Exercise Equipment

Outdoor fitness equipment includes a range of exercise stations and support elements that increase outdoor activity for users of all fitness levels with cardiovascular, exercise, strength training, and conditioning options. The outdoor fitness equipment is non-electric, powered by the user’s effort, and designed to provide body-weight resistance, magnetic resistance, or rubber spring or isokinetic spring resistance, depending on the product design.


ActionFit FitTech Series: The ActionFit FitTech Series is a collection of coordinating exercise stations, designed to mount in-ground for reliable outdoor setup and use, and comprised of steel for lasting strength. The steel is finished in metallic and black paint to create a look that resembles traditional indoor gym equipment for a familiar style. Many of the ActionFit FitTech Series exercise stations have special rubber spring mechanisms for isokinetic resistance. The ActionFit FitTech Series is designed for most ages and fitness levels.

ActionFit Essentials Series: The ActionFit Essentials Series is a collection of outdoor-ready exercise equipment that installs with in-ground mounting and features a variety of exercise stations in attractive green and beige color scheme. The ActionFit Essentials Series is suitable for use by almost all ages and fitness levels, with equipment designed to adjust and adapt resistance to better suit individual users and needs.

ActionFit Traditional Series: The ActionFit Traditional Series is a collection of coordinating outdoor exercise equipment stations, designed to mount in-ground for reliable performance and safety, and finished in a choice of colors to customize to look. The ActionFit Traditional Series product line features a variety of classic exercise components suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

Back Extension Station: A back extension station is an exercise product with ergonomic shaping too comfortable support the legs in a stable position, allowing the user to engage in core and back exercises for better posture, spine support, and health. The frame consists of a mounted component, usually installed in-ground for durable support. A padded section at the top of the frame reduces pressure on legs and hips during the exercise. An extension of the frame separates the legs and supports them behind each ankle or calf to improve balance and stability during the exercise.

Balance Beam Station: A balance beam station is a traditional-style exercise element that mounts in-ground for safe, stable setup and use, with steel construction and durable protective finish in a choice of colors to customize the design. The balance beam station has a narrow design that can accommodate a wide range of exercises for balance, strength training, agility, and other benefits.

Balance Board Station: A balance board station is an exercise product designed with a round platform, enhanced by handle cut-outs at the sides of the round shape for support. The platform is set on a spring-like coiled frame that installs with J-bolt mounting for safe use. The balance board station can be used in a number of exercises that promote strength and fitness as well as functional balance and stability.

Balance Plank Station: A balance plank station is an exercise product that installs in-ground for durable mounted placement and offers a tapered plank-style platform for use in a variety of exercises. The plank-style platform measures 6”-wide on one end and 3”-wide on the other, creating a tapered design that increases difficulty. The steel composition ensures lasting strength and durability and the unique design is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Bench Dip StationThe bench dip station is a durable workout product with in-ground mounted frame and a plank-style seat enhanced by sets of handgrip bars for use in a variety of exercises. The steel design is finished in durable paint for lasting protection and comes in different colors for customizing the look.

Body Curl Station: A body curl station is a functional exercise element constructed from steel and finished in a variety of colors to protect the steel from rust, exposure, and use. The angled platform is supported by steel legs that mount in-ground for long-lasting safe use, and the angled layout of the body curl station platform increases difficulty and options for the exercise. A support handle is positioned at the higher end for gripping with the hands or using to support the feet, depending on the exercise.

Captain’s Chair Station: A captain’s chair station is a classic-style exercise unit with padded backrest and armrests to support the user while they engage in a variety of core exercises. The steel frame provides lasting strong support and has an in-ground mounted design for safe setup and use. A convenient step helps the user get positioned within the exercise station and the non-slip handgrips improve comfortable use.

Cardio Walker Station: A cardio walker station is a comfortable, functional exercise element with slip-resistant footpads attached to swinging legs that reduce pressure on knees, ankles, and other joints while allowing the user to engage in beneficial cardiovascular activity in a healthy outdoor setting. The cardio walker comes in a single-user and double-user layout, and has a built-in handgrip bar for safety. Cardio walkers are built with steel, mount in-ground for long-lasting performance, and feature protective paint finish in nature-friendly colors.

Chest Press Station: The chest press station is a classic exercise equipment product with ergonomic seat and backrest, non-slip handgrips on the chest press handles, and integrated resistance that adapts to the user for sufficient challenge every time they use the exercise station. The chest press station is made from steel and finished for lasting quality appearance and use, with in-ground mounting for safe setup and lasting performance. Users benefit from increased strength and toning in arms, chest, shoulders, and related muscles in the upper body.

Chin-Up Station: The chin-up station is an updated classic exercise unit with steel support posts and a steel chin-up bar, enhanced with ergonomic handles to support a variety of handgrip preferences. The chin-up station mounts in-ground and provides a range of upper body exercises for health and fitness benefits. The steel is finished with durable paints to protect from exposure to the elements and frequent use.

Double-User Station: A double-user station refers to an exercise equipment station with the capacity for two users at once. The hip flexor station typically comes in a double-user layout as standard, while select exercise stations have the option for a double-user station available.

Elliptical Trainer Station: An elliptical trainer station is a non-electric cardiovascular exercise product with enhanced resistance system that adapts to users abilities and increases resistance as needed to provide maximum benefits from use. The steel elliptical trainer station is finished in durable paints that protect from rust and exposure. The handgrips are slip-resistant for safety and move with the footpads in a synchronized manner to enhance use. The non-slip footpads have raised edges to prevent feet from sliding during motion, and the stationary design mounts in-ground for lasting support. The elliptical trainer station provides increased heartrate for cardiovascular health benefits with a low-impact design that protects knees and joints.

Hand Cycle Station: The hand cycle station is designed for toning upper body muscles in the arms and shoulders, with a classic-style bicycle pedal design in a raised assembly with attached seat for the user. The circular motion of the left and right hand cycle pedals rotate joints throughout the arms and upper body for improved movement with increased synovial fluid circulation, and the movement tones muscles with magnetic resistance that adjusts in proportion to the user’s abilities.

High Jump Station: A high jump station is a classic outdoor exercise element with a steel post design supporting an angled bar set higher on one end for increased challenge. The steel posts mount in-ground for lasting durable support and the angled high jump bar can use used in a variety of exercises suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Hip Flexor Station: The hip flexor station comes in a double-user configuration, with or without a central captain’s chair station, as part of the ActionFit Essentials Exercise Equipment Series. The durable design has a non-slip foot platform at the base of a swinging pendulum-style leg with safety handgrips on either side for supporting the user during the exercise. The swinging motion works core, hip, and related muscle groups for better posture, balance, flexibility, and health benefits. Made from steel, the hip flexor station mounts in-ground for lasting durable setup and use, and has a protective paint finish in outdoor-friendly colors.

Horizontal Chin-Up Station: Horizontal chin-up stations are found in different ActionFit Collections with slight variations in their design. The low-set chin-up bar is supported by steel posts and mounts in-ground for lasting setup and use. The horizontal chin-up station may include a square-style platform that supports the feet during use, or a full-body platform that simplifies use of the chin-up bar for greater versatility. The horizontal chin-up station design assists users in upper body exercises to build and strengthen muscles to work up to full traditional chin-ups, if desired.

Hurdle Station: A hurdle station is a set of steel hurdle bars that mount in-ground for stable setup and use, and support a range of hurdle exercises from jumping to intervals and more. The hurdles are made from steel and finished in a choice of colors with paint that protects from outdoor exposure and regular use. The hurdles have rounded corners for safety and can support a variety of exercises for diverse health benefits.

Joint-Use Station: A joint-use station refers to an ActionFit Exercise Equipment Station with two or more positions for simultaneous use. The joint-use layout may provide two of the same exercise station, such as the double hip flexor stations, or two distinct exercise stations, such as the sit-up and back extension station.

Knee Lift Station: The knee lift station is a stationary core exercise component from the ActionFit Traditional Series, made from steel with in-ground mounting for reliable installation. Two ergonomic handle-style elements are positioned at different heights on the frame and allow users to grasp the handles and lift their legs for core, abdominal, and full-body exercises. The protective paint finish resists rust and other damage from outdoor use and comes in a variety of colors for a customized design.

Lateral Pull Down Station / Lat Pull Down Station: The lateral pull down or lat pull down station is an exercise station with ergonomic design including a seat, backrest, and non-slip handgrips on the overhead handle component. The steel exercise equipment is finished with paint to protect from rust and other damage, and installs with in-ground mounting to ensure long-lasting setup and safe use. Integrated resistance is provided by an isokinetic spring that adapts to the effort exerted by the user for proportional resistance to continue benefiting users on a unique level. The lateral pull down station provides upper body exercise benefits that work the arms, shoulders, and back.

Leg Extension Station: The leg extension station is a classic exercise equipment product with outdoor-safe design, made of steel and installed with in-ground mounting to ensure lasting performance. The classic-style layout includes a seat and backrest with ergonomic shaping and lower handlebar set with non-slip handgrips for support. The leg extension fits behind the knees and in front of the ankles for distributed pressure and integrated isokinetic resistance is provided by a unique spring that adapts to increase resistance proportional to the effort exerted by each unique user.

Leg Press Station: The leg press station is a traditional-style exercise unit with ergonomic seat and back components, arranged to face the main support frame and enhanced with non-slip handgrips overhead for safety. Safe footpads provide a platform for feet to push off of while exercising major muscle groups in the legs and lower body. Resistance is adaptive, with an integrated spring that adjusts automatically in a proportional manner that increases with increased exertion for each individual user.

Log Hop Station: The leg hop station is an X-style layout of steel log-like elements, mounted in-ground for stable setup, and arranged to accommodate a variety of hopping, jumping, and other exercises. The steel is finished in protective paint to prevent rust and other damage from outdoor use, and the design is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Multi Gym Station: The multi gym station is a combination of push-up, chin-up, and plyometric box components for a variety of exercises in one convenient group. The plyometric box can support the feet during use of the horizontal chin-up bar, while the traditional chin-up bar is set higher for regular use. The push-up bar is set lowest and can be used for a variety of stretching, yoga, and plank exercises as well. All three bars are assembled in a connected frame, made from steel and mounted in-ground for lasting support.

Parallel Bar Station: A parallel bar station consists of two steel bars with connected support legs, mounted in-ground and featuring rounded corners for a smoother, safer design. The steel bars are positioned at an equal distance with sufficient proximity to support users gripping both bars simultaneously in support of a number of balance and coordination exercises.

Plyometric Box Station: The plyometric box is a square box-like platform set on a steel post that mounts in-ground and comes in your choice of 6”, 12” 18” or 24” for the height to provide a range of health and fitness benefits. The plyometric boxes can be used to support raised push-ups, balance and jumping exercises, as well as a variety of plank exercises and more.

Push-Up Bar Station: The push-up bar station typically refers to the one-person configuration made of steel with in-ground mounted installation and an ergonomic push-up bar design for enhanced use. The push-up bar provides a variety of hand positions that can enhance comfort and increase exercise options, allowing users to safely and effectively work different upper body muscles in one convenient layout.

Push-Up Station: A push-up station typically refers to a dual-bar layout with steel construction, mounted in-ground and offering a supportive push-up bar positioned at a different height in each section to accommodate different users and needs. The steel is finished in protective paint to resist rust and other damage from continued outdoor use, and the two-level positioning of the push-up bars can suit users of almost all ages and fitness levels.

Recumbent Cycle Station: The recumbent cycle station has an ergonomic seat and backrest, with safety handgrips on either side of the seat to support the user. The cycle component has bicycle-style foot pedals and provides increased heartrate and cardiovascular benefits in a back-friendly joint-friendly design. The steel recumbent cycle station is finished with protective paint to prevent rust and damage, and mounts in-ground for long-lasting durable setup.

Rowing Machine Station: A rowing machine station is a non-electric exercise element with seat and non-slip handgrips, footrests to support the legs, and a body-weight resistance design made from steel for lasting strength. The steel is finished in beige and green for an outdoor-friendly style that protects from exposure to the elements and regular use. The rowing machine station provides strength and conditioning training for arms, back, and core muscle groups in a safe configuration that uses the individual user’s body-weight for resistance.

Shoulder Rotator Station: A shoulder rotator station is an exercise product with two wheel-like attachments positioned within reach of the user and enhanced with raised handgrips for safe use. The right and left shoulder rotator components are turned clockwise and counter-clockwise by the user to lubricate should and arm joints with an increased flow of synovial fluid and safely exercise shoulders in a controlled manner. The shoulder rotator station is made from steel, finished for durable outdoor use, and installed with in-ground mounting to ensure lasting performance.

Single-User Station: A single-user station is an exercise station with room for only one user at a time. Most ActionFit Exercise Equipment is available in a single-user design, with the option for a double-user layout available for select exercise equipment products.

Sit-Up Station: A sit-up station can refer to ActionFit Exercise Equipment such as the Body Curl Station, or the combined Sit-Up and Back Extension Station. Most sit-up stations have a flat, curved, and/or angled platform on which users positions themselves for engaging in sit-ups and other core exercises. These products are made from steel and finished to endure outdoor use in durable style, with in-ground mounting to securely setup for lasting quality performance.

Sit Up & Back Extension Station: The sit-up and back extension station is a double-user exercise station with steel construction built for in-ground mounted installation and finished with protective paint to resist rust and other damage from outdoor use. The sit-up portion of the exercise station supports users during classic core and abdominal exercises, while the back extension station offers a padded leg support assembly and sturdy frame for back and core exercises to complete the set.

Sport Board Station: A sport board station has a swinging assembly in a strong steel frame with slip-resistant board element for standing and engaging in a variety of effective exercises. The swinging motion forces users to stabilize their core and leg muscles while engaging hip flexors and lower body muscle groups for increased strength and control. Made from steel and finished for lasting outdoor performance, the sport board station mounts in-ground for reliable use and suits all fitness levels.

Step-Up Fitness Station: A step-up fitness station is a two-platform assembly with safety handle positioned between the platforms for shared use. Components are made from steel and mount in-ground for secure setup, with durable finish for lasting appearance with continued outdoor use. The step-up fitness station can support a variety of exercises, including step and jump movements, stretching, yoga, and plank or push-up exercises for a full-body workout that suits all fitness levels.

T-Bar Station: A T-bar station is a T-shaped steel exercise product that mounts in-ground for stable setup and supports a variety of exercises to provide health benefits for users of all fitness abilities. The steel is finished in durable paint to protect from rusting and other damage associated with outdoor use.

Triple Ab Twister Station: A triple ab twister station is a three-user workout station with three slip-resistant foot platforms on which the users stand during the exercise. A centered wheel-style handle provides balance support for the three users and the foot platforms rotate for core and abdominal exercise. Constructed from steel and finished for durable outdoor use, the triple ab twister installs with in-ground mounting for stable, long-lasting performance.

Upright Cycle Station: The upright cycle station has a classic stationary cycle base assembly in a compact design, with attached seat and handles for comfortable use. The upright cycle station is finished to endure outdoor placement with rust-resistant protect paint, and the exercise station mounts in-ground for durable setup and use. Upright cycle stations provide toning and cardiovascular benefits with added health benefits from increased outdoor activity.

Vault Bar Station: The traditional-style vault bar station features a steel upside-down U-shaped bar element, mounted in-ground for stability and made with rounded corners and durable paint finish for lasting safe use. The bar can be gripped for stability and balance support during exercises on one side, or the user can jump over the bar for more advanced exercises and benefits.

Vertical Press Station: A vertical press station is designed with a seat and backrest positioned within the steel frame with an overhead handle element designed for pushing in a vertical pattern to exercise arm, shoulder, and chest muscles for upper body strength and conditioning. The vertical press station is made from steel and finished for lasting outdoor performance. The exercise station is mounted in-ground for reliable setup and use.

Wobble Board Station: The wobble board station has a safe stepping platform with a coil-style spring base that mounts with J-bolts for safe setup and use. The wobble board provides a range of balance and core exercise benefits, as well as support for enhanced push-ups, plank moves, and other exercises to increase health and fitness.


ActionFit FitTech Medium Package: The ActionFit FitTech Medium Package includes 11 FitTech products for a complete outdoor exercise configuration that fits in a minimum of 300 square feet of open space. The Medium Package includes a 12”-high and an 18”-high Plyometric Box, along with the Plyometric Box Instructional Signage, and the Balance Plank Station with Balance Plank Station Instructional Signage for proper use. The Medium Package also includes a Chin-Up Station, Chest Press, Leg Extension, Sit-Up/Back Extension Station, Elliptical Trainer, and a Recumbent Cycle for a full body circuit in one convenient package.

ActionFit FitTech Pocket Park A Package: The ActionFit FitTech Pocket Park A Package is a combination of four exercise stations that can be arranged in a park or playground area with a minimum of 175 square feet of space. The kit includes a Horizontal Chin-Up Station, Upright Cycle, Lat Pull Down, and Leg Press for a versatile array of exercise stations and health benefits.

ActionFit FitTech Pocket Park B Package: The ActionFit FitTech Pocket Park B Package provides a combined bundle of four exercise stations that can be arranged in a playground, park, or other setting with a minimum of 175 square feet of space. The package includes the Horizontal Chin-Up Station, Upright Cycle, Leg Press, and Chest Press for a variety of health and fitness benefits suitable for all users and fitness levels.

ActionFit FitTech Simple Package: The ActionFit FitTech Simple Package includes the ActionFit FitTech Cardio Walker and the ActionFit FitTech Multi Gym for a convenient two-station layout. The package requires a minimum of 275 square feet for proper setup, and the components install with in-ground mounting to ensure lasting support and safe use.

ActionFit FitTech Starter Package: The ActionFit FitTech Stater Package includes a set of coordinating exercise stations that can be arranged in a minimum of 225 square feet of free space in any outdoor setting. The kit includes the Balance Board Station and Instructional Signage, as well as the Push-Up Station, Cardio Walker, Chest Press, Leg Extension, Recumbent Cycle, and the Captain’s Chair.

ActionFit FitTech XL Package: The ActionFit FitTech XL Package offers a diverse range of exercise stations in a convenient package that can be installed in a minimum of 725 square feet of outdoor space. The XL Package includes a 12” and 18” Plyometric Box with Instructional Signage, a Balance Plank Station with Instructional Signage, and a Balance Board Station with Instructional Signage. The kit also includes a Multi Gym, Chest Press, Cardio Walker, Hand Cycle, Leg Extension, Leg Press, Lat Pull Down, Upright Cycle, Recumbent Cycle, Captain’s Chair, Elliptical Trainer, and a Sit-Up/Back Extension Station for a wide variety of exercise options suitable for all fitness levels.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Paint / Eco-Friendly Powder-Coat Paint: Environmentally friendly or eco-friendly powder-coat paint is a protective finish used on steel and other components in the ActionFit Exercise Equipment products to prevent rust and other damage associated with regular use and outdoor exposure to the elements. The paint finish is applied as a powder for an environmentally friendly process.

Familiar Color Scheme: Familiar color scheme describes the finish for the ActionFit Traditional Series, finished using environmentally friendly powder-coat paint with metallic and black colors. The familiar color scheme resembles the colors of classic gym equipment for an indoor-style with outdoor setup and use.

In-Ground Mounting: In-ground mounting refers to the installation process that comes standard with most ActionFit Exercise Equipment Stations. In-ground mounting provides a secure, stable, and safe installation of the exercise equipment for continued quality use and benefits.

J-Bolt Mounting: Select ActionFit Exercise Equipment products are installed with J-bolts as opposed to traditional in-ground mounting, as with the rest of the equipment options. The J-bolts serve as anchors to securely support the spring-coil bases of select exercise stations.

Marine-Grade Slip-Resistant Plastic Construction: Most stepping platforms within the ActionFit Exercise Equipment Collection offer Marine-grade slip-resistant plastic construction to ensure safe use even when wet from rain and sprinkler systems. The Plyometric Box, for example, has a Marine-grade slip-resistant plastic surface.

Natural Color Scheme: Natural color scheme describes the finish for the ActionFit Essentials Series, featuring eco-friendly powder-coat paint in green and beige for a look that complements outdoor settings.

Steel Construction: The ActionFit Exercise Equipment products are made from steel for lasting strength and durability. To protect the steel from exposure to the elements the products are finished with durable paint in a set color scheme or with color options, depending on the series.

Synovial Fluid: Synovial fluid is a joint lubricating fluid produced and circulated within the joints of the skeletal system. Engaging in certain targeted exercises, particularly those that rotate joints, can increase synovial fluid making the joints significantly more comfortable and fluid in their movement.


ActionFit Instructional Signage: ActionFit Instruction Signage refers to a set of corresponding products for select ActionFit Exercise Equipment Stations, designed for positioning on or with the exercise station to provide detailed information and instructions for proper use.

Adjustable Height Options: Select ActionFit Exercise Stations offer adjustable height options for the primary exercise components. The Chin-Up and Push-Up Stations, for example, can be assembled with the bar in different height positions for different users and needs.

Armrest Pads: The armrest pads are found on the Captain’s Chair Station, designed to support the user’s forearms while they hold themselves above the ground during use of the exercise station.

Backrest: The backrest is a component found on select exercise equipment, ergonomically designed and positioned to provide back support during use of the exercise station. The backrest component is most often paired with an ergonomic seat, except in the Captain’s Chair Station, which is meant to support the user during a standing and suspended posture, above the ground.

Balance Training: Balance training refers to the conditioning of key muscle groups that play a role in balance and mobility. Wobble Board and Balance Board Stations, for example, help train and improve balance and coordination through targeted exercises.

Body-Weight Resistance: Body-weight resistance is provided in a number of ActionFit Exercise Equipment Stations, including classic-style exercise stations such as the Push-Up or Chin-Up products. The ActionFit Essentials Series offers many products that use the user’s body-weight to provide resistance for increased exercise benefits.

Cardio Training: Cardio training refers to exercise equipment and exercises that increase heartrate and provide a workout for the cardiovascular system. Cardio training is essential to weight loss and physical health and wellness.

Core Strength: Core strength refers to the strength of muscles surrounding the core. These typically include muscles in the lower-back and mid-back, and the abdominal muscles responsible for supporting the body in an upright position with proper posture. These core muscles also provide support for balance and other movements making them a key training area for many users engaging in fitness activities.

Ergonomic Design: Ergonomic design typically refers to seat, backrest, and handgrip elements. These components are contoured, shaped, or otherwise enhanced to provide a more natural feel in support of the users.

Exercise Health Benefits: Exercise health benefits include a range of benefits achieved through increased activity, including cardiovascular health, weight loss, improved breathing and oxygen usage, better digestion, improved sleep patterns, and increased muscle tone. Through strength training many users experience better posture, spine support, and reduced aches and pains as well.

Fitness Circuit: A fitness circuit is an organized arrangement of exercise equipment that provides a total body workout in a circuit-style pattern that optimizes use and benefits, often by alternating equipment to work opposing muscle groups in sequence. By alternating exercise equipment to avoid working the same muscle group twice in a row, the user can complete the circuit without resting between exercise stations, then repeat for a second set, if desired.

Flexibility Training: Flexibility training refers to exercises and equipment that help users increase flexibility for better range of motion, reduced stiffness, fewer aches and pains, and to support a more active lifestyle. Hip Flexor Stations and Back Extension Stations can increase flexibility through targeted training, for example.

Green Features: Green features refer to a number of environmentally friendly design and/or finishing aspects of products. These features can include the use of eco-friendly finish, such as powder-coat paint.

High-Tech Spring Resistance: High-tech spring resistance refers to the enclosed rubber spring mechanism in many of the ActionFit Traditional Series Exercise Equipment Stations, designed to provide durable, adaptive resistance benefits that increase with the amount of force the user exerts.

ISO 9000/9001: The International Organization of Standardization ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 standards refer to quality control standards that ensure the company meets set standards regarding quality production and services for their products or product line.

Isokinetic Spring Resistance Coil: Isokinetic spring resistance coil describes the integrated resistance in select ActionFit Exercise Equipment Stations that adapts to fit individual user’s needs. Isokinetic muscle contraction refers to a constant rate at which a muscle lengthens and contracts. As the user exerts more force on the exercise equipment, the isokinetic spring reacts and increases resistance to keep the exercise challenging and beneficial for all.

Large Muscle Groups: Large muscle groups generally refer to the muscles in the lower body, which tend to be larger in size than muscles found in the upper body. Exercising the larger muscle groups provides relatively fast health benefits that include increased metabolism, strength, support, and mobility, among other benefits.

Magnetic Resistance Bearings: Magnetic resistance bearings provide an adaptive resistance for many exercise stations in the ActionFit Traditional Series, increasing resistance in proportion to the user’s exerted effort for a challenging exercise station that continues to benefit users of all fitness levels. The magnetic resistance bearings ensure smooth, fluid motion of the equipment for safe, high-quality performance that lasts.

Outdoor Health Benefits: Outdoor health benefits include increased outdoor activity, exposure to sunlight for Vitamin D, and directed exercise or activities for cardiovascular health, strength training, conditioning, and more.

Rubber Spring Resistance: Rubber spring resistance describes the integrated high-tech rubber spring found within many of the ActionFit Traditional Series Exercise Equipment Stations. The rubber spring is securely built into the steel exercise equipment and provides premium-quality resistance during exercises for health and fitness benefits that suit each unique user.

Rust-Resistant Finish: Rust-resistant finish generally refers to eco-friendly powder-coat paint finish or other protective finish on steel and metal components that protects from exposure to moisture and the elements for safe outdoor use.

Safety Hand Bar: A safety hand bar generally refers to a horizontal bar positioned in front of the user for grasping to stabilize their balance during the use of the exercise equipment. Cardio Walkers, for example, have a safety hand bar for users to hold onto during exercise with the equipment.

Seat: The seat of exercise equipment refers to an ergonomic platform-style component on which the user sits during use of the equipment. The seat can also refer to a bench-style element, such as the seat of the Bench Dip Station.

Slip-Resistant Handgrips: Many ActionFit Exercise Equipment Stations have slip-resistant covering on handles and handgrips to enhance safe use. The exercise equipment is designed for users aged 13 and up, with an adaptive design that suits all fitness levels. Having slip-resistant handgrips improves the safe use, especially for older and younger populations.

Strength Training: Strength training refers to exercises and equipment that increase muscle tone through resistance training. Resistance can be provided by the user’s body-weight, by magnetic resistance bearings, or by an isokinetic rubber spring, depending on the exercise equipment features.

Suitable for All Ages: Suitable for all ages generally indicates the exercise equipment can safely be used by anyone. In most cases, the recommendation is for users to be aged 13 or older to ensure the user can safely fit and use the equipment. Younger users may have difficult reaching components designed for the typical user.

Unique Adaptive Resistance: Unique adaptive resistance refers to the resistance mechanisms in many ActionFit Exercise Equipment products. These resistance features vary between equipment and product lines, but typically provide an increased resistance in proportion to the amount of effort the user exerts in the movements. The concept keeps the exercises challenging users even as they progress, and accommodates users of all fitness levels.

User-Friendly Exercise Equipment: User-friendly exercise equipment is exercise equipment with simple design that can be used intuitively with minimal instruction. ActionFit Exercise Equipment is considered user-friendly, although instructional signs are available for select products.

Vandal-Resistant Housings: Vandal-resistant holdings refer to the tamper-safe assemblies of the ActionFit Exercise Equipment, designed to install securely in-ground or with the use of J-bolts, and designed to prevent tampering and damage for continued quality use.

5-Year Warranty: The ActionFit Essentials Series is covered by the manufacturer’s 5-year warranty. This is a limited warranty that covers the stainless steel damper module and aluminium cycle cover, but does not cover cosmetic damages or defects.

10-Year Warranty: The ActionFit Traditional Series and ActionFit FitTech Series are both backed by the manufacturer’s 10-year warranty. This is a limited warranty that covers the steel posts, stainless steel posts, welded sections, bars and metal accessories. The warranty does not cover cosmetic damage or defects.