Drafting Chairs & Stools Buying Guide

Drafting Chairs and Stools typically include a footring, positioned above the 5-prong base and designed to support feet and shoes while leaning over work or projects. The footring is usually finished in chrome for a low-maintenance design, or the footring may be finished with paint to coordinate with the overall chair or stool design.

Upholstery and Design

The drafting stools and chairs are available with hard shell components made from plastic or polypropylene and available in a selection of colors. Upholstered stools and chairs have cushioned seat with fabric, leather, faux leather, or vinyl upholstery. Many chairs have matching upholstered backrest. Vinyl upholstery is easy to clean and many drafting stools with vinyl upholstery offer antimicrobial antibacterial germ-resistance.

Armrest Options

As with other office chairs, drafting chairs and stools may be armless or accept optional armrests in fixed and adjustable styles. Several chair designs include built-in armrests, which are constructed as extensions of the frame. Optional armrests may be adjustable, allowing height adjustments, with width adjustments on some. Fixed armrests have set positioning at the sides of the seat.


Drafting chairs and drafting stools are generally set on casters, with the option for stationary floor glides on many models.

Drafting Chair with Adjustable Height Knob and Casters
Adjustable Height Knob & Casters

Adjustable Height

The seat adjusts with a convenient lever for a height-range in drafting chairs comparable to standard office chairs, and a taller height range for drafting stools. Some drafting chairs include a height extension kit for customizing the assembly. Optional footring and height extension kit is also available for some chair models.

Extension Kit

Drafting stools have overall height ranges from 39”-high (overall) to 48”-high (overall), with variations between stool designs. Drafting chairs with included extension offer assembly with height-range from 40” to 44” or 44” to 48” high (overall).


The footring in Drafting Stools and Drafting Chairs is positioned above the 5-prong base. Made of steel or other metal, the footring is often finished with chrome. Some chairs offer paint color choices for the footring for decorative effect.

Drafting Chair with Footring

Tablet Stool

The drafting stool with tablet includes a flip-up work surface that assembles to the stool for convenience. The tablet surface is finished with high-pressure laminate for durability and the flip-up assembly simplifies access to the seat.