Entrance Rugs

Entrance rugs are any of a number of rubber-backed, weather-resistant area rugs, available in a variety of sizes and colors, with raised treads and water-trapping features to improve safety of flooring in buildings, lobbies, and shops during inclement weather conditions.


Scraper Mat: A scraper mat is an entrance rug that features raised edges and tread pattern for collecting mud, water, snow, and other precipitation as people enter the building, lobby, or shop, to keep the floors safer during all weather conditions.


Molded Rubber Cleated Back: Molded rubber cleated back refers to the black rubber backing of many entrance rugs, featuring a molded design with cleated to improve traction for stable placement without slipping.

Raised Rubber Edges, Raised Rubber Borders: Raised rubber edges or raised rubber borders describe the collection-style trim surrounding most entrance mats, designed to trap water, mud, and precipitation to keep it from dirtying floors and provide a safer walking environment in buildings, offices, lobbies, and other settings.

Rubber-Reinforced Square Block Pattern: Rubber-reinforced square block pattern refers to the raised square pattern of entrance rugs, increasing surface area for better collection of moisture, mud, water, and other precipitation and a larger capacity for safe office, lobby, and business floors.

Textured Rubber Backing: Textured rubber backing refers to the rubber back portion of entrance mats, designed to provide traction for better placement without slipping from regular use. The rubber backing also maintains traction for safety when floors are wet.

Construction Materials

Polypropylene Carpet Ridges: Carpet ridges composed of polypropylene are typically rug-style fibers made of polypropylene plastic to provide the traction and stability of carpeting with a fast-drying, easy-clean design that lasts.

100% Recycled Natural Rubber: Entrance mats with 100% recycled natural rubber indicate the rubber backing of the mat is composed of 100% recycled rubber from natural sources for a greener, more Earth-friendly product.


Deep Grooves: Deep grooves refer to the grooves across the patterned entrance rug surface and the grooves around the edges of the raised trim, providing a collection area for water to keep floors safe and dry.

Easy-Clean Design: Easy-clean design refers to the drain-off and dry nature of most entrance rugs, with a spray-clean quality design. These mats can simply be sprayed with a garden hose and air-dried for continued use.

Green Features: Green features generally refer to environmentally friendly design features such as the use of recycled materials in the entrance mat production.

Indoor / Outdoor Mat: Indoor/Outdoor entrance mats are designed for safe use on interior entrance floors to collect water and dirt as people enter the building, with the ability to place the mat outdoors or double the mats for both indoor and outdoor placement, maximizing safety. The mats are designed to resist wear and fading when exposed to the elements and regular use.

NFSI Certified: NFSI Certified indicates the entrance mat meets requirements of the National Floor Safety Institute for a safe design reducing risk of slips, tripping, and other falls and incidents.

Quick-Dry Design: Quick-dry design indicates the entrance rug model dries fast for continued quality use. These entrance mats are typically designed with plastic fibers to reduce water absorption, enabling faster drying once water is drained from the collecting raised tread pattern of the mat surface and backing.

U.S. Green Building Council: The U.S. Green Building Council is a nonprofit organization affiliated with environmental protection and other professional eco-conscious services. The USGBC provides education and support for greener building designs and operations to optimize environmentally friendly efforts. Products that are listed as compliant with the U.S. Green Building Council meet standards set by the USGBC for greener workplace design.

3/8” Thick: Entrance mats and rugs measuring 3/8” thick have raised textured patterns and rubber backing that measure 3/8” (just under ½”) thick for larger collection capacity of trapped water and precipitation, and long-lasting support in high-traffic settings.