Hospitality Carts

Hospitality carts are available in open-shelf and closed designs, with and without locks, for use in office or conference room to serve refreshments, coffee, or to support office supplies and other business needs.


Beverage Cart: Beverage carts provide storage and service setup for beverages and/or refreshments including coffee, tea, or water and other items.

Machine Stand: Machine stands and carts provide a platform surface or worktop for fax, copier, or printer and storage compartments, cabinets, or drawers for paper, ink, toner, or other supplies. The mobile design is ideal for professional settings and shared use of machines.

Meeting Cart: A meeting cart can be a hospitality cart for beverage, coffee, or refreshments, or a machine cart for fax, copier, printer and other office essentials.

Mobile Coffee Bar: Mobile coffee bar carts allow ample space for coffee machine and service essentials, with storage cabinet and drawer for cups, supplies, and other related items.

Refreshment Cart: Refreshment carts can be used to setup breakfast, snacks, coffee or tea service, or other refreshments for waiting room, lobby, reception area, office, conference room, or any desired location.

Serving Cart: Serving carts are typically used for restaurant and dining facilities, but can also be used for beverages, refreshments, breakfast during a meeting or conference.


Fixed-Height Shelf: Fixed-height shelves are permanently placed within a frame and provide structural support and stability to the cart, stand, or storage unit.

Guardrail: Guardrails enhance select hospitality carts, providing enhanced support around the top work surface to contain items and prevent spills or slipping while maintaining an open-shelf style.

Handles: Built-in handles enhance many hospitality carts for easier steering and guiding while in motion. Most carts feature two handles for guiding the cart from either side or for two people to steer.

Locking Casters: Locking casters on hospitality carts allow stationary positioning for safe storage as well as easier loading and unloading or access to stored supplies or contents.

Pocket Doors: Pocket doors refer to cabinet or hospitality cart doors with inner pockets, usually designed to fit 2-liter bottles for refreshments or folders and other office and conference room items.

Retainer Edges/Lip Edges: Retainer edges and lip edges are raised sides around all or part of a shelf or platform, designed to contain items on the shelf or platform and prevent items from sliding off.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters allow easier steering and maneuvering with a 360° rotating motion that makes it easier to turn the cart as needed.


Cam and Post Assembly: Cam and post assembly is an easy to assemble design with large bored holes in one half of the connecting components that fit cams, and smaller drilled holes in the adjoining components for the posts. The posts are inserted into the holes, or screwed in place, and the extending end fits into the cam, which is then turned to lock the post in place.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Paint: Powder-coat paint is an environmentally friendly finish often used on steel and other metal components.

European Hinges: European hinges are composed of two elements, attached to the inside of a cabinet or cart and to the adjoining door, connected with a customized fitting design and secured by two screws that adjust to level the cabinet door for ideal placement. The hinges remain on the inside of the cabinet for a smooth outward appearance.

Furniture-Grade Wood Construction: Furniture-grade wood construction refers to the use of high-quality hardwood and wooden components that are comparable to the quality used in other furniture production. The quality is consistent throughout the product line and considered strong and reliable.

High-Pressure Laminate: High-pressure laminate is a popular finish option, consisting of several layers laminated together and to the surface of cart or furniture panel components. Under heat and pressure, the laminate forms a seal to the core panels that endures regular use with scratch-resistant, stain-resistant properties.

Matching Edge: Matching edges can be made with laminate or melamine finish to match the surface, or with PVC or vinyl edge bands designed to match the surface finish.

Polycarbonate Panels: Polycarbonate panels are frosted acrylic plastic panels that decorate select hospitality carts for a concealed storage design with contemporary style. The panels allow clouded viewing of cart contents and decorate the ends of a cart or form an enclosed cabinet with sliding doors.

Polypropylene Plastic Construction: Polypropylene is a common manufacturing plastic polymer that produces durable, rugged, damage-resistant and impact-resistant products.

Reinforcing Aluminum Bars: Reinforcing aluminum bars refer to the upright posts of select hospitality carts, supporting shelves and connecting the base and frame for reliable strength and durability. The use of aluminum offers strong support in a lighter design.

Self-Closing Hinges: Self-closing hinges catch the cabinet or cart doors when they close, stopping them from slamming shut and impacting the cart or frame.

Steel Frame: Steel frame hospitality carts may be all steel or contain laminate or other finished panels connected to the steel frame components. Steel parts are almost always finished with paint and many use eco-friendly powder-coat paint for added green design and benefits.

Thermofused Melamine: Melamine is a laminate finish applied with heat and pressure, utilizing fewer layers than typical high-pressure laminate finish but resulting in a comparable finish that is durable and damage-resistant.

2/3-Extension Drawer Glides: Drawer glides with 2/3-extension allow the drawer to open about 2/3 of the way, as opposed to full-extension drawer glides.


Lightweight Design: Lightweight hospitality carts feature plastic and/or aluminum design elements for reduced overall weight with minimal effect on the overall strength and durability of design.

Standing-Height Design: Standing-height typically refers to carts and stands over 36”-high for comfortable reach while standing.

Weight Capacity: Listed weight capacities indicate the maximum safe weight a shelf or structure can carry, with weight evenly distributed.

Beverage Cart
Beverage Cart

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Meeting Cart

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Mobile Coffee Bar

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Serving Cart

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