Chair Mats

A chair mat is a flat, plastic mat designed for use on hard floors or carpets, and shaped to fit at a desk or workstation for use underneath a rolling task chair or office chair. Carpet-style chairmats usually feature anchoring cleats or spikes along the underside to hold the mat in place on a carpeted surface, with cleats of different sizes for different types of carpeting. Hardfloor-style chairmats have smooth undersides and protect floors from scuffs and scratches caused by the chair casters during normal use.


Lipped Chair Mat: A lipped chair mat typically describes a rectangular chair mat with a rectangular extension on one edge to allow the office chair to fit closer to the workstation or desk.

How to Measure Carpet Thickness

Workstation Chair mat: A workstation chair mat typically refers to a corner-style workstation chair mat with a rounded triangular chair and extended lip-edge to allow the computer chair to roll closer to the desk or workstation.


Flat Pile Carpet: A Flat Pile Carpet Chair Mat protects commercial style carpet up to 1/8"thick without padding.

Flat-To-Low Pile Carpet: A Flat-To-Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat protects low pile/commercial style carpet up to 1/4" thick including padding and is ideal for home and light office applications.

Low Pile Carpet:A Low Pile Carpet Chair Mat protects loop/berber style carpet up to 3/8" thick including padding and is for moderate use in home and office applications.

Medium Pile Carpet: A Medium Pile Carpet Chair Mat protects medium-pile carpet up to 3/4" thick including padding and meant for all day support for everyday office use

High Pile Carpet: A High Pile Carpet Chair Mat protects high-pile carpet up to 1" thick including padding and is found on high performance chair mats meant for extensive use.

Extra-High Pile Carpet: Extra-High Pile Carpet protects all carpets. It is essential for extra-high pile carpets that are more than 1" thick including the padding. It is found on high performance chair mats, that are meant for extensive use.

Workstation Chairmat
Workstation Chairmat

Light-Use Hard Floor Mat A Economy Hard Floor Chair Mat protects laminate, wood, tile and other hard flooring. It is meant for occasional office and home use.

Heavy-Use Hard Floor Mat A Intermediate Hard Floor Chair Mat is a thicker mat which is meant for heavy use and an ideal chair mat for tile floors. The mat is meant for moderate use in home or office applications.

Chair mat with Lip
Chair mat with Lip


AnchorBar® Cleats: AnchorBar® Cleats are a design feature offered from chair mat manufacturer ES Robbins Corporation, featuring carpet-friendly spikes or cleats along the underside of carpet-ready chairmats, offered in different sizes to attach and anchor the mat safely to carpeting of different thicknesses.

Beveled Edge: The larger 46” by 60” chair mats are designed with beveled edges, enhancing the clear, thinner edges surrounding the mat for easier rolling on and off with the computer or task chair. Beveled edges are narrowed at an angle for a ramp-like or wedge-like design, depending on the chair mat.

Crystal Edges, Crystal Pane: Crystal edges or crystal pane chair mats are designed with clearer edges and overall clear appearance, allowing better view of the underlying carpet or flooring.

Straight Edge: Standard edge typically indicates the chair mat has a clear frame-like perimeter design, without the beveled edge but is designed thinner than the center part of the mat.

Designer Finishes

Brushed Steel Finish: Brushed steel finish refers to the soft silver-colored finished decorating select designer chair mats.

Metallic Brinzel Finish: A metallic brinzel finish is the mauve or eggplant-style metallic color used to decorate select designer chair mats.

World Map Finish: World map finish describes the earth-tone-colored classic world map pattern decorating select designer chair mats for an alternative to classic clear chair mat styles.

Zebra Print Finish: Zebra print finish is a black and white zebra-patterned striped design decorating select chair mats for an alternative style to the typical clear chair mat options.


Carpet-Friendly Chair mat Design: Carpet-friendly chair mat designs are chair mats with spikes or cleats along the underside that allow the mat to safely anchor to carpeted floors without damaging the carpeting. The mats ensure safe, stable positioning for use at a desk or workstation underneath a mobile office chair.

Carpet Thickness: Carpet thickness refers to the measurements of the cleats underneath carpet-friendly chair mats, ranging from ¼”-high to 1”-high, for designs that support use on different styles of carpeting.

Chair mat Lip, Lipped Chair mat Design: Chair mat lip or lipped chair mat design describes rectangular and workstation-style chair mats with a rectangular-shaped extension centered along one edge of the mat, placed at a desk or workstation with the extended edge closest to the work surface so the user can slide their mobile office chair closer for more comfortable work postures and desk use.

Chair mat Sizes: Chair mat sizes are offered on many styles, allowing shoppers to select the measurements that best fit individual desk or office needs. Most chair mats are available in 36” by 48” rectangle, 45” by 53” rectangle, or 46” by 60” rectangle, with or without the lipped edge.

Floor-Safe Chair mat Design: Floor-safe chair mat designs are clear chair mats without anchoring carpet cleats on the bottom, made for safe use on hard floors such as wood, linoleum, laminate or tile. The mats protect from damage and marring caused by mobile office chairs.

High-Clarity Design: High-clarity design refers to the clear style of the plastic chair mats allowing better visibility of the underlying carpets or flooring.

NoCrackMat® Design: NoCrackMat® design refers to an ES Robbins Corporation design feature and warranty that specifies the durability of the chair mats produced by the company.

    Care and Maintenance

  • Do not use a cleated chair mat specified for use with carpet on hard flooring surfaces such as wood, tile, stone, concrete or vinyl.
  • Use a damp cloth soaked in mild soap and water to clean the chair mart, if necessary.
  • Some chair mats are shipped rolled. Upon receipt of a rolled chair mat, immediately unroll and place on a flat surface. Depending on environmental conditions such as temperature, it may take up to 72 hours for a chair mat that has been rolled to regain its natural shape.
  • Folding chair mats must be allowed to sut at room temperature (above 68° Fahrenheit/ 20° Celsius) for a minimum of four (4) hours before being unfolded.
  • Do not use a chair mat in areas where it will be subjected to temperatures below 60° Fahrenheit (16° Celsius) or above 95° Fahrenheit (35° Celsius).
  • It is recommended that chair mats not be used in an environment where moisture may be present beneath carpet or other flooring materials.
  • Handle cleated chair mats with care.