Dollies & Hand Trucks

Chair dollies are mobile cart-style platforms or transport devices that allow stacking chairs to be moved easily and with less muscle. Hand trucks enhance individual capacities for lifting and moving heavy loads. The hand trucks typically have a toe plate that slides under boxes or other stacked items, and a tall handle that allows the user to lift and angle the load for transport on the rugged wheels.


Chair Truck: A chair truck offers a platform-style support frame with casters and a steering handle, allowing stacked folding chairs to be easily transported in larger quantities than if carried by hand.

Chair Truck
Chair Truck

Table Truck: A table truck supports folding tables in stacked or nested groups, providing easy transport for sets of tables for easier setup and use, or takedown and storage.

Edge-Stacking Table Truck: Edge-stacking table trucks allow folding tables to line up on their edges, balanced within the table truck frame. The edge-stacking table trucks then provides simplified transport and storage for the tables.

Edge-Stacking Rectangular Table Truck: Edge-stacking tables have folding legs that collapse into the tabletop and then the tables stack on their sides.

Edge-Stacking Round Table Truck: Edge-stacking round tables have round tabletops with collapsing legs that fold into the tabletop. Each table stacks on its side for space-saving storage. A customized edge-stacking round table truck is available for these tables, allowing the round folding tables to stack neatly within the trucks frame.

Edge-Stacking Round Table Truck
Edge-Stacking Round Table Truck

Flat-Stacking Table Truck: Flat-stacking tables have folding legs that fold up into the back of the tabletop. The tables then lay flat, stacking one atop another, for space-saving storage. A custom-style flat-stacking table truck is available for stacking the flat-stack tables to simplify transport and storage.

Platform Truck: Platform trucks have durable platform truck decks that are set on casters and enhanced by a push handle for maneuvering heavy items during transport or when placing in storage.

Convertible Hand Truck: A convertible hand truck allows classic hand truck use for lifting and moving boxes or other items, as well as additional wheels for lowering the handle and operating the hand truck as a transport platform instead.

Stage Dolly, Riser Dolly: Stage and riser dollies support storage, transport, and access to stages and risers.

Hanging Chair Dolly: A hanging chair dolly allows folding chairs to be hung within the dolly frame for storage and transportation convenience.

Universal Stack Chair Cart: Universal chair dollies support stacking and transport use with stack chairs that fit within the dollys frame.


Continuous Handle: A continuous handle is comprised of one long, shaped steel tube, reducing risk of damage from moving or conjoined parts.

Elastic Security Cord: An elastic security cord stretches around stacked items on select hand trucks and secures them in place to improve safe mobility.

Fixed Casters: Fixed casters have a semi-rigid mounting assembly that keeps the casters rolling only in forward or backward directions.

Folding Handle: Trucks and dollies with folding handles have steering handles that fold down over the truck deck for easier storage when not in use.

Non-Marring Casters: Non-marring casters are safe for use on a variety of flooring surfaces without risk of scuffs, scratches, marking, or other damage.

P-Handle: A P-handle has a curved, P-shaped extension near the top of the handle, centered on the backside of the frame, allowing the user more control for gripping, lifting, and moving items.

Retractable Handle: Retractable handles on hand trucks and dollies collapsed into the lower portions of the handle for compact size to store in smaller spaces or to accommodate different transport needs.

Safety Strap: When wrapping the safety strap around stacked chairs or other items and fastening the strap in place, helps to prevent tipping and unwanted movement for improved transport and storage.

Solid Rubber Tires: Soft rubber tires enhance support of heavy loads in select dollies and platform trucks.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters can spin 360-degrees in their mounting assembly and are often paired with fixed casters to enhance transport maneuverability. The swivel casters are usually in the back of the dolly or platform truck with fixed casters in the front.


Baked-On Enamel Finish: Baked-on enamel finish usually has a shiny or glossy finished look and protects metal or steel components of select chair dollies from exposure to the elements.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Paint: Steel components of many chair dollies are finished with environmentally friendly paint using a powder-coat finishing process.

Non-Skid Vinyl Deck: The large platform decks of our platform trucks feature non-skid vinyl decks for safe stacking and transport.

Steel Construction: Steel construction includes steel frame, handles, shelves, and platforms used in our chair dollies, hand trucks and other transport aids.


Raised Chair Cart Edges: Chair carts with raised edges have retaining lip edges that keep the base of the stack chairs from slipping out of the cart.

Raised Chair Cart Edges
Raised Chair Cart Edges

Vinyl Bumper Trim: Larger trucks and dollies feature vinyl bumper trim to add impact resistance to the perimeter of the storage and transport devices.


Compact Storage Options: Many hand trucks and platforms have collapsing handles or other folding parts that accommodate storage in smaller spaces.

Green Features: Green features include the use of environmentally friendly paints and eco-friendly finishing, the use of recycled materials and the manufacturers efforts to reduce the environmental damage from the manufacturing and shipping processes.

Stack Chair Capacity: The stack chair capacity is the maximum number of chairs a particular style can be stacked.

Stack Chair Foot Print: The stack chair footprint is the measurement between the four legs of the stack chair.

Table Capacity: The table capacity refers to the maximum number of tables that a table truck can support at a given time.

Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of chair dollies and hand trucks provides a guideline for the maximum safe weight that a given dolly can handle at one time.