Cafeteria Tables Buying Guide

Cafeteria Tables offer large capacity support for school or dining facility use, with strong steel frames, smooth laminate tabletop finish, protective edging and many styles fold for easy storage. Folding cafeteria tables have casters to enable convenient mobility and the folding portion at the center of the tabletop has added support built into the frame.


Available in standard-height and junior-height, most of our cafeteria tables provide the option for either height to support use in school, college, university, or business settings. The tabletops come in a variety of sizes for larger capacity seating and spacious lunchroom or cafeteria use.

standard height cafeteria table
Standard Height Cafeteria Table

Benches and Stools

The majority of the cafeteria tables include attached benches or attached stools for organized, clutter-free seating in cafeteria settings. The benches run along both sides of the table, with a divide between ends located at the center to support the folding table frame. When opened, the benches on folding tables rest very close at the center for an almost complete length of seats. Benches offer varying capacities, with seating room available for all who fit, within reason.

The stool seating provides individual round stool seats, with backless design, fixed to the frame with steel pedestal-post support under each stool. The stool seats collapse with the folding frame for space-saving fold-up size to support transport and storage. The stools are available in a choice of colors, with six choices to create a modern cafeteria table style that suits your location and needs.

Convertible Bench Cafeteria Table
Convertible Bench Table

Finish Options

The steel frames are available in chrome finish for classic, durable style. Alternative paint finish, with eco-friendly powder-cot paints in your choice of colors or standard black finish enhances the contemporary style of most of our cafeteria table collections. Tables with painted frames often include matching vinyl edging around tabletop and bench seats for a coordinated look.

The tabletops are finished in high-pressure laminate with a choice of colors to customize the look. Cafeteria tables with bench seats have additional laminate finish selection for the benches, and the independent tabletop and bench laminate color selection allow customized styles with matching or different finish. The laminate finish wipes clean for hassle-free upkeep.

ADA Tables

Almost all of our cafeteria tables are compliant with ADA standards for comfortable wheelchair accessibility in an effort to simplify shopping and support all student and user needs. The tables allow instant access at the ends for individuals with wheelchairs or other mobility support, with the tabletop extending off the ends slightly for access without having to reach, lean, or struggle.


The cafeteria tables have protective edging to reduce damage from bumps, impact, and use. The majority of protective edging is composed of vinyl for a softer impact-resistant feel, with the option for Perma Tuff Edging on our Convertible Bench Unit. Perma Tuff Edging has a high-pressure laminate backing that secures the edging to the tabletops and enhances durability and support. The Perma Tuff Edging holds closely to the tabletops, reducing space for potential germ build-up.

Size and Spacing Considerations

Supply school or other cafeteria and lunchroom settings with premium-quality cafeteria tables in a budget-friendly coordinating set with our collections. The information provided for each table model will help determine the number of tables that will comfortable fit within a given space, and our experienced design associates can help ensure comfortable room for maneuvering between and around tables when they are set up. A minimum distance for wheelchair maneuverability will make the table arrangements more comfortable for the different and varying mobile capacities of users.

mobile folding cafeteria table
Mobile, Folding Table