Mail Carts and Totes

Mail carts offer mailroom and office support with features that help organize documents, letters, mail, or provide space and strength for transporting packages. Mail totes generally refer to the large plastic tub-style bins used by the post office and mailrooms for sorting and carrying large quantities of mail.


Mobile Tub File: A mobile tub file has a top-access design and holds file folders for easier transport.

Mail Cart with Mobile Tub File
Mobile Tub File

Locking Tub File: A locking tub file holds file folders in an enclosed compartment with a door that is equipped with a lock for security.

Tub File: A tub file has a top-access design, with integrated filing support for hanging file folders.

Wire Mail Cart: A wire mail cart has a steel or metal design with sturdy wire shelves or storage compartments.

Construction Materials

Welded Construction: Welded construction refers to steel mail carts that are welded by the manufacturer. Welded steel carts are shipped fully assembled and ready to use immediately.

Steel Construction: Steel construction of mail carts includes steel frames, steel storage compartment panels, and/or steel wire shelving. The steel is usually finished with environmentally friendly powder-coat paint, or with shiny chrome depending on the design.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly paint finish has a low emissions rating and is generally considered more environmentally friendly than traditional paints.

High-Grade Compressed Wood Panels: Compressed wood is made but heating and treating wood panels to about 80 percent of their original thickness creating a stiffer, denser panel for use in furniture and storage unit design. These compressed wood panels are usually finished with veneers, melamine, or laminate.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: High-pressure laminate finish is applied to wood or wood product panels with multiple layers supporting the surface layer. The finished laminate products are strong, impact-resistant, and endure constant use with scratch-resistant durability. Laminate is easy to clean and offers a variety of colors and styles, with options for select mail carts and sorter to customize.

Cart & Tote Components

Casters: Mobile mail carts are set on casters, which are usually two-wheel casters with a hood to prevent clothing from getting trapped while the cart is in motion.

Locking Casters: Of the four casters, two usually include locking brakes that prevent movement for safer loading, access and storage of the cart.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters are connected to the base of carts with the ability to rotate 360-degrees in their assemblies.

Oversized Rear Casters: Oversized rear casters are larger than the front casters and enhance steering control and maneuvering while moving the cart.

Mail Cart with Oversized Rear Casters
Oversized Rear Casters

Piano Hinge: Piano hinges were originally used for the lids of pianos and offer a full-length supportive hinge for balanced connection with the lid.

Fixed Lower Shelf: A fixed lower shelf is non-adjustable and offers storage and organizing support at the bottom of a cart or storage unit.

Side Pocket: A side pocket provides an additional storage space for fewer file folders or documents than the full storage compartment can hold.

Sliding Lid: Sliding lids are set in tracks that allow the lid to slide open or closed when accessing or securing a tub-style storage unit.

Locking File Drawer: A locking file drawer holds file folders and secures with a keyed lock to prevent unwanted access to the documents within.

Push Handle: Push handles enable steering and provide some control while moving mail carts and other mobile storage units.

Mail Cart with Side Pocket
Side Pocket

Hanging Files, Hanging File Folders: Tub-style filing systems have hanging file supports for use with standard hanging file folders. The two sides of the tub or drawer have runners or tracks for the folder hooks that enable sliding of the file folders once stored.

Pull-Out Literature Trays: Literature trays have standard letter-sized paper sizes for supporting 8½” by 11” documents and folders.

Adjustable Literature Trays: Adjustable literature trays can be removed from or repositioned within a literature organizer or other sorter to customize the letter slot sizes for individual storage and organizing needs.


Fully Assembled: Some mail carts ship fully assembled by the manufacturer.

Green Features: Mail carts with green features include environmentally friendly powder-coat paint finishes. Select models may use some or all recycled components, while other manufacturers produce take steps to reduce the waste produced and resources consumed by the company.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacities are indicated to inform users the maximum safe load-bearing capacity of a storage unit.

Weight capacities are indicated to inform users the maximum safe load-bearing capacity of a storage unit. No-spill edges or lip edges reduce spill-over of stored contents by retaining items within the confines of the shelf or platform space.