Coat Racks

Coat rack refers to a variety of storage products with hooks, hanger rods, or other support features that provide a means of storing coats, jackets, work wear, and other items when not in use.


Bamboo Wall Rack: Bamboo wall rack indicates the wooden wall-mounted coat rack unit is made from durable bamboo wood, with a choice of sizes, styles, and colors.

Chrome Shelf Rack with Hooks: Chrome shelf rack with hooks refers to a wall-mounted shelf with bar-style design containing vinyl-coated steel hooks that accommodate clothing, coats, hats, and other items for storage.

Coat & Hat Rack: Coat and hat rack generally refers to wall-mounted hanger units that feature a series of hooks for hanging clothing, coats, lab coat, or other personal items, and a shelf built into the frame for placing hats if desired.

Coat & Hat Rack with Hooks: Coat and hat rack with hooks typically refers to a wall-mounted coat rack frame with metal hooks organized for use with coats, hats, or other items. There may be a shelf built into the top part of the coat rack frame for placing hats and personal items, as well, depending on the design.

Coat Rack with Boot Shelf: Coat rack with boot shelf indicates the frame of the coat rack stand contains a built-in base shelf for holding boots, galoshes, or other items to reduce rain, snow, and mud tracked indoors. Coat racks with a boot shelf design typically include a hat shelf at the top of the frame as well.

Coat Rack with Hat Shelf: Coat rack with hat shelf indicates the coat rack stand has a durable frame supporting a built-in top shelf for hat placement. The base may be stationary or mobile, depending on the design.

Coat Rack with Umbrella Holder: Coat rack with umbrella holder describes different styles of coat rack stands with built-in storage space for umbrellas at the sides of a larger coat rack stand frame or around the center post in classic-style coat stands.

Coat Tree with Umbrella Stand: A coat tree is a floor-standing coat rack with stabilized base, centered post-style or three-post style frame, and a series of alternating hooks around the top for coats, hats, and other items. The coat tree with umbrella stand has a built-in support ring or similar umbrella holder around the lower half of the frame for storing umbrellas.

Double Coat & Hat Rack: Double coat and hat rack refers to a coat rack system that includes two matching wall-mounted coat racks with hat shelf built into the frame and a durable metal hanger rod. The two-unit package assembles for longer coat rack layout, mounted to a wall for office, clinic, hotel, business, or restaurant use.

Double-Sided Coat Rack: Double-sided coat rack indicates the frame of the coat rack can be used equally at the front and back sides for twice the storage capacity, or as a single-sided coat rack utilizing the center hanger rod.

Floor Coat Rack: Floor coat rack describes a standing coat rack designed to provide storage for jackets and other essentials when not in use. The floor coat rack is often a tall, post-like assembly with stabilizing base and alternating hooks at the top.,. Larger styles are also available in stationary and mobile designs.

Folding Coat Rack: Folding coat rack refers to a mobile, collapsible coat rack for use in business, lobby, hotel, or other settings. The durable frame folds for compact storage and rolls on durable casters when opened or closed.

Hanger-Style Coat Tree: A hanger-style coat tree is an alternative to classic coat stands with stabilizing X-base and tall post design featuring a series of hooks around the top of the post, designed to support plastic hangers. Four hangers are typically included for immediate use.

Hanger-Style Wall Rack: Hanger-style wall racks are wall-mounted coat rack systems that contain hanger rod(s) for use with hangers. Most hanger-style wall racks include a set of 12 hangers, either removable or permanently strung on the hanger rod.

Hook-Style Wall Rack: Hook-style wall racks are coat rack units mounted to a wall with either brass, metal, or wooden hooks in straight or curved styles extending from the wall-mounted frame. There are also hook-style wall racks with coated steel hook-like hangers incorporated with the frame design.

Mobile Coat Rack: Mobile coat rack refers to coat rack stands set on casters for easy mobility.

Single Coat & Hat Rack: Single coat and hat rack refers to a wall-mounting hanger rod-style coat rack unit that comes in a one-unit package with mountable frame containing a hanger rod and built-in hat shelf.

Wall Coat Rack with Hangers: Wall coat rack with hangers typically refers to a wall-mounted coat rack frame with hanger rod and included umbrellas. The umbrellas may be removable or permanently strung along the hanger rod for safekeeping.

Wall Rack: Wall rack refers to coat rack products that mount to a wall for space-saving setup and convenient use. Wall racks may contain a shelf for hats and storage, or simply a hanger rod or hooks in a metal or wood design with choice of colors or styles to customize.

Wood Peg Coat Rack: Wood peg coat racks are wall-mounted coat rack units designed with a wooden mounting support frame and wood pegs for straight-hook use to hang coats and other items.

3-Way Coat Rack System: The 3-way coat rack system refers to the double-sided coat rack stands with a frame that accommodates hangers on the front and back sides simultaneously, or with the frame positioned along a wall and the front is used as a single-sided coat rack. The third option is to use a hanger rod positioned at the center of the frame.


Boot Shelf: Boot shelf is a shelf found at the base of select coat rack systems, usually supporting the frame for stability and providing a platform for storing shoes, boots, and galoshes to reduce mud and water tracked inside.

Brushed Chrome Steel Poles: Brushed chrome steel poles comprise select coat stands with a three-pole assembly forming a triangular frame shape. The steel poles are finished in brushed chrome for a unique appearance and lasting protection from exposure and use.

Chrome-Plated Steel Hanger Bar: Chrome-plated steel hanger bar is a hanger rod composed of durable steel, finished in shiny chrome plating for an attractive style and smooth gliding hanger use.

Double Hooks: Double hooks are coat hooks with two curved or angled hook components on each metal hook along the coat rack, providing extra storage space for a scarf and hat along with a jacket or other personal items.

Drip Tray: A drip tray is typically found at the base of a coat stand with built-in umbrella holder to catch water and moisture dripping from umbrellas while stored.

Hat Shelf: A hat shelf is generally a supporting shelf built into the top of a coat rack frame, either standing or wall-mounted, above the hanger rod or above the primary coat rack region of the product. The hat shelf serves as a flat, platform-style storage space for traditional hats and personal items.

High-Impact Molded Polystyrene Hangers: High-impacted molded polystyrene hangers are plastic hangers molded to form consistent shapes and strengths for durable support in hanging clothes, coats, and other items. The hangers are impact-resistant, able to endure regular use in busy settings.

Hooks with Round Tips: Hooks with round tips are straight, angled, or curved coat hooks with rounded ends, sometimes capped with wood or other components for style and safe use.

Hooks with Reinforced Mortise Connections: Hooks with reinforced mortise connections describe wooden coat hooks that fit into pre-drilled holes along the coat rack for a perfect fit within the frame and added strength.

Leveling Glides: Leveling glides are adjustable or self-adjusting enhancements found at the base of select furniture products and coat stands, designed to reduce wobbling and unwanted movement on uneven flooring.

Mini-Hook Molded Hangers: Mini-hook molded hangers refer to molded plastic hangers attached to select coat rack systems with mini hooks, often composed of steel or other metal, for holding coats, jackets, lab and work wear, and other items.

Nail Head Coat Hooks: Nail head coat hooks resemble exaggerated, large nails with a nail head-style end that is larger than the post of the hook.

Nail Head Hooks with Wood Tips: Nail head hooks with wood tips are metal coat hooks that feature wood nail heads or tips at the ends, providing a unique style and protected support for a jacket, coat, or other items.

Non-Removable Hangers: Non-removable hangers refer to the chrome-finished metal hangers featuring a rounded, closed-hook top design that slides over the hanger rod during coat rack assembly for non-removable use.

Open-Hook Hangers: Open-hook hangers have a metal hook to support the molded plastic hanger portion. The hook is curved in classic hanger-style, with an open hook that allows the hanger to be removed from the hanger rod for easier use.

Optional Casters: Optional casters are the choice to include a set of casters for the select coat stand or coat rack to transform a stationary coat storage product into a mobile coat stand for convenience.

Umbrella Holder, Umbrella Stand: An umbrella holder or umbrella stand is an open-style storage section built into the frame of select coat racks and stands offering a convenient place to stand umbrellas with open design for reducing moisture built-up.

Stainless Steel Hooks: Stainless steel hooks are coat rack hooks made of steel alloy designed to reduce damage, rust, and corrosion from exposure to the elements, moisture, and normal use.

Single Hooks: Single hooks are coat hooks with one hook-like extension on each. Single hooks may be straight, like nail-head coat hooks, or they may be angled or curved resembling upside-down hanger hooks depending on the design.

Straight Hooks: Straight hooks are coat hooks that typically resemble large nails with a wider round portion or nail head at the end and a tapered or straight post connecting to the coat rack. Straight hooks may be designed for straight installation along the coat rack, running parallel to the floor, or they may be angled at approximately 45° depending on the design.

Swivel Casters: Swivel casters are support wheels, often dual-wheel in design, that swivel 360° for easier maneuvering and steering when the mobile coat stand is in motion.

Tiered Hooks: Tiered hooks refer to the alternating assembly of hooks at the top of coat stand frames, allowing coats to hang side-by-side rather than overlapping each other.

Triple-Prong Vinyl-Coated Steel Hooks: Triple-prong vinyl-coated steel hooks are three-hook hanging devices composed of steel and coated in protective vinyl for safe use with coats and clothing, designed to combine with the bars forming a hat shelf on select wall-mounted coat racks for convenient use.

Wood & Brushed Steel Hangers Included: Select coat racks that specify wood and brushed steel hangers are included come with a set of 12 hangers featuring a wooden hanger frame with brushed steel metal hook for durable hanging support.

Construction Materials

Bamboo Upright: Bamboo upright indicates the upright post forming the primary frame of a coat stand or coat tree is comprised of bamboo wood, usually finished in a natural wood tone or choice of colors to customize for different design needs.

Bar with Reinforced Mortise Connection: Bar with reinforced mortise connection describes hanger rods that install into pre-drilled holes on the inner sides of the coat rack frame for a perfect fit.

Environmentally Friendly Powder-Coat Finish: Environmentally friendly powder-coat finish is a paint finish that meets eco-friendly standards for greener design options, applied to metal components of coat stands and coat racks in a powdered paint form then cured for a durable finish.

Furniture-Quality Construction: Furniture-quality construction refers to coat stands and coat racks, typically those made of wood, designed and produced using materials typical of furniture production for reliable strength, durability, and high-quality results in each coat rack unit.

Metal Base with Wood Accents: Metal base with wood accents refers to select coat stands with metal ring-style circular base connected to the central post by an X-style metal assembly enhanced with wood decorations that match the central post and the wood accents on the coat hooks.

Mounting Hardware Included: Wall-mounted coat racks typically come with all necessary mounting hardware included for convenience.

Plug Covers for Mounting Screws: Plug covers for mounting screws are included with many wall-mounted coat racks, fitting into the predrilled holes where the mounting screws are otherwise visible.

Round Base: Round base refers to coat stands with round solid or ring-style base that stabilizes the coat stand for safe use.

Solid Hardwood Upright: Solid hardwood upright refers to the upright post comprising many coat rack stands, composed of solid wood and finished in a natural wood tone or choice of colors.

Stained Wood Accents: Stained wood accents refer to wood pieces, shaped and attached to the frames of select coat stands, often accenting metal components for an attractive contrast. The wood is stained and finished, usually with a choice of wood stain colors to customize the finished look.

Steel Accents: Steel accents refer to the use of steel pieces to decorate and enhance a coat rack design. The base, trim, hooks, or other elements of the coat stand may be comprised of steel and usually finished in chrome, brushed metal, or a durable paint to protect from regular use and exposure to the elements.

Steel Base: Steel base refers to the use of a stabilizing base frame made of steel, often finished in chrome, brushed metal, or a paint finish for lasting appearance. The base is often round, with a solid appearance or open-style design. Select coat stands with larger storage capacities are also often comprised of steel with a steel frame and base.

Steel Construction: Steel construction refers to coat racks and coat stands made of steel, usually finished in shiny chrome or paint finish with choice of colors.

Triangular Frame Design: Triangular frame design generally describes select coat stands constructed with three steel posts connecting a curved triangular top and base, usually with a central component that adds support and stability to the frame while accommodating umbrella storage.

Wood Finish: Wood finish is the wood stain or paint finish used on wooden coat stands and wall-mounted coat racks. The wood finish is often in a natural wood tone or choice of wood tones and colors, and most wood finishes are protected with topcoat in clear for lasting appearance.

X-Base: X-base is a cross-style X-shaped base design that provides stability and balance for many single-post coat rack units.


ANSI/BIFMA: ANSI indicates the coat rack meets requirements set by the American national Standards Institute for quality and safety features. BIFMA indicates the coat rack meets the safety and quality requirements of the Business and Industrial Furniture Manufacturers Association.

Clears Standard Doorways: Coat stands designed to clear standard doorways are generally mobile in design, set on casters, and fit through standard door frames in a business, home, or other settings.

Coat Rack Width: Coat rack width is the measurement of the standing or wall-mounted coat rack unit from left to right, determining the storage capacity on many coat rack models. A wall-mounted coat rack may offer a choice of 36”-wide, 48”-wide, 60”-wide, or 72”-wide, for example.

Green Features: Green features refer to a number of design and finishing processes that meet various eco-friendly standards for a greener, Earth-friendly finished product line. Typical green features include the use of recycled materials or the creation of a recyclable product, the use of environmentally friendly finishing processes or finishes, and designed that do not emit fumes or other hazards.

Hangers Included: Many coat stands indicated hangers are included, generally implying there is a set of 12 hangers included with the coat stand purchase for convenience.

Hangers Sold Separately: Coat stands that indicates hangers are sold separately come with the coat stand only, and an option to purchase hangers or supply other hangers for use.

Space-Saving Storage: Space-saving storage indicates the coat stand collapses or folds for easier storage, allowing the larger unit to fit in smaller spaces when not in use.

UL: UL typically indicates the product is listed with Underwriters Laboratories, generally referring to safety and quality in design and/or production.

Wall Mounted Design: Wall mounted design describes all coat racks that can be mounted to a wall for space-saving setup and use.

Weight Capacity, Load-Bearing Capacity: Coat racks and stands with listed weight capacity or load-bearing capacity indicate the maximum safe weight, with items evenly distributed, that the frame can support at a given time. Exceeding the listed weight limit can void the warranty and result in damage to the coat stand or users.