Fully Upholstered Faux Leather Furniture Collections

Fully-upholstered faux-leather furniture refers to collections of coordinating waiting room, lobby, office, or reception area furniture sets that are upholstered in synthetic leather, enhanced leather, eco-leather, or other leather-like upholstery that may be man-made or created with genuine leather as a component.


Armless Faux Leather Chair: Armless faux leather chairs are single-user chair products with cushioned seat and backrest but no left and right armrests. These chairs are upholstered with faux leather, whether that is synthetic, man-made leather-like material or enhanced natural leather such as LeatherPlus.

Faux Leather Arm Chair: Faux leather arm chairs are single-user chair products in a waiting room collection with a cushioned seat and backrest and two side-arms enclosing the sides of the seat. The armchair is upholstered in faux leather such as synthetic leather-like fabric or alternated natural leather such as LeatherPlus.

Faux Leather Chair: Faux leather chair describes a leather-like upholstery used on a waiting room cushioned and upholstered, single-user chair. The faux leather upholstery may be alternated natural leather or completely synthetic, man-made materials designed to resemble the look and feel of genuine leather.

Faux Leather Loveseat: Faux leather loveseat refers to a waiting room two-person loveseat sofa product upholstered in non-genuine leather upholstery that can be synthetic or manmade to resemble leather, or altered leather such as LeatherPlus upholstery depending on the design.

Faux Leather Sectional Seating: Faux leather sectional seating describes sectional-style furniture upholstered synthetic leather-like or altered leather upholstery. The sectional furniture products fit together for customized arrangements to suit different needs.

Faux Leather Sofa: Faux leather sofa describes a waiting room sofa product upholstered in faux leather, which can indicate the use of synthetic leather, leather-like vinyl, or enhanced leather such as LeatherPlus.


Coffee Table: A coffee table is a table designed for use with sofa and loveseat furniture arrangements, often with a rectangular tabletop shape and a length that balances with the lengths of the loveseat and sofa.

Corner Table: Corner tables are square or nearly square shaped tables designed to coordinate with the collection’s matching coffee table and support use in a waiting room or reception area. The height of the corner table is low compared to standard utility tables, but corresponds with the height of the coffee table. Corner tables are often placed in the corner of a room or furniture arrangement for shared use by the two neighboring seats.

End Table: End tables are typically smaller than corner tables but roughly the same height and shape. The end tables are used at the ends of seating rows or sofa units for convenient table use by guests.

Left/Right Arm Chair: Left arm chair or right arm chair describes single-user chairs with one armrest at the left-side or the right-side depending on the design. These chairs are used to enclose the ends of a row or group of coordinating modular sectional seating furniture for customized furniture layouts.

Construction Materials

Black Glass: Black glass refers to the tabletops of select waiting room collections with tempered glass tabletops tinted black or with black paint on the underside of the tabletop for an opaque or near opaque design.

Box Spring Seat: A box spring seat describes the use of a spring support assembly within the box-like base of a chair or seating element. The design provides additional support and enhanced durability for the upholstered cushion above.

Die-Cut Foam Cushions: Die-cut foam cushions are cushions made of high-density foam that were precision-cut using a custom-made die to ensure consistency in production throughout the collection.

Eco-Leather: Eco-leather is real leather scraps or recycled genuine leather that have been combined with fabrics, man-made materials, and polyurethane for an enhanced leather-like product that provides the look and feel of leather but with greater durability and a more environmentally friendly design.

Faux Leather: Faux leather can be enhanced genuine leather, such as eco-leather or LeatherPlus, or vinyl and other materials designed to resemble genuine leather in look and feel.

Hardwood Frame: Hardwood frame can describe the internal frame structure of an upholstered seating element or the visible frame structure with wood legs and support elements. Hardwood frames are composed of solid wood, shaped and finished for lasting support.

Leather-Look Vinyl: Leather-look vinyl is vinyl upholstery designed to resemble genuine leather with a textured feel and leather-like colors.

Tempered Glass Top: Tempered glass top refers to the tempered glass tabletops of select furniture collections. The glass is treated for enhanced strength and durability, as well as enhanced safety allowing the glass to shatter into small granules instead of dangerous shards in the event of damage.

Top-Stitch Detailing: Top-stitch detailing describes a sewing technique used for decoration on select furniture collections. The top-stitching provides a visible stitched pattern, often serving only a decorative purpose but it can also be used to reinforce and decorate actual seams.

Veneer Top: Veneer top refers to the top of select tables in faux leather waiting room collections with wood veneer finish. The wood veneer is made from slices of real wood that are finished with wood stain and sealed by protective topcoat. The veneer slices are usually applied with laminate or other strong adhesive bonding substance for a permanent hold.


ANSI/BIFMA: The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) establish standards and ensure products meet the requirements for quality, safety, and functionality depending on the product and its purpose.

Easy Clean Design: Waiting room furniture listed as having an easy clean design are typically upholstered in vinyl or synthetic leather that can be wiped clean for hassle-free upkeep.

Green Features: Green features are a variety of beneficial factors or production processes that enhance the eco-friendliness of a furniture collection. The use of recycled materials, environmentally friendly powder-coat finish, or the production of a 100% recyclable product can all be considered green features.

ISO: ISO is the International Organization of Standardization, an international organization responsible for ensuring products meet standards set in safety, quality, design, and manufacturing.

UL Listed: UL-listed describes products that meet the standards set and verified by Underwriters Laboratories for design quality and consistency, as well as safety features for office and business products.

Weight Capacity: Weight capacity is the maximum safe weight a chair, table, or other product can support at a given time, with the weight evenly distributed. If the weight capacity is exceeded, the warranty on the product is often void and damage can occur to the frame, structure, finish, or entire product.