Laptop Presentation Carts

Presentation carts are designed to support lecture and presentation needs, often with room for digital or overhead projector. The cart will usually support standing access comfortably, with sitting access available on some adjustable-height models.


All-Steel Presentation Cart: All-steel presentation carts are constructed with a steel frame, steel side and back panels, as well as steel base, top, and shelves.

AV/Audio Visual Cart, AV Stand: AV or audiovisual carts provide storage for audiovisual technology devices such as; computer, projector, laptop, and/or overhead projector, among other audiovisual devices.

Audio Visual Cart
AV/Audio Visual Cart

Laptop Stand: Laptop stands have a top shelf for supporting a laptop or similar device, usually at standing-height for comfortable use by instructors in a classroom or lab setting.

Lectern: A lectern is a stand or cart designed to support reading materials or technology equipment for presentations, lectures, seminars, or other uses.

Media Lectern: A media lectern offers the support of a standard reading lectern with storage space and enhancements to use with audiovisual and multimedia equipment.

Mobile Lectern: Mobile lecterns are lecterns with top workspace and integrated storage and/or multimedia support, all set on casters for easy transport.

Mobile Multimedia Storage: Mobile multimedia storage provides ample space for a complete multimedia, computer, and/or audiovisual setup with a secure storage cabinet, set on casters for convenient mobility.

Projector Cart: A projector cart is designed to support a projector, usually an LCD, LED, or other projectors, with height to accommodate standing use and sufficient positioning to use with projector screen.

Laptop Stand
Laptop Stand

Security Cart: A security cart provides enclosed storage for technology devices with an access that locks.

Sit-or-Stand Workstation, Cart: Carts and workstations listed as sit-or-stand usually offer adjustable height that moves the top work surface within comfortable reach for sitting or standing use, depending on the needs at a given time.


T-Mold Edge: A T-mold edge is usually composed of vinyl, with a T-shaped appearance when viewed from the end. The stem portion of the T-shape is inserted into a groove along the edge of a tabletop or other furniture panel, and the top portion of the T-shape is fitted close to the edges of the panels for a finished edge, comfortable feel, and quality appearance. The edging adds impact-resistance for durable everyday use.

Vinyl Edging: Vinyl edging conceals potentially rough edges of furniture panels, covering the seam where the laminate or other finish meets the core, and providing an impact-resistant bumper for everyday use.

Cart Components

Accessory Shelf: An accessory shelf provides additional storage space for small supplies within reach for access during lectures, presentations, and seminars.

Adjustable Height Increments: Adjustable height increments refer to the spaces set for shelf positions in adjustable-height shelf designs. These pre-drilled holes for shelf clips, or preset spaces for bolt-in adjustable shelves are set at intervals or increments that allow users to adjust within a range of positions.

Adjustable Height Shelves: Adjustable shelves fit in a pre-set range of spaces within a stand, cart, or other audiovisual or presentation unit.

Media Lectern
Media Lectern

Adjustable Shelf Positions: Select presentation stands offer adjustable shelves with a set number of predetermined positions.

Adjustable Side Shelf: An adjustable side shelf is a shelf positioned to the left or right of the cart or presentation stand, mounted to the side panel. The panel offers a choice of height positions for the shelf, allowing the user to adjust its position.

Adjustable Work Surface: Adjustable work surface refers to the presentation stands with a top shelf or top work surface that can be repositioned to a height that suits the users needs.

AV Input/Output: AV input indicates the connection for receiving audiovisual signals, usually found on a TV or other device. AV output is found on the device that produces or sends the signals.

Bin System: A bin system is an organizing and storage layout using plastic bins set in runners or slides to function as storage drawers. The plastic bins usually accommodate labels for further organizing.

Bolt-Mount Projector Option: Select carts offer the option to bolt-mount a projector in place. Bolt mounting secures the projector to the cart for enhanced security and improved theft deterrence.

Bookstop Ledge: A bookstop ledge is found at the lower portion of an adjustable work surface that accommodates angled positions. The bookstop ledge is raised and helps catch writing utensils and reading materials to prevent items from falling on the floor when the work surface is angled.

Cart with Bookstop Ledge
Bookstop Ledge

Cord Pass-Through: Cord pass-through refers to a space, cutout, or grommet hole positioned in a key location within a storage unit or storage compartment to allow power cords, cables, and other wires to pass through solid panels for neater technology storage and use.

Cord Management Bin: Cord management bins are built into some storage units and are offered as optional enhancements for other units. The bin provides a storage compartment for holding power cords, network cables, and other wires used with modern technology and audiovisual arrangements.

Cord Wrap, Cord Winder: Many electrical-friendly carts and workstations offer an integrated cord winder or cord wrap. The cord wrap may be an attached device that allows the user to wrap extension cords or power cords for safekeeping, or a set of hook-like attachments that accommodate circular or figure eight wrapping of cords for neatness.

CPU Holder, Adjustable CPU Holder, Adjustable CPU Rack: CPU holders range from standard platforms to attached shelf or mounting bracket. Storage units with CPU holder accommodate full computer systems.

Cart with CPU Holder
CPU Holder

Cubbies, Cubbyholes, Cubby: A cubbyhole or cubby is an open-front storage space, usually with a small rectangular or square shape, provided for storing supplies or personal items.

Die-Pressed Shelves: Die-pressed shelves are made using a process called Die Pressing. Powdered metal, usually, is poured into a container formed with die blocks. A punch plate forms a very compact product in the desired shape by pressing the metal powder; in this case, the shape is for the shelves. Die pressing produces accurate shapes and sizes with smooth or flat surfaces and quality appearance for reliable results.

Digital Document Camera Included: Presentation or audiovisual stations that include a digital document camera come with a quality gooseneck-style document camera for enhanced use immediately upon delivery. The camera will include necessary cables and software, where applicable.

Document Camera: Document cameras provide a real-time capture of images from documents as well as 3D objects and then projects the image to a monitor or, depending on the camera design, the image may be projected to a standard projection screen. Document cameras can be considered high-resolution cameras, generally producing quality images for educational and professional use.

Drop-Down Projector Door: A drop-down projector door encloses a storage compartment designed for a modern LCD projector. The storage compartment usually contains a pullout shelf for the projector and a lock for securing it when not in use.

DVD/Blu-Ray Player Included: Presentation carts or audiovisual storage units that include a DVD player and/or Blu-Ray player are delivered with the device. All necessary cables and information are included with the DVD/Blu-Ray player so the cart arrives ready for immediate setup and use.

Fixed Shelf: Fixed shelves offer one position without the option to move or adjust.

Flip-Up Shelf: Flip-up shelves lay flat against the sides of mobile carts and presentation stands, but lock in place for use.

Front and Rear Access: Technology carts with front and rear access provide the user a means of accessing the backs of equipment stored within the unit through a removable and/or locking back panel. The front access door usually locks for security.

Grommets: Grommets are holes placed in strategic, inconspicuous locations within a storage unit that allow cables and wires to pass-through panels, shelves, and between compartments for neat technology setup.

Grounded Power Cord: A grounded power cord is one with a three-prong plug and has that added safety feature to reduce risk of electric shock in the event of a lose wire.

Guardrail: Guardrails enhance select presentation cart models, offering rear and/or side supports to reduce risk of items fall off edges during transport and use.

HD15/VGA Jack: HD15 and VGA jacks are the same. VGA plugs have a 15-pin design and support high-definition video signals, thus the HD15 jack is an alternative name for the VGA port.

Hinged Shelf: A hinged shelf is attached to the side of a presentation cart or other audiovisual storage unit, allowing the shelf to lay flat against the side panel. The hinge supports the shelf connection to the frame and a support structure secures the shelf in place for use, when needed.

Cart with Hinged Shelf
Hinged Shelf

Keyboard Shelf, Laptop Shelf: Computer-friendly storage carts usually include a sliding keyboard or laptop shelf. This shelf is positioned beneath the top work surface and offers ample space for a full keyboard, often with space for a mouse as well.

Keyed Locks: Keyed locks eliminate the need to remember combinations and offer increased security from cam locks and other styles.

Locking Multimedia Cabinet: Multimedia cabinets are designed to store audiovisual and/or computer equipment for use in classroom, lab, library, or business settings. These cabinets usually feature keyed locks for security.

Locking Casters: Most mobile carts set on casters have two locking casters that allow a braking lever to be engaged to prevent unwanted movement during storage or use.

Lectern Top: Workstations and stands with a lectern top feature a raised, angled platform with bookstop ledge across the bottom, designed to hold textbook, notes, or reference materials for classroom instruction, lectures, seminars, or presentations.

Locking Three-Shelf Cabinet: A locking three-shelf cabinet contains a fixed bottom shelf, and two upper fixed or adjustable shelves within a single storage compartment.

L/R Stereo RCA Jacks: L/R Stereo RCA Jacks refer to the RCA connectors for stereo sound; the red and white connectors on a composite cable. Presentation units with L/R, or left and right, stereo jacks have ports that accept cables for left and right audio.

Modesty Panel: Modesty panels are found extending from under the desktop or top work surface of stands, carts, desks, and other furniture elements. The concept is meant to conceal legs completely or partially from view while the user is at the desk or workstation.

Multimedia Panel: A multimedia panel may be offered as an optional enhancement to select audiovisual carts and presentation stands, with an organized layout providing audiovisual and data connections. The typical multimedia panel includes red, white, and yellow stereo sound and video connections for traditional composite cable, as well as USB ports and a VGA port for data and high-definition video, respectively.

Non-Skid, Non-Slip, Anti-Skip Mat: Many presentation stands and carts offer a non-skid, non-slip, or anti-skip mat on the top platform shelf or work surface. The mat cushions equipment placed atop the cart and provides stability for safer transport without concern for equipment falling.

Optional Electrical Assembly: Many laptop and presentation carts offer the option for an electrical assembly. The electrical assembly provides at least two power outlets to supply equipment with electricity, and a power cord for the electrical assembly to extend reach to a nearby wall outlet.

Pneumatic Tires: Pneumatic tires are made with rubber, usually reinforced for strength, and filled with air, usually compressed air like automotive tires or the tires on a bicycle.

Pull-Out Shelf: A pull-out shelf is often used for keyboard and mouse, or for laptop storage to retain a free work surface area. The shelf is flat, like standard bookcase shelves, with metal sliders attaching the two sides that mount the shelf underneath a work surface or within the frame of a storage cart. The shelf can be pulled out when needed, offering easy access, and then stowed within the frame for out-of-the-way storage.

Rack Rails: Rack rails are found within storage compartments of select audiovisual products and offer mounting holes for technology equipment to secure the equipment for safe transport, storage, and use.

Rear Handle: Rear handles generally provide pulling support for moving carts or other mobile storage units.

Removable Shelves: Many adjustable shelves are also removable. Removing the shelves creates a larger storage compartment when needed.

Reversible Shelves: Reversible shelves offer a choice to assemble with one side or the other visible. The two sides have different finishes, allowing users to customize the look so the finished cart or stand suits the location design and individual preferences.

Rubber Casters: Rubber casters offer the rugged traction of rubber for strong support and noise-reduction. The rubber casters are usually held to the base with a swivel attachment, enhancing turns and maneuvering.

Safety Connection Conduit: A connection conduit is a tube-like structure that collects wires and cables and secures them for safety. The conduit reduces tripping hazards and keeps technology organized for clutter-free setup.

Safety Strap: Optional safety straps are available and function well with most storage carts. The straps offer a choice of three fastener types and provide an additional safety measure to ensure equipment remains in place while carts are transported.

Shelf Cut-Outs: Steel cut-outs generally refer to vents or louvers cut from steel panels that comprise the sides, doors, and/or back panels of a storage unit. The cutouts serve as both decoration and functional ventilation to allow heat to dissipate and cool air to circulate throughout the storage unit.

Sliding Laptop Shelf: A sliding laptop shelf enhances select presentation carts, allowing a safe space for laptop storage that tucks out of the way, within the frame of the storage unit, and slides out as needed for laptop use. The shelf may slide in and out from the sides of the cart or have a pullout design like keyboard shelves.

Speakers Included: Presentation carts with speakers included are ready for quality sound support to aid audiovisual tasks. The speakers will come with the necessary cables to operate as intended and will function with other included equipment, such as DVD/Blu-Ray players.

Split-Top Shelf: A split-top shelf provides the workspace of a full shelf with a separated division. The two parts may be equal in size or one may be larger, and both may adjust independently for convenience.

Stationary Casters: Stationary casters have a fixed position and allow movement in one forward or backward direction.

S-Video Jack: S-video jacks accept standard definition video signals with enhanced image quality compared to traditional composite video cables. S-video ports accept two signals running simultaneously or in sync, providing the color and brightness of the images, and the most common type of S-video plug has a four-pin layout.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters accommodate forward and backward movement as well as the ability to spin completely around within its mounting assembly.

Tilt and Roll: Many lecterns and presentation stands with a concealed base have two casters on one side that allow tilt and roll mobility, as opposed to four casters offering classic mobility. The frame is often enhanced with a handle or similar attachment that accommodates safe tilting backward of the structure.

Tilting Projector Shelf: Tilting projector shelves allow the projector to be angled for better alignment with the projection screen.

Twin-Wheel/ Dual-Wheel/ Two-Wheel Casters: Twin-wheel casters, also referred to as dual-wheel or two-wheel casters, have two connected wheels, often with a hooded cover, to support the weight of the furniture or storage unit safely and reliably. The two-wheel design disperses the weight of the cart for balance and strength.

USB Port: USB, or Universal Series Bus, ports accept USB plugs for sending data, video, audio, and other transmissions, usually to a computer or portable device.

Vacuum-Formed Shelves: Vacuum-formed shelves are made using sheets of plastic that are warmed and fitted over or within a mold that is inside a container. Air is vacuumed out of the container, forcing the plastic to fit the desired mold.

VGA Port: A VGA port, also known as a Video Graphics Array connector, is a port found on many computer monitors, laptops, high-definition TVs, and CPU video carts. The port provides a way of transferring video and related signals to a display or monitor for viewing.

Wire Chase: A wire chase is a tunnel-like attachment, usually inconspicuously placed within the design of a cart or storage unit, allowing power cords, connection cables, and other wires to run throughout the frame without creating a cluttered mess.

3.5mm Audio Jack: A 3.5mm audio jack supports standard headphones, earbuds, and similar audio plugs for stereo and/or mono sound.

Construction Materials

All Metal-to-Metal Connectors: All metal-to-metal connectors indicate that the drilled holes for assembly contain threaded metal inserts. These inserts secure the threaded bolts during assembly and ensure a lasting hold for reliable performance.

All Threaded Connections: All threaded connections indicate that threads are added to the drilled holes for catching the threads of the bolts used during assembly. The concept reinforces the assembled structure and ensures a long-lasting connection.

Black Plastic Work Surface Finish: Select presentation stands and related workstations feature a black plastic work surface, finished in durable black laminate for lasting damage-resistant workspace. The laminate resists scratches and staining, as well as signs of wear such as fading. It also offers an easy wipe-clean surface for simple upkeep.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is paint finish that meets environmentally friendly standards for low VOC emission or VOC-free ingredients.

Fan Cutout: A fan cutout is a space found within specific audiovisual or multimedia storage units where a ventilation fan can be added for enhanced air circulation and equipment cooling.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: Presentation carts and other audiovisual storage finished with high-pressure laminate have a durable, scratch-resistant finish securely bonded to the cart elements under heat and pressure.

MDF Board: MDF Board, or Medium-Density Fiber Board, is composed of wood fibers that are mixed with a wax or resin bonding substance then pressed and shaped to form panels of uniform thickness. The density is greater than found in plywood but the finished MDF board products offer uses comparable to those of plywood.

Perforated Steel: Perforated steel is a steel panel that has cutouts throughout the panel, or throughout a portion of the panel, usually in the form of a uniform or decorative pattern. Perforated steel provides the strength of a steel component while offering increased airflow through the panels to help keep electronics equipment cooler and allow heat, generated from equipment, to dissipate.

Recycled Materials: Recycled materials range from reusing paints leftover from other products to recycling metals and plastics to enhance production of new items.

Thermofused Melamine Finish: Melamine finish utilizes fewer under layers than laminate finish but provides lasting durable finish in a vast array of colors and patterns. Like laminate, melamine finish is stain-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Veneer Finish: Veneer finish is often made using very thin slices of real wood, finished in classic wood staining and protective topcoats. The slices of finished wood are applied with laminate or other bonding agent to the surfaces of furniture panels and create the look of solid hardwood furniture at a fraction of the cost.

VOC: VOC stands for Volatile Organic Compounds and refers to substances that maintain the mixed blended nature of liquid paints. VOCs are common pollutants that manufacturers now recognize and regularly work to reduce. VOCs are considered Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

Wear-Resistant Work Surface: Wear-resistant work surfaces stand up to regular use without fading colors, scratches, staining, or other signs of wear from use.

Welded Construction: Many all-steel cart and storage unit models feature welded construction. The manufacturer assembles these units, welds them for reinforced strength, and ships them fully assembled.


Any Angle Positioning: Work surfaces that support any angle positioning allow the work surface to be angled and secured in place without limitation.

Cable Access: Cable access is provided by grommet holes and other discreet openings and pathways integrated with the projector and audiovisual storage designs to allow power cords, network cables, and other essential wires to enter and exit the storage compartments without compromising security of locked compartments.

Cable Management: Cable management is a series of enhancements built into technology storage units or offered as options to enhance a neater technology setup.

CSA Certified, CSA Approved: Many products are CSA certified or approved, having been tested by the Canadian Standards Association. Like their American counterpart, UL or Underwriters Laboratories, the CSA is responsible for testing and verifying safety standards are met by electronics and other equipment produced.

Fully Assembled: Items that are shipped fully assembled are ready for immediate use.

Green Features: Green features indicate efforts to reduce waste and environmental impact in design, manufacturing, and/or shipping. These features may be environmentally friendly paint, cured to a powder-coat finish for added benefit, low emissions materials used in manufacturing products, reduced energy and water consumption in production processes, the use of recycled materials in production and shipping, or other efforts.

UL-Listed: UL-listed products have been tested and verified as up to standard and safety by Underwriters Laboratories, one of the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories approved by OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

With Electric, Without Electric: Presentation carts listed as “with electric” or “without electric” indicate the presence or absence of a multi-outlet power strip with extension power cord.