Crowd Control Stanchions

Crowd control stanchion refers to a barrier system usually composed of upright posts with stabilized bases connectable through a series of retractable belts at the top of each post. Crowd control stanchions are used to organize queues or lines at events and businesses for safety and functional support.


Aluminum Post Stanchion: Aluminum post stanchion describes a variety of stanchion designs constructed with a durable, stabilizing round base and an aluminum upright post finished in a choice of textured, smooth, and/or shiny colors to suit different needs. The aluminum metal is durable and provides lasting crowd control stanchion support.

Fixed-Post Sign Holder: Fixed-post sign holder describes a framed display with clear viewing window-style cover that holds paper signs in a range of size and orientation choices, with fixed, non-moving support posts that connect to the tops of crowd control stanchions. The fixed-post design provides front viewing only, such as signs and stanchions that organize crowds at events, ticket booths, and similar transaction-style settings.

Sign Holder: Sign holder describes a variety of products that contain frames with viewing window or other paper-holding display design, typically with a built-in stand, wall-mounted design, or made for combining with crowd control stanchion posts to organize groups and crowds. The holders are available in different sizes with portrait or landscape orientation to support a wide range of needs.

Slotted Sign Holder Top: Slotted sign holder top refers to the slot-style opening along the top of many sign holder frames allowing a paper sign to slide into or out of the sign holder for fast, easy sign display changes.

Stanchion Belt: The stanchion belt is a retractable crowd control belt, offered in a variety of colors, that retracts into the upright post or wall-mounted storage piece when not in use and extends to join other crowd control stanchions or wall-mounted connectors for organizing crowds, events, queues, and other business or recreational needs.

Swivel Sign Holder: Swivel sign holder refers to a series of sign-holding frames with window-style cover, set on a connecting post assembly with swivel motion that joins with the tops of crowd control stanchions for sign holding display. The swivel posts allow the sign holder to be turned while still connected to the stanchion post.

Wall-Mount Belt: Wall-mount belt refers to a mountable crowd control belt with mountable connector and mountable storage container. The retracting belt stores within the container when not in use and extends to join with the wall-mounted connector or coordinating crowd control stanchion posts.


Belt Extension: Belt extension typically refers to the extended reach of the crowd control stanchion belts, which measures 7-feet on most stanchions and wall-mounted belt units.

Construction Materials

Mounting Hardware Included: Mounting hardware included indicates the necessary hardware for mounting the wall-mounted belt system is included with the purchase for convenient setup and use immediately upon receipt.

Paint Options: Paint options are offered with most crowd control stanchions to accommodate different design needs. Choose from a variety of colors and finish styles, and coordinate with retractable crowd control belt color options on most stanchions as well.

Rubberized Bottom: Rubberized bottom refers to the base of the crowd control stanchion units, enhanced with rubber to prevent slipping and improve use.

Safety Corners: Safety corners typically refer to rounded corners, removing risk of scratches or bruising from sharp angles. Many crowd control sign holders have safety corners for contemporary style and safer use in busy environments.

Swivel Mount Assembly: Swivel mount assembly refers to the mounting posts at the base of many crowd control sign holders, designed to combine with the tops of crowd control stanchion posts for sign display use. The mounting assembly provides swivel motion for convenient angling of signs without moving the stanchion post.

Wrinkle Charcoal Finish: Wrinkle charcoal finish is a durable, non-glossy, textured paint finish in medium gray tone available on select crowd control stanchion products for a stylish organizing system that resists appearance of fingerprints and other signs of use.

4-Way Post-to-Post Connections: Crowd control stanchions with 4-way post-to-post connections feature four connectors around the top of the upright post able to accommodate up to four crowd control belts, including the one contained within the post.


Base Diameter: The base diameter is the measurement of the stanchion base across the widest point of the circular component. Many crowd control stanchions have a 12” to 14” base diameter to stabilize the upright post and support use of the crowd control stanchion belts.

Belt Color Options: Crowd control stanchions include belt color options to customize for different locations and needs.

Belt Retraction Braking System: Belt retraction braking system is a safety mechanism built into the crowd control stanchion products with retractable belts that stops the belt from fully retracting into the stanchion post or wall-mounted enclosure, keeping the belt accessible for use.

Sign Holder Lock Included: A sign holder lock is included with most crowd control stanchion posts, providing a means of connecting the sign holders to the post for a secure display.

Sign Holder Size Options: Crowd control sign holders come in a variety of sizes, with portrait or landscape orientation to suit different needs. Many sign holders are 11”-high or 11”-wide, with a choice of &” or 14” for the corresponding length.

Sold in Sets of 2: Due to the nature of crowd control stanchion systems, the stanchions are typically sold in sets of two for immediate use. Additional crowd control stanchions and wall-mounted belt systems can be added to increase crowd control support.