Fireproof Storage Cabinet

Fireproof storage cabinets are designed to meet specifications for UL fire protection standards, among other internationally recognized safety standards. The cabinets are insulated and sealed to reduce risk of damage to stored contents in the event of a fire.


End-Tab Filing: End-tab filing cabinets have fixed-height shelves that support adjustable dividers to hold file folders upright for viewing and accessing based on the color-coded or labeled end-tabs.

Cabinet with End-Tab Filing
End-Tab Filing

Fireproof Lateral File: Fireproof lateral file cabinets have lateral file drawers in layouts from two to four drawers. Each drawer supports filing securely, with insulated compartments and keyed lock.

Fireproof Vertical File: Fireproof vertical file units have vertical file drawers arranged in configurations of two-drawer to four-drawer layouts. The fireproof design is insulated protecting each drawer individually, and locks secure the cabinets for safekeeping.


Adjustable Shelf: Adjustable shelves are shelves that can be removed form a cabinet or frame, or repositioned using a series of pre-set holes or spaces within the frame or cabinet. Adjustable shelves allow users to customize the storage capacity for different or changing needs.

Fixed Shelf: Fixed shelves are shelves that have a permanent position within a storage cabinet. The bottom shelf is always fixed, providing stability to the frame and base. The upper shelves may be fixed or adjustable, depending on the design.

Fireproof Lateral File Filing Cabinet
Fireproof Lateral File

Shared Lock: A shared lock is a single lock that secures more than one drawer or door.

4-Pin Keyed Lock: A 4-pin lock contains four pins within a tumbler design that requires a specific key to activate or unlock.

Construction Materials

Cold Rolled Steel Construction: Cold rolled steel is steel formed into uniform panels using a set of rollers, forcing the steel to form a panel with uniform thickness and strength. The rolling is done at temperatures below the steel recrystallization level, increasing the strength of the steel up to 20-percent.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Many steel file cabinets and storage units are finished with powder-coat paint, an eco-friendly alternative to wet paints and comparable finish methods. The environmentally friendly powder-coat paint finish is durable and usually described as scratch-resistant.

Fireproof Vertical File Filing Cabinet
Fireproof Vertical File

Galvanized Welded Steel Construction: Galvanized steel is steel treated with zinc to form a protective coating that resists damage from exposure to the elements.

Oven-Dried 100% Gypsum Insulation: Gypsum is used to insulate compartments and walls for thermal protection. It is a common material used in fireproof storage units and file cabinets. Oven drying removes water and enhances the protective qualities of the Gypsum insulation.

Reinforced with Welded Steel Wire Lattice: Select file cabinets are reinforced with welded steel wire lattice. Within the structure, 1” by 2” wire lattice made of steel is welded and integrated for added strength and support. These file cabinets and storage units typically offer the UL 350 with Impact Rating classification.

Scratch-Resistant Finish: Scratch-resistant finishes on fireproof storage cabinets and file cabinets are often powder-coat paint. The powder-coat paint uses an eco-friendly finishing approach and provides a durable, protective finish that resists scratching and similar damage from regular use.


Free After-Fire Replacement Guarantee:Most fireproof file units and storage cabinets include lifetime manufacturer warranty and free after-fire replacement guarantees. In the event of a fire, the manufacturer will replace the storage unit or file cabinet.

HIPAA Compliant: HIPAA compliant designs are those secure filing systems that meet the standards set by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

Letter-Sized Filing: Letter-sized filing involves file folders that fit standard 8½” by 11” papers.

Legal-Sized Filing: Legal-sized filing involved file folders that fit legal-sized 8½” by 14” papers.

Separate Insulated Drawer Compartments: Fireproof file cabinets often have separate compartments for each drawer, with each compartment insulated. The design protects contents completely, and in the event of damage to one compartment, or if one compartment is left open, the others can maintain protection with less risk or damage spreading.

UL Certified: UL certified storage units are those that meet the design and safety specifications of Underwriters Laboratories.

UL Class 350 1-Hour Fire Rating: UL Class 350 1-Hour Fire Rating indicates the fireproof storage unit can provide reliable protection for stored contents for up to one hour at temperatures in excess of 1700°F. The interior will not exceed 350°F for at least one hour under such conditions.

UL 350 with Impact Rating: UL 350 with Impact Rating indicates the design meets the UL Class 350 rating, usually for one hour of protection at temperatures up to 1700°F. The design protects contents by preventing the interior temperature from exceeding 350°F during that time. The added Impact Rating indicates the design has been tested to protect contents under the same conditions even in the event of building collapse and a fall from multiple stories high.

Weight Capacity (per shelf): Listed weight capacities per shelf indicate the maximum amount of weight that a single shelf in that particular design can support, assuming the weight is evenly distributed. Concentrating weight in one spot on a shelf or exceeding the listed weight capacity can result in warping, bowing or damage to the shelf or storage unit and usually voids the manufacturer’s warranty.