System is a collection of coordinating mailroom furniture and organizing products, including sorting tables and mail sorter units, that combine to form customized mailroom configurations for different locations and needs.

Fixed-Height Mailroom Table: A fixed-height mailroom table is a four-leg table with durable laminate or melamine work surface, featuring a set table-height with non-adjustable legs. The fixed height is usually between 29”- and 30”-high.

Full-Panel Modular Base Cabinet: A full-panel modular base cabinet refers to a mailroom storage element with low four-leg base, a smooth, durable worktop, and a storage compartment built into the frame, often enclosed by two sliding doors. The modular design accommodates virtually any mailroom location and need, combining with matching mail sorters, risers, and other products for a complete mailroom configuration.

Horizontal Literature Rack: Horizontal literature racks are paper sorters with shallow, paper-sized open-front shelves or cubbyholes, aligned in columns and rows within the frame. Literature racks may stack for larger sorting needs, and may feature fixed or adjustable paper slots depending on the design.

Literature Organizer: Literature organizer refers to a paper sorting and organizing unit, usually arranged with cubbyhole-style slots sized to hold standard 8½” by 11” paper, unless otherwise specified. The slots are arranged in rows and columns with fixed sizes or adjustable sizes, depending on the literature organizer design. Literature organizers are often part of a larger collection for full office or business support, including tables, stacking organizers, storage cabinets, and related products.

Literature Organizer with Cabinet: A literature organizer with cabinet refers to mailroom sorters and paper organizers divided into equally-sized slots and arranged in rows and columns for sorting mail, paperwork, and other similar items, with a base cabinet supported by a four-leg frame. The cabinet may have an open-front storage compartment or a closed storage compartment with two sliding doors for concealed storage and neatness.

Literature Organizer with Riser and Cabinet Base: A literature organizer with riser and cabinet base refers to combination mailroom and literature sorting products with single or stacked organizer unit set atop a riser platform with base table featuring a built-in cabinet for storage. The riser allows full use of the tabletop surface and the organizer is divided into slots arranged in rows and columns for maximum sorting capacity. The base cabinet may be open or enclosed by sliding doors, depending on the product line.

Mailflow Corner Sorter Unit: Mailflow Corner Sorter Unit is a mail sorter with 20 evenly spaced and sized mail slots, constructed of steel and designed fit in the corners of L-shaped and U-shaped mailroom furniture configurations. The corner sorter unit is designed to combine with other Mailflow System products for customized mailroom furniture arrangements.

Mailflow Deluxe Work Table: The Mailflow Deluxe Work Table is a durable four-leg steel mailroom table with a smooth laminate work surface reinforced to support over 1000 pounds of evenly distributed weight. The table comes in 60”-wide and 72”-wide options and has an adjustable height that transitions from 29” to 36” in convenient 1”-increments. The table is part of the Mailflow System Collection, designed to work with other Mailflow products for customized furniture arrangements that suit different mailroom and sorting needs.

Mailflow-To-Go System: The Mailflow-To-Go System is a modular mailroom furniture collection that offers a variety of mail sorters, organizers, base cabinets, tables, and other products that accommodate custom mailroom furnishing.

Mailflow 1-Tier Sorter: A Mailflow 1-Tier Sorter is a 20-slot mail organizer made of steel for durability and designed to combine with other Mailflow products for customized mailroom furnishing. Each mail slot accommodates periodicals, envelopes, and other mail up to 10” by 13” in size and features thumb-cuts for easy access to the sorted mail and paperwork.

Mailflow 2-Tier Sorter: A 2-Tier Mailflow sorter is a combined mail sorter unit with two, vertically stacked mail sorters providing 20 mail slots each. The 40 mail slots accommodate envelopes and periodicals sized up to 10” by 13”, and the steel construction offers strong, durable support. Combine the 2-tier sorter with other products form the Mailflow System for a unique configuration that suits individual mailroom needs.

Mailflow 1-Tier Sorter with Riser: A Mailflow 1-Tier Sorter with Riser is a steel mail organizer unit with 20 mail slots, combined with a riser platform that allows full use of the mail table when combined with other Mailflow products for a customized arrangement.

Mailflow 2-Tier Sorter with Riser: The Mailflow 2-Tier Sorter with Riser is a combined two-level mail sorter unit, with two 20-slot sorter units stacked vertically atop a riser platform. The riser lifts the mail sorters above the matching mail table surface for full access to the tabletop. The 2-tier sorter with riser combines with other products from the Mailflow System collection for use in custom mailroom furnishing and design.

Mail Sorter: Mail sorters are open-back or closed-back storage and organizing units, typically arranged in a series of columns and rows with individual, paper-sized cubbyholes or slots for use as mailboxes in an office or business. The mail slots may offer built-in or optional labels for assigning individual mailbox cubbies to employees and staff, and many mail sorters are part of mailroom collections with coordinating tables, storage cabinets, and other accessories.

Mail Tables: Mail tables are customized tables with open or storage-style base, usually raised on four legs and designed to combine with mail sorters and other mailroom products for a complete set. Mail tables typically offer ample space for sorting, organizing, and preparing mail and may accept optional guardrails or raised dump-rail accessories to enhance use.

Meter Machine Storage Table with Doors: Meter machine storage tables with doors are four-leg mailroom-ready tables with durable laminate or melamine tabletop finish and steel frames featuring a built-in base cabinet enclosed by two sliding doors. The cabinet can be used to store and protect mail meter machines, scales, mail totes, and other essentials when not in use.

Modular Base Cabinet with Doors: Modular base cabinet with doors refers to a mailroom table with a durable work surface, set on a four-leg frame with built-in base cabinet enclosed by two sliding doors. The cabinet accommodates mail supplies or other storage, or can be used to hold impact-resistant mail totes. The modular cabinet design can be used alone or with matching mailroom products such as mail sorters, riser shelves, and other accessories.

Modular Base Cabinet without Doors: Modular base cabinet without doors refers to a mailroom worktable with a four-leg frame featuring a built-in open-front cabinet or shelf. The top is finished for durable mailroom use, alone or with coordinating sorters and mailroom products. The open-front cabinet base accommodates plastic mail totes, mailroom supplies, package scales and other essentials.

Modular Base Sorter Module: Modular base sorter module describes a mailroom product set with a enclosed base cabinet, supporting a 42-slot mail sorter unit with 36 adjustable shelves to customize the compartments. The mail sorter module set is available in letter-size (8½”by 11”) or legal-size (8½” by 14”) to suit different needs.

Modular Corner Table: A modular corner table is a corner table unit designed for mailroom furnishing, with angled square-like shape designed to fit in the corner of a mailroom, alone or connected to matching mail tables and base cabinets. The box-like, pedestal base of the corner table can be enclosed by the included filler panel for a solid, professional look.

Modular Legal-Size Mailroom Sorter: A modular legal-size mailroom sorter is a functional mail or literature sorter and storage unit, with arranged mail or paper slots sized to accommodate legal documents (8½” by 14”) and folders. The sorter will be arranged in rows and columns, with fixed or adjustable mail slots depending on the design.

Modular L-Shaped Mailroom Workstation: The modular L-shaped mailroom workstation is a combined product with three mail sorters, a riser shelf, two mail tables with storage cabinets enclosed by sliding doors, and a corner table with filler panel to enclose the base. The products assemble to form a versatile L-shaped mailroom configuration, providing 90 mail slots for use in a business or office mailroom.

Modular Premium Worktable: A modular premium worktable is a mailroom product with classic table design, featuring a smooth work surface and a four-leg frame with open base. The worktable comes in a variety of sizes and styles, and pairs with matching mailroom products to complete the arrangement. Coordinating products include mail sorters and storage elements.

Modular Storage Literature Organizer Unit: Modular storage literature organizer units are customizable literature sorters with adjustable center shelves between two literature organizer columns. The left and right columns in the storage unit have paper-sized organizer slots for mail or paperwork, and the center column has three shelves which adjust to suit different storage needs. The unit can be stacked two-high when combined with an additional unit.

Modular U-Shaped Mailroom Workstation: The modular U-shaped mailroom workstation is a combined product set with three storage-base mailroom tables, two corner tables with filler panels to enclose the bases, three riser shelves and seven mail sorters. The products assemble to form a spacious U-shaped mailroom arrangement with 204 mail slots and ample storage space for mailroom and packaging supplies.

Open-Leg Base Cabinet: An open-leg base cabinet is a mailroom table with a built-in cabinet in the base, set on four legs with a primarily open-style lower frame. The legs may be tall or short, but always raise the base cabinet above the floor for easier access and to protect from spills or accidents.

Pocket-Style Storage Cabinet: Pocket-style storage cabinets are storage units divided into columns and rows to form individual pockets or slots, typically used to organize literature, sort papers, or serve as mailboxes in an office, business, or mailrooms. The pockets are usually open at the front with a back panel enclosing the backs of the pockets for one-sided access, and many styles accommodate labels for mailbox assignment or efficient paper sorting.

Reinforced Totes with Galvanized Wire Rod Top: Mail totes are composed of a durable, impact-resistant polyethylene plastic and have reinforced shape and tops with integrated galvanized wire rods. The rods are installed within the plastic rim, for an all-plastic appearance reinforced from the inside.

Standard Closed-Back Sorter: A standard closed-back sorter is a mailroom-organizing unit with a back panel enclosing the individual mail slots for front access only. The sorter typically measures 60”-wide and provides 75 individual mail slots that accommodate 10” by 13” mail and periodicals, with adjustable-height for packages if desired. The closed-back sorter can be combined with coordinating mailroom tables and other products for a complete mailroom configuration.

Vertical Desk Top Sorter: Vertical desktop sorter refers to a vertically arranged paper organizer with shallow, paper-sized slots arranged to sort papers within the slots. The compact size accommodates desktop use.

30-Pocket Storage Cabinet: A 30-pocket storage cabinet is an open-front storage unit with 30 evenly sized and spaced slot-style pockets arranged in three columns of 10 rows and positioned at the top of the storage cabinet. The lower portion of the storage cabinet is divided into larger shelves with a 25”-deep work surface positioned near the center for added support.

72-Pocket Storage Cabinet: A 72-pocket storage cabinet is a storage unit with open-front shelves, featuring 72 individual slot-style pockets arranged in four columns of 18 pockets each. The pockets accommodate literature or mail sorting needs, and the lower part of the cabinet has a larger storage shelf for mailroom or office supplies.


Adjustable Center Shelves: Adjustable center shelves are storage shelves positioned in a center column, with literature or mail sorter columns on the left and right sides of the frame. The center shelves adjust in height along a series of pre-set positions to customize the center shelves for individual needs.

Adjustable Legs: Adjustable legs are table legs that can extend or shorten for taller or lower tabletop positioning. The legs will adjust at evenly spaced intervals, typically 1” or 1½” intervals, depending on the design.

Adjustable Leveling Glides: Adjustable leveling glides are floor-safe glides found at the base of table legs, with adjustable heights that increase or decrease leg length at each leg individually to compensate for uneven floors.

Adjustable Work Surface: Adjustable work surface refers to a shelf-like panel installed within select mail sorter products and offering the option to adjust the work surface height as desired. The work surface adjusts within the frame along a series of pre-set positions to provide a comfortable height and sturdy work surface use.

Angled Corner Table Filler Panel Included: Angled corner tables include a filler panel used to conceal and enclose the base for a solid, professional appearance.

Bottom Storage Shelf: A bottom storage shelf can refer to a built-in open-front or open-style shelf positioned in the lower portion of a mailroom table’s frame for convenient storage and support. It can also refer to an optional shelf that attaches to the lower part of the table frame, depending on the furniture collection.

Built-In Drawer-Front Label Holders: Built-in drawer-front label holders are small, label-ready frames that are found on the fronts of select organizer drawers for use in organizing and sorting supplies and other items.

Built-In Drawer Pulls: Built-in drawer pulls are extended top edges on the fronts of organizer drawers that can be pulled for drawer access. The edges may be full-width, matching the width of the drawer-fronts, or other built-in design.

Cable Management Grommets: Cable management grommets are intentional openings or holes placed in back, base, or side panels of select cabinets and sorter units, positioned to allow cables, wires, and power cords to pass through the frame for neater setup and use with technology.

CD Storage Adaptor Rods: CD storage adaptor rods are accessories included with select sorter and organizing products, designed to support CD cases in the bottom shelf compartments. The rods support CD cases in standing or leaning positions that keep the spines of the CD cases visible for accessing as needed.

Drawer Stops: Drawer stops are safety mechanisms that prevent drawers from pulling completely free of the storage unit frame. Drawer stops reduce risk of spills, accidents, and unintentional injury while accessing stored contents.

Filler Panel: A filler panel is an optional accessory, usually included with corner tables, custom-made to enclose the pedestal-style base for a solid look.

Fixed Horizontal Dividers: Fixed horizontal dividers are divider panels or divider shelves that have permanent positions in a storage and organizing unit’s frame, usually separating the top and bottom halves of the frame. Horizontal dividers reinforce the frame for stability and support.

Fixed Vertical Dividers: Fixed vertical dividers are non-adjustable panels used to divide a storage and organizing unit into vertically aligned columns. The vertical dividers separate the frame into two, three, or more columns, usually further divided into mail slots or other smaller compartments and shelves.

Hardboard Sorter Shelves: Hardboard sorter shelves are durable mail sorter shelves comprised of high-density fiberboard for affordable, durable support. The hardboard shelves are made using real wood fibers, mixed with a resin or other substance and pressed to create panels with uniform thickness and strength.

Label Lip Edges: Label lip edges are label-ready edges to mail slot shelves that are designed to accommodate self-adhesive labels or other labeling option available with that collection.

Locking Sliding Doors: Locking sliding doors are sliding doors in a mailroom-ready base cabinet that include a lock for security. The lock typically secures both doors simultaneously, and when unlocked the cabinet can be accessed from the left or right sides by sliding one door behind or in front of the other.

Mailroom Riser: A mailroom riser is a height-increasing platform designed to support a mail sorter on a mail table or the floor, forming an open shelf-like storage space underneath the sorter for increased workspace on the tabletop, often with a choice of heights for the riser to accommodate different needs. Floor-style mailroom risers may be enclosed, performing more like a platform than a functional support element.

Mail Slots: Mail slots refer to the custom-sized compartments that form the layout of mail sorters and literature organizers. The compartments are arranged in columns and rows, maximizing storage capacity, and may have fixed or adjustable sizes depending on the design. Mail slots are often sized to accommodate envelopes measuring 10” by 13”, but can be offered in letter-sized (8½” by 11”) or legal-sized (8½” by 14”) depending on the mail sorter options.

Mounting Holes for Stacking: Mounting holes for stacking are four holes found at the corners of the top panel comprising a mail sorter frame, designed to connect with rubber feet on the base of a second sorter unit to safely stack the two.

Optional Dump RailsOptional dump rails are optional accessories available in different styles to enhance mailroom tables and prevent mail and supply spills where the dump rails are placed. Dump rail sets come in 2-sided, 3-sided, and 4-sided options.

Optional Extra Shelves: Optional extra shelves are available for select storage and organizing products, usually those with adjustable-height shelve. Additional shelves can be used to further divide the storage compartments for varied capacity or unique organizing needs.

Optional Label Holders: Optional label holders are available for many mail sorters and storage units, designed to attach to shelves or drawers and hold labels for efficient organizing use.

Optional Retractable Work Shelf: An optional retractable work shelf is an optional accessory available for select mail sorter units, designed to install at a central position and fit within the frame of the overall sorter. The work shelf pulls out when needed, providing a convenient workspace.

Optional Set of 3 Mail Totes: Optional set of 3 mail totes is a three-piece set of impact-resistant plastic mail totes used to sort, organize, and carry mail and packages. Mail totes are made of high-density polyethylene plastic and each tote features a galvanized wire rod that reinforces the top and shape. They are sized to fit in storage compartments on select mail tables and stack for space-saving storage when not in use.

Optional Steel Riser Base: Optional steel riser base indicates the sorter unit can combine with an optional riser-style base, designed to lift the sorter unit off the floor for easier reach and to prevent damage from spills or cleanup. The riser base may also be available to support the sorter atop a mail table, providing full access to the tabletop surface.

Optional Work Table Extension: Optional worktable extension is a tabletop extension accessory available for select mail tables, designed to combine tables for an L-shaped or U-shaped configuration, or to extend the tabletop for larger work surface needs. The table extension can often support a matching corner mail sorter unit, if desired.

Removable Interior Shelf: Removable interior shelf describes a shelf found within a cabinet or other storage compartment, often with an adjustable height to customize the shelf spacing. The shelf can be removed for full-compartment use, if desired.

Removable Shelves: Removable shelves are adjustable-height storage and/or divider shelves within mail sorters and literature organizer units that can be removed to make compartments larger for different storage and organizing needs.

Rubber Feet: Rubber feet are found on the base of select mail sorters, designed to protect tabletops and floor surfaces during use. The rubber feet may also aid stacking, when paired with sorters that have stacking indents or holes on the tops.

Sliding Doors: Sliding doors describe the two overlapping doors in select mailroom base cabinet units, set in customized tracks to accommodate access to the left or right side of the base cabinet, as needed. One door slides behind the other and the layout offers a space-saving design for easier furniture arranging.

Steel Sorter Shelves: Steel sorter shelves refer to shelves comprising the individual mail or paper slots in a sorter or organizing unit composed of steel and usually finished with durable, protective paint.

2-Sided Dump Rail Set: A 2-sided dump rail set is an optional accessory for select mail tables, designed to attach to the top sides of the mail table, in front of a riser or mail sorter unit, to prevent mail and supplies from slipping off the sides of the work surface.

3-Sided Dump Rail Set: A 3-sided dump rail set is an optional enhancement for select mailroom tables, with three dump rail components that attach to the table surface along the back and sides to prevent items, papers, and mail from spilling off the edges.

4-Sided Dump Rail Set: A 4-sided dump rail set is a four-piece enhancing option for select mail tables, designed to frame the work surface along the front, back, and sides to prevent mail and other items from spilling over edges.

Construction Materials

Black Moulding on Shelves: Black moulding on shelves refers to a black edge finish along the fronts of mail sorter shelves, designed to accommodate labels and enhance quality use.

Cam & Post Assembly: Cam & Post assembly refers to an easy to assemble design that utilizes pre-drilled holes in different sizes, made to fit round cams and corresponding posts. When combined, the posts insert through holes in the ends of furniture panels, meeting the cams, which are then turned with a screwdriver or Allen wrench to secure the connections.

Chrome-Plated Legs: Chrome-plated legs are steel table legs or support legs, finished in chrome for a shiny, mirror-like appearance that protects the metal from exposure and use, while providing an easy-clean surface finish that lasts.

Commercial-Grade Particleboard: Commercial-grade particleboard is a wood material panel composed of wood particles mixed with an adhesive resin or wax then pressed into durable panels for use in furniture design. Commercial-grade indicates durable strength that can be safely used in the construction of furniture for reliable support.

Compressed Wood Construction: Compressed wood construction refers to furniture panels composed of wood chips, pieces, and other wood materials, mixed with a bonding adhesive and pressed to form strong, uniform panels. Compressed wood panels are typically finished with laminate or melamine, and have protected edges with vinyl, PVC< or matching edge finish.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is an Earth-friendly powdered paint, applied to steel components of mailroom products and then cured to form a durable, protective, scratch-resistant finish in the desired or standard color, depending on the product options.

High-Density Polyethylene Construction: High-density polyethylene construction refers to a durable, impact-resistant plastic used to design the stackable, portable mail totes in select mailroom collections.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: High-pressure laminate finish is a durable, multi-layer surface finish, applied using heat and pressure for long-lasting, secure bonds. The laminate finish is typically damage-resistant, protecting the surface from scratches, stains, and other signs of regular use.

Melamine Finish with Matching Edge: Melamine finish with matching edge indicates the panels of a storage product or tabletop are finished with durable melamine that extends or matches melamine finish around the edges. The melamine surface finish may extend over beyond the surface and bond to the edges of the panel, or a separate band of melamine may be applied to the edges for matching design.

Melamine Work Surface: Melamine work surface describes a work surface, such as a tabletop or base cabinet top surface, finished in melamine. Melamine is applied like laminate finish but using fewer under-layers while offering comparable durability. Melamine finish usually comes in a choice of colors to customize the finished product design.

Optional 1”-Thick Laminate Top: An optional 1”-thick laminate top is a work surface option, available for many mail sorter and organizer units, measuring 1”-thick and finished with high-pressure laminate for a durable, scratch-resistant surface. The panel-style worktop is custom-sized to fit the coordinating organizers.

PVC Edge: PVC edge describes a custom-made PVC plastic edging band attached to the raw edges of furniture and storage unit panels, designed to conceal rough or raw edges and protect the laminate or melamine frame on the connected surfaces of the panels. PVC edges are impact-resistant and provide a smooth look and feel for more comfortable use.

Radius Edges: Radius edges are rounded edges of shelf and storage unit panels that present a smoother look and feel to the overall design.

Solid Fiberboard Back Panel: A solid fiberboard back panel is an included or optional component for mail sorters and literature organizers, designed to enclose the backside of the sorter unit for one-sided access. Fiberboard is composed of real wood fibers, mixed with an adhesive substance such as resin or wax and pressed to create strong, uniform panels.

Steel Construction: Steel construction indicates the frame, shelves, legs, and/or other components of a mailroom furniture product are composed of steel. Steel construction may be welded, depending on the manufacturer options, and steel parts are often finished with durable paint to protect from exposure and regular use.

Thermofused Laminate Finish: Thermofused laminate finish is scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, and stain-resistant, easy to clean surface finish applied in several layers with heat helping to ensure a long-lasting bond to the furniture panels. Thermofused laminate finish is typically offered in a choice of colors, accommodating customized product styles.

Welded Steel Frame: Welded steel frames are pre-assembled by the manufacturer and welded for permanent assembly.

100% Recycled Plastic Construction: Mailroom products listed as constructed with 100% recycled plastic offer the added benefits of green features, for eco-friendly product design. All plastic components in the product are made of 100% recycled plastic.


Adjustable-Height: Adjustable-height typically refers to the frame of a mailroom table or base cabinet, featuring adjustable legs that increase or decrease height along a pre-set range for customized setup and use. Many adjustable-height mailroom furniture products accommodate comfortable standing access, as well as sitting-height options.

Adjustable-Height Increments: Adjustable-height increments are the evenly sized spaces at which adjustable table legs or adjustable shelves can be positioned, ensuring even adjustments at all corners of the frame or shelf. Many shelves and table legs adjust at increments of 1” or 1½” depending on the design features.

ANSI/BIFMA: Mailroom products listed as compliant with ANSI/BIFMA are within standards set by the American National Standards Institute and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association, for a reliable and consistent high-quality product line.

Center Cut-Out: A center cut-out is a slight indent along the edge of mail sorter shelves, located near the center of the shelf’s width, that allows users to grab mail or other papers within the compartment with greater ease.

Closed-Back Design: Closed-back design describes mail sorters and literature organizers with an attached back panel, restricting access to the front of the storage compartments only.

Cubbyhole Quantity Options: Cubbyhole quantity options indicate the cubbyhole storage unit comes in a variety of sizes. Options may include a choice of 9-, 15-, or 18-cubby layouts, typically arranged in three columns with varying heights to suit the cubbyhole quantity selected.

Floor or Desktop Use: Mail products listed as accommodating floor or desktop use typically have a rubber or glide-style feet on the base for safe use on tables and work surfaces or positioning on floors. The products may combine with coordinating riser platforms, tables, base cabinets, or accommodate stacking, depending on the product line.

Green Features: Green features are any of a number of product designs, construction, and finish elements that are considered environmentally friendly. Examples include the use of recycled materials or eco-friendly powder-coat paint finishes.

ISO: Products listed as meeting ISO requirements are designed, constructed, and finished within standards set by the International Organization of Standardization, ensuring high-quality design and reliable intended use.

Knockouts in Back Panel: Knockouts in back panel refer to perforated sections on the back panel of a storage and organizing unit that can be knocked out for strategic openings, positions for cable and wire management when used with technology and computer devices. Knockouts allow the option to organize power cords and w=other cables for neatness.

Legal-Sized Compartments: Legal-sized compartments are storage compartments and mail slots that can accommodate legal-sized 8½” by 14” items.

Letter or Legal Size Options: Select mail sorters and literature organizers offer a choice of letter or legal size options. The desired size is selected before checkout.

Letter-Sized Compartments: Letter-sized compartments are mail slots and literature compartments that accommodate papers and similar items in standard 8½” by 11” letter-size.

Mail Slot Options: Mail slot options indicate a choice of the number of mail slots in a given mail sorter unit. For example, a single mail sorter may be offered with 24 mail slots, 36 mail slots, 40 mail slots, or other capacity, depending on the product design and options.

Open-Back Design: Open-back design refers to mail sorters and literature organizers without a back panel, allowing front and back access to the individual storage slots.

Seated or Standing Use: Mail products listed as accommodating seated or standing use have adjustable-height frames supporting a work surface that can be raised or lowered to accommodate access from seated or standing positions.

Shelf Clearance: Shelf clearance refers to the amount of space above a shelf and below the shelf or frame above it. Adjustable-height shelves accommodate customizable shelf clearance for larger or smaller storage needs.

Snap-On Acrylic Label Holders Included: Snap-on acrylic label holders are included with select mail sorter units. The label holders are designed to snap onto the front edges of the mail slot shelves and hold labels for organizing stored items or assigning mail slots as mail boxes in an office, business, or mailroom.

Stacking Capacity: Stacking capacity is the maximum number of mail sorters or other products that can be stacked vertically. Exceeding the stacking capacity can result in damage to the products, any items stored within, and increase the risk of injury to users and those nearby. Exceeding the stacking capacity usually voids the manufacturer’s warranty, as well.

Stick-On Labels Included: Mail sorters that indicate stick-on labels are included come with a set of self-adhesive labels for organizing slots as mailboxes or other storage compartments.

Thumbcuts on Shelves: Thumbcuts on shelves refer to central cutouts found along the front edges of mail sorter shelves, designed to allow easier grab and pull access to paperwork, literature, and mail stored within the compartment.

UL Greenguard: UL Greenguard certification indicates the product meets design, finish, and construction requirements for a healthier overall design. This typically includes the use of finishes and components that do not emit pollutants or other potential hazards to the environment, supporting cleaner indoor settings.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is the maximum amount of evenly distributed weight that a given shelf, table, or storage compartment can hold at a given time. Exceeding the listed weight capacity can result in damage to the product or stored contents, as well as increase risk of injury to users and passersby. Exceeding the weight capacity can also void the manufacturer’s warranty.