Instrument Storage

Instrument storage units offer safe, spacious compartments for holding musical instruments and related items in classroom, music room, or other educational or rehearsal setting. Many instrument lockers provide details regarding their individual capacity for storing specific instruments of various sizes and types to accommodate easier guess-free shopping for classroom or school.


Open Storage Locker: Open storage lockers have a base shelf and an adjustable shelf, with open-front for access and visibility. The open storage lockers are not secured by locks and add nicely to music rooms or classrooms where the room is secured when unattended.

Open Storage Locker
Open Storage Locker

Storage Components

Acoustic Doors: Acoustic doors refers to the wire gate-style doors that secure our acoustic door musical instrument lockers and the opening accepts padlocks for individual security. The doors offer full visibility of locker contents and are secured to the locker by five-knuckle hinges that feature non-removable pins for enhanced use.

High-Impact ABS Plastic Shelves: The ABS plastic shells with raised tread surface absorb impact from contact with instruments and other stored items for lasting appearance and durable support.

Numbering Label System: Select models of instrument lockers have built-in label system support that allows numbering for individual locker assignment or designation.

Pad Lock Hasps: Padlock hasps are customized attachments at the opening side of the instrument locker doors that accept standard padlocks with key or combination access and secure the door of the locker for safekeeping.

Solid Door: Solid door lockers feature solid panel with matching finish for an external surface that matches the overall locker melamine finish selection and an interior door surface that matches the pearl white laminate interior finish

Cabinet with Acoustic Doors
Acoustic Doors

Construction Materials

Commercial Grade Construction: Commercial grade construction indicates the instrument lockers are designed with meticulous detail, reducing potential for defects and ensuring durable strength to endure years of frequent use.

Five-Knuckle Hinges: Five-knuckle hinges are similar to full-size door hinges, with five interlaced components secured by a non-removable pin for safety. The hinges are mounted to the interior of the lockers and to the inner surface of the door, which enhances overall security when locked with a padlock or combination lock placed on the padlock hasp on the opening side of the door panel.

Non-Removable Pins: Non-removable pins indicate the bolt-like pin that runs through the five knuckle components of the large instrument lockers with doors. The hinges are similar to full-size door hinges but the central pin is fixed for security.

Pearl White Laminate Interior: The instrument lockers and related storage units feature a laminate interior with pearl white color for brighter interior enhancing visibility of stored contents. The shelves, interior sides, and back panel are finished in pearl white laminate for all around brighter interior compartments.

Scuff-Guard: A scuff guard wraps around each shelf in select instrument locker collections, protecting from scuffs, markings, and other damage as instruments and music cases are placed into and removed from the lockers.

Thermofused Melamine Finish: Melamine finish bonded to the surface of instrument locker components using heat and pressure creates a thermofused bond that endures constant use. The melamine is similar to laminate but designed with fewer layers while maintaining the external damage-resistant finish for protection against scratches, stains, and impact.

Storage Features

Raised Tread Design:The surface of the shelves in select instrument locker collections features a raised tread-style pattern similar to the raised pattern seen in moving vans or pickup truck beds. The raised tread pattern helps reduce unwanted movement, keeping instruments relatively still while in storage.

180-Degree Opening: Locker doors that offer 180-degree opening have hinges that accommodate a fully opened position with the locker door extending laterally, parallel to the wall against which the locker is placed.