Classroom Chairs Buying Guide

Classroom chairs offer a larger range of sizes than typical office chairs or professional setting furniture and seating, which is understandable considering children are still growing. We offer classic classroom seating options with one-piece chair shell and chrome four-leg frame, as well as a variety of contemporary styles with options for functional support. Many of our classroom chairs also coordinate with matching desks and other furniture collections, making it easy to supply a classroom or school with a complete furniture configuration.


Classroom chair sizes almost always refer to the seat-height. When the height given is greater than about 20”, or seems excessive for a classroom chair, it is likely the “overall height” referring to the height level of the top of the backrest portion. When purchasing classroom chairs for tables already present, a general rule of thumb is to select chairs with seats about 10” lower than the tabletop measurement, leaving ample space for legs under the tabletop but keeping the work surface within comfortable reach.

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Seat Hieght and Chairs
Seat and Table Heights Depending on Age or Grade


Frame: With the exception of the wooden chairs, most of our classroom chairs have metal frames made of steel and solid seat and backrest pieces, either in a two-piece or one-piece shell arrangement. The solid pieces are made of durable polypropylene, melamine, ABS plastic, or other rugged plastic material, and many contain reinforced structures with internal ribbing for strength. The chairs feature a textured surface on many, to create a non-slip seat. The plastic chairs are designed to resist static electricity for improved comfortable use, and the bold colors run throughout the chair components to resist fading.

Finish: Most of our classroom chairs have the traditional four-leg frame, finished in chrome for durability, with paint finish available on some styles. Paint finish is most often environmentally friendly.

Rivets: The classroom chairs are assembled with hidden or concealed rivets for safety and comfort. Rivets refer to the metal connectors that join two or more components together. Traditional chairs would have the rivet or bolt heads exposed on the surface of the seat and backrest.

Eco-Leather: Made up of 20% recycled leather, eco-leather is developed when a blend of cut scrap leather materials are bound together using resin and catalyzers. The finished product has a polished look with no need for further finishing.

Base Options

Four-Leg: The classic chairs have four-leg frames for stationary seating, with legs slightly angled for balanced support. Optional casters are available on some four-leg styles.

Sled-Base: Sled-base style legs are also offered on select classroom chair models. On a sled-base framed chair, the left and right sides are each supported by one continuous piece of steel, for a sturdier base to prevent tipping.

Star-Shaped Base Task Chair: Adjustable-height with pneumatic lift mechanism and a durable star-shaped base transforms several classroom activity chairs into contemporary task chairs, and the star-shaped base is offered with casters for mobility or stationary floor glides.

Glides: Nylon floor glides are designed to prevent damage from movement and use. The non-marring texture protects hard surfaces and carpeted floors for lasting appearance. The classroom chairs typically have self-leveling glides, assembled with the legs and featuring a swivel-style motion that automatically adjusts when someone sits in the chair. These self-adjusting leveling glides reduce unwanted movement, tipping, rocking, and wobbling on uneven floors.

Book Storage: Optional book basket, bookrack, or similar book storage compartment may be added to many classroom chairs. The storage area is constructed from steel wire, in most cases, and finished to match the frame for an organic look. Book baskets and bookracks reduce clutter around classroom floors and desks. Several chair collections offer a built-in or optional backpack hook, as well.


Most classroom chairs stack for easy storage and transport. Many styles offer a built-in handle in the backrest, along the edge or top of the backrest, or in another easily accessible location for convenient lifting and moving. Stackable classroom chairs have recommended maximum limits for the amount of chairs that may be stacked safely, and several collections have custom-designed chair dolly for storage and transport support.

Comfort Features

One-piece shell designs include solid chair shell and chair shell with back cutout. The back cutouts offer airflow for cooler sitting comfort and reduce pressure from contact between the backrest and spine. The two-piece chair designs have natural space at the lower back from the separated seat and backrest. Modern styles, such as the Flavors Series, have one-piece shell seat with a slight hourglass curve that reduces backrest contact at the lower back, producing a similar effect.

The classroom chairs have contoured shaping for improved feel and the curved front seat edges relieve continued pressure on the legs, improving circulation for greater comfort and focus.

ADA Considerations

ADA tables and desks tend to be slightly taller than standard classroom furniture in order to accommodate wheelchair access. Students may benefit from having a chair or two that also fit the ADA-compliant tables, making group work and pair work easier and more comfortable.