Safety Cabinets


Eye Safety Cabinet: Eye safety cabinets are storage and cleaning units that mount to walls and hold safety goggles or safety glasses for safekeeping. The eye safety cabinet contains a UV lamp that has a 5-minute activation and average 99.2% kill rate for enhanced eyewear protection.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet: Fire extinguisher cabinets are designed to hold specific standard-sized fire extinguishers such as a 5-lbs. or 10-lbs. unit. The cabinets are made durable with a choice of solid or acrylic window-style doors, and the mounting hardware is included to mount to a wall.

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Fire Extinguisher Cabinet

Flammable Storage Cabinets: Flammable storage cabinets provide spill-resistant base and lockable storage designs for safe storage of flammable liquids and substances in lab or classroom settings.

Glove Dispenser: Glove dispensers are mountable storage compartments designed to hold boxes of disposable gloves for use as needed.

Industrial First Aid Cabinets: Industrial first aid cabinets offer premium storage support for a variety of first aid and emergency essentials, with sizes and storage capacities to suit virtually any need. The storage and organizing pouch is sold separately to enhance the industrial firs aid cabinets if desired.

Medicine Cabinet: A medicine cabinet offers a small, customized design to store medicine and first aid supplies in a lockable, accessible storage unit.

Respirator Cabinet: Respirator cabinets provide storage and organizing support for respirator and other safety equipment, and/or cleanup and safety gear supplies for business, educational, and industrial settings.

Spill Control Station: Spill control stations provide storage and organizing support for essential safety gear and cleanup supplies to manage chemical or hazardous spills and accidents.

Flammable Storage Cabinet
Flammable Storage Cabinets

Wall Cabinet: Wall cabinet units typically have keyholes or other mounting feature at the back and include mounting hardware to install in a science lab, classroom, or other setting.


Air Vents: Air vents allow airflow into and out of a cabinet, usually in storage cabinets to reduce buildup of fumes.

Anti-Tip Device: An anti-tip device is an enhanced feature that prevents the cabinet from tipping forward for improved safe use. Anti-tip devices are most often included with tall cabinets.

Electronic Lock with Backup: Select safety cabinets with electronic locks provide records of access with two programmable passwords. The electronic locks include keys for backup access if needed, and an external battery backup for additional support.

Glove Dispenser
Glove Dispenser

Floor Levelers: Floor levelers are adjustable leg or base enhancers that can be increased or decreased in height to stabilize safety cabinets for wobble-free placement on uneven surfaces.

Leak-Proof Base: The flammable liquid storage cabinets feature leak-proof base designs with raised front edge to form a base that is set down within the cabinet to help contain spills.

Metal Door: Metal door describes a solid door found on many safety cabinets, usually composed of steel and containing a lock for security.

Plexiglass Door: Select safety cabinets offer an option for Plexiglas or shatter-resistant door design allowing window-like viewing of the stored contents. Most safety cabinets include locks for security.

Recessed Paddle Latch with Lock: Recessed paddle latch refers to a square-style handle that has a recessed position set within the surface or a door panel. The latch is enhanced by a lock that secures the cabinet when engaged. When unlocked, the latch is simply pulled to open the cabinet door.

Construction Materials

Cold Rolled Steel: Cold rolled steel is steel that has been pressed and shaped to form the desired panels or components. The result is an increase in durability, and a consistent production process.

Eco-Friendly Finish: Eco-friendly finish usually refers to environmentally friendly powder-coat paint finish or other Earth-friendly finish that provides a “greener” finished cabinet design.

Medicine Cabinet
Medicine Cabinet

Keyholes for Mounting: Keyholes for mounting describe keyhole-shaped cutouts found at the backs of select wall-mountable cabinets that simplify the wall mounting process. The keyhole mounting system makes it easy to quickly remove the cabinet if needed.

Lip Edges: Lip edges are raised portions on one or more sides of a typically flat platform surface or shelf. The raised edges reduce spills and prevent items from sliding off the shelf.

Powder-Coat Finish: Powder-coat finish is a powdered paint finish applied to steel or other metals and activated or cured to create a durable, scratch-resistant paint finish that adds to the overall green features of the cabinet design.

Welded Steel: Welded steel refers to steel components of safety cabinets that are welded by the manufacturer for a permanent connection that increases strength and durability.

Lab Cabinet with Plexiglass Door
Plexiglass Door


ANSI/BIFMA: Safety cabinets listed as ANSI/BIFMA meet the necessary quality and safety standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA).

Full Piano Hinges: Full piano hinges are hinges that extend from the top to bottom of the cabinet door, providing durable support and resembling the classic-style hinges used to hold piano lids to the overall piano body.

Leg Levelers: Leg levelers are adjustable components found on legs and bases of many safety cabinets that adjust to increase contact with flooring for stability and wobble-free use on uneven surfaces.

Multi-Point Lock System: A multi-point locking system is most often a three-point lock system with a lock engaged by a key at a central location near the handles of a cabinet door. When engaged, the lock simultaneously extends rods upward and downward into the top and base panels to reinforce the locked doors.

Optional Steel Legs: Optional steel legs are available for select safety cabinets, adding height to the overall cabinet design.

Storage Capacity: A listed storage capacity refers to the maximum safe weight or number of items a specific shelf or storage unit can hold at a given time. Weight capacities are given in pounds and indicate the maximum safe weight with the items and weight evenly distributed. Exceeding a storage or weight capacity can void a warranty and result in damage to equipment, storage unit, or injury to users.

UL Listed: Safety cabinets that are UL-listed typically include electronic features or components and have been verified as meeting the necessary safety and quality standards of Underwriters Laboratories.

Wall Mounting Hardware: Wall mounting hardware is the necessary components to mount a safety cabinet to a wall. The wall mounting hardware is almost always included with wall-mountable cabinet units.