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Eye Safety Cabinet: An eye safety cabinet is a wall-mounted storage cabinet with shelves designed to hold protective safety glasses and safety goggles, with a UV light that has a 99.2% kill rate for hazardous substances or germs. The cabinet closes securely to prevent UV leakage during the treatment process.

Eye Safety Cabinet
Eye Safety Cabinet

Safety Glasses: Safety glasses are protective eyewear with traditional eyeglasses design featuring framed or partially framed lenses and two hinged temples that embrace the sides of the face and loop behind the ears when worn.

Safety Goggles: Safety goggles are protective eyewear, usually designed with a single-piece lens framed by a flexible component that connects with the face, surrounding and protecting the eyes. The goggles are worn with an elastic band that goes over and around the head to hold them snuggly in place.


Anti-Fog Lenses: Anti-fog lenses refer to specially designed and/or coated lenses in safety glasses and safety goggles that resist fog or steaming from body heat during use.

Indirect Vents: Indirect vents describe the vents placed around the safety goggles, allowing air circulation for comfort and cooling during use, but continue to protect eyes and face from splashes or fumes.

Interlocked Doors: Interlocked doors refer to the doors of the eye safety cabinet that fit securely together to prevent UV light or radiation from escaping when the UV light is treating the eyewear.

Safety Glasses
Safety Glasses

Keyed Lock: Keyed lock describes a lock mechanism that engages by use of a traditional key. Two keys are typically provided, for backup support in case one is lost or damaged.

Nose Bridge: The nose bridge is the portion of the safety glasses or safety goggles that fits over the nose, usually near the eyes, to hold the protective eyewear in place.

Pilot Light Indicator: Pilot light indicator is a light that shows the UV lamp is engaged and running when the cabinet is closed and the eyewear is being cleaned or treated.

Polycarbonate Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses are durable plastic lenses offering protection in a lightweight design.

Side Shields: Side shields are pieces found beside the lenses of protective safety glasses that help prevent splashes in the eyes at the sides of the eyewear.

Temples: Temples are the two pieces of the eyeglass frame, attached by small hinges next to the eyeglass lenses. The temples support the eyewear by hugging the face and holding glasses in place with looped or curved ends that fit behind ears.

UV Absorbing Lenses: UV absorbing lenses refer to the polycarbonate lenses in safety goggles to protect eyes from UV light.

Construction Materials

Green Tinted Design: Green tinted design describes the safety goggles with a subtle tint to the surrounding flexible PVC plastic shield portion.

Tamper-Resistant Latch: Tamper-resistant latch describes a locking mechanism and latch assembly that secures the doors of the eye safety cabinet and prevents damage or tampering that could reduce effectiveness or safe use.

White Enameled Steel Design: White enameled steel design describes the eye safety cabinet, built from steel for durable support and longevity, with white enamel paint finish.


Adjustable Temples: Adjustable temples describe the temples of safety glasses that either contain a flexible hinge for hyperextension to fit wider faces for comfort, or physically adjustable temples for longer design or a more comfortable fit. It can also describe safety glasses with adjustable temples featuring a flexible or bendable tip portion of the temples that allows adjustment to the curved portion for ear comfort during use.

Automatic Shut-Off: Automatic shut-off refers to the eye safety cabinet that automatically turns off the UV lamp after 5 minutes of use.

Fits Over Most Prescription Glasses: The safety goggles are described as being able to fit over most prescription glasses, indicating the size and shape of the safety goggles can accommodate the size and shape of virtually any prescription or regularly worn eyeglasses.

Flexible PVC Design: Flexible PVC design describes the protective surrounding shield around the safety goggles that offers a flexible style to fit virtually any user.

Fold-Flat Side Shields: Fold-flat side shields refer to the protective plastic shield, at the sides of the safety glasses, that form a protective junction when the temples are open and the glasses are worn, but then fold with the temples to the backs of the lenses and frame when not in use.

Grounded Electrical Cord: Grounded electrical cord indicates the power cord for the eye safety cabinet is grounded to reduce risk of surge or electric shock.

Minimum Order Quantity: Minimum order quantity, when indicated, refers to a minimum number of safety glasses or safety goggles that must be ordered at a single time. Ordering below an indicated minimum order quantity can result in additional fees.

Non-Corrective Design: The safety glasses have non-corrective lenses for comfortable use by virtually any student or instructor.

No Direct UV Exposure: No direct UV exposure indicates the eye safety cabinet closes securely and prevents leakage of UV light or radiation when in use.

Non-Prescription Design: The safety glasses are made with a non-prescription design, allowing comfortable use by virtually any student or instructor.

Protection in 5 Minutes: Protection in 5 minutes describes the eye safety cabinet operating process that has a 99.2% kill rate with only 5 minutes of UV exposure.

Storage Capacity: The storage capacity of the eye safety cabinet indicates the cabinet can support up to five pairs of safety goggles per shelf, or up to six pairs of safety glasses per shelf, with eight shelves in the cabinet. Exceeding the storage capacity can reduce efficacy of the UV lamp treatment process and possibly result in damage to the cabinet or its components. Exceeding the storage capacity can also void the warranty.

Timer Included: Timer included describes the included timer mechanism with the eye safety cabinet that helps time the UV light exposure during the eyewear treatment.

Universal-Fit Nose Bridge: Universal-fit nose bridge describes the nose-portion of safety glasses or safety goggles designed to comfortable accommodate any nose and face. The nose bridge is typically higher and curved to reduce discomfort.

UL-Listed: UL-listed refers to equipment and storage units that have been assessed and verified within standards of Underwriters Laboratories. UL listing typically refers to storage units and products that include an electrical component, such as the eye safety cabinet.

99.2% Average Kill Rate: A 99.2% average kill rate refers to the ability of the eye safety cabinet to combat 99.2% of the hazards or germs found on safety eyewear in 5 minutes of exposure to the UV lamp.