Coffee & Side Tables

Coffee tables are designed to coordinate with reception/ common or similar-style furniture. Side/ End tables are designed to fit between sofa and chair elements or work as stand-alone tables in a larger furniture configuration. Both have coordinating pieces used to design a customized seating and table arrangement. Coffee and Side tables are available in different shapes such as; square, round, oval, rectangle, and cylinder.


Connector Tables: Connector tables come in modular furniture collections for joining two or more elements with functional support.

Corner Table: Theses tables are designed to coordinate with other reception/ common furniture layouts, with a height generally the same as end/ side tables. Corner tables have a 90-degree angles corner with curved, rounded, or polygon-style front-facing edge.

Freestanding tables: Tables are considered freestanding when they have a supportive base and frame structure that allows them to be positioned virtually anywhere alone.

Modular Series and Modular Tables: Modular tables and modular furniture collections offer a variety of individual pieces that work alone or fit together for customized arrangements.

Sofa/ Console Table: The sofa table is taller and narrower than other tables, and is designed to line up nicely along the backside of a sofa or loveseat.

Wedge Table: Wedge tables are shaped roughly to resemble triangles, and are designed for stand-alone use, or in modular styles that line up perfectly with other tables and seating elements.

Table Base Styles

Open-Leg Base: In general, an open-leg base is a standard four-leg frame supporting the tabletop and allowing easier access to the floor directly under the table for less-restrictive furniture layouts.

Sled-Base: Sled-base or sled-style base generally indicates two square or rounded end-legs instead of a classic four-leg frame.

Solid Oak Frame: Constructed from solid oak wood and finished with a wood stain and usually with a protective finish to prevent fading.

Stiletto-Leg Tables: Tables with stiletto legs have very noticable tapering in the legs, almost to a pointed tip at the foot of each leg.

Tapered Legs: The upper portion of the table leg, nearest to the tabletop is wider than the end of the table leg, nearest to the floor.

Tubular Steel Legs: Steel tubing is used to provide the strength of steel without the wight of solid steel components. Steel tubing will have a hollow center, usually unseen, and the outer frame will be finished with chrome plating, paint, or other metal finish.

Tabletop Materials

Hand-Rubbed Finish: Hand-rubbed finish implies that the visible finish on the wood furniture or wood veneers was stained by hand, in the traditional method using cloth or a sponge applicator.

High-Pressure Laminate: High-pressure laminate is adhered to the core of tabletops and other components at pressures greater than 1000-pounds per square inch. Laminate finish resists scratches and stains, while maintaining its color and finish. High-pressure laminate finish typically contains thicker or more numerous layers.

Inset or Inlay Top: Inset or Inlay top design refers to the use of coordinating or complementing wood stain finish on wood pieces placed within the tabletop. The pieces are usually, cut and stained to create the pattern, and then applied like a puzzle, mosaic, or quilt with all pieces touching to ensure the tabletop is covered.

Solid Hardwood and Wood Veneers: The tables described as solid hardwood construction with wood veneers are built using hardwood and finished with wood-stained veneers.

Tempered Glass Tabletop: Tempered glass is treated with heat and/ or chemical treatments to enhance the strength so the glass resists chipping around the edges and can support extra weight.

Thermofused Melamine: Thermofused melamine finish is a damage-resistant surface that cleans easily for hassle-free upkeep. Melamine utlizes thinner or fewer layers than high pressure laminate making it more economical.

UV Topcoat: This topcoat prevents UV light from fading the wood stain finish on solid hardwood and wood veneer. The protective finish also provides a buffer between cleaning products and the wood stain finish.

Wood Veneers: Wood veneers are extremely thin slices of wood, retaining the natural wood grain pattern. They are usually glued or otherwise adhered to the surface of wood furniture.

Edging Materials

Vinyl Edge: The vinyl edging on many tables protects the laminate or melamine finish from seperating from the tabletop core by concealing the seam where the laminate and core are bonded.

Construction Materials

Brushed Steel Finish: A brushed steel finish will have a subtle brush-like line pattern in one direction for a smooth and non-mirrored surface.

Table Components

Leveling Glides: Leveling glides offer adjustable or self-adjusting support to increase contact with flooring and reduce wobbling and unwanted movement if positioned on uneven surfaces.

Magazine Pockets: Several coffee tables and end tables feature magazine pockets built into the base or frame for a functional support structure. The magazine pockets are sized specifically to fit or hold standard-sized magazines.

Slide Brackets: Slide brackets are usually metal and simplify assembly of tables and other furniture. Metal-to-metal slide brackets allow the table components to assemble without tools and in a matter of minutes. The use of slide brackets also enables the piece of furniture not to have any visible or exposed hardware, creating a neater presentation and reducing the risk of loosing screws or other hardware elements. The slide breackets are custom-designed to fit perfectly together and secure the assembled furniture pieces for lasting, reliable use.

Scuff Guards: Scuff guards fit inside or over the ends of table legs and prevent damage to flooring from movement and use.


Environmentally Friendly: Tables and furniture finished with eco-friendly powder-coat paint, enamel, or other products are listed as environmentally-friendly to help support "green" shopping efforts.

Corner Table
Corner Table

Sofa/ Console Table
Sofa/ Console Table

Wedge Table
Wedge Table

Table with Sled-Based Legs

Stiletto-Leg Table
Stiletto-Leg Tables

Table with Tapered Legs
Tapered Legs