Janitorial Cleaning Carts

Janitorial carts and cleaning carts offer storage and transport of necessary cleaning and facility supplies. The mobile design is easy to maneuver safely, and the carts come in a variety of styles for different needs.


Folding Cart: Folding carts have collapsing frames that accommodate space-saving storage when not in use.

Heavy-Duty Custodian Cart: Heavy-duty custodian carts have strong frame support for holding full bucket and cleaning supplies as well as room for mop, broom and other essentials.

Laundry Cart: Laundry carts come equipped with canvas laundry bag and a sturdy frame to hold the bag while loading.

Spill Response Cart: Spill response carts provide convenient storage and organizing of necessary safety equipment, first aid supplies, and HazMat cleanup aids for school, and professional settings.

Cart Components

Backstop: A backstop is a raised panel along the back portion of a work surface designed to prevent items from slipping off the back edge.

Big Wheels: Big wheels are added to the rear side of select heavy-duty carts to enhance support of the overall frame.

Broom and Mop Holders: The large janitorial cleaning carts include a broom holder or mop holder design, integrated with the frame.

Canvas Bag: A canvas bag is included with the industrial laundry cart and provides durable sorting support in a reusable, washable style. The bag is hemmed at the top and has hook-and-loop Velcro enclosures that wrap around the cart frame to secure the bag into place.

Caster Bumpers: Larger carts are prone to bumping into walls and other structures. Caster bumpers help reduce risk of damage to the casters and cart.

Divided Bag: The divided canvas laundry bag features two stitched-in dividers made of canvas to match the bag and accommodate three-compartments for sorting of laundry or other items. The bag is reusable, washable, and durable.

Fixed Shelf: A fixed shelf is permanently attached to the frame in a convenient location for supporting storage and organizing needs while reinforcing the frame for enhanced stability.

Hook and Loop Fasteners: The divided canvas laundry bag contains hook and loop fasteners along the top that allow the bag to be wrapped around the frame and secured in place.

Keyed Lock: Keyed locks are operated by keys that are unique and specific for each lock.

Locking Casters: Locking casters contain lever-style locking brakes to prevent unwanted movement.

Nylon Laundry Bag: The nylon laundry bag is included with laundry carts. The durable, reusable bag holds a significant amount of laundry for washing.

Nylon Trash Bag: Janitorial carts include a nylon trash bag offering reliable strength and convenient size, designed to fit within the cart for lasting support.

Single-Point Lock: Doors with single-point locks usually contain keyed locks that secure the doors at the location of the lock.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters rotate 360 degrees in their mounting assembly. Carts using swivel casters often pair two swivel casters with two fixed casters for enhanced control.

Tray Shelf: A tray shelf offers open storage space with raised sides to help contain stored items.

Folding Cart
Folding Cart

Laundry Cart
Laundry Cart

Spill Response Cart
Spill Response Cart

Cart with Big Wheels
Big Wheels

Cart Edges

Retaining Edges, Lip Edges: Retaining edges are seen in the janitorial cart shelf layout with raised edges forming the tray-style shelves. Lip edges are generally lower than retaining edges, but the concept remains the same. Both types of edges help prevent items from sliding off the shelves.

Construction Materials

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Steel components of select janitorial carts are finished with powder coating using environmentally friendly paint.

Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction: Heavy-duty plastic construction typically involves molded plastics that resist damage from scratches, impact, and use.


Chrome-Plated Steel: Chrome-plated steel is steel that has been coated in a thin layer of chromium metal, that results in a durable, shiny finish that lasts and protects the underlying steel from corrosion and other damage.

Green Features: Green Features in our Janitorial Cleaning Carts Collection include environmentally friendly paint in a powder coating for steel carts.

Shelf Clearance: Shelf clearance is the amount of space available between two shelves.

Weight Capacity: The weight capacity listed for select carts indicates the maximum safe weight that the cart can hold at a given time.


Large Base, Wide Base: Large and/or wide base cart styles offer enhanced balance and stability, particularly important for carrying heavier loads.

Stain-Resistant, Rust-Resistant, Chip-Resistant, Crack-Resistant Designs: The rugged plastics of many janitorial and cleaning carts offer lasting durable performance with stain-resistant, crack-resistant, and chip-resistant strength.

X-Frame Design: The X-frame design of our folding carts helps to reinforce the support of the laundry bag and keep the bag securely held in place for laundry room use.