Enclosed Boards


Bulletin Board: Bulletin boards offer convenient display for memos, signs, and artwork or other information. The bulletin board works with pushpins, tacks, staples, or similar elements and many are enclosed in locking cases for wall-mounting and protected use.

Conference Cabinet: Conference cabinets are designed to support conference rooms and meetings, with enclosed frame and interior markerboard. Many conference boards offer tackboards on the backs of the doors for added support, and the markerboard may double as a projection screen or offer optional projection screen for additional use.

Corkboard: Corkboards are made of lightweight bark from the Cork Oak tree, usually in a light tan color. The corkboard design operates with pushpins, tacks, and staples to secure papers, memos, signs, or other lightweight items for display.

Enclosed Display Board: Enclosed display boards offer a variety of styles and sizes, with markerboard, corkboard, tackboard, or letterboard interior and wood, aluminum, or wood-look frames. The boards typically mount to walls and offer glass or acrylic window door(s) with lock.

Fabric Tackboard: Fabric tackboards are bulletin boards covered in fabric for a durable appearance and customized style.

Letterboard: Letterboards have a series of horizontal grooves, covered in felt or other fabric, designed to hold plastic letters, numbers, and characters for customized signs and displays. Many letterboards are enclosed in locking frames for safe display and wall mounting with reduced risk of tampering and theft.

Locking Wall Display: Locking wall displays have enclosed cases that mount to the wall for visual display use and feature locking door or doors for securing displayed contents. Locks may be shared between multiple doors or individually placed on each door, depending on the display board design.

Markerboard: Markerboards are dry-erase boards that often feature porcelain on steel design for durable, dry-erase and magnetic surface. The surface allows use with dry-erase markers and the ink erases easily with a dry eraser.

Presentation Board: Presentation boards are designed for business office and conference room, with wall-mounted frame and two-door hinged or tambour door enclosure. The interior contains a markerboard and marker tray, and many two-door styles have tackboards on the insides of the doors for added functionality.

Tackboard: Tackboards are bulletin boards with vinyl, leather or fabric covering, available in a variety of colors and styles. The boards are often enclosed in a wall-mountable case or frame, and the tackboard functions with staples, pushpins, and tacks for convenience.

Vinyl Tackboard: Vinyl tackboards are bulletin boards with vinyl covering. The vinyl typically has a textured look and feel, with choice of colors, and the tackboard works with pushpins, tacks, and staples.


Sliding Doors: Sliding doors of enclosed boards typically have a glass or acrylic design for visibility and lock in the center with a shared lock. The two-door design features two window panels that are set within rails or runners in the frame and allow one door to slide over the other for one-sided access to the display board contained within the frame.

Tambour Doors: Tambour doors have sliding runner-rails that allow the doors to slide closed, meeting in the center of the display board, or slide open, with the doors rotating around the sides of the frame and tucking behind the display board for a space-saving accessible design.

Construction Materials

AA-Grade North American Hardwood Veneers: AA-grade wood veneers are top quality and the North American AA-grade hardwood veneers are composed of North American hardwood rather than imported wood or veneers.

Acrylic Safety Glass: Acrylic safety glass refers to acrylic plastic glass-like panels, usually used for cabinet doors and sliding doors to provide a shatter-resistant viewing display without the use of glass.

Aluminum Frame: Enclosed boards with an aluminum frame have frames made with lightweight aluminum and finished with a satin aluminum finish or colored finish such as bronze or wood-look designs.

Anodized Aluminum: Anodized aluminum is aluminum that has been treated with an electrolytic process to enhance, reinforce, and thicken the outer oxide layer for protection from the elements and regular use.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a dry powdered paint applied to steel or other metal components and cured for a hard, durable paint finish that resists damage from scratches, typical use, and exposure to the elements.

Fade-Resistant Fabric: Fade-resistant fabric has durable colors that resist fading from light and sunlight exposure.

Flush-Mount Lock: Flush-mount locks are installed within the profile of a door panel offering a smoother surface appearance and feel. The flush-mount design also reduces risk of prying open, popping out, or tampering damage.

Hardwood Edges: Hardwood edges are edge components to a frame or furniture piece that are composed of real hardwood. The overall core of the product may be wood material such as particleboard or plywood, but the edges are solid wood with matching finish.

High-Pressure Laminate: High-pressure laminate is a multi-layer finish applied with heat and pressure to securely bond to the frame or panels of furniture and display board cases. The laminate finish surface is scratch-resistant and generally provides stain-resistance and heat-resistance as well.

Hinged Doors: Hinged doors of enclosed boards are often set on full-height hinges for stability and strength, but can have simplified hinge assembly with a pivot-style hinge at top and bottom instead.

Magnetic Porcelain-on-Steel: Magnetic markerboards often have a classic-style design made with porcelain over steel to create a durable writing surface that offers magnetic property for use with magnets as well as dry-erase markers and erasers.

Mitered Corners: Mitered corners are corner joints between two panel elements that have been cut at 45° angles to fit neatly together for a classic-style design.

Mounting Brackets: Most enclosed boards and wall-mounted products include all necessary mounting hardware or brackets, allowing easy setup and immediate use upon delivery.

Piano Hinges: Piano hinges are typically full-height, supporting the entire back or hinged edge of the enclosed board door(s) from top to bottom. The hinge is designed like the hinge used on traditional piano frames.

Protective Lacquer: Protective lacquer is a clear lacquer topcoat applied over wood veneers or other finishes to provide lasting appearance and scratch-resistant durability.

PVC edge: PVC edging is composed of PVC plastic, with a narrow band-like design that is attached or bonded to the raw edges of a frame, cabinet, or other finished display component.

Radius Corners: Radius corners are corner angles that have been smoothed and rounded for a safer, softer design.

Tempered Glass: Tempered glass has been treated to improve safety in the event of damage. The treated glass is stronger than typical untreated glass and if broken, tempered glass shatters into tiny pearl-like chunks or granules rather than large shards with sharp points and edges.

Ventilated Frame: Ventilated frames are display boards or enclosed board frames with vents cut or built into the design to allow airflow and moisture evaporation to reduce mildew and mold risk. The frames are not waterproof but are generally listed as weather resistant for the indoor/outdoor designs.

Weather-Resistant Backer Sheet: A weather-resistant backer sheet is a reinforcing sheet, usually laminated to the backside of a display board and designed to reduce risk of moisture damage and warping. The backer sheet is not waterproof but can reduce damage caused by weather exposure of an indoor/outdoor display board design.

Wood Frame: Enclosed boards with wood frame have frames made with solid hardwood construction finished in classic style with standard or choice of wood stain colors.

Wood Veneers: Wood veneers are composed of thin slices or sheets of real wood, stained in the traditional wood finishing process and applied with laminate to the surface of furniture components for a durable appearance and classic wood furniture look.


Green Features: Green features refer to any number of environmentally friendly designs and finish elements.

Headliner Panel: Select styles of the enclosed boards offer an optional headliner panel along the top of the frame, contained within the frame, and customized to display school, team, or business name, or other information for added personalized style.

Illuminated Headliner: Select enclosed boards offer optional headliner panels, customized to display school, team, or company name or other information and with the option to add lights for an illuminated headliner panel design.

Non-Ghosting Design: Markerboards with a non-ghosting design resist staining from dry-erase markers to reduce the appearance of residual marker ink (ghosting) when wiped clean.

Unframed Sides: Unframed sides of enclosed boards allow side-by-side positioning for larger display area and customized arrangement.

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Conference Cabinet

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Enclosed Display Board



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