Guest Chairs Buying Guide

Guest chairs offer comfortable, affordable options for waiting room, reception area, lobby, and office furnishing. Most guest chairs are stationary, with four-leg, sled-base, or cantilever frame design. Many of our guest chairs coordinate with matching office collections including office chairs, desks, storage furniture, and more.


Sled Base: Sled-base chairs offer maximum stability and are often the design of choice for guest chairs. On a sled-base framed chair, the left and right sides are each supported by one continuous piece of steel, for a sturdier base to prevent tipping.

Cantilever Base: A cantilever-designed chair has no back legs with a curved front leg frame design, relying on the strength of the frame for support.

Four-Legged: Several guest chairs with steel frame have four-leg configuration and offer casters on select styles for mobility. Wood frames have primarily four-leg designs and rich wood tone finish in a variety of shades. Several guest chairs with wood frames have two-leg sled-base frames for alternative design options.

Stiletto Legs: Chairs with stiletto legs have thin four-leg frames with tapered legs that are wider near the seat and grow narrow toward the floor. Stiletto frame designs add a chic modern twist to traditional four-leg chairs and make beautiful additions to professional office, building, and lobby arrangements. Coordinating tables are available with most stiletto leg frame designs for a complete waiting room or reception area set.

Lounge Style: Lounge-style guest chairs resemble traditional living room furniture with cushioned and upholstered seat, back, base, and arms. Optional tablet enhances some of these lounge-style guest chairs for work surface to balance a beverage or coffee cup, notebook or textbook, laptop, netbook, iPad or other device. These fully upholstered chairs generally have a raised base with four legs finished to complement the design.


Wood: Armrests are optional on many guest chairs. Wood frame chairs with options for armrests provide two distinct frame designs, with the arm chair style featuring wooden armrests built into the frame as extensions of the legs, back and seat support sections. These wood armrests complement the frame design; with squared or rounded shapes and matching wood stain finish.

Steel: Steel frames may have armrest options as separate arms assembled to the frames, or with arms built into the frame, extending from the seat and back support sections and/or the legs or base. The metal armrests are finished to match the frame, usually in shiny chrome or smooth paint, and many chair models have armrest caps or padded and upholstered armrest tops to enhance the style and comfort.

Grouping Options

Ganging Brackets: Guest chairs with simple frames may feature built-in ganging device or the collection may offer optional ganging brackets. Ganging device or ganging brackets allow fixed rows and fixed group arrangements by connecting the chair frames together. The connection is semi-permanent, allowing rearrangements as desired but maintaining the fixed configuration until intentionally separated. Chairs with optional armrests usually need the armrests removed to accommodate ganging brackets, depending on the series.

Upholstery Options

As with the office chairs and other office furniture collections, the guest chairs feature a wide variety of design options including leather, faux leather, eco leather, and other synthetic or enhanced upholsteries. Vinyl, in standard or health-savvy antimicrobial antibacterial styles, provides easy wipe-clean maintenance and the antibacterial antimicrobial vinyl options resist germ growth. Caressoft Plus and Leather Plus upholstery options enhance several of our guest chair and matching office chair collections, and we also offer a variety of fabric and mesh styles for guest chairs that complement any office design.

Eco-Leather: Is leather made up of 20% recycled leather that is created when a blend of shredded scrap leather materials are pressed together using resin and catalyzers. The end product has a polished appearance with no need for additional finishing.

Sled-base Guest Chair
Sled-base Guest Chair

Four-Legged Guest Chair
Four-Legged Guest Chair

Lounge Style Guest Chair:  Engage Universal Chair
Lounge Style Guest Chair:
Engage Universal Chair