Industrial Shelving

Industrial shelving offers heavy-duty support with consistent quality design using quality construction materials, and reliable performance for heavy-duty storage tasks. These shelving systems are usually made of steel, using heavy gauge steel and fixed shelves for reinforcing the structural support.


Adjustable Shelves: Adjustable shelves in our industrial shelving collections may be set on shelf clips or pegs within a cabinet, or the adjustable shelves may require tools to adjust. Shelves that are bolted in place for security and strength may offer adjustable positioning with the movement of the bolts as well. Once moved, the shelf is again secured within the frame by the bolts.

Deluxe Storage: Deluxe storage offers premium heavy-duty storage capacity and support with steel construction and premium designs. The storage usually contains locks for security, adjustable shelving, and may include ventilation louvers in the back or other portion of the storage unit for air circulation to protect contents.

Deluxe Storage Cabinet
Deluxe Storage

Freestanding Shelving: Freestanding shelves are able to perform without additional structures or support. Starter units are generally freestanding shelves, whereas add-on units are not.

Wide Profile Shelving: Wide profile shelving features a thicker shelf design, usually made of steel and secured to the steel shelving system with bolts or other metal connectors. The connectors are often positioned for maximum strength, such as two connectors per corner of the shelf. The higher shelf profile reinforces these connections making the overall structure capable of holding greater weight capacities.


Anti-Slide Bar: The anti-slide bar is an optional accessory for preconfigured moving shelf units to prevent stored items from sliding off shelves. The anti-slide bar is installed when and where desired and acts as a guardrail.

Caster Kit: Optional caster kits provide base support and casters for select storage cabinets, transforming stationary units into mobile storage for convenience.

Expandable Industrial Shelving: Industrial shelving systems with expansion options accept add-on shelving units for virtually unlimited increased shelving capacity to accommodate growing or larger spaces, and increased shelving needs.

Louvered Back Panel: Back panels with louvers feature cutouts, slots, or other integrated ventilation to allow airflow. The increased circulation improves storage performance, allowing heat to dissipate, preventing damage to the storage cabinet and the stored contents.

Roller Tracks: Industrial shelving units with roller tracks offer the option to install floor tracks that connect to the shelving units and provide sliding motion for space-saving access to all sides. The roller tracks can be mounted to the floor, if desired.

Shelf Divider: The shelf divider is an optional accessory for preconfigured shelving systems, installed where desired to divide shelves for customizable storage and organizing.

Three-Point Locking System: A three-point locking system uses a key to engage the lock, which simultaneously extends two rods that secure the door for reinforced protection. The rods extend up and down into the cabinet frame, preventing movement, prying, and tampering when the doors are secured.

Track Assembly: Track assembly is the roller tracks and optional mounting components for industrial moving shelves. The tracks may be mounted to the floor for fixed placement and added stability, or used without mounting for the option to move or rearrange, if needed.

U-Shaped Handle: The U-shaped handle is an optional accessory for preconfigured shelving unit kits. The handle installs to the end of a shelving unit and enhances moving within the tracks for easier access and use.

Construction Materials

Five-Knuckle Hinges: Five-knuckle hinges have five interwoven parts that form the rotating hinge, secured by a central pin. The five-knuckle hinge design provides strong support for cabinet doors and reliable strength for continued quality use.

Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction: Heavy-gauge steel construction refers to the use of steel with thickness and strength to the steel components that provide lasting support of a durable structure. The gauge measurement refers to the thickness of the steel.

Preconfigured Shelving Kit: Preconfigured shelving kits include a set of shelving units, usually with tracks for optional mounting to the floor. These shelving kits accept additional shelving units for increased capacity.

Preconfigured Shelving Kit
Preconfigured Shelving Kit


Shelf Depth: Shelf depth is significantly larger in industrial shelving designs, with shelves offered at depths between 18" and 48" for maximum strength and capacity.

Shelf Load Capacity: The shelf load capacity is the maximum safe amount of weight each shelf can hold. The weight should be distributed evenly to ensure safe use.