Conference Collections

Conference room tables come in all shapes and sizes, ready to accommodate large and small business meetings alike. The tables are usually designed to accommodate crowding, with open or roomy base designs for ample legroom. The tabletops are available in square, round, rectangle, and oval shapes, as well as unique contemporary shapes.


Barrister Bookcase: A barrister bookcase typically has four shelves with fixed-height positions and each shelf is enclosed by a glass door that lifts to open. The door often tucks inside the bookcase frame, underneath the upper-lying shelf. Barrister bookcases have a traditional wood furniture style, with wood veneer finish and decorative detailing.

Bookcase: A bookcase will range in size from two shelves and up, usually with an open-shelf design for organizing books, reference materials, or displaying decorative items and picture frames. Enclosed bookcases are also available in a variety of styles.

Bookcase With Doors: A bookcase with doors usually has an open-shelf upper bookcase design with a lower bookcase compartment enclosed by two cabinet doors. The middle shelf that comprises the top of the enclosed cabinet will be fixed in place for stability, and the cabinet usually contains one adjustable shelf as well.

Box Drawer: A box drawer is a standard storage or utility drawer, usually found in a storage pedestal or built into the frame of a desk or storage unit. Box drawers may lock but most do not, and some box drawers are lined for quiet storage, or enhanced by a removable divider or pencil tray depending on the furniture collection.

Closed Bookcase: A closed bookcase may include individual compartments, such as the barrister bookcase design, or two large cabinet doors enclosing the entire frame. Partially closed bookcases are usually referred to as a bookcase with doors and feature a two-door cabinet forming the lower half of the unit.

Combination Storage: Combination storage typically includes a two-drawer or three-drawer pedestal with two-door cabinet, or other drawer and cabinet configuration for mixed storage support. Storage credenzas and other storage furniture vary in style, with many collections offering at least one type of combination storage.

Computer Armoire: A computer armoire is a spacious storage unit resembling a cabinet with enclosed design and specialized compartments for storing modern technology equipment. A monitor compartment will offer ample space for computer monitor, and a CPU storage space will house the primary computer component. Pullout keyboard shelf and multimedia storage is also integrated for a versatile storage unit that complements office and home design.

Conference Table: Conference tables vary in size and shape, with smaller conference tables available for private office use and larger conference tables available for a full conference room. The largest tables can measure over 12-feet in length and select models are expandable as needed.

Desktop Lectern: A desktop lectern has the same supportive design as a standard lectern, with angled top platform and bookstop lower edge for use in lectures and presentations, but with a shorter frame designed to be placed on desk or table in order to provide the comfortable standing-height.

Desktop Organizers: Desktop organizers include letter trays and paper sorters, as well as combination storage organizers with drawers and trays to help maximize space and keep the work surface neat and tidy.

Executive Chair: Executive chairs offer a mobile base with a variety of adjustable and ergonomic features for all-day support and comfort at work or in a home office. Executive chairs typically have a high-back frame and usually offer or include armrests.

File Drawer: File drawers usually refer to vertical file drawers, built into a storage pedestal or a filing cabinet. The file drawer will always accept letter-sized files, and some longer drawer designs offer the option to use legal-sized files in a side-to-side orientation within the drawer.

Freestanding Lectern: Freestanding lecterns are positioned on the floor and provide a lectern or podium-style top with standing-height. The top is angled with a lower bookstop for use during lectures and presentations, and the base may contain open or closed storage, with or without locking capabilities.

Guest Chair: Guest chairs are usually stationary, with four-leg or sled-base frames. The concept is ideal for office and reception area use, as well as for pairing with conference tables in a conference or meeting room.

High Wall Cabinet: A high wall cabinet is a tall storage unit, with at least four shelves, and enclosed by two doors. The base shelf will be fixed for stability, and the upper shelves usually adjust to customize as needed.

Lateral File: Lateral files almost always offer the option for front-to-back or side-to-side filing for flexible use, and many accept letter-sized, legal-sized, and on some models European-sized, file folders. The typical lateral file unit contains two-drawers, making the size suitable for the average office or cubicle, and many lock for security.

Lateral File Credenza: A lateral file credenza offers the spacious size and shape of a storage credenza with four lateral file drawers in a layout resembling two side-by-side lateral file units. In many lateral file credenzas, the four drawers lock independently for security.

Low Wall Cabinet: A low wall cabinet resembles a storage credenza, usually with two two-door cabinets built side-by-side in a single frame. The center is divided so the cabinets are separately enclosed, and each usually contains a fixed bottom shelf and an adjustable middle shelf.

Magnetic Markerboard: A magnetic markerboard is a dry-erase board with magnetic surface. The magnetic surface is usually obtained by using classic-style porcelain-on-steel construction.

Media Cabinet: Media cabinets are designed to hold a TV or computer monitor, computer CPU, and other media and technology equipment for use in office, school, library, or home. Media cabinets are typically large in size, with enclosed frame, and feature a variety of storage compartments and options to support a complete media arrangement.

Mobile Pedestal: Mobile pedestals are set on casters, usually with two locking casters to fix in place for stationary storage and safe access. These pedestals may contain two file drawers or a file drawer and storage drawers for office organizing.

Pedestal: A pedestal typically refers to a storage and file pedestal, with a standalone, mobile, or integrated design. The standalone pedestal may contain two file drawers or a mix of file and storage drawers, with stationary or mobile base. The integrated pedestal is usually incorporated with the base of a desk for under-desk storage and filing.

Presentation Board: Presentation boards are mounted to a wall and offer a central dry-erase markerboard and built-in marker tray enclosed by doors. The inside surfaces of the doors often feature fabric tackboards for additional support, and many offer additional options to support modern office and conference room use.

Quarter-Round Bookcase: The quarter-round bookcase has a curved front (open) edge, with straight sides meeting to form a corner along the back. The design resembles a quarter of a circle and the quarter-round bookcases are available in comparable sizes to the standard bookcases.

Storage Credenza: Storage credenzas offer open and closed storage compartments, usually filling the credenza frame for maximum storage capacity. Unlike computer credenzas and other styles with the Kneespace open for desk-like use, the storage credenza provides drawers, cabinets, and open shelves for organizing and storage. The top is finished and may be used as a display for decorative items, picture frames, flowers, or other décor.

Tablet Chair: Tablet chairs are stationary, mobile, or folding chairs with a writing tablet attached to the left or right side. The tablet typically folds up or to the side for easier sitting and standing, and offers a versatile platform surface for note-taking or other support.

Tablet Sofa: A tablet sofa usually contains two foldaway or flip-up tablets attached to the left and right armrests. The rest of the sofa appears as any other traditional sofa, with upholstered design and usually room for three or more users.

Tackboard: Tackboards are bulletin boards, which operate with pushpins, tacks, and staples, usually with a vinyl or fabric covering to enhance professional style and use. The underlying tackboard surface may be cork or rubber, depending on the design, and the covering helps conceal pinholes from use for long-lasting appearance.

Wardrobe Cabinet: Wardrobe cabinets are offered in single-door and double-door styles, depending on the furniture collection, and all wardrobe cabinets contain a hanger rod for storage of a jacket, lab coat, smock, or other articles of clothing. Larger wardrobe cabinets offer storage shelves, drawers, and filing options to support business and school use.

Barrister Bookcase
Barrister Bookcase

Computer Armoire
Computer Armoire

Executive Chair
Executive Chair

High Wall Cabinet
High Wall Cabinet

Lateral File Credenza
Lateral File Credenza

Tablet Chair
Tablet Chair


Adjustable Shelf: Adjustable shelves can be removed and repositioned within a set of pre-drilled spaces along the inner frame or a bookcase, cabinet, or storage unit. The pre-drilled paces combine with shelf pegs or shelf pins to support the adjustable shelves and allow users to easily match left and right sides for balanced placement.

Bi-Fold Opening: Larger storage units with doors, such as a two-door computer armoire, may feature a bi-fold door. One door is designed with hinges along the back edge as a standard cabinet door. The other door has hinges along the back edge as well as along the midline of the door, allowing a partial accordion-like fold that enables the bi-fold door to rest against the side of the overall cabinet for full view of the interior contents with less required space.

CD Rack: Computer and media storage units may include multimedia storage compartments such as a CD rack. The CD rack may be built into the frame or designed as a pullout storage accessory for enhanced viewing and access.

CPU Storage: Customized compartments, shelves, and platforms are available with some computer storage furniture, offering space for the CPU tower. When the compartment is enclosed, vents are typically incorporated in the design to dissipate heat and wire cutouts or other accessibility aids are also provided.

Fixed Shelf: A fixed shelf is one in which the position is permanent. The base shelf of every storage unit is always fixed because it forms the base of the frame and is a necessary element for stability. Taller storage units and combination storage units often include an additional center or near-center fixed shelf used to enclose a lower cabinet or enhance overall structural stability.

Full-Extension Slides: Most drawers in pedestals and filing units are set on full-extension slides, allowing the drawers to extend fully from within the storage unit to allow complete access to contents. These drawers are usually enhanced with safety stops to prevent the drawer from sliding out completely.

Gas Lift Mechanism: A gas lift mechanism enhances select office chairs, built into the base and frame and activated by a button or under-seat lever to instantly adjust the seat height for maximizing personalized comfort.

Grommets: Grommets are pre-cut holes, usually with a round shape and often with a protective ring or cap to cover raw edges. These grommet holes are positioned in the tops of work surfaces, the side panels and/or back panels of storage units, or in shelves to allow cable and wire pass-through and neater technology setup with wire management support.

Keyboard and Mouse Storage: Keyboard and mouse storage is usually built into the desk or storage unit design, with a pullout keyboard shelf often designed wide enough to provide room for a mouse and mouse pad as well.

Lift-Up Glass Doors: Lift-up glass doors enclose the shelves in a barrister bookcase, featuring a framed glass panel with pull-handle along the bottom of the frame for easy lifting access. The door typically slides or tucks into the bookcase frame.

Monitor Compartment: A monitor compartment is found in media cabinets and computer armoires, customized to support use with typical modern computer monitor sizes. The compartment will have wire access through the back or throughout the storage unit, allowing neater computer setup and hassle-free wire management.

Power and Data Ports: Conference tables and media tables may include or offer an optional power module or power and data port unit. Typically, these modules are assembled in a central space on tabletops for accessibility, often with a cover panel or flip-up design to conceal when not in use. The modules may include electrical outlets and USB, Phone, and/or Ethernet ports, depending on design.

Swivel Seat: Executive chairs and other office chairs with mobile base designs have swivel seats that accommodate 360° motion for enhanced movement and freedom during the workday. These seats also usually adjust in height and may contain armrests that are fixed or adjustable for added comfortable support.

5-Piece Wood Drawer Design: Drawers listed as having 5-piece wood drawer design are composed entirely of wood and contain solid wood for the base, back, sides, and drawer front components.

5-Prong Base: A 5-prong base refers to the mobile base of office chairs, with a star-like 5-prong shape, molded or sculpted to provide balanced support and fitted with casters for gliding mobility.

Bi-Fold Opening
Bi-Fold Opening

Keyboard and Mouse Storage
Keyboard and Mouse Storage

5-Prong Base
5-Prong Base

Construction Materials

Base Trim/Moulding: Base trim or base moulding is an added or decorative element found along the lower edge of a furniture piece. Usually made of wood and set off from the primary frame or base for a 3D effect, the trim or moulding may be smooth, rounded, or decoratively detailed with carved designs or shapes.

Brass Nail-Head Trim: To create an antique-style design, traditional-style office seating sometimes feature brass nail-head trim along the armrests and/or seat frame resembling the classic nail-head trim that was traditionally used for a decorative way to help secure upholstery.

Crown Moulding: Crown moulding is found at the tops of furniture elements, similar to the crown moulding found in traditional-style homes along the ceiling and wall joints. This trim may be decorative with carved shapes and detailing, or smooth for a simple 3D trim effect.

English Dovetail: English dovetail refers to a shaped joint formed between two wood components of a drawer or furniture element, forming the corners or angles. In a fan-like dovetail shape, the edges are cut to fit together like puzzle pieces, with the wider ends facing in, away from the edges, so the pieces cannot simply pull apart.

European Hinges: European hinges are assembled in a concealed position within the cabinet or compartment, and generally offer an easy to adjust design to level doors, utilizing two screws that connect the two components of each hinge. The design is relatively easy to assembly and provides strong support that lasts.

Finished Back: Furniture pieces with finished back are designed to work with any location, allowing backside visibility without distracting from the overall design. Unfinished backs or partially finished backs are usually positioned along walls or with other furniture elements blocking the unfinished portion from sight.

Finished Interiors: Conference collections and furniture described as having finished interiors typically have completely finished interiors to the cabinets and/or drawers including the sides, bottoms, and tops of the interior compartments, interiors of the drawers, and any interior shelves.

Front Moulding: Front moulding typically indicates moulding placed only along the front of the furniture piece. This allows for smooth sides that accommodate side-by-side positioning with coordinating furniture elements for customized arrangements such as bookcase grouping.

Hardwood Construction: Hardwood construction refers to furniture built with solid hardwood components. This is in contrast to wood products, such as MDF core, fiberboard, particleboard, chipboard, and other composite designs. Hardwood construction can include natural wood stain finish on the hardwood or wood veneer finish.

High-Pressure Laminate Finish: High-pressure laminate finish consists of several layers of laminate with the top layer providing a durable, attractive finish in a single color, pattern or wood grain design. Applied under heat and pressure for a secure, long-lasting hold, the laminate finish resists scratches, stains, and heat or burns for lasting performance and offers an easy-clean surface for hassle-free upkeep.

High-Tech Catalyzed Lacquer Finish: Catalyzed lacquer finish involves the use of a catalyst to chemically cure the lacquer for a faster and durable protective coating. This is in contrast to traditional protective coating that would use evaporation to essentially air-dry the finish.

Letter-Sized Files: Letter-sized files refer to files that hold U.S. letter-sized pages of 8½” by 11” in size.

Legal-Sized Files: Legal-sized files refer to files that hold U.S. legal-sized papers of 8½” by 14” in size.

Melamine Finish: Melamine finish is similar to laminate finish, usually designed with fewer layers but offering similar durability and longevity. Also applied with heat and pressure, melamine finish is easy to clean and endures frequent use with scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, and generally burn-resistant style.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery: Mortise and tenon joinery refers to the connections of the corners of furniture or drawer elements. A long-standing tradition in carpentry, mortise and tenon joinery uses cut and cutout pieces to fit corner elements together for a better hold that lasts.

PVC Edge: PVC edging is composed of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) plastic, in a customized shape and height to fit the edges of a tabletop or other furniture piece. The PVC edging seals the raw edges of the furniture core panels, and conceals the seam where the laminate or melamine finish meets the core to prevent contact, pealing, lifting, or other separation. PVC edges are generally impact-resistant, offering excellent bump and impact support for everyday use.

Removable Core Locks: Removable core locks allow easy rekeying to prevent access after damage or theft or to repurpose the storage unit within a company, business, or for selling the storage unit.

Removable Pegboard Back Panel: Multimedia and TV storage units often include a removable back panel or removable pegboard back panel that allows access to the backside of the TV or computer monitor, as well as ventilation and wire access for neater technology setup.

Self-Closing Hinges: Self-closing hinges have a safety catch that stops the door from slamming shut. Once the catch is activated, the door is guided shut by the hinge, thus preventing impact damage and hinge loosening from frequent access to the storage compartment.

Shaped Moulding: Shaped moulding refers to decorative trim along the top or base of furniture elements including bookcases, credenzas, tables and desks. The moulding may have a simple design or an intricate wood carved design, depending on the furniture collection.

Traditional Wood Detailing: Traditional wood detailing refers to carved, sculpted, shaped, and other decorative features enhancing modern furniture. Base and crown moulding, decorative base feet or chair legs, carved tabletop edges, and picture frame detailing are all examples of traditional wood detailing.

Wood Products: Wood products refer to any wood components that are generally not solid hardwood. MDF core, particleboard, fiberboard, plywood, chipboard, and other composites are considered wood products, as are wood veneers.

Wood Veneers: Wood veneers are thin slices of real wood, stained in classic-style wood stain finish and usually protected by a topcoat of varnish, lacquer or other protective coating and applied to furniture using laminate. The result is a durable, classic-style wood furniture appearance at a reduced cost.

Crown Moulding
Crown Moulding

English Dovetail
English Dovetail

Mortise and Tenon Joinery
Mortise and Tenon Joinery


Cable Management: Cable management can be as simple as grommet holes for wire pass-through or more complex storage compartments and wire channels built into the furniture design for neater technology setup.

Conference Table Add-On: Larger conference tables with expandable designs offer the option for conference table add-ons which function like table leaves to extend the length. The add-on components usually have additional table legs, in a non-freestanding design, that help support the added length when added to the conference table.

Locking Cabinet: Locking cabinets contain security locks that prevent access to stored contents. The lock is usually central and secures both doors in a two-door cabinet, or located near the handle of a single-door cabinet.

Locking File Drawer: Locking file drawers provide a security feature to prevent access, tampering, or theft of sensitive information, business files and documents, or other filed items. The locks make secure one or multiple file drawers, depending on design, and many professional filing units have removable lock cores for easy rekeying.